The Baptist Ch. 08

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Beth spent the next day feeling very anxious over how she would handle things with her husband, Mike. He knew that she had gone to two sessions of counseling with Rev. Wallace but Beth told him she could not talk about the sessions. She did tell her husband she felt it was helping.

Beth stood and looked at herself in front of her mirror. She was standing nude wanting to look sexy for her husband. He would be coming home in about an hour and she wanted to follow Rev. Wallace’s instructions on satisfying her husband. The fact that Rev. Wallace told her it was morally okay to act as a whore for your husband was having a strange affect on her. In the past sex was not something Beth thought about much but now standing here looking herself she was feeling a stirring deep inside. She now had permission so that anything that her husband wanted her to do was okay. Beth remembered sucking Rev. Wallace’s cock during her session but trusted that he was just trying to help her with her problem. She wondered if it was okay that the thought of Rev. Wallace’s cock was giving her a strange itch. Her hand went automatically to rub it and Beth watched as her fingers touched her now erect clit.

“Oh my, what am I doing?” Beth asked herself but was enjoying the feeling of her soft fingers massaging her pussy.

“I had better stop this,” Beth said aloud thinking she wanted to save her sexuality for her husband. It was not right to just please oneself.

“Remember Rev. Wallace’s instructions,” she said as she reluctantly moved her hand away from the soft folds between her legs that now were moist with her own sex juice. Beth looked around to make sure no one was there even though she knew she was alone and quickly licked some of her own juice off her fingers. She smiled as she tasted herself.

Beth suddenly remembered an incident several years ago. She was a teenager. She and her friend Sarah had been partying. They were both drunk. When they returned home Beth fell asleep on the couch.

It was some time later that Beth began to have a wonderful dream and felt a fantastic sensation that was coming from between her legs. When she opened her eyes she discovered she was lying on the couch naked. Her friend Sarah was busy kissing and licking her most intimate area. Beth was not a lesbian but with the alcohol and the sensation of Sarah’s tongue she could not bring herself to make Sarah stop. The orgasm simply overwhelmed her as she buckle her hips into Sarah’s willing mouth and allowed Sarah to tongue fuck her.

After the ecstasy of the moment had finally passed and Sarah rose up, Beth pretended to be asleep but she watched as Sarah sat back on the couch looking at her. Beth watched between half closed eyes as Sarah spread her legs giving Beth a clear view of her wet pussy. Sarah then proceeded to masturbate herself to an orgasmic delight all the while knowing her friend was watching. She and Sarah never spoke of this again.

Sarah was surprised that she remembered this incident in such detail. She also found that her hand had moved back down her body and was rubbing her pussy. Beth was very close to an orgasm but stopped wanting to save everything for Mike.

Rev. Wallace recommended in their session that Beth do something totally uncharacteristic and greet her husband as he came home from work totally nude. This was very different since Mike seldom saw his wife totally naked. She was much too shy and afraid of her own sexuality to allow this. Now she had been given permission and was going to bare all to her husband and hoped for the best. The last few months of their relationship had not gone well so she did not feel she had much to loose. She knew her husband was sexually frustrated and the last thing she wanted was for him to find someone else. She had to do what she had to do and the fact she was now sexually excited herself only increased her anxieties about his arrival.

The next hour Ümraniye Escort went slowly as Beth sat in the living room attempting to adjust to being naked. She also had to fight a strong desire to rub the itch between her legs. Beth heard the car drive up the driveway and peeked out the window to see her husband walking up the sidewalk toward the door. She heard the click of the lock and the door opened. Beth stood up and tried to look sexy.

“What the hell?” Mike said as he walked into the living room and saw his nude wife just standing there.

“Hi Mike,” Beth said quietly feeling as if the entire world was looking at her naked body. She just knew that Mike would be totally disgusted with her blatant sexuality. She also could not believe the fire that was burning in her pussy.

“Hi,” Mike said totally surprised at his wife’s strange behavior.

“I want to have sex with you,” Beth whispered not knowing what her husband’s reaction would be but trusting in Rev. Wallace’s recommendations.

“What!” Mike replied feeling as if he had just entered the twilight zone.

“I want to have sex with you. I want to make you feel like the man you are.” Beth said hoping to entice her husband. Beth wished Rev. Wallace had told her what to say.

“Okay, that sounds like a good idea,” Mike said slowly recovering from the shock of seeing his extremely proper and shy wife not only standing naked but asking for sex. In the past he always had to initiate any sexual move and even then it was very unlikely his wife would comply. In fact, it had been over two months since they had any type of sexual relationship.

“Mike, I love you and want you to do whatever you want to me,” Beth whispered. “I want you to fuck me.”

Mike could not believe his ears but his own sexual desires were beginning to flame. He decided he did not want to attempt to understand anything at the moment. There would be time enough for that, right now, his cock was poking uncomfortably in his pants. He had often wanted Beth to come to him begging for sex. Now for some reason it seemed he was getting his wish.

Mike dropped his briefcase on the floor and pulled his wife toward him. He felt the skin of her nude back as he bent down to kiss her moist lips. He fully expected the normal resistance to his tongue going into her mouth but he was surprised. Not only did Beth not resist she licked and suckled his tongue. This resulted in an intense fire that raced down Mike’s body and his cock was fully engorged with blood.

Mike released Beth and quickly dropped his trousers and briefs. He was standing there with his cock standing at full attention.

“I’m so glad I turn you on,” Beth said as Mike saw her staring at his cock. Beth felt an extreme rush that Mike was responding to her advances. It was relief of her anxieties and now all her energies were free to express themselves in her deep sexual desires. Her pussy was inflamed and her clit was budding.

“I don’t know what has gotten into to you but you sure do turn me on,” he replied. It was been a long time since Mike’s cock was as hard as it was now. All he could think was he wanted it buried deep inside his willing wife.

Beth felt relieved that everything was working out just like Rev. Wallace had predicted. She also felt wetness between her legs. She wanted to be her husband’s slut and whore. She wanted his cock fucking her pussy.

“Please fuck me Mike,” she pleaded loosing herself in the moment.

Mike was happy to oblige his wife’s wishes. He pulled her down to the carpet. He spread her legs and noticed that her pussy was juiced up ready for his cock. He lay on her and with a large thrust pushed his cock deep within her.

“Oh, Mike!” Beth screamed as she felt his hard member enter her womb.

“Oh fuck!” Mike cried and he began to furiously pump his wife. Several weeks of sexual frustration was fueling this fucking of his İstanbul Escort wife. It did not take long for him to feel the rush and his cock swelled inside his wife’s pussy.

“Oh my God I am going to cum!” Mike cried as he felt his cock ready to explode.

“Oh fuck me Mike!” Beth replied as her pussy sucked her husband’s cock even further within her.

Mike gave several more short thrusts and then with all his might he impaled Beth’s pussy with his cock as his cum shot off like a cannon inside his wife.

Beth could feel her husband’s cock expanding and knew she was now the whore wife that Mike deserved. As she felt the wet sperm enter her womb her clit also cried out in pleasure as Beth experienced an engulfing orgasm that swept her entire body. As Mike’s cock began to shrink he could still feel Beth shivering with the pleasure he had given her. Mike was totally satisfied with married life for the first time in a long time.

Mike rolled off his wife and lay on the floor. He was still wearing his now wrinkled shirt and tie. He was totally confused over what had just happened but he liked it.

“Did you really like that Mike?” Beth asked as she lay next to him.

“It was fantastic. I sure hope we can do it again. I don’t know what has changed but I fucking love it. You were great,” Mike said as he praised his wife’s performance. Mike now did not know what to think but he wanted to make sure that whatever was going on with Beth would continue.

“We can do it whenever you want. Just tell me what you want me to do. I am your wife and I am now your whore,” Beth said and was shocked at the surge she felt as she spoke those words. Rev. Wallace’s advice sure had changed things and Beth liked it. For the first time she felt free of her father’s condemnation of her sexuality.

“Beth, you can be my whore anytime. I love it. Your pussy was hotter than it has ever been and I love it when you talk dirty,” Mike said and laughed.

“From now on I will do whatever you want. I love your cock in my pussy and you can fuck me whenever you want to,” Beth answered making sure to use dirty words.

“That sounds great. I guess I had better clean up and put my things away,” Mike said getting up off the floor.

“Ok, I have prepared dinner and I will go finish it while you clean up and put your things away,” Beth replied.

While Mike was getting ready Beth slipped into a sexy night gown she had never worn. It had been a present at her wedding party and was designed to hide little of the body within. When Mike walked into the kitchen he liked what he saw.

“Dinner is ready prepared by your own personal slut,” Beth said and reached over and kissed her husband. She looked down and saw that she was getting a response because Mike’s sweat pants had a noticeable budge.

After dinner Beth and Mike prepared for bed. They were both still buzzing from the earlier sexual excitement.

Beth was still wearing the sexy nightgown that he remembered her getting at her wedding shower. He noted to himself this was the first time she had ever worn it. He remembered her saying it was nasty and in totally bad taste. He smiled.

“Was your trip difficult?” Beth asked Mike as he climbed into bed.

“Yes, it was a real pain but I manage to get through all the meetings. Some of those guys were real jerks but I have to get along with them to get the contracts,” Mike sighed as he watched Beth walk toward the bed. He could see her breasts through the thin material and he noticed he could see the darkness of her short pubic hair.

“Well let me take your mind off everything,” Beth said as she sat on the side of the bed.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll see,” Beth said as she lean down and licked his chest. She slowly moved down his body with her tongue. She unfastened the briefs and began to pet his flaccid cock.

“Oh!” Mike said. His wife had never done Anadolu Yakası Escort anything like this. He thought her counseling has worked miracles. He could not imagine anything that Rev. Wallace would have done to have changed his wife into a sexual being.

“I just love your cock,” Beth said and looked up at Mike as she took his now hardened cock into her mouth and began to lick its pee hole.

“Oh,” Mike groaned. Beth was always against any type of oral sex.

Beth felt Mike’s cock grow hard and was pleased at hearing him give a moan of pleasure. This was what a wife was supposed to do for her husband, just was Rev. Wallace had said. Beth also found that she really liked sucking Mike’s cock. It was the first time she had ever done such a thing but she had read about such things and had a good idea of what a man wanted in his cock-sucking wife.

Beth was sitting facing Mike as she bent over to take his cock into her mouth. This left her legs toward him. Mike now decided to take advantage of this fact and grabbed Beth by the ankles.

Beth looked up but did not resist Mike’s pulling her legs.

“Keep sucking my dick,” Mike said as he further adjusted her body.

Beth complied and returned to sucking his cock. She felt him pull her on top of him so his head was now between her legs. At first she did not know what he was going to do but then she felt his tongue lick her pussy.

“Oh God!” she screamed with a mouth full of cock as Mike’s tongue buried itself in her wet cunt.

This was all too much for Mike. His excitement was intense and he could not control himself as Beth continued to suckle his dick. She felt his cock-head begin to expand and knew she would soon have a load of cum pumped into her mouth.

“Oh suck it Beth, suck it like a whore!” Mike said as he continued to lick and suckle her clit.

“Oh eat my pussy Mike,” Beth attempted to say but only mumbled due to the large cock in her mouth.

Beth felt the first load of cum hit the back of her mouth as Mike’s cock swelled. He thrust into her fucking her lips. Beth gagged but managed to swallow the majority of his cum as his dick continued to pour his cum into her mouth. At the same time she felt a huge wave of orgasmic pleasure erupt into her very soul.

“Oh fuck, you are a damn good cock sucker,” Mike said to his wife as she continued to nurse on his now flaccid cock.

“Thanks,” Beth replied with a cum soaked smiled.

“Mmmm,” she said as Mike gave her pussy a long lick, flicking her clit with his tongue.

When Beth climbed off Mike, he could see cum still on her lips and a blob of the white cream on her cheeks. He watched as she licked the cum off her lips.

“I loved the way you ate my pussy. It was fantastic. I am now your slut wife and I will always be your whore,” Beth said and smiled.

“You are a great slut and I love this new you,” Mike replied as he kissed his wife goodnight.

They would both sleep very well.

As they were about to go to sleep Mike said, “I don’t know what your sessions with Rev. Wallace were like but I love the results.”

“I do too,” she answered.

The next morning Mike awakened late since he had the day off Beth had let him sleep. He found himself alone in his bed. As he lay there he wondered if yesterday was a dream. Beth seemed to be a different person. He could not believe how sexy she had become since he has left. He wondered how Rev. Wallace could have achieved such results in so short a time.

“Are you awake?” Beth called from the other room.

“Yeah, just laying here,” Mike said.

“Okay, stay there, I will bring your breakfast.”

“Wow, breakfast in bed.”

Mike jaw fell open as Beth entered the room carrying the breakfast tray. What was shocking was the fact she was wearing her high heel black shoes, with a lacy sheer black silk panties, and a matching black bra that only partially covered her 36 C breasts.

“Your breakfast is served,” Beth said as she present the tray to him.

“You look fantastic,” Mike said relieved that last night would be continuing.

“May I suck your cock while you eat?” Beth asked and smiled.

Mike was a very happy married man.

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