The Affair

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Adriana Chechik

*Note: This is a story I had originally written and posted over a year ago. I have changed a few things and done some more editing. I am resubmitting it for several reasons. I am almost ready to submit a sequel to this story, and also would like this to go under my submissions with my profile. Some of you wrote back the first time strongly against the affair. I, too, am strongly against affairs, but have found that it makes for a hot story line. Look for the sequel that explains more of Teri’s actions. It also has a story line that will hopefully be a little more pleasing.

Although, I identify with the main character, let me just say that this is purely a work of fiction. And although the characters are based on real people in my life, the names are not the same and the events are fiction. This story came about from a fantasy I had.*

* * * * *

It started out innocent enough. A friendly weekend getaway in Vermont had introduced her to a new friend and eventually a new lover. A friendly smile, a casual knowing glance in her way, a few subtle passes had all started her on her way to where she is now.

It had all started when some friends had invited them to a friend’s house in Vermont for the weekend. It had been an eternity since they had all had a family weekend and seemed like forever since they had seen each other without one of them rushing out the door to work, or for an evening out “with the guys”. They jumped at the chance to spend some quality family time together. They would be driving up, so that would add to their time together. They had heard about Clark and had seen pictures of him, but neither had ever actually met him. They felt as if they had known him, though, because of his name coming up so often in conversations with their friends, Sharon and Dean.

Clark had recently bought an old country house and was in the process of refurbishing it. A large 2 story house with a basement in the country just at the height of fall when the leaves were on fire with color. It was a quiet quaint town away from the hustle and bustle of city life that they had been used to. It was to be the perfect weekend for them.

They arrived there late Friday night; everyone had already gone to sleep. The next morning when they awoke they found that their host, Clark, had gone to the store to get some groceries for breakfast. She had heard in a low, deep voice, say there was coffee on if anyone wanted any, on his way out the door. Being an unfamiliar voice, she knew this had to be his. She finally had a voice to go with the face she had seen in pictures so many times before. She decided that she would head for the shower before anyone else had a chance to use up the hot water before her.

After her shower she began straightening up their bedclothes from the previous night and making sure their kids were dressed before going out to play in the fall leaves. She hadn’t even noticed that Clark had returned from the store. As she passed through the kitchen on her way out to holler at the kids, she didn’t notice him standing in the doorway watching her. Then suddenly he appears in front of her, his hand is out stretched, presented to her. “You must be Teri,” he says. She takes his hand, shakes it and returns the greeting. She does not notice at the time his large stature or his large sapphire blue eyes. She is after all still in love with her husband of 17 years, college sweethearts she thought would be together always; soul mates as she liked to think of their relationship.

The day progressed like any lazy family weekend. The guys turned on the TV to watch football and the kids ventured outdoors to soak in the crisp autumn air. Her friend Sharon had decided to take a nap, knowing they would be up late. Teri decided to join their kids outside who had started a small game of football. She did not notice the pair of eyes that followed her from the picture window in the family room. He watched her every move. When she laughed with the children, he smiled. When she blushed in embarrassment to a wrongfully thrown ball, he noticed the heat that arose in her cheeks. He noticed her round buttocks when she bent over to play center, and he noticed her breasts as she pulled her arm back to pass the football. She wasn’t his, but he began to think of how he was going to get her. He had to have her.

Dinner was uneventful as far as they were concerned. They ordered pizza and ate in the basement, which had been turned into a playroom. There was the usual amount of laughter and playing around which always seemed to accompany children at the dinner table. After all, these weren’t sophisticated adults at a formal dining table. This was pizza in a basement. A belch was heard here, a burp there, another one was called a pig for the amount of pizza consumed, kids’ play over pizza and soda.

After pizza, their host treated them out for a night around town. They walked around town with a stop by the ice cream parlor and a trip through the park for the kids. He watched her as she ate her ice cream Göztepe Escort cone. It gave him pleasure knowing that she was licking something he had bought for her. He watched her lips as they parted to take in the sweet substance. He watched in anguish as her tongue glided up the cone to catch the melting cream. He imagined for a moment what her tongue would feel like somewhere else.

This time she catch a glimpse of him watching her and redness appeared on her face. She waited until she thought he wasn’t looking and hopefully her husband wasn’t either and then she thought it was her turn to check him out. He was wearing black jeans and a polar fleece pullover. He had nice thick hair, which was a good sign for a man who appeared to be in his late thirties. She started to notice his eyes. For the first time since she met him, she noticed they were blue with long lashes. He wore glasses, which magnified his eyes and lashes. He was tall, about 6’2″, large build, about 200 to 220 lbs, but not fat, broad shoulders, and a butt that fit well in his Levi’s. Her favorite brand; she always liked how the red tag was well placed on the back pocket that allowed her to see the shape of their ass. She smiled to herself for the amount she had been able to catch in such a quick glimpse. She prided herself on being able to size up people, especially men in just a glance.

They moved on a miniature golf place. The kids could play putt-putt golf and video games while the big boys could race go-carts. She sat in the stands cheering her husband on trying to avoid looking at Clark, but she couldn’t help noticing his smile as he passed by her. She watched him with her friend, Sharon. They seemed to have a close bond between them. She watched them talking, laughing and hugging. She knew that it was only plutonic. It had to be. Sharon would never cheat on Dean. If anyone would cheat, she figured Dean would be the one to cheat. And after all, she knew that Sharon and Dean had once lived with Clark for a while before they first found their own place when they were first married. It was only natural that they were close.

It was getting late and time to head back to his place. She traded with Dean so could ride back with her husband and she could ride back with Sharon and Clark. She listened to their conversation and tried to familiarize herself with Clark through his conversations. She watched the corners of his eyes and his lips and his smile as he talked. She felt a warm rush to her cheeks. She couldn’t believe she was starting to feel this way over another man. She couldn’t believe she was blushing at someone other than her husband.

When they arrived back at Clark’s, the guys had decided they wanted to go out. She was concerned that her husband would spend all their vacation money in one night. Dean and Bill made it a habit going out, and spending money. Dean was good at talking Bill into things. She figured this time was no different. Dean assured her that he would keep tabs on her husband, but some how that didn’t make her feel any better. Then Clark entered the room with an omnibus presence. Laid a hand on her shoulder and said he would watch him. She wanted to jump out of her skin at his touch. She felt herself giving in as if his touch willed her to let the financial issue go.

The men left, and Sharon and the kids said their good nights. Teri put the boys to bed, and then settled in the family room to watch some TV. The autumn evening air had put a chill in the old house and she grabbed a blanket from the back of the couch to throw over her legs. She couldn’t help notice Clark’s scent in the blanket. She pulled it up around her shoulders, closer to her face where she could catch a better whiff. It smelled like musk and of a man that enjoyed the outdoors.

The next morning the kids had gone into Clark’s room to watch cartoons. Sharon and Dean had gone to the store for breakfast. Clark was asleep in the family room, and Bill was still sleeping in the guest room. Teri went in Clark’s room to check on the kids and to join them watching TV. She crawled up into Clark’s bed, and smiled at the thought of climbing in under his comforter. The kids started in a game of “pillow fight”. She joined in then realized they should keep the noise level down so not to wake Clark and Bill, but it was too late. Clark was already awake. Sharon and Dean had returned from the store and were cooking breakfast. The scent of cooking bacon alone could have easily wakened him. He came into the room and smiled at Teri under his covers. He wondered when the next time would be that he’d see her in his bed. He came in looking for his glasses and a hairbrush; although she felt he really didn’t need a brush. His hair looked fine. She noticed how merry his eyes looked without his glasses on. She liked the way he looked first thing in the morning. She wondered how he tasted first thing in the morning.

After breakfast, Sharon was planning on going out antiquing. Bill was planning on taking the boys out to do some İstanbul Escort sight seeing. Dean and Clark settled in the family room to watch football. She asked if Teri wanted to go along. It had been a long time since Teri had an opportunity to get out. They looked up addresses in the phone book of some antique shops they wanted to try. Then Sharon asked Clark if he wanted to go with them. Teri thought she was going to bust. Clark not only accepted he offered to drive. Dean said he thought Clark was planning on watch football. Clark said he could watch football next weekend. It wasn’t everyday he was invited to go antiquing with the ladies.

They climbed into Clark’s Suburban, Sharon in the front with Clark and Teri behind Sharon, this way she could sneak glances at Clark. Their first stop hadn’t turned up much. Clark through a few passes Teri’s way. She smiled, but didn’t return the flirtations. She couldn’t help notice how he walked beside Sharon. She thought it was nice that they were such good friends. She hoped she too would get to know Clark better, to have such a close friendship with him. He was funny and intelligent. He was also slightly crude which gave him a certain amount of attraction from her point of view. It was a side she wasn’t used to.

Being a Sunday, most of the antique shops were closed. It was getting late and they decided it was time to head towards home. As they rounded the corner, they found a big antique shop that was open. They were delighted. Especially Teri. They had been riding around for hours and her bladder was about to burst.

After relieving herself, she roamed around the china section. She discovered a porcelain teapot and a few other pieces that caught her fancy. He brushed up against her at the check out. His touch startled her, her heart leapt into her throat. His hand touched hers. “Do you need any help?” he asked. She felt a stirring deep in her soul. How much she wanted to look into his deep blue eyes and tell him what was really going on inside of her.

By the time they arrived back to his place, Bill had returned home with the boys and had the car packed and ready for the trip home. Home was a place that she wasn’t looking forward to going to at that moment. If only she could freeze time. If only she wasn’t married. If only….

While dinner was cooking, Clark gave the boys each a ride through the hills on his dirt bike. He promised Sharon a ride after dinner. Teri had wanted one too. The thought of being with Clark alone riding in the countryside made her heart stir. How she longed for a few minutes alone with him to figure out what was really going on between them. The forbidden lust that seemed to be growing between them made her hot and wet.

Bill wanted to get going. He wasn’t looking forward to the long drive home to Baltimore. It was getting late and he knew the traffic would be heavy. Driving Highway One with Maryland tags and sharing the road with truckers was not the kind of evening he had in mind. He was anxious to get home and spend some of his vacation time with his wife. They hadn’t been alone since they arrived at Clark’s and he had sensed Clark’s eyes following his wife around. And why shouldn’t they. She was in good shaped for a mother of two in her mid thirties. Childbirth had widened her hips, only making them more accepting to his large build. Childbirth had also changed her perky teenaged size B cup breasts into full, voluptuous 36C’s. Her arse was rounder than ever. He enjoyed his wife’s body. Just thinking about it made him hard. He couldn’t wait to get her home and enjoy what was rightfully his.

Teri, Bill and the boys said their goodbyes. Running out of time, Teri didn’t get the quiet bike ride she was looking forward to. She hugged Clark and promised to return soon. He hugged her back fervently not wanting to let her go. “Next time we’ll get our ride,” a promise he whispered in her ear. He smelled her perfume and her hair. He wished he could linger in the scent a little while longer. Why did she have to be married? He made her promise to keep Bill awake and alert for the ride home, thinking only of her safety.

On the way home, she held her partner’s hand. She tried to think about them, but thoughts of Clark kept entering her mind. She could not get his smile and those sapphire eyes out of her mind. They seemed to burn right through to the very core of her soul.

They arrived home early the next morning. Lucky they had both taken the day off of work. They had both been up all night and needed to sleep. The boys, 5 & 9, were self-sufficient. Teri showered and through in a load of laundry. She took the denim shirt she had worn the night before and smelled it. It still held Clark’s scent. She didn’t really want to wash it. She wanted to hold on to the thought of him a little while longer.

As she laid down to nap, images of him drifted into her dreams. She couldn’t stop thinking of him. She had to know if he was thinking of her too. She went on line and sent him and E-mail Anadolu Yakası Escort thanking him for the weekend. She had felt a cold coming and felt as if she had caught his cold. She playfully thanked him for sharing his cold.

The next few days seemed to be a dream. She returned back to work, lived out her days thinking only of him. She couldn’t wait to get home and read his return E-mail. Their E-mails had turned more and more playful. She flirted with him and he flirted back. It was over the Internet, so it was harmless. She wasn’t looking into his blue eyes, he couldn’t see her brown eyes.

Then one evening after the boys had gone to bed, there was a knock at the door. She answered and Clark was there like a breath of fresh air. At last they were face to face. No more E-mail between them. They had to confront each other. Teri thought she was going to cum right then and there. He asked if he could come in, she told him Bill wasn’t home. He said he had talked with Dean the night before and found out that Bill was working at the police station that night. So, he planned this. He did not want her husband to be home.

He said that ever since they had left his place, he could not stop thinking of her. Her heart started to race. Yes, he too had been thinking of her. But it wasn’t right. She was married. Her boys were sleeping in their rooms. Her husband wasn’t home. She hugged him and said she was glad to see him. He leaned into her and kissed her. She pushed him back and said it was wrong, that she loved Bill and the boys. She couldn’t do this to them. He took her, leaned her back and kissed her again, this time long and hard. She couldn’t think. Her heart was pounding. Her cheeks were flushed, and her hands were sweaty. This is what she had been fantasizing about all week. She knew she wanted this. She wanted him. She had only known one man in her life. Now it was time to taste someone different. But could she do this? He was kissing her neck and caressing her shoulders. Her knees were starting to buckle and a warmth was growing between her legs.

Her walked her over to the couch and sat her down. He looked her long and deep in the eyes. Her hands were pushing him away, but her eyes were saying, “take me”. He pushed her back and continued kissing her. His tongue began searching her mouth. He tasted her warm sweet lips. How he had imagined how they would taste. He wanted to taste more of her. He wanted to know her inside and out. He reached for her breasts. They were soft and full. She gasped at his touch. Her nipples shivered and sprang forth at his touch. He took one through her shirt and gently squeezed it between his thumb and index finger. A soft moan escaped her lips. She arched her back and pushed her chest into him. He continued kissing her lips while playing with her breasts. His kisses were deep and passionate. Her head was spinning. She was drowning in their lust.

His lips left hers and began to work their way down her neck. He lifted her shirt, cupped one of her breasts, releasing it from the confines of her bra. She shivered. Chills were going down her spine as the heat was growing inside her womb. He gently took hold of her nipple and rolled it in his fingers. It hardened to his touch. He breathed on it, then took it into his mouth. Gently he held it between his teeth and pulled out on it. It stood out about and inch and a half. She moaned and scratched his back with her nails.

Then it hit her. What was she doing? She was about to cheat on the only man she had ever loved. What if one of the boys woke up and walked in on them. How was she ever going to explain this? This was enough to break the mood for her. She painfully pushed him away. She couldn’t. Not here. She told him that she wanted him, but couldn’t do it in the house she shared with her husband. She asked if she could meet him tomorrow for lunch. She’s have her sister watch the boys for her. She’d tell Bill she was going out shopping. She couldn’t believe she was going to lie to her husband. In 17 years of marriage, she hadn’t once lied to him. She looked into Clark’s sapphire eyes. They mesmerized her. She seemed to be in a trance each time she looked at them.

They planned when and where they would meet the next day. She chose a restaurant on the other side of town. It had to be one where no one knew her, which was not easy to do being a cop’s wife.

She arrived early the next day, an ordered a drink from the bar. She didn’t usually drink, but she figured she needed something.

She smiled as he rode up on his bike. He walked in, found Teri and said he owed her a ride. They rode out by the water, down by the river. How she loved the water. She watched the reflections of the sky in the water. She saw the clouds drift by in the reflections. The air felt cool on her skin. They rode out to a park and stopped.

He pulled her around and sat him in front of him. He took off his helmet, and then removed hers. He kept eye contact the entire time. He knew he had to have her. He leaned forward and kissed her. This time she kissed him back passionately. Her head was about to explode. Her hands grew sweaty. This was it, she told herself. She was going to let it happen. She wanted him. She inhaled his scent, which was still fresh in her memory.

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