Tell Me What You Want to Do

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I broke up with Adam about two months ago and I haven’t seriously considered going out on a date since. And, I haven’t had any sex since. At the age of 25, this had been my longest sexual drought in the past six years. I had been moody, and I was still angry with Adam.

We dated for nearly a year. The sex had been incredible and very addictive. But almost everything else about our relationship had progressively gone downhill the entire time we were together. Adam had become a control freak, telling me what clothes I could wear, what make-up I could use, what friends I could have, and the places I could go. More and more we argued over all of these issues.

The final straw was when Adam told me that I couldn’t attend the birthday party for my best friend Ashley because he didn’t approve of my friends or the nightclub where the party would be held. It was at that moment that I realized how much I had allowed Adam to control my life, and how much I resented his control.

We argued for several hours. We screamed and yelled at each other. It was exhausting, both mentally and physically. At the end, I yelled at Adam that we were finished, and I never wanted to see him again. As I stormed out of his apartment, he yelled back at me that he never wanted to see me again either.

I wondered how our relationship had lasted so long and questioned why I even felt attracted to him. Had I become so addicted to the sex that I was blind to everything else? For the past two months I had brooded over these thoughts.

– – – – –

It was a Friday night and instead of being out with friends and having fun, I was home alone, frustrated, and angry with Adam. And I was especially horny. I stripped naked and put on a flannel plaid shirt that had belonged to Adam and still smelled like him. I was feeling mischievous and thinking about ways I could do something sexy or naughty and perhaps hurt Adam in revenge for how he had treated me.

I decided to take some naughty selfies, thinking that seeing sexy photos of myself would make me feel better. I placed my cell phone on the floor leaning against the wall opposite my bed and began taking selfies by voice command. I posed in many different ways and used the unbuttoned shirt to hide or show different parts of my petite sexy body. I’m 5’0″ tall, 110 pounds with a 32D-22-32 figure, brunette hair and hazel eyes. Guys love my eyes, my playfulness, and my tits that looked larger due to my petite size. I always thought of myself as a petite, mischievous, and sexy pixie.

When I had finished taking the selfies, I sat on the edge of my bed and reviewed the photos on my phone. I was pleased with how sexy I looked and even liked the more erotic nude photos I had taken.

But one photo most captured my attention. In that photo I was sitting on the floor with my back against the bed, the unbuttoned shirt was opened an inch or two but hid most of my private parts other than my right nipple My hair was down, covering half of my face. My feet were spread apart and planted on the floor, my knees were up and spread wide open. The insides of my thighs were completely exposed, but my crotch was covered by the shirt tail. A ‘Come hither’ expression was on my face. In my mind this photo was quite erotic and very suggestive.

As I looked at the photo, I wondered what guys would think about me in this pose if they saw this picture. A naughty idea hatched in my head. I decided to send this photo with a text message to a bunch of different guys and see how they responded.

I began a new text message and first added the pic.

Then I added the message: “Tell me what you want to do”

I had the names and phone numbers for many of Adam’s friends as a few months earlier I had sent them digital invitations to a Super Bowl Party that Adam and I hosted. Most of these guys I had only met once or twice. The thought of sending such a suggestive text message and photo to guys I barely knew was exhilarating. I had goose bumps all over my body and my pussy tingled.

As I added phone numbers to the recipient list, I wondered if I should really send this. What types of responses would I receive? Was I doing this as revenge upon Adam? Was I just trying to create mischief? Was I inviting sexual advances? Did I want sex in response? A one-night stand? A new lover? So many thoughts and questions flooded my head.

But as I continued to add more phone numbers and had these thoughts, I was becoming more excited. I really did want to see their responses to my suggestive photo and message.

After I entered the last phone number, I stared at my phone, my picture, and that message. I took a deep breath. I could feel my entire body tingling in excitement, especially my pussy.

I hit the Send button.

– – – – –

Within minutes I was receiving replies to my photo and message. Almost all of these replies were sexual in nature.

“Lots of SEX” was the first reply.

“To kiss you” was another.

Another guy just sent a dick pic, which didn’t really impress me.

“Want to Pendik Escort fuck you all night” was another, more sexual reply. Several other replies included the word ‘fuck’.

Two replies contained cartoon GIFs, one showed two people having sex and the other showed a guy performing cunnilingus.

As the night wore on, I received more replies similar to these. I also received some questions.

“Aren’t you Adam’s girlfriend?” The sender obviously didn’t know we had broken up.

“Why did you send this to me? Possibly by mistake?” sent another person. I wondered if I should even respond.

None of these replies were of any real interest to me. Before I sent my picture and message out, I hadn’t really thought through how guys might respond to such a suggestive picture and message. I had hoped for longer replies that would please me, arouse me, or at least spark some interest. I wanted them to tell me how my picture made them feel. None of these replies really did that for me.

I went to bed disappointed in the results of my attempt to have some mischievous fun.

– – – – –

That next morning, I awoke and checked my messages. There were several more of the short sexual replies from various guys. These still didn’t interest me.

Then I saw a separate, private reply from a phone number identified by my contact list as Matt.

“I just want to be your friend.” was Matt’s message.

This was a different type of reply from all the others. I was curious as to who Matt was. I couldn’t remember if I had ever met him. Obviously, he was one of the people I had invited to the Super Bowl Party. Maybe I had met him at that party. I just couldn’t remember. And I wasn’t sure whether to reply to Matt or not. I decided to think about it.

– – – – –

Two days later, I got a pair of messages from Adam.

“YOU FUCKING SLUT!” was Adam’s first message, followed by, “Stop sending your skanky pics to my friends.”

I was furious! I couldn’t believe what Adam thought of me or my picture.

I replied. “You don’t own your friends, just as you don’t own me. I can send whatever I want to whomever I want.”

After sending that reply, I thought it was best to block future messages and phone calls from Adam. I just didn’t need an angry ex-boyfriend in my life.

That exchange of messages made me realize that I could have whatever type of relationship with whomever I liked. I again considered replying back to Matt’s message. There was something different about Matt’s approach, and maybe, who knows what might happen, I thought.

“Maybe we should discuss being friends.” Was my message back to Matt.

“Can we meet to talk?” Matt replied by text message.

I was a bit hesitant. Meeting a stranger in person was risky.

“Have we met before?” I asked.

“At Adam’s Super Bowl Party. I was the shortest guy there, just a bit taller that you.” Matt responded.

Suddenly I remembered who Matt was. I often remember those who are about my height. Matt was handsome, very polite, and about 5’4″.

“Oh Yes! Now I remember you.” I replied.

“Can we meet?” Matt asked again.

I still wanted to be safe, so I suggested a public space.

“Do you know Woodlark Park?” I asked.

“Yes, I know where that is.” Matt replied.

“Saturday. 2 PM. Park bench, close to the north entrance to the park.” I replied.

“I’ll be there.” Matt replied.

A bit later, I Googled Matt’s name and found his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. I did remember his looks correctly. And from his social media, I judged that he was safe enough.

– – – – –

Saturday afternoon I was sitting on the bench at the park. I wore pink shorts, a tight white top, sandals, and a pair of oversized sunglasses. Underneath I wore a light pink lace bra and matching thong. I saw Matt as he entered the park and came directly towards me. He wore khaki shorts, a dark t-shirt with some sort of logo, and sandals. He carried a drink cup in each hand.

“You still like strawberry-pineapple fruit slushies?” Matt said as he handed me a cup of the cold drink.

“You remembered that?” I said with surprise as I took the drink.

“You made an impression.” Matt replied.

Matt sat next to me as we exchanged pleasant small talk for several minutes and sipped our slushy drinks. Then I changed the topic to more personal matters.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked Matt.

“Not really a steady girlfriend anymore.” Matt replied. “I was dating Sharon for about six months. She was really cute, but she was too clingy. She was constantly seeking my attention, preoccupied with what I was doing, and giving me no space to be my own person. Our relationship ended about three months ago.”

“And now?” I asked.

“I’m dating various girls.” He replied. “Some I see more often than others. I’m avoiding a fully committed relationship with any one girl at this time. I enjoy having some freedom and enjoying the friendship of several different girls. That may sound selfish, but I think Kurtköy Escort that’s what I need, for now. What about you?”

“You know that I broke up with Adam, don’t you?” I asked.

As the discussion became more personal, Matt and I were looking more into each other’s eyes, judging each other’s reactions. I was wondering whether I wanted a friendship, or maybe more.

“Yea. I heard that from another friend.” Matt replied. “Adam and I aren’t really friends these days. I guess you could say that he and I broke up also.”

“Oh, really?” I asked.

“I’ve known that Adam didn’t treat his girlfriends, or any girl, very well.” Matt replied. “I just couldn’t put up with his shit anymore. I’m not surprised that you broke up with him.”

“He was so controlling.” I replied. “Always telling me what to wear, who could be my friends, and even the places I could or couldn’t go to. I’m surprised I stayed with him as long as I did.”

“And now?” Matt returned my question back to me.

Matt took my hands into his hands, making a physical connection. He appeared to be interested in me.

“I’ve been in a dating desert since Adam.” I replied. “That breakup was really hard on me. I guess I’m a little like you, needing some space and freedom and not locked into a single relationship.”

“You broke up with Adam about six or eight weeks ago, right?” Matt appeared to want more details. “Any dates since then?”

I looked down at our hands touching one another, wondering whether Matt and I could have something together.

“No.” I said softly. “I haven’t had a date in two months.”

“Is that why you sent that pic out last week?” Matt asked, trying to be sensitive.

“Oh! I’m so embarrassed about that.” I reacted as I dropped my head in shame.

“Don’t be.” Matt replied. “That was a terrific photo. Minimal nudity, but very suggestive. You got quite a response from that. Most of those guys who replied are real dogs, although.”

“You were the only one that I replied to.” I said as I raised my head and looked back into Matt’s eyes while still holding his hands.

“I’m glad that you did.” Matt said.

“To be honest…” I began, not believing what I was about to say to a guy that was practically a stranger. “I was really horny that night and really hoping to get laid.”

We both laughed at my honestly.

“I hope you’ve been laid since then.” Matt said in reply, and then appeared to realize his mistake.

“Oops. Sorry.” He quickly said in an embarrassed voice. “I should have known to not say that.”

We both became very quiet.

“Actually, I haven’t” I said softly. “I’m still really horny.”

Again, I couldn’t believe I had just said that.

“I was honest when I said I wanted to be your friend.” Matt replied. “I can help fix your problem. With no strings attached. Your decision to make.”

“You know…” I began, then paused. “No. You probably don’t know. I live just around that corner over there. Maybe you want to make your new friend happy?”

I couldn’t believe that I had just said that. For some reason I kept saying these thoughts in my head. I had just met this guy and was asking him to come have sex with me. Was I that horny? Maybe I really wanted sex so bad that I would fuck a practical stranger. But it could be a one-time thing, I considered him safe, so no real harm, was there?

“I can’t say no to my new friend.” Matt said eagerly as he began to stand. “Lead the way.”

Hand in hand, we made haste over to my apartment just a short block away, giggling in delight.

– – – – –

Just after stepping into my apartment and closing the door, we embraced and kissed. What began as a soft gentle kiss quickly became a passionate kiss as we hugged each other. A few minutes later, I took Matt’s hand and led him to my bedroom.

Very soon I was pulling up Matt’s t-shirt, while he was attempting to pull my top up and over my head. Obviously, we were getting into each other’s way, and we laughed again. He stopped what he was doing and allowed me to finish removing his shirt.

We alternated taking turns removing clothing from each other. I could see that Matt had a well-proportioned muscular physique. I licked my lips, hoping that I would like other parts of his body just as much. Likewise, when I removed my bra, he was staring at my large breasts with a smile on his face. As I pulled down his boxer briefs, his good-sized cock popped out. His cock was a bit larger than Adam’s which was a snug fit in my vagina. My pussy throbbed in anticipation. I love large cocks that fill my pussy.

As I pulled down my panties revealing my shaved pussy, I turned to Matt and struck a sexy pose.

“You really are beautiful.” Matt said as his elevator eyes scanned up and down my body.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” I replied and then asked, “Do you have a condom?”

“Uh, yes I do, just in case.” Matt replied as he fumbled with his shorts to find his condom.

“Good. I suspect we may need that.” I replied.

We laid next to each Maltepe Escort on the bed, completely naked, and resumed kissing and cuddling. As our arousal grew, our hands were fondling the other’s body. Matt’s hand was on my breast and my hand was holding his cock. The heat was rising, and our kisses became more passionate. Matt rolled me onto my back and he moved down to kneel between my legs. For a moment he stared at my smooth pussy and inhaled my aroma. Then Matt lowered his face and took a long, slow lick the length of my labia.

I moaned in pleasure. I loved how he was being attentive to my needs and desires. He continued licking my lower lips which became wetter, more swollen, and began to open like petals of a flower. It appeared he would continue until I orgasmed or stopped him. My pussy was throbbing in anticipation. I knew it was hot and very wet. However, I wanted my pussy full of his cock when I had my orgasm, so I decided to stop him.

“Time for that condom.” I said in a soft, sultry voice.

Matt raised up on his knees to look at me. The lower part of his face was covered in my girl cum. He licked his lips to taste more of me. He looked so sexy and then he reached for the condom package. I watched as he opened the package and unrolled the condom down over his hard, erect cock. My vagina throbbed in anticipation.

“Take me. Slowly.” I said.

Matt moved to reposition our bodies. First, he spread my legs further apart and raised my knees up in a bent position. He then moved closer to me, still upright on his knees which he spread open under my raised knees. Then he pulled my legs up over the top of his thighs which also caused my ass to rise up off the bed. Holding my hip in one hand, he used his other hand to place the head of his cock between my wet lower lips. My pussy continued to throb.

Matt slowly began to pump his cock in and out of my wet, tingling pussy, a little deeper with each forward push. His hand moved from his cock to my other hip. With a hand on each of my hips, he had better control of the rhythm of our movements. He looked down into my eyes and smiled.

“Your pussy is fantastic.” Matt said. “You are hot, wet and fit like a glove.”

I smiled back at him.

“This feels really good.” I said. “I really need this.”

“Glad to help.” Matt replied as he picked up the pace of his thrusts into my pussy.

Soon we were fucking rapidly. Matt’s grunts and my moans became louder. Sweat was appearing on our bodies.

“Oh fuck. Oh Fuck. OH FUCK!” I kept repeating as the sensations inside my vagina felt incredible.

“Uh. Uh. Uh.” Matt was grunting in rhythm with each thrust of his cock into my tight wet pussy.

As Matt was thrusting faster and deeper into me, the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh became louder. Our breathing became faster. Our skin was becoming covered with our sweat.

Matt removed a hand from my hip and placed it palm down, flat on my tummy. His thumb was rubbing my clit.

“OH FUCK!” I screamed as a massive orgasm suddenly hit me.

My entire body was shaking uncontrollably as I arched my back. My vagina was burning hot and clenching tight around Matt’s cock.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” I kept screaming as he continued slamming his cock into me for another minute or so. The intense pleasure inside my pussy was incredible.

Then he had his orgasm. Matt thrust his cock one more time deep into my pussy and held it there. I could feel his cock pulsing, filling the condom with his cum. We both froze in place as our orgasms continued through our bodies.

Finally, our orgasms subsided. Matt rolled off to the side of me, making sure the condom came out of me with his cock.

“Let me get rid of this.” Matt said as he rose off the bed holding the condom on his cock. “I’ll be right back.”

– – – – –

Moments later Matt returned to my bed after he disposed of the condom and had wiped his cock clean. He laid down next to me and we kissed briefly before we both laid on our backs next to each other.

“That was really great.” I said. “I really needed that.”

“That was great.” Matt replied. “Thanks for replying to my text message. Otherwise, this never would have happened.”

“You know…” I began. “I received over 20 replies to my picture and message. Every one of those replies, besides yours, was sexual in nature. Yet here you are the only one having sex with me. Ironic, isn’t it?”

“Yea. I suppose.” Matt replied, apparently not sure what else to say.

“I wonder.” I continued. “When you saw my picture, did you want to have sex with me?”

“To be honest,” Matt replied. “I did. You look very suggestive and fuckable in that picture. But I could see that all the other guys were telling you they wanted to have sex with you. Any similar comment by me would have been lost in the trees. I figured that I knew how your relationship with Adam ended and what you were trying to avoid. I guessed that the friendship angle was the best approach. But I really meant that. First and foremost, I wanted to be a friend to you. Sex would be a bonus.”

I was very impressed by Matt’s honesty and his way of thinking. I also remembered that Matt mentioned back in the park that he had friendships with several different girls. It got my thinking about relationships.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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