Temptation Ch. 10

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The next morning Amy woke up to find the other side of the bed empty. Where was Nick? She was positive she hadn’t dreamed their nightly encounter. She stretched languidly as she remembered how he had felt lodged deep inside of her cunt. How hard she had climaxed when he sucked her nipple just at the right moment.

She blushed slightly by the thought. She had never believed herself to be one of them that could have an orgasm just by having her nipples sucked. Well, surprise, surprise, her body seemed to think otherwise. Especially when said sucking was combined with one of the hottest male bodies she had ever had the luck of bedding, and the largest cock she had ever experienced. That might have something to do with her climax, she chuckled.

Speaking of hot bodies, where was he? Had he snuck out in the middle of the night as if he had some bad conscience, the cur? The thought troubled her for a moment before she shook it away. She was a grown woman, out to take what she wanted, when she wanted it, and she didn’t want to keep him, did she?

Hearing the water start running from the shower, she didn’t have to face her own answer to that question. She was certain she wouldn’t like the answer anyway and sometimes blinkers were an advantage.

A satisfied male groan was heard as Nick obviously took advantage of the hot water. Maybe he had some stiff muscles to cure from last night. The thought made her shudder slightly, and the thought of some other stiff part troubled her mind.

Without thinking more about it, she threw away the blankets and walked naked toward the bathroom. The cold air made her nipples tighten and she felt her cunt moisten just by the thought of the man enjoying the warm water. She envied the water right now. Flowing all over his body, moving into every hidden part of his body and touching every warm part of him.

She wanted to touch every muscle on his broad chest, roam her hands over his strong thighs and most of all she wanted to take his gorgeous, heavily veined cock into her mouth and her cunt. Letting him fill her up with his hard flesh and his white semen. Coating every part of her with his scent, making her feel surrounded by him.

She inhaled harshly. Arousal was mounting in her body as she quietly opened the bathroom door and went inside. The warm vapours hit her naked flesh and she longed even more for his touch. She could see the outline of his large body through the shower cabinet and she opened the door and let herself inside the small cabinet.

“Amy?” Nick said surprised as he stopped soaping his chest. “What are you doing?”

She took in every detail of his naked and wet body and felt arousal mounting as she reached for the soap. “Helping you,” she smiled at him.

He returned the smile and let her take command. Rubbing the soap onto her hands and moving her hands slowly across his chest. Willingly he lifted his arms and allowed her the room to wash his upper body. Moving downwards, she soaped in his legs and roamed her hands slowly over his erect cock before concentrating on rubbing his thighs.

“Turn around,” she commanded him.

“You haven’t finished on my front yet,” Nick said laughingly as he gave her a heated look. “Tsk, tsk, lousy work.”

“I’m saving the best until last,” she retorted and with a wink of an eye he turned obediently. Repeating the washing procedure, she soaped up her hands and rubbed them all across his body, making sure to roam her hands slowly and temptingly over his skin. She heard him breath faster and the sound made her feel even more wanton as she soaped his buttocks.

“Spread your legs,” she ordered him huskily and immediately he spread them wider. Moving her soapy hands across his ass, she moved them slowly along the valley of his legs. Moving slightly forward she could feel the sacks of his balls as she soaped him up. The hardness was eminent and she longed to see if his cock was just as hard as his balls felt like. She roamed her fingers slowly around his balls and heard his sharp intake of breath as she cupped his balls slightly.

“Dangerous territory,” Nick said huskily, and she chuckled as she soaped up her hands again and stood behind him, moving her hands forward to reach his cock. He was rock hard and she could barely hold around his hardened flesh. She moved her hands slowly up and down his cock. Giving his cock head particular attention as she located the slit on the top. He groaned loudly as she gripped him tightly and moved slightly from the tip to the root.

The only thing missing was seeing him, and she released him quickly and nudged him to turn around. He understood and immediately complied and she found herself facing a strained looking man, fully concentrated on her next move. His cock was standing straight and proud and she longed to taste him.

But first things first, she thought as she grabbed the soap and soaped her hands again, before moving her hands back to his body. Rubbing the soap slowly across his shaft and down over his bursa escort balls, she coated every part of him in soap as she rubbed his skin, making him a slave to her every touch. She looked up and saw his eyes being dazed with desire and an aching need for her to complete the task, but so far he hadn’t started begging.

Oh, but he would, she smiled triumphantly. She wanted this proud and hard man to fall to his knees in need for her touch. All right, not literally perhaps, but she wanted him to want her so badly he would beg her for it. It was just a matter of holding herself back a little longer, while tormenting him into giving her what she wanted.

She aimed the spray of water at his cock and washed off the soap as she continued rubbing his tightened skin. He had closed his eyes and she took the opportunity to tighten her grip around his cock head, making him open his eyes and look at her.

“What are you planning?” he asked suspiciously.

“Just wait and see,” she smiled at him.

“Maybe I should wash you first?” he offered and roamed his hand over her tight nipples, making her gasp just by the slight touch. If he touched her she would explode too quickly, she thought ad tried to rein in the temptation pouring through her by the thought of his skilful mouth sucking her nipples.

“Not yet,” she groaned as she managed to control herself. “First, I want to fulfil a wish.”

“What wish?”

“This one,” she replied and bent down and took his cock head into her mouth, sucking him. He groaned loudly and she felt his body tremble as she continued sucking him.

“Damn it, woman, you’re making me crazy,” he blurted out.

“That’s the idea,” she said triumphantly, as she released him, and sat down on her knees, placing herself directly in front of his hard cock. She dipped out her tongue and teased the small fold directly underneath his cock head, smiling at the responding hiss he uttered.

Wanting to make him respond even harder, she enveloped his cock with her lips and sucked him greedily into her mouth. Her tongue darted around his cock head and teased him.

“Bloody hell,” he groaned out loud as he placed his hands beside her cheeks and held her in place. She answered by moving her mouth up his entire length before taking as much of him as she could inside of her warm mouth again. He moaned as he held on tighter to her, moving his hips to her motions and fucking himself on her mouth.

She moved her hands behind his hips, and held on tightly as she sucked him hard before releasing him. Repeating the motion until he whimpered and she felt his body shudder with imminent release.

“Suck me,” he growled at her. “Please, suck me harder and faster.”

She didn’t obey, as she continued her slow movements, momentarily letting go of his hard cock and sucking his balls instead. She felt his breath hitch as she touched the skin between his balls and cock and she watched his cock getting even harder than before. The cock head seemed to be about to explode and she couldn’t resist the sight any longer.

She reached for his cock and sucked him greedily into her mouth. Her hands closing around the root of his cock as she started to suck him harder. His hands held her tightly to him as he pushed himself further into her welcoming warmth and as she started to increase the pace, she heard him moaning loudly.

“More,” he pleaded. “Don’t stop. For god’s sake don’t stop, darling,” he rambled as his thighs tightened and his hips moved back and forth along with her sucking motions. Squeezing her hand around the base of his cock she felt the power building in his body just as he suddenly gave a hard shove into her mouth, filling her mouth with a salty taste as he roared out in pleasure.

She swallowed the first load of semen, but the amount was so much she had to let go of his cock. Sitting and breathing harshly all she could do was hold on to his body as he convulsed in movements. His body still spearing out semen, coating her body with his life essence. She placed her mouth over him one last time and sucked him slightly. He moaned and moved away from her.

“Sorry. Too sensitive,” he blurted out as he lifted her up and held her tightly to his chest. He breathed deeply, as if he was trying to regain control of himself again. She smiled as she contemplated how she had made this strong man become so dependent of her mouth just now. She was glad she had been able to give him such pleasure and seeing him at his weakest. She felt proud just by the thought of her being able to turn this man into jelly.

“Your turn next,” he groaned. “Just let me collect myself first.” His words were temptingly and she watched in anticipation as he placed himself in the middle of the water spray and cooled himself off.

“No need to,” she said to him. “I just need to wash off.”

“No need? What nonsense is that? Of course you want one, don’t you?”

“Nope, watching you was rewarding enough,” she winked at him.

“Sure, darling,” bursa escort bayan he said and filled his hands with shampoo before placing it in her hair and washing it slowly.

“Hey, I can do it myself,” Amy intervened, but he ignored her and continued filling his hands with soap. She looked at him. “We’ll be as wrinkled as a pair of raisins if we don’t get out of here soon,” she told him frankfully.

“Oh? You think it will take that long to have you hot and ready to blow?” he drawled as he started soaping in her arms and shoulders, before moving slowly across her breasts. Her nipples tightened as he gave them both a small pinch and she felt herself warming to his touch. He effectively washed her body from top to bottom, before aiming for her breasts once more.

Washing the soap away he bent down and sucked her right nipple into his mouth and kissed her greedily. She felt herself arching closer his body and he snuck an arm behind her lower back and held her tightly to him. She gasped out her pleasure as he moved to her other breast, teaching it the same lesson and bowing to his masterful tongue. Small lighting strikes were felt all across her body, starting in her nipples and darting all over her. She held on tightly to him and placed her hands on his cheeks, holding his mouth in the right position while she arched and moaned to his sucking.

His hands moved downward and groped her ass, lifting her up from the ground and grinding her warm cunt against his semi-hard cock. She could feel him getting erect again and with a moan she spread her legs and wrapped them around his hips, holding him tightly to her. He had released her nipple, and he now placed his mouth onto hers and gave her a hard and demanding kiss that made her feel as if he wanted to swallow her whole.

Slowly rubbing his cock against her cunt, she felt the need to feel him embedded inside of her warm and aching flesh. Her body was so responsive she held on tightly as if worried she would turn completely boneless if he sat her down.

“Inside,” she gasped. “Come inside of me.”

He moved his hand between her ass cheeks and starting rubbing slowly around her cunt, but not inside. She held her breath in anticipation of what was to come. Angling her body a little she tried to make it easier for him to reach her cunt. His fingers played over her sensitive skin, and as frustration started to build she wanted to scream at him for making her wait.

“Do it,” she groaned. He only smiled at her, and she felt herself seething with frustration and arousal. Finally she felt one of his fingers at the opening of her cunt, and then finally he pushed his finger inside of her. She gasped and watched his expression as he continued pressing his finger inside her cunt, before retreating again, and pushing inside once more.

“More,” she gasped. “I want more.”

“More fingers and something larger perhaps?” he asked smilingly as if tormenting her this way was his ultimate goal in life.

“No matter,” she sneered at him. “Just do something, and make it larger and faster.”

“Huh, as if my fingers can compare to my cock,” he answered glumly. “But you will get your wish,” he said and pushed another finger inside of her, fucking her hungry pussy with his two broad fingers.

“It’s the size that counts,” she winked at him.

The heat erupted in his eyes, telling her he still felt goaded by her remarks on her preference for dildos.

“No, it’s the skills,” he groaned as he removed his fingers and plunged his large cock all the way inside of her in one long fluid move. She screamed as the pleasure threatened to envelop her completely and make her climax instantly, and suddenly she couldn’t contain herself any longer and she screamed out again as her body convulsed around his hard cock and she held on tightly to his strong body.

“New record,” he chuckled as she finally came down from her high again. “Are you sure you’re up to it?” he prodded on.

“Of course,” she groaned as she tried to remember what they were discussing. Something trivial, she imagined and then all thoughts left her brain as he started to pound his cock into her body again and again. His movement was so achingly slow she managed to get aroused once again.

“What are you doing?” she gasped at him.

“Ever heard about multi orgasms?” he asked hoarsely. “Well, we’re going for that now.”

“What?” She couldn’t believe her own ears. She had never had several orgasms in a row before, and she had no intention of starting now. The one she had just had was more than enough. She could barely focus and he wanted to give her more?

Just as that thought went through her mind he supported her against the wall and surged his cock all the way inside of her warmth. Her clit worshipped his closeness and without conscious thought she wrapped her legs tighter around him and ground her clit against his body, pleasuring herself on him.

“That’s right,” he groaned. “Go for it, honey,” he murmured escort bursa heatedly into her ear, as if her movement were making him even more aroused. He withdrew his cock almost halfway out of her body, and she felt panicked by the thought of him leaving. She tightened around him and the friction caused by their bodies made them both moan in pleasure.

She held on tightly as he pushed his cock inside of her again and she felt as he was ripping her in two, or simply pleasuring her to death. She whimpered in distress as he continued his slow movement in and out of her cunt and as finally the frustration grew to unknown limits, he moved one of his hands around to her front and rubbed her clit in a determined manner.

At the same time his cock was lodged all the way inside of her body and she felt another wave of pleasure start in her centre. She screamed out her joy and she erupted another time. Only this time her head felt dazed and empty as she gave herself up to the pleasure pouring through her.

He lifted her away from his cock and held her tightly as they both soaked beneath the cascade of water. She felt her knees weaken and was relieved as he grabbed her just when she was sure she would have fallen down on the floor in pure exhaustion. Her entire body was trembling. Either from the climax or the straining in her tired muscles. She couldn’t tell yet.

He turned her around and let her support herself against the shower wall. He kept his arms around her stomach and she could feel his erect cock nudging her lower back. He hadn’t come then, she thought. It was time to make him come and get some sleep, she though as she struggled to compose herself enough.

“Just relax,” he murmured in her ear.

“But what about you. Don’t you want release as well?”

“Sure, but all in good time,” he chuckled. “Right now you look like jelly.”

“Just give me a moment,” she retorted. Not liking him having the upper hand and being able to reduce her to feeling like a tired amoeba.

She clung to the wall and tried to catch her breath again. She still felt his hard flesh in her back, and feeling adventurous she rolled her hips and pushed slightly backwards. Immediately she felt him harden even more. She rolled again, moving one hand behind her back and squeezing around his hard cock with her palm.

“You sure you are up to this right now?” he murmured beside her ear. “I thought you were tired.”

“Not tired enough,” she answered and roamed her hand over every portion of his cock she could reach. Standing on her tiptoe, she lowered his cock and aimed the cock head at her cunt. He groaned and helped her by lowering his body closer to hers.

“Spread your legs, honey,” he said hoarsely as he nudged her legs slightly apart. She bent her upper body closer to the wall, as she rubbed her lower body closer to his cock, trying to tempt him inside.

He grabbed a hold on her hips and held her tightly as his hard cock was pulsing against her opening. She spread her legs even wider, hoping he would take the invitation and be done with the tormenting.

Suddenly she felt his hard cock being pushed inside of her pussy. Arching her body more to take him deeper, she could feel him pushing another inch inside of her, filling her cunt to the limit and making her moan in pleasure.

“Deeper,” she pleaded. “Please take me deeper. Push that hard cock all the way inside of me.”

“Deeper it is,” he agreed as he pushed another inch inside of her. Holding her hips as he continued the slow surge inside of her, before making a slight withdrawal.

“No,” she gasped. “Come back. Take me.” And she tried to hold him to her as she pushed back from the wall, trying to embed his cock inside of her cunt again.

“Hold on,” he groaned as he plunged all the inside of her warm sheath, filling her to the brim and forcing a scream from her throat. She pushed back again, trying to take him even deeper.

He retreated before plunging forward again. His right hand moving from her hip and to her front, lodging at her clit. At the same time as he plunged inside again, he touched her clit and she felt her climax coming closer again.

“Go for it,” he tempted her as he retreated and plunged inside of her again, his hand rubbing her clit at the same time. She heaved for her breath and as he continued his hard and deep pounding she felt her body tighten to the orgasm building inside of her. Straining all her muscles she pushed back as he pushed forward and as he rubbed her clit once more she screamed from the top of her lungs as her orgasm hit her with full force, making her tremble to the sheer strength of the pleasure.

She tightened around his cock and Nick made a final plunge inside of her before he screamed with her and pounded a few more times inside of her. Each stroke firing her pleasure to a higher level, prolonging her orgasm until she lost her footing and hung limply against the shower wall, Nick’s hands being the only thing holding her up.

He lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom where they both lay down, soaking wet and totally exhausted.

“Next time we go for multiples we’ll try the bed,” Nick murmured as he lay on his side, Amy’s backside against his front, and held his arms around her.

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