Temporary Placements

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My friend Becky had called me up asking me to fill in for her at one of her temporary secretary placements for the next day. She had told me she was double booked and couldn’t make it. She told me she usually did not miss any of the placements with this particular businessman as he had some interesting requests beyond shorthand. After agreeing to do the placement for her, she gave me instructions on the type of outfit I should wear.

The next day at the office, I was quite surprised to find this businessman was not what I had expected. I had thought it would be an old fogy in spectacles but was pleasantly surprised to find a good looking mid 30’s man who introduced himself to me as Mr. Stevens, but I could call him Jake. I could see that Jake had a great body, as his suit wasn’t one of those loose hanging ones you see on some guys.

The better part of my morning was spent at a desk in the lobby area outside his office, answering phones, directing clients into his office and doing filing. By lunch time I was beginning to think Becky had been telling some tall tales.

After Lunch, Jake paged me on the intercom asking me to come into his office, and to bring my steno pad with me for some dictation. I picked up my pad and pen, and checked myself in the mirror, straighten stray hairs that had come out of my bun, and adjusting my glasses. As I entered the office Jake got up from his desk walking around to the front of it and sat on the edge of the front of the desk, stretching his long legs out in front of him. I stopped to look around the spacious room noting not only did it have a desk, but also a separate seating area with a couch and coffee table in front of huge windows looking out into the heights of the city. He asked me whether Becky had told me of the special duties she did for him. After telling him that yes she had, he instructed me to go place my pad and pen on the coffee table.

I walked over to the table, and just as I was bending and placing them there he said stop. I froze in motion, waiting for his next direction. He then told me to spread my feet apart widely and slowly pull up my skirt. I placed me heel as far apart as my tight skirt would allow, and started gently pulling up my skirt from the waist. As I inched it higher I spread my feet apart a little more with each movement. When I was just pulling it over the edge of my bottom feeling the cool İstanbul Escort air conditioning on my pink lace thong, he told me to stop again.

I froze in mid action await his next direction, Not being able to see his face and anticipating his next move was making me start to feel tingly deep in my sweet pussy. He then told me to reach my hand down and start rubbing myself. I so obliged, by now getting quite into this game of his. He then asked me do you like being touched. I replied a simple yes, feeling my spread legs start to quiver at the thought. My fingers were gently rubbing the now moist center of my thong, and brazenly I pulled it aside to give him a better view of my cleanly shaved pussy. I spread apart my big cunt lips, sticking my fingers into the dripping juices and rubbing ever so gently.

At this point I heard him walking toward me. When I could feel his presence right behind me he grabbed my wrist and pulled it away from between my legs. He then asked do you like it deep? I said yes, and the next moment I felt his big hand start to slide up into my pussy … was that 3 fingers or 4 he was using … I wasn’t sure but felt myself start to moan with pleasure.

After several minutes that seemed longer he then stopped and walked back to the desk. I awaited his next move and was soon rewarded by him telling me to come here.

I straightened up and turned walking towards him slowly until I was standing just in front of him. He spread his legs out, and I took 1 further step to stand between them. Reaching his arms behind me he unbuttoned my skirt, deftly slipped the zipped and let it drop to the floor. The cool air on my bottom felt delicious, and looking into his eyes I saw pleasure when he looked down at the pink lacey thing I wore. He then reached up and started pulling out the pins holding my hair in place until it cascaded over my shoulders in rumpled waves. Then he started to unbutton the tiny buttons on the ever so prim blouse I wore, revealing my expansive breasts with nipples open to the air on the half-cup aqua lace bra adorning them. He spread the blouse apart letting it drop off my shoulders then bent his head to take in 1 big pale pink nipple into his mouth. Swirling his tongue round and round and ever so gently nibbling and tugging until it felt like a cord was attached from my breasts straight down to my pussy pulling it into tingling Anadolu Yakası Escort even more. Placing his hands on either side he pushed my breasts together then started bathing both nipples with his rough hot tongue. I cried out in pleasure.

He then placed his hands on my shoulders pushing me to a kneeling position. I knew exactly what to do next, eagerly unzipping his pants to pull out his big hard member so smooth and silky in my hands. I started gently licking from the base right up to the top of it, making expert strokes on each side until his big cock glistened and throbbed quivering towards me. I then opened my mouth taking in the head, swirling my tongue around its mushroom curves. I started moving downwards taking more and more in hearing him groan as I felt his hands holding my head gently pushing me further. I got a good rhythm going sucking and swirling my tongue taking in more and more going from tip to base, gently scraping the edges with my teeth then backing off to nibble and kiss the head. I continued sucking in long strokes, rubbing alternately on the shat with 1 hand while caressing his ball with the other. His hands now fondling my nipples tweaking them into pointed attention. I felt his cock start to swell slightly has he moaned again and started rubbing the shaft vigorously as I sucked hard at the head. He brought his hands to my head, pushing me down deep as he started to come into my throat, but I pulled my head back opening my mouth allowing the frothy juices to squirt onto my tongue dribbling down onto my chin.

As he finished cumming, his body shuddering with the pleasure of it I continued to suck on his cock until I felt it start to harden again more under my tongues stokes. He pulled me up to standing, and told me to go to the coffee table by the couch. Pushing me over gently he positioned himself behind me. I placed my hands on the table awaiting his next move.

He gently pulled my thong down over my bottom, but left it sitting on the tops of my thighs. You’ve been a bad girl haven’t you he said. Yes I replied wondering what would come next. I felt his hands between my thighs pushing my legs apart as far as they would go. You must be punished then he said, and I cried out surprised to feel a light slap across my pussy lips. He proceeded to step lightly several times, and then on the next slap his fingers went deep Üsküdar Escort into my cunt. I moaned in pleasure feeling the strength in his hand as it went in then out so quickly. You need it deeper though don’t you he asked, and now whimpering in desire I replied yes … deeper.

He placed his left arm around my side to fondly my nipples and u sensed him reaching for something to his right as he started slowly pushing his big hard cock into me. I turned my head to see what it was he was reaching for, and saw he had some sort of cellular control. When his cock was fully pushed into my dripping cunt, he pointed the control towards the doors of the office and I heard several loud clicks. He then brought the control to his mouth pressing a button and said security I have an unwanted intruder in my office. My mouth dropped open my eyes widening at what he had just done, he smiled and said you have 4 minutes to cum, before they gain access beyond the locks.

And with that he started pumping into me at a pace so fast and hard I moaned out loudly. I could feel his balls slapping my ass as he reached forward and ripped my bra off allowing my big breasts to rock with his every thrust. I pushed myself up off the table holding his hips as his thrusting continued hot and deep. I heard the security men at the door trying to get the locks undone as I started grabbing and pulling at my big breasts, swizzling the nipples into tight bullets. There was a loud click at the door, and he said that’s 1 lock, only 2 more for them to get in. I reached down feeling his cock pumping into me and brought my hand up to my mouth sucking on my own sweet juices. He pumped harder and harder as I tried to stifle my screams of pleasure. He then reached forward without missing a beat in his pace and placed 1 arm across my breasts while the other reached down to my clit. I felt his fingers spreading the top of my pussy open, as he started to rub vigorously on my now throbbing clit. I bit down on his arm to stifle the scream that started as I felt myself starting to cum, with rocketing orbs of pleasure going through my body unlike anything I had ever felt before. I vaguely hear him say security all is well, as my body now quivered immensely, my legs going weak in the release of my orgasm, he held me firmly against him still thrusting until I heard him groan loudly and felt his hot cum spurting inside my pussy.

At days end he came out to the lobby where my desk was and thanked me for my service, raising 1 cute eyebrow, and let me know I could fill in for Becky any time she could not make it. I can hardly wait until Becky double books her placements the next time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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