The Anatomy of an Affair

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Tom slammed himself into her with long, deep and hard thrusts. He was behind her, they were both lying on their left sides, her right leg was raised a little, his arms were round her, one hand was squeezing and kneading her big, fleshy breasts and the other was rubbing her clit. He and his wife were having their occasional, if he was lucky, fuck!

He knew it was absolutely fucking ridiculous. He was aware that it could lead nowhere other than trouble and trouble on a number fronts. Also he was aware what was causing it. It was his wife’s fault, but then aren’t all affairs the wife’s fault? After all if they dressed up in sexy lingerie to welcome their men home, offered sex every night and twice on Saturdays, went out with their husbands naked under a skimpy dress, let him fuck them in exciting places, gave him blow jobs and swallowed and let their lord and master fuck them up their bum, what man would have affairs? Certainly not Tom Masters, because deep down that is how he would like Emily, his wife to act or, thought he did. But of course she didn’t act like that. In fact she acted quite the opposite.

During their twenty-five years of marriage she had gone from a trim size eight, with a slim but curvy figure with pert breasts and a nice, tight bum to a size twelve with udder like breasts and hips to match. Actually, although she had ‘larged up’ it was all in proportion and Tom could see other men fancying her. He wished sometimes that she would take one up and let him fuck her. He knew, though, that was unlikely for she only let him fuck her on high days and holidays. And that was the crux of the matter, the problem, the issue between them and the reason why he fantasised almost continuously about fucking a member of his staff, who at twenty-five was young enough to be his daughter.


Jenny had joined the prestige car dealership where Tom was the boss. She came into the group as a graduate trainee two or three years ago. Being moved round the group by the training programme she worked for a number of both volume and prestige car dealers as she learned about the business and was taught how to sell, at which she was a natural. She did so well that the usual two year training programme was cut back to just over one year when she was appointed as a Sales Executive selling Fords. Again she did extremely well in both sales volume and customer satisfaction so that after less than two years she applied and was appointed to her current position as Sales Executive on the group’s flagship BMW dealership that Tom managed. Clearly a star in the making Jenny was added to the group’s fast track programme that catered for the performers with the greatest potential; they were the managers of the near future. Part of that programme was working with the dealership managers. Hence, she and Tom worked closely together.

Jenny was twenty-five and had moved to London from her family home in Gloucestershire a few months after completing her degree in English at Nottingham, a highly rated university in the midlands. She had lived with her boy-friend Jack a marine biologist and a fully paid up nerd, for two years until they recently broke up. Now she was looking for a new start as so far other than study and having sex with Jack, she felt she had done little in life.

London and the motor trade gave her the opportunity to remedy that.

Life in London had been so different to that in Gloucestershire or Nottingham. A girl-friend had managed to find her a place in a house in Camden Town that she shared with four other girls and three or four boys. They were all grads in their twenties and held well-paid jobs so it was almost permanently party time although a house rule was no flings between house mates. Though, in the main they all adhered to that most of them had the odd grope or fuck at one time or another.

Jenny was amazed at the sheer number of bars, clubs and restaurants there were within a mile or so radius of their house in Camden Town and even more so when she traipsed round central London with her house mates.

The entire youthful attitude was live for today, go for it, just do it, if it feels right then it is right and if you want it grab it. It was very much a now society and one where self-gratification was demanded and needed almost instantly.

Before going up to uni, Jenny had sex with just one older boy of twenty-eight, who had relieved her of the dubious benefit of being a virgin and one other guy also in his mid-twenties. She had no idea why, but boys her own age held little appeal for her. During the first two years of university life she went with three more guys, before meeting her nerd to whom she was faithful. Whilst the nerd was only a couple of years older than her the other three were all older with one being in his early forties. Since arriving in London she had captured three more scalps so she now felt experienced and was comfortable having sex with a virtual stranger.

Tom was effectively faithful to Emily. Well that is up to a point. As with Kartal Escort many men who travel, as he did throughout Europe visiting other dealers to get ideas and to visit the BMW and Audi Head Offices in Germany with the occasional trip to America, he felt that having sex when away on a business trip was not really being unfaithful. Hence, for most of their marriage he had fucked around when the opportunities presented themselves on his travels. He managed to gain his fair share of airline stewardesses, waitresses in hotel restaurants and, of course, the occasional lonely businesswomen also on their travels and presumably applying a similar logic to men on being faithful or, not as the case may be.

In the UK, he didn’t go on the pull. He didn’t have bits on the side and although he had opportunities he didn’t take them up at his golf club, at work or with potential female suppliers, particularly media reps who quite brazenly offered themselves as contract inducements.

So by his standards, he was faithful when in the UK. Ok when entertaining clients he was ‘forced’ to take them to lap dancing and sex clubs and it was de rigeur for him to lay on good time girls at company events. And of course he had to do his part and join in, after all it was all part of the game of being in the motor trade.


It was the usual process. Laying naked on his front, legs slightly parted with the masseuse doing his shoulders and back first. All pretty straightforward. After the normally pretty cursory massaging of his calf muscles and sometimes his feet, the massage would get more interesting as the girl, nowadays pretty much always an Eastern European, started on the insides of his upper legs.

Tom had started using massage parlours a few years ago and overall, if a guy was going to pay for sex, then he reckoned they were hard to beat, especially if you could find an enthusiastic girl who actually stayed at the place for any length of time. Masseuses seemed to be very transient and Petra was new at the place where he was now a regular.

She had reached the part where she got him hard; he knew the procedure well now. He knew that gradually she would go nearer and nearer his balls and bum until, almost as if by accident her fingers would graze against his scrotum. They would move away quickly as she gauged his reaction and then if that was positive, as it always was with Tom they would return and linger.

That’s exactly what happened and he grunted as her fingernail scratched lightly at his perineum. She obviously saw that for she repeated it before slipping her finger upwards and sliding it slowly along the crease in his arse. That aroused him further and again he grunted, but this time he also raised his left knee a little thus, giving his rapidly growing erection the room it needed. Smiling as she saw all the signs she wanted to see, Petra slid her hand under his body, cupped his balls then slid them along his pleasingly rigid cock and stroked it.

With his eyes tightly closed, Tom imagined that it was his young graduate trainee Jenny who was holding his cock and he pushed back as he started to fuck her hand. Petra was too experienced for that and did not want this to end too soon as she could see the chance of a nice pay day here.

“I think we should turn you over don’t you Tom?” She asked removing her hand.

Tom loved this moment as it played to his exhibitionist tendencies. Rolling onto his back he looked into her eyes as she saw his fully swollen dick.

“Mmmmm nice Tom,” she said running her beautifully manicured fingernails along it. “And what shall we do with it today?” She went on looking into his eyes.

Before replying he slid his hand up her short white tunic and onto her bum; she was wearing white holdups and a thong so his hand found the nicely rounded full cheeks of her bum. He stroked and the squeezed it as looking right into her eye he replied.

“Sex Petra, full sex. Do you do that?”

The masseuse hesitated for a moment before saying quite demurely.

“Not usually Tom, but as you seem so pleased to see me,” she said smiling and gripping his

erection. “I will make an exception.”

“How much?”

“For oral both ways and full sex two hundred,” she said more hopefully than expectantly.

Tom was thinking so much of fucking Jenny that he merely nodded and said. “Hand me my trousers.” As he removed his wallet he thought about it a bit more. “Tell you what just let’s mess around and see what happens.”

“What do you mean?” She asked feeling a little disappointed.

“I’ll give you one twenty and you let me play with you and then if we go all the way I give you the rest.”

“You might want hand relief?”


“Ok sounds good to me,” Petra said as Tom reached up and undid the buttons on her tunic.


Over the past few months Jenny had seen the way that Tom looked at her. But then pretty girls with an open attitude towards sex are used to being looked at in that way. Pendik Escort The way that says the man is keen that he is up for it, that he fancies her and that if she shows a green light he would follow it up. Although she had been with several ‘older men,’ none had been old enough to be her father as Tom was. Could she do that? What would he be like, what would his skin feel like? She had heard girls say how wonderful older men were, how their experience made for fantastic sex, how they were so patient and as interested in making sure their partner had a great time as they were looking after their own pleasure, which were all things she could attest to from her experiences. She had also heard girls say, though, how they could only cum once, how they felt different and how it was almost obscene fucking someone as old as your father.

Jenny was beginning to realise that not only did she have a high sex drive, but also that as she got older she loved and wanted sex more and more.

She had never been hit on by someone of Tom’s age. Hit on was a bit strong for he did nothing overt and certainly made no obvious play for her. However, she noted his stares, how he held her gaze a little longer than necessary, stood or sat closer than needed and how he seemed to find the need to be with her more often than the other sales people. A couple of the other girls, the market researcher and the CRM, the geeky ones with glasses, no tits and plain looks, smiled and made remarks about it, but she ignored them. She liked his attention, she enjoyed being with him and she relished the opportunity of getting on. Since coming to London and joining the group, not only had she found a sex drive and a need for sex that she did not know she possessed, but also she found an ambition to get on in business. Yes, she realised, she wanted power and sexual satisfaction grinning to herself as she thought ‘are they not the same thing?’

It was the same evening that Tom was at the massage parlour with Petra when Clark, her boy-friend was about to fuck her. It was that evening when Tom undid Petra’s top and got her nice full tits out that Clark undid Jenny’s bra and eased it off her respectable, beautifully pert, but quite small B cup boobs. As Tom, lying on the massage table sucked the masseuse’s nipples so Clark licked all over Jenny’s tits, just as she liked it. And just as Tom’s hand fiddled its way between Petra’s legs and found and then slid into the warm wetness of her welcoming cunt so Clark’s tongue licked the length of Jenny’s streaming pussy.

Clark hadn’t bothered to make his bed that morning so he and Jenny lay on the narrow, unmade divan with the duvet part on the bed and part on the floor. Their mouths clasped together, he rolled on top of her and handed her the condom. She slid it onto his rigid cock and opened her legs invitingly. He slid between them and as he had asked her to do recently she wrapped them round his waist. She felt the head of it press enquiringly against her slit. She pushed back at the same time as he thrust forward and his bloated cock soared up her cunt and deep inside her.

“You want to fuck me?” Petra asked as she stroked Tom’s really nice cock.


“What you want then?”

“I want to cum on your tits; I’ll pay you as if it was a fuck.”

Petra liked that and leaning forward she took his cock into her mouth. She was good and took Tom part way to where he wanted to be. Naked apart from her white holdups, she got onto the narrow table and laid beside him his cock in her hand his fingers up her cunt.

“Move up a bit,” she said taking his dick out of her mouth and starting to wank it. He hovered over her nice, big boobs, one hand rubbing her pussy the other squeezing her tits.

“Cum on them Tom, cum on Petra’s tits,” she muttered as he started to cum.

And just as Clark fucked Jenny so Petra rubbed Tom and they came at about the same time. Clark into the condom inside Jenny and Tom all over the masseuse’s tits as both of them imagined their sex partner to be their work colleague.


It was hard for Tom to focus on the one to one meeting he was having with Jenny. He had these reviews with each of his direct reports on a monthly basis and usually he coped well. Today, though, Jenny was wearing a lowish top and as she moved or leaned forward so he saw the tops of her tits. By itself that was nothing special for the dress code at the dealership was quite relaxed as long as they all looked smart and in keeping with the BMW brand. It was just that as he saw the interestingly tanned flesh of the tops of her breasts he could not stop thinking about yesterday evening when he had cum on Petra’s full boobs. As he took surreptitious glances at Jenny’s modest breasts he felt that he saw the globules of his spunk on them and fuck it, he felt his cock stirring.

Jenny was having similar thoughts for as she had wrapped her legs round Clark’s scrawny back and as he had thrust his condom covered cock deep inside her, surprisingly, Göztepe Escort a little alarmingly and totally unexpectedly her boss’s face, Tom’s was in her mind.

They, and particularly Jenny, had thought about that and worried about it overnight and through the next morning. In both of their minds it became more significant as the time of their one to one drew nearer. By three, when she went into his office, both were het up and highly nervous.

She was in his office on the low, six-seater, black leather sofa that the head office had recently delivered. In her, probably a little, too tight, just above the knee dark blue skirt, she was sitting as demurely as she could, but was aware of the amount of nylon covered leg she was showing; at least six inches above the knee.

As she sat on the low couch in his office wearing the white, sleeveless top; she had removed her suit jacket, Tom did not see just her gorgeous legs. He saw her naked kneeling beside him holding his swollen cock, just as Petra had done. Like most women, Jenny’s imagination and recall was not that vivid. She did not remember the detail of being fucked by Clark, but she did fantasise about having her long, slender legs wrapped Tom as he fucked slow, long and very expertly.

The meeting was a review of her customer satisfaction results, which were excellent. Looking at her legs and the bulge of her pert tits in the thin top Tom was not surprised that she had good ratings, particularly from the male customers, which made up over eighty per cent of the dealership’s customers. Jenny had her lap top and open brief case on the settee beside her and when Tom asked her a question about the previous quarter’s sales she had to reach across her laptop and fumble in her brief case. That required her lean to her left, which caused her skirt to slide up even more and Tom was excited to see the thicker material at the top of what were almost certainly tights, but could be holdups he fantasised.

Time moved on. Jenny and Tom continued working together, closer if anything. Although both of them felt the atmosphere between them, neither had the pluck or the will to do anything about it. There was too much at stake and if it went wrong, each had too much to lose; Tom maybe his marriage and Jenny possibly her job.

Several times one or the other, usually Tom came close to making a move or broaching the subject, but always he pulled back. That was in real life, work life their life together, but not when he was alone. Not when he was in a hotel room, not when he was naked watching porn on his laptop.

His favourite porn stuff was an older woman and a younger one with one seducing the other. Unfortunately, most of the videos he looked at were unsatisfying; the sex was generally rushed and often a younger woman would go from being worried about the older woman kissing her to licking her pussy within five minutes. Although unsatisfying they were hard on inducing and then naked, often with hand lotion or baby oil smeared aver his cock, balls and thighs, Tom would fuck Jenny. Usually it was straightforward, but now and then it was how he had started having sex with Petra, deep anal.

Throughout her teens, Jenny had not been a frequent masturbator and did it nowhere near as often as her friends did, or so they said! Unusually, she thought, as she became a woman and eased her way through her early twenties so the frequency of her need to relieve herself increased and recently she did it at least daily. It was not always, but often was with Tom in mind even though in the last year or so women had featured more and more in her fantasies. She knew that she was tremendously bi curious and was aware that given the right circumstances she could well go further than the furtive kisses at uni and the groping with other girls when dirty dancing at night clubs.

Each day, Tom could hardly wait to get to the dealership to be close to Jenny. To see her in her tight, pencil skirts that were demurely, as company policy stated, just above the knee, was a massive turn on for him. The company employee handbook could stipulate the length of skirts, but not their or trousers tightness across a woman’s bottom. And Jenny along with the five other female sales executives took that to the limit. They knew full well that it helped sales and that increased their commissions. They knew that a guy seeing a nice, rounded arse, seemingly bare under the thin material of the skirt or trousers would be aroused, so they flaunted it and flashed their cheeks at their customers.

Tom knew that it went on, it always had and he did not mind for in addition to the additional sales that went towards achieving his targets he got to look at them. He got to look at all of them, but particularly Jenny’s. She had a fantastic arse that Tom had not only fantasised about kissing and licking, but also about pulling the two cheeks apart, sliding his tongue along the crease and pushing the tip into her rosebud. Of course his mind had gone further as the intensity of his fantasy affair with her had increased. One evening when he was a little drunk he had spanked it and that had been new thing for him and then of course after Petra had invited him, at two hundred a pop, to fuck her arse, he had Jenny up there several times.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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