That New Guy Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.


Deb had just fixed herself a cup of tea and about crashed into Meg on her way out of the break room as Meg was on her way in. They exchanged smiles while each felt her gaze drawn to the other’s substantial chest. They each had their ample tits reined in and well covered but they were each well aware of what the other was concealing, as was just about the entire office. They did not work directly with each other but were acquainted and amicable despite the incident with H.R. Although both had feigned innocence, they’d been asked to tone down the displays of their assets since it had gotten a little out of hand and there had been complaints. They both knew that it wasn’t any of the men in the office who’d been complaining that their blouses had been getting tighter and lower cut. They also each knew that they’d gotten a little carried away and weren’t sure how an essentially unspoken competition had managed to escalate to the point that H.R. needed to step in. Since then, neither had felt the need to go there again, although the question of who had the nicest boobs was still unanswered.

“Going to the happy hour tonight?” Meg asked, bringing her gaze back up from Deb’s chest.

“Ugh, no,” Deb replied, also making eye contact “That would feel like a continuation of the workday to me, since I’d be around all the same people. Present company excluded, of course.”

“Of course,” Meg responded, “Likewise. Although there’s that new guy…”

“Oh, Jake?” Deb asked, “Yeah, that’s tempting. He’s definitely not hard on the eyes but, still, coworker, work event. Things could get messy.”

“Well I think I’ll just do a little recon,” Meg said, “I’ll let you know what I find out.”

Just a little recon, Deb thought as she headed back to her desk, yeah, sure. She knew Meg would be trying to figure out a way to get her tits in Jake’s face without getting herself in trouble. In fact, she was certain that Meg was trying to figure out at that exact moment a way to accomplish it. Actually, though, Meg was thinking about how glad she was that Deb was not going to be there and was hoping that she hadn’t inadvertently convinced her to change her mind Maltepe Escort while trying to be casual about the whole thing. She didn’t dislike Deb or feel catty toward her, but she was used to her boobs getting a lot of attention and they just didn’t get all of the attention when Deb’s boobs were in the same room.

Deb stuck to her decision and didn’t show up at the happy hour which allowed Meg to relax a little bit and put what she called her “heterosexuality test” in motion. She knew very well how to, without a tight or low-cut top, casually but significantly accentuate her breasts. If a guy had trouble maintaining eye contact with her, it was a pretty safe bet that he was hetero and Jake was no exception. The problem with Jake, though, was that he wasn’t smart enough to try to hide that he was staring at her tits. In fact, the real problem was just that he wasn’t too smart at all. Still, he was quite beautiful and she wasn’t the only one who noticed it. He was getting a lot of attention not only from the other ladies from work but also from many of the other ladies in the bar. Meg tried not to let her competitive nature win out over her common sense but it was just too ingrained in her.

When she got him to walk her to her car as the festivities were drawing to a close, she knew that a lot of envious eyes were following them. When she got him into the passenger seat of her car and he couldn’t seem to hold up his end of the conversation, she knew that she’d completely drawn him in, whether she’d meant to or not. There was only one thing she could do for the poor guy, so she started to unbutton her blouse. His eyes went wide as her substantial bra was revealed because even the ones she wore to keep them reined in rather than to show them off were incredibly sexy. He glanced up with an expression that seemed to ask if he could touch them so she nodded, having seen that expression countless times before. As his attention went back to her chest along with his hands, she glanced at his lap and noted that his Dockers were tented out. As she was reaching back to unfasten her bra, she decided that, between her tits and a handy j, he’d be hers to toy with however she wanted. She wouldn’t fuck him that night, but she’d make him anxious to do anything to keep her happy.

So, as she revealed her succulent, sumptuous tits to him and his eyes about popped out of his skull, she reached down to caress the bulge in his slacks. He explored her tits like a kid on Christmas morning, which she had to admit was always a turn-on. Her pussy was getting wet but she wasn’t going to ask him to do anything for her. If he offered, that would be a whole different story, but she wasn’t going to hold her breath with this guy. She also wasn’t going to let him fuck her tits. She extracted his cock from his slacks and his boxers and was impressed by the size Ümraniye Escort of it. It wasn’t huge but it was substantial so she started to gently stroke it while he continued to caress her boobs. Having his cock in her hand made her even wetter but she was not going to relinquish the power even if she hadn’t gotten laid in a while. She knew well enough how to use her boobs and a handjob to train him to always want to satisfy her. Even as he blew a load, he’d be feeling like he had been left hanging when she tucked her boobs away and he’d be anxious to get his hands on them again…so anxious that he’d be willing to do whatever it would take.

She could feel his cock growing thicker the longer she pumped it and assumed that it wouldn’t take much longer before he was spewing. She didn’t even care if he spewed all over himself since that would deter him from going back into the bar; she wanted him to continue thinking about her and her boobs even after she was gone. She was surprised that he hadn’t asked to fuck her tits, since just about every guy did, but she would have denied him while suggesting that maybe he’d have an opportunity at another time. He did start moaning softly so she presumed that he was on the verge of cumming and just kept up her gentle pumping. It was just a few minutes later that he gasped and she felt his cock spasming in her fist before feeling his hot cum landing on her hand. She continued to milk his orgasm out of him but, once he was spent and starting to soften, she let go of his cock and actually wiped her hand on his pants.

“I have to get going,” she said, matter-of-factly, while starting to pull her bra back into place. He removed his hands but kept watching them until they were covered again. Only then did he look up at Meg’s face.

“I could head over to your place with you,” he suggested hopefully, which indicated to her that he didn’t even have a place of his own.

“No, I’ll just see you at work tomorrow,” she replied and, with everything covered up again, she reached for the keys and started the car. He leaned toward her as if he might kiss her but she just smiled at him and made no move herself. He got the hint and started to slip out of the car before he realized that his cock was still hanging out, so he tucked it quickly away then climbed out. She pulled away as soon as the door was closed, feeling like the power was firmly in her hand, just as his thick, hard cock had been.

When she got home, she wanted to run right to her bedroom but she had to casually converse with her roommate briefly when asked how the happy hour had gone. She finally made the excuse that she wanted to get out of her work clothes but it felt like it had been forever even though it had only been a few minutes. She closed and locked her bedroom door then started shedding her clothes. She unbuttoned her İstanbul Escort blouse again, tossed it on the end of the bed then, standing before the mirror on the back of her door, unfastened her bra again and watched as it slid down her arms, revealing her sumptuous breasts. She tossed the bra behind her onto the bed then caressed her breasts and her hard nipples. It was brief, though, because her pussy desperately needed her attention and caressing her breasts was only reinforcing that.

Reaching behind her, she unzipped her skirt while noting how her breasts were thrust forward by that action. She shimmied her skirt over her hips, causing her tits to jiggle and again keep her attention. The last thing left was her thong panties. As she slid them down over her hips and down her legs, she continued watching her tits in the mirror as they were swinging from her chest. Straightening up again, she ran a finger between her pussy lips, not surprised to find herself completely dripping wet, then over her clit. The jolt of pleasure she felt nearly caused her knees to give out so, rather than continuing to watch herself in the mirror, she turned and crawled onto her bed. She flopped onto her back and didn’t even bother to caress her tits again, both hands going between her legs instead. She slipped a finger inside her juicy pussy while using the fingertips on the other hand to massage her clit.

She was way beyond fired up and was focused only on relief so she did only what was necessary to make herself cum. There would be no drawing out the pleasure or pausing to play with her tits; there would only be the one goal of cumming. She didn’t even bother with her vibrator, which would have required her to first retrieve it then turn on some music to cover up the telltale buzzing. She couldn’t even imagine stopping what she was doing right at that moment because she knew she was right on the verge of a powerful orgasm. She slipped a second finger easily into her pussy due to all of the lubrication she was producing and, as she continued to massage her clit, could feel her body tensing up in anticipation. She was biting back a moan that wanted to escape so that her roommate wouldn’t know what she was up to behind her locked door.

When sweet relief finally washed over her, she managed to limit her vocal reaction to a gasp as her entire body trembled and her fingers were flooded with even more lubrication. She continued working herself over as she was cumming until she finally rolled onto her side and clamped her hands between her thighs. She came close to blacking out at the height of her climax but ended up merely lightheaded. When the wave of pleasure finally washed away, it left her lying there, exhausted and panting on her bed. Eventually she got up and pulled on a t-shirt and some yoga pants and went to watch some TV with her roommate.

The next morning, she made sure to swing by Deb’s desk under the guise of filling her in on the happy hour.

“I hate to say it,” she revealed, “but Jake is as dumb as a bag of doorknobs. Nice cock, though.”

With that, she casually strolled away.

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