The Babysitter Ch. 01

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I had been fighting tirelessly to steer my relationship away from the downfall that would be our divorce. But then she called to me, like a siren through the mist. And I was drawn to her. How could I resist? Little did I know, the call came from the direction I should have been steering all along.

It saved my marriage.

Her name was Camille. Cami, for short. And I was enamored with her from the moment I opened my front door and saw her soft, pink lips stretch out into a smile and form dimples in her freckled cheeks.

She was just twenty years old, inquiring about the babysitter job I had advertised for. I was only vaguely listening as she introduced herself, lost in the gaze of the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen. Their allure only made more potent by the contrast of her creamy, white skin.

I invited her in and the sleek, blonde hair that always seemed to fall perfectly straight down her back brushed against me and wafted the scent of coconut shampoo over my nose.

My eyes trailed the sunny strands from her scalp down to her waist and fell on the mouth-watering sight of the thicc, bubble-butt that sat on top of her slender legs. It seemed a miracle it could fit in those painted-on jeans.

My eyes drifted back upwards, wandering over the soft, exposed skin her black crop top was too short to conceal. Her chest seemed almost as flat as her tight body. And boy, was I a sucker for women with small breasts but a big booty.

Finally my gaze returned to her delicate face. I was endeared by the little grin she wore, and the way she gently bit her lip with it. And it was only when my eyes finally met with hers again that I realized it was my turn to say something.

So we sat down and spoke about the job.

She got it.

I would begin to see Cami on a weekly basis, as she would watch my two kids during the evening as my wife and I attended our date.

Date night had been my idea. It was a last, ditch attempt to salvage a crumbling marriage. A few years prior, a rift formed between my wife, Evelyn and I.

I knew neither why it happened nor how I was supposed to stop it. Especially when all of my previous attempts were met with indifference, resistance and even hostility. I was angry that she had grown so distant and cold. The tension between us became palpable. We engaged in shouting matches on a number of occasions and I think that’s why she agreed to the date night idea.

Because, at the very least, it gave the kids a break from us.

That didn’t give me much hope, of course. I figured it only meant a divorce was imminent. Whilst Evelyn seemed content with letting our relationship fall on its last leg, I was less deterred. And that’s despite our weekly attempts to reconnect growing more fruitless each endeavor.

But there was another positive that came from date night. As you probably guessed, it was Camille.

As sad as it may sound, I looked forward to my interactions with her more than almost anything.

Every week, she made a habit of telling me I looked handsome for my date. And every week I needed to hear it more and more.

I was just that starved of love and affection. Which is why the rare and fleeting moments of physical intimacy had such an effect on me too. Whether it was just her straightening my tie, brushing against me or playfully nudging my arm. I held onto those moments each time until the next.

* * * * *

I tapped my fingers on the kitchen counter, making a conscious effort to keep my eyes focused on anything that couldn’t tell time.

Date night was getting more disastrous by the week. Which was especially frustrating considering that the first one went well enough to give me hope for my marriage. But it was a rapid, downhill spiral from then and my own patience was wearing thin.

And yet, I was still determined to see it through. Partially because there was still hope. Partially, because the kids had really taken to Camille and loved seeing her each week. And partially because, well, I loved seeing her also. That last bit was a bigger part than I would have cared to admit.

“DAAADDYYY!” I heard one of my little munchkins roar. “HAVE YOU SEEN CAMI?”

I crinkled my brow and looked left to right. “I don’t see her here. Maybe she’s upst-“

Before I had even finished my sentence I heard the thunderous stomps of two sets of legs bounding up the stairway.

“Isn’t it cheating to ask other people?” Cami asked as she stood up from behind me.

“I don’t want to get involved in the politics of a hide and seek game.” I chuckled. “But I did figure you could use a little rest.”

I knew I was right from the fact that her milky cheeks were glowing rosily and had several strands of her usually, perfectly-straight hair clinging to them. She brushed them aside and took a gulp from her water bottle.

My eyes followed a bead of sweat run down her neck and disappear behind the fabric of her shirt, just inches away from her small breast. I imagined my tongue doing the same and felt a twinge of guilt. It was bad enough that I was fantasizing Keçiören Escort about doing this to another woman when I was still married. And still fighting to save that marriage. It was made worse by the fact that the woman I was fantasizing about doing it to was half my age.

“Well I have to move fast, since they can count to ten in two seconds.” She giggled.

One of the reasons Cami was such a great babysitter was because we needed someone with a lot of energy to handle our kids. She seemed to have it in heaps. It made me feel better knowing that Evelyn understood that at least. I was always slightly concerned she was suspicious of the fact that I recommended Cami over the other applicants. Though it was probably just the guilt I harbored over my attraction to her, which only grew stronger each week.

Despite that guilt, I still couldn’t help myself. I just laughed softly as I stared at the sultry flesh of her exposed collarbones whilst she took another gulp. I imagined my lips against her warm skin and how it must have tasted so sweet but ever so salty thanks to the sweat. I wanted to undo the remained of the buttons of her cutoff shirt so I could finally unhook her small bra and feel her firm peaches in my mouth.

She placed the water back on the counter and I snapped out of my trance.

“Hey, don’t you guys have reservations soon?” She asked.

I glanced at my watch. “In…seventeen minutes.”

We exchanged a knowing look and there was a pause. She glanced down then she looked back up and beamed that beautiful grin of hers.

“Well you’re looking extra dashing tonight. If I may say so.” She told me.

I couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across my face if I wanted to. No matter how much she’d say that, I’d never get tired of hearing it.

“Although,” she started, before I could respond.

She licked the tip of her thumb and gently rubbed the corner of my mouth.

“Toothpaste.” She cooed.

I felt myself getting a little warm. I was transfixed again and there was another pause. Until she feigned a concerned expression.

“At least I hope it was toothpaste.” She added.

I looked down and laughed.

Evelyn finally came down the stairs, followed by two angry munchkins who chased Camille out of the kitchen. We bid goodbye to the three of them and I grabbed my jacket and opened the door for my wife.

“I thought you weren’t coming.” I told her.

“Don’t give me any ideas.”

Little comments like that stung more and more each time and I couldn’t help but let them get inside my head. The weight of holding onto them and all the stress was having a very serious, physical effect on me though. I could feel a cold ache in my shoulders.

The drive back from the restaurant was equally silent as the drive there. I used it as an opportunity to indulge in my taboo fantasies some more. I pictured Cami sweatier than she was before, peeling out of those little denim shorts that barely contained her fat ass. I imagined how it’d jiggle with a nice slap, her porcelain cheeks rippling and turning more red with each smack as I took her from behind.

That guilty twitch knocked me out of my fantasy. I felt like I was going crazy. Like I had an angel on one shoulder telling me to fight for my marriage and a devil on the other one telling me to give in and live out my wildest fantasies.

All I knew is that both sides were heavy and my shoulders were killing me.

We got home and the house was silent and spotless, like it always was when we returned. The kids would have been long asleep. Evelyn headed up to check on them before going to bed, leaving me to pay Cami like she always did.

I approached the kitchen counter where Camille waited with her bag. I took my jacket off and fished my wallet out as I fetched my favorite glass and filled it with my favorite whiskey. My evening whiskey before bed had become a habit for the past month. It seemed to help with the pain and guilt.

I thanked Cami and handed her the money.

Then I poured another drink and gulped it down as I rubbed my shoulder with my free hand.

“Is everything okay, Mr C?” She asked softly.

I gently placed my glass down. I felt a little embarrassed.

“Just join pain. I’m getting old.” I forced a chuckle.

She set her bag down on the counter. “Here, let me.”

She walked behind me, reached up and worked her soft hands into my shoulders. It was like magic. The pain vanished away in moments. I rested my hands on the counter and let the tension drain from my entire body. Soon, that pain and tension was just pleasure.

“Wow.” I cooed. “You’re really good at that.”

“I’m actually practicing to be a massage therapist.” She replied.

“Well you can practice on me anytime.”

I was glad she giggled at that. I was concerned it sounded inappropriate. If she knew what was going on in my head, she would have known it was.

And I was so engulfed by Cami’s touch that I was oblivious to the sound of an engine pulling up outside Etimesgut Escort my drive.

“My cab’s here.” She whispered.

But she didn’t stop rubbing my shoulders until I turned around.


I think she could see the disappointment in my eyes. I think she knew it was more than just joint pains.

She picked up her bag and tip-toed up, holding my arm for support as she pecked me on the cheek.

“It’s going to be okay, Mr C.” She told me softly.

I watched her walk out the door. That empty pit in my stomach opened up the second she did. My throat had gone dry. I could feel a small rush of blood heading toward my groin.

I sat down at the counter and ran my hands through my hair. I was a mess.

* * * * *

1 week later

* * * * *

“You couldn’t have told me this sooner?”

“I only just made my decision.”

“What about the-“

“My parents agreed to take them for the weekend.”

“And what about me?”

“What about you?”


That was the comment that sparked it all and made me lose my shit.

I was already all dressed up for date night. Hell, I was even wearing one of the nicest suits I had ever purchased in my life. After Evelyn’s comment from last week, I knew I had to do something special for date night because we didn’t have long left until we crumbled. And despite my growing infatuations with our babysitter, I managed to get my head straight. I couldn’t throw away a life that I had spent decades building. Even when times were tough.

But I thought we still had a week left in us.

So I bought an expensive new suit, made reservations for her favorite restaurant and made plans to walk her down to the beach afterwards where I’d propose again and offer her the chance to renew our vows. That way if she said yes, I knew we could fix things. And if she said no, that there was no point in us still trying.

But I was sure she would say yes. I just had to pull the night off exactly as I planned in my head.

So when Evelyn told me at the last minute that she was taking the kids to her parents for the weekend so she can have a girl’s night out and to ‘clear her head’, I was pretty fucking upset.

So I said things I didn’t mean. She said things I hoped she didn’t mean. And then she took the kids and left for the weekend.

And I sat on my couch and wondered what my life as a divorced guy would be like, what kind of custody I’d get of my kids and just what exactly I was going to do.

And as I ran that train of thought, there was a knock on the door.

“Hi Mr C!”

Cami beamed up at me. Her gorgeous lips looked extra glossy.

The blue, floral print summer dress she wore was cut low enough that my eyes could once again feast on the same spot of her chest I had been fantasizing about kissing the week before. I followed her thin arms down to her hands where she clutched her bag in front of her. The hem of her dress swayed idly against those creamy, thick thighs that I wanted to crush my head.

I looked back up to find her beaming at me all the same, as if she was patiently waiting for me to finish my lewd thoughts.

“I forgot to let you know we had to cancel tonight.” I slapped my forehead. “I’m really sorry. Let me get my wallet, I won’t have you travel all this way for nothing.”

She waved me off. “It’s no big deal.”

“I insist. It’s probably going to be the last time we request your service anyway.”

I could see the concern wash over those big beautiful eyes of hers as her smile dropped.

“Is everything okay with you and Mrs C?” She asked, stepping inside and shutting the door behind her. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Honestly, not even a little.” I said.

We walked into the living room. My shoulders were killing me. It felt like they had huge weights hanging from them. I had been rubbing my shoulders so much lately that it had turned into a subconscious habit. I only realized I was doing it again when Cami commented on it.

“If you want, I can help with your shoulders again. Ya know, since you insist on paying me.”

I paused for a second. “Really?”

“If you want.”

I did want.

“You don’t have to.” I said, trying to sound nonchalant.

“I need the practice.”

She really didn’t. But I wasn’t going to argue.

We approached the couch and as I started to peel my suit jacket off, she held it and allowed me to slip out with ease. I felt an oddly erotic sense of satisfaction from this.

It may have just been a jacket and for a perfectly innocent reason, but the feeling of being undressed seemed more arousing than ever.

She placed it gently on the couch beside us and faced me.

“If you want to take your shirt off, it’ll help.” She said.

I gulped. “Really?”

“If you want.”

I did want.

“Okay.” I breathed.

The house felt eerily silent, like this whole tension had fallen upon us. And I was vividly aware of the sound of both of us breathing.

Before I could Demetevler Escort say or do anything else, Cami softly gripped my shirt and untucked it from my pants. She unbuttoned it from the bottom and worked her way up.

The silence remained until she was almost done.

“Everything’s going to be okay, Mr C.”

She spoke quietly, in a soothing tone.

“Just relax.”

She undid another button.

“I’m going to take care off you.”

She undid the last button and looked up at me.

I met her gaze. Neither of us said anything.

She traced both of her hands up my shirt and gently pulled it over my shoulders, once again helping slide it over and off my arms.

She tossed it carelessly over the jacket.

“You can sit down now.” Her voice shook a little as she spoke.

I noticed the breathing had gotten heavier. Not just mine.

I planted myself and our eyes stayed fixed on one another’s until she moved behind the sofa where I sat.

I felt those soft fingers working into my shoulders again and the tension released from within them in moments. Though the tension in the room was thicker than ever and I was sure it wasn’t all in my head.

As Cami worked her magic, she kept assuring me that everything was going to be okay.

I believed her.

Eventually, her hands moved up from my shoulders and onto my neck and the feeling was incredible. My whole body was relaxing – except for the bulge that was going to tent my pants if any more blood was sent to my cock.

But I wasn’t even thinking about that. I hadn’t felt that good in years. I just wanted to enjoy the moment. It was hard to believe someone could make you feel so good by just rubbing your neck. The things that girl could do with just her fingers were heavenly. I was completely under her control but it was only when she ran her fingers up my neck and over my head that a soft groan escaped my mouth.

Then I heard that adorable giggle of hers.

Her fingers lightly tickled my ear lobes as they swept through my hair and found my temple, rubbing it sensually until her hands drifted down and held my face.

It was only then did I realize that I was no longer sitting upright, but was instead leaning backwards with my head looking straight up as if I had melted into the couch.

Maybe I did.

I opened my eyes and saw Cami staring down at me. Her face slowly drifted towards mine and as it got close enough to engulf me in the intoxicating smell of her flowery perfume, I closed my eyes and braced myself.

Her lips touched mine and it was like electric. I opened my mouth and let her tongue slip inside. I couldn’t get enough. I needed more. I reached up and placed my hand on the back of her head as we continued exchanging saliva.

But it still wasn’t enough.

So I stood up from the sofa. My dick already throbbing. It ached as it pressed against my pants.

Cami bit the corner of her lower lip, flashing me a devilish grin as I moved towards her. She reached out and put her arms around my neck and our tongues intertwined. I held her hips and we moved backwards until we bashed into the wall.

I didn’t know someone could taste so sweet. I didn’t ever want to pull away from those lips.

My hands fell from her waist and to her legs, slowly running up and around them until I felt her fat ass. Just as I gripped her meaty cheeks, she hopped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. I squeezed her beautiful bottom some more.

She held me tightly but pulled her face from mine.

“Take me upstairs.” She whispered in my ear. “Tonight’s going to be the best night of your life.”

She nibbled on my earlobe and lust completely overtook me.

If there was any chance of me changing my mind before, it had dissipated now.

I took us upstairs, backed us into my bedroom, spun around and planted her on my bed. She shimmied backwards towards the headrest. I knelt in front of her and as I leaned in, she stopped me by gently pushing me backwards with her foot until her whole leg was extended and resting against my shoulder.

She smiled as she chewed her lip, looked at me then looked at her shoe.

I chuckled. Then I unlaced her white sneaker and tossed it down beside the bed. She lowered that leg as I picked up the other, quickly pulling the sneaker off and discarding it carelessly. But that time, I held her foot and pressed it to my lips. I kissed her ankle and sensually kissed up her leg. She soon had both of them draped over me and I was neck-deep in her thighs.

I moved her dress back to expose the soft fabric of her pink, cotton, panties. I kissed the wet spot on them and she let out a soft moan. I gently slid my fingers inside the waistband and pulled them down, moving back so I could yank them off her legs. I threw them to the side and resumed my position.

The sweet, musky scent of her young cunt washed over me. Ensnaring me like a love potion. I marveled at the sight of the tight, pink slit before me. It leaked and glistened. There was a trimmed, thin, strip of light pubic hair above it.

I held underneath Cami’s thighs and moved in, putting my mouth over her juicy pussy and working my tongue up and down it. She threw her head back and laid down, letting me do all the work. I had never known such sweet juices before and I was instantly hooked on her tasty nectar. They were as intoxicating as the musical sounds of her sexy moans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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