The Artist

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Alain was the French artist who had rented the family’s guest house for almost ten years. Unbeknownst to her parents Cassie had been Alain’s muse and inspiration for much of his art and photography. He had nursed a desire for Cassie starting when she was fourteen and her countenance changed from that of a sweet girl to one of a young woman.

By the time she was sixteen Alain had made a decent income off of his portraits of the girl and the photography in which his hook was to never show Cassie’s face. That was something he saved for himself.

Now she was older and her family’s fortunes had turned for the worse. The rent money that Alain paid to them every month was critical to making their bills. So when Alain one day offered Cassie a large sum of money to pose nude for him she couldn’t resist. That summer she posed for him in his studio almost weekly. By the fall she was comfortable being nude around the older man and would not bother wearing much more than a simple dress when she went to visit him.

Early one morning Cassie went to see Alain early in the morning and as was her custom she took off her dress and entered the studio.

“Cassie, come upstairs!” called Alain.

The thought of hesitating didn’t occur to her and she padded her way up the stairs to the bedroom. Alain met her at the door dressed in a robe and he gestured towards the bed.

The soft downy bed was still warm with his body heat as she got onto it.

She lay face down as Alain preferred this kind of pose from her and that’s what she expected.

What she didn’t expect was for the older man to drop his robe.

“Alain?” she looked at him Maltepe Escort quizzically.

“Spread your legs, chérie.”

She did as he asked and then drew in a breath as he ran his hands up the insides of her thighs.

“Alain! What are you…?”

He cut her off with a simple, “Silence, s’il-vous-plaît!”

His thumbs then fondled her pussy lips.


Again he looked at her but this time his voice took on a gruff insistence, “Cassie, be quiet.”

She listened to him and did as she was told. She tried to convince herself that Alain had some artistic reason for what he was doing.

Still, when his thumbs worked their way into the mouth of her pussy she jumped just a little bit. It wasn’t uncomfortable because she’d had other things in there before. Her mother was very progressive and on Cassie’s sixteenth birthday she gave Cassie a variety of personal things that Cassie was expected to keep to herself. Cassie did keep them to herself but she also put them to good use.

Thus Alain’s attentions were not causing her any discomfort nor was the feeling of anything inside of her pussy a completely unusual experience.

What she wasn’t expecting was for Alain to move on top of her.

She closed up her legs as he got onto the bed forcing his legs to either side of her own.

When she felt something slip between her legs she knew what it was and put back a hand to keep it away from where she knew it wanted to be.

Alain responded by putting his hands under her arms and then taking her by the wrists. She was now pinned to the bed as he started to rut at her.

He took his time, İstanbul Escort kissing her bare shoulders and nuzzling her neck.

His cock slid back and forth across her pussy lips and while it was unwelcome she could not help herself as her body started to respond. The silky skin of her inner thighs soon became moist in response to Alain’s continued attentions.

She realized that the old, soft mattress was working against her because it caused her hips to push up as his weight pushed her upper body down.

It was really only at this moment that Cassie realized the inevitability of her first sex. While her practical and reasoned side told her that this was wrong she found herself on the cusp of having something she’d fantasized about for several years.

She allowed herself to relax and that meant her legs relaxed just enough for Alain to get his cock into a slightly better position.

Cassie couldn’t help but gasp as the long hard cock surged into her body.

Alain felt an encompassing sense of relief as his well moistened tool plunged all the way into the object of his desires in one slow and steady thrust.

Cassie gasped again as she felt Alain bottom out inside of her where not even a toy had been before.

Years of lust and desire overtook Alain and he started to enjoy the pleasure of Cassie’s wonderfully snug pussy. He felt a certain satisfaction when Cassie started to raise her hips to meet his thrusts.

Cassie’s universe had narrowed down to the sensation of the man plunging in and out of her body. She was acutely aware of each thrust and each withdrawal.

Her toes tingled.

She Anadolu Yakası Escort was just starting to feel an orgasm coming on as Alain’s thrusts took on a new urgency. He pushed at her just a little harder and just a little faster.

His teeth pulled at her ear and then he kissed her neck.

Her hands balled up into fists as the pleasure broke over her body and when Alain felt her trembling it was simply too much for him.

He plunged his cock as deep as it could go and started spurting his seed into the fresh young woman beneath him. Her pussy rippled along his length, milking his seed into her hungry womb. He thrust at her again and was surprised as his body forced out a second series of pulses into her body.

Collapsing onto her he was out of breath and he could smell his own musk.

The two of them lay there for a few minutes until he finally rolled off of her and stared up at the ceiling.

Cassie got up from the bed and with semen running down her legs she left the bedroom, put on her dress, and went back to her house to clean up.

Alain spent the rest of the day wondering if he had gone too far with Cassie. Would she decide to call the police? He supposed that she could since he hadn’t asked her if she’d wanted to do anything with him. Still, it had been worth it. Regardless of any other concern he had finally consummated his lust for Cassie and he was determined to be a good Frenchman and accept whatever else came about with elan and savoir faire.

His answer came before dawn the next morning when he heard Cassie in his bedroom. He heard the rustle of her dress as it dropped to the floor and then felt the bed as she slipped into the covers with him.

“Do you want to have a baby with me?” she asked as she cuddled up to him.

He contemplated the question for just a moment as his cock responded for him.

He surprised himself by saying, “Yes, yes I do.”

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