The Beach House Ch. 06

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Chapter 6 (Fireworks everywhere you look)

“But,” I began, “I just saw you leave. Marly? What the…”

Understanding at last, she looked at me in shock. “That’s why you’ve been ignoring me? Because of Bobbi?”

“Because of who?” I asked, still confused.

“Bobbi’s my twin sister.” Marly said softly, looking at me more closely. “Now it makes sense. You’ve been thinking that Bobbi was me. No wonder you’ve been ignoring me. If she wasn’t my sister, I might not want anything to do with her either.”

Thinking for a moment, she went on. “Oh, jeez! She knew that I wanted to meet up with you, too. She does NOT like men. At all. And she gets very upset that I do. I get it now, you thought she was me, and she did everything she could to make you think that!”

“OK…” I said, beginning to get up from my step. “I’m not sure where this is going, but I think we should maybe just go our separate ways.”

“Oh, what am I going to do?” she wailed. “I always stay with Bobbi when I work here, and she told me not to come over tonight. I can’t very well walk the ten miles home. What am I going to do?”

She curled up and began crying once again. What could I do? I’m a sucker for a crying woman, and I could not resist trying to comfort her. Sighing to myself, I moved over beside her, touching her lightly on the arm.

“Marly? You are Marly, right?” She nodded. “I can’t fix things with your sister, but maybe I can help you out a little here.”

“Sure.” she said. “All I have to do is sleep with you, and you’ll let me stay at your place tonight, right? Oh, and don’t mind your girlfriend. She doesn’t take up much space, and will only want me to lick her for a little while. Am I right?”

“Well,” I replied, “actually, no, you’re not right. I wouldn’t expect anything from you, and Heather is staying away for the night anyway. Besides, that wasn’t quite the help I was going to offer.”

Marly looked up at me, her wet brown eyes beginning to show some hope. “What did you have in mind?” she asked.

“We could always go with your way if you want,” I began, holding up a hand when she her eyes narrowed, “but I have at least two different places that either you or I could stay tonight. If you want to stay in my room, I can stay on my boat tonight.”

“That was your boat I saw this morning? Not a rental?” she asked. “I thought you drove up.”

“Well,” I said, “we did drive up, but I had my boat brought up too. We went out on it today, and I was going to invite you tomorrow, until your sister made me think that you, or I guess she, wouldn’t be interested.”

“I like boats.” was all she said in reply.

“Well, that’s good.” I said. “If you want to stay in the room, I could stay on the boat.”

“The beds in those rooms are awfully big.” she said slowly. “I guess we wouldn’t actually need to be like, scrunched up together or anything. I’d hate to make you go out and sleep on a dinky little boat, just because of me.”

She had apparently forgotten what size the boat was, and I decided not to correct her, instead following along with her thinking. “Well, that’s true. They are really big beds here.”

She appeared to think about it for a minute more, and then she nodded her head, saying “OK. But no funny stuff! I’m expecting you to be a gentleman here.”

“As always.” I replied. She looked at me with suspicion, so I threw in, “Hey, have I ever lied to you since we’ve known each other?”

With that, she smiled, just a little. As I reached for her hand to help her get up, I felt a drop of rain on my arm.

Rain? Looking up, I saw only stars. Where was the rain coming from? I suddenly heard dozens of little clicks, followed by rushing sounds. I had a few seconds of confusion before every sprinkler on the lawn began spraying us. Marly screamed and jumped up on her feet, one of the sprinkler heads was directly behind her, and had already soaked her to the skin. Looking quickly around, I spotted a side entrance to the house, about 100 yards away. I pulled her along with me, and we ran for the entrance.

Between where we started and the house, there must have been more than twenty high-volume sprinkler heads. By the time we made it safely inside we were both completely soaked. Walking into the building, we were instantly hit with a blast of air-conditioned cold, and within seconds we were both shivering uncontrollably.

Glancing over at Marly, I could see that she had caught the worst of it. Her short white dress had become almost transparent, I could easily see right through the fabric to the frilly tan bra and panty set that she had on underneath. They were somewhat hard to make out though, as her skin color blended with the fabric, and she almost looked completely naked under her dress.

The cold had affected her in more ways than just shivering, as her nipples had contracted to the point where they looked like large marbles pushing out through the fabric. Marly hadn’t noticed the condition of her clothing, but could see mine.

“We’re Pendik Escort soaked, and I’m freezing right now!” she cried, her lips shaking with the cold. “What should we do?”

“Come on up.” I replied. “We can get warm upstairs.”

Once again, she looked at me warily. Holding up both of my hands, I told her “No, not that way. But I do have an idea on how to get warm quickly, if you’re open to it. Right now though, I’m freezing, and I want to get upstairs and get warm. Come on!”

Walking past her, I found the nearest set of stairs to the second floor, heading down to our room as soon as I got to the hall. Marly had no choice but to follow in my wake.

As soon as we got inside the room, which seemed even colder than the hall for some reason, she said “OK. So what’s your grand idea, and why would I need to be open to it?”

I pointed out through the glass wall to the hot tub out on the deck.

“Oh, no!” she said. “You are not going to get me to strip down and get into that thing naked with you! I thought that you were going to be a gentleman.”

Without a word, I walked over to my suitcase, pulling an extra man’s swimming suit and a t-shirt from its depths. I silently handed these to her, then pointed to the bathroom. “These are dry, you can change in there. Whether you come out and soak with me or not is up to you, but I’ll be out in the tub getting rid of this chill.”

She looked at me open-mouthed, and then turned wordlessly towards the open bathroom door, closing and locking it behind her. I quickly shucked off my own wet clothes, and just as I was putting my almost as wet swim suit on in their place, I heard an “Oh my God!” come from behind the door.

Figuring that if it was important, she would have called for help, I grabbed two bottles of wine and two glasses, then went out into the night air, pouring a glass and settling myself into the hot tub. One of the bottles and one of the glasses I left on the opposite corner of the hot tub from where I had come to rest, the other I kept with me.

A moment later, Marly timidly stuck her head out of the door. She had in fact changed into what I had provided. Seeing the wine, she poured herself a full glass, then climbed into the water, being careful to avoid an accidental display. She settled in under the water, sighing deeply as the heat sunk in.

“You could have told me that my dress was see-through.” she said accusingly.

“And spoil the view?” I asked with a smile. On the receiving end of a glare, I went on. “It was a very enjoyable view, I was sorry to lose it.” Thinking that perhaps her attitude was a defensive act, I held off any further, instead waiting for her to begin a conversation. After several minutes of silence and star gazing, she did so.

“You had big plans tonight?” she casually asked. “With someone that you just met yesterday?”

“Yep.” I replied. “The woman that I met is beautiful, and sexy, and happy, and confident. And she kind of left me thinking she wanted to see me again.” I paused, then continued “I sure would like to see her again.”

She studied me over her wine glass, thinking about what I had just said. “God!” she finally said, “It’s been such a long day, and I’m really tired.”

“This is really good wine.” she added, pouring herself another glass. Then, “How could you mistake Bobbi for me?”

“She isn’t really the conversational type, so I never got the chance to say, ‘Hi’.” I replied.

“Yeah, well, that’s certainly true.” she said, adding, “She wasn’t always like that. Something happened right after high school that completely changed her, and she suddenly hated men. And not just liked women better than men, she really HATES men.”

Thinking for another moment, she finally said “I’m just so confused though! Yesterday I thought I was feeling into you, but today just… it kind of went bad. And I know what goes on in this place. I thought that maybe I was ready for it, but…”

“Hey,” I said, “no pressure. I didn’t know what went on here yesterday, so I wasn’t looking for just a good time, you know? What you do is up to you. The offer to stay remains, though.”

She thought this over for another moment, and was just about to open her mouth to speak. I heard a noise from the deck behind me, and Marly’s eyes suddenly got very wide.

“Well, now! Aren’ we all comfy, cozy, and all that shit!”

The voice was very loud, and very drunk, and it sounded like… turning around, I could see a naked Shelley, weaving our way.

“Hey, Jack! Howsh it hangin’ there, buddy? I’ll tell you WHERE ish NOT hangin’, thas from Curt’s ashhole boss! Genuine two-minute wonder, that one. Little, an’ tiny, like a… tiny fucker. Whatcha doing out here all alone? Oh, you’re not alone, are you?”

In an exaggerated but still completely audible “stage whisper” she asked, “Who’sh your lady fren? This the one Heather says you’re all gaga over?”

Marly seemed so shocked to have a completely naked woman come towards us from out Kurtköy Escort of the darkness that she just sat there with her mouth and eyes open wide. Shelley unabashedly lifted her leg high up in the air to get it over the side of hot tub and showing quite a bit of herself in the process, almost falling in twice in her drunken state. Marly started looking around for someplace to run to.

Shelley was about to sit down in an empty corner when she spotted the bottle of wine behind Marly’s head. “Hey! Wine! Gotta get me some of that!” Shelley stood up again, and pushing her heavy hanging breasts right into Marly’s face, reached for the bottle of wine.

Marly bolted closer to my corner of the hot tub, and Shelley dropped heavily into the seat that Marly had just vacated. “Nothin’ like a li’l WINE to make tiny pricked ashhole bosses go ‘way, right?” Shelley said, then, looking around for a glass but not finding one, simply tilted the entire bottle up to her lips, spilling a good deal of it onto her bare chest.

“Hey, Jack! Maybe ya could do me a BIG one, huh? With your big one, get it?” She giggled at her own joke. “Tiny li’l fucker can’t FUCK worth a damn, right? Got off in two minutes, left me high ‘n wet, know what I mean?”

Coming across the hot tub directly at me, her arms stretched out, she whined, “Can ya help me out, Jack? Please?” It was my turn to get a face full of Shelley’s tits.

As if Shelley had just noticed Marly again, she turned, slipping and falling into me, saying, “Aw, fuck! You’re on a date, huh? Thash not a nice thing ta ask in front of your date! Where th’ fuck are my manners?”

I held Shelley by her shoulders and directed her back to her seat, removing the bottle from her reach. “You’ve had enough of this for now Shelley. Why don’t you go into your room and sleep it off? Where’s Curt?”

“Curt! Ah, Curt!” she said loudly. “Well, now, Curt got Call Girl Barbie in the deal. Woman’s got legs ta here ‘n tits ta there! Looks like she can FUCK all night, too! Not like her pencil dick hubby. Oh, No!”

An’ Curt don’ have to get drunk to stand her neither! Won’ see Curt all night, I betcha!”

“I’ll take that bet.” Once again, a voice from out of the darkness, this time it was a man’s voice. Already skittish from Shelley’s presence, Marly now jumped completely over to my side, grabbing my arms and burrowing herself in for protection. Her touch was electric, sending a tingling feeling all the way through me. Shocked, I looked down at her in wonder at what she had just caused me to feel. She looked back up at me, a vulnerable smile on her lips, then leaned her head over onto my shoulder, continuing to watch the show unfolding in front of us.

Curt emerged from the darkness and knelt down beside the hot tub, near his wife.

“I’ll take that bet,” he repeated, “because here I am, right next to you.” Looking into her husband’s eyes, Shelley jumped up from the water, throwing her arms around his neck and bursting into tears. Curt wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight and getting himself soaked in the process. They stood that way for a while, he slowly rocking her back and forth while she sobbed into his shoulder, mumbling words that I could barely make out. Curt was saying comforting words and hushing her with little noises.

She finally pulled back from him, looking at his soaked clothing and smiling. “You’re soaked. We need to get you out of those clothes.” She began unbuttoning his shirt, finally just grabbing his collar and ripping the shirt off of his body when she had problems with the buttons. Then she began undoing his pants.

“Here, let me.” he said, reaching down and completing for himself what Shelley had started.

Marly observed this scene intently, watching the couple as Curt climbed into the water and pulled his wife back into his arms once he had sat down. Marly raised her eyebrows as he lifted his leg over the side, obviously more interested in what was hard and visible between his legs than she had been with what Shelley had revealed earlier. Shelley pulled away from Curt’s arms, pulling him forward in the underwater seat until he was sitting on the edge. She then moved in front of him and turned to face him, raising, then lowering herself onto his lap.

As she lowered her body, a long sigh escaped her lips. “Aaaaahhh. Thas’ more like it. I can feel this one, and it feels so good.”

Marly leaned over to me and whispered, “Is she doing what I think she’s doing?” As if to answer her, Shelley began to slowly raise and lower herself onto her husband’s shaft, while his hands reached up and cupped her full breasts, squeezing their mass, his thumbs slowly circling her large nipples.

“Oh my God!” said Marly. “But we’re right here! Shouldn’t we be giving them some privacy or something?” Shelley’s head leaned back as she continued her repetitive motions, letting out great sighs and moans in appreciation of the attention she was finally getting.

“I think they’ve kind of forgotten Maltepe Escort that we’re here.” I told Marly, as I lifted my arm up and around her shoulder. “And we don’t seem to be bothering them too much. I can tell you from past experience though, this might take a while. Curt seems to have a great deal of stamina. Would you maybe like some more wine?”

She just looked into my face with a shocked expression on her own, nodding and absently saying “Uh, huh.” Then she turned back to watching Curt and Shelley, fascinated by what was taking place before her, unable to not watch.

“I’ve never watched two people doing this before.” she said. “It feels kind of wrong, but it’s sexy as hell.”

Shelley hadn’t forgotten that we were there after all, because after a few minutes of slowly riding Curt’s member, she stopped, lifting herself once more completely off of him. She had him reposition himself, then, turning completely around so that she was now facing us, she once more lowered herself onto him and resumed her previous motions. It appeared that she wanted us to enjoy her show almost as much as she would.

I noticed Marly sliding one of her hands under the t-shirt during this intermission, and could see an occasional movement of the wet fabric covering one of her breasts. Shelley changed her slow movements from up and down to one of rocking her hips forward and backward, all the time looking straight into Marly’s eyes.

One of Curt’s hands stopped squeezing Shelley’s full breast and slid down under the water, probably so that that he could use it on her clit instead. By her soft moan when it finally found its new home, I assumed that I was right.

Her eyes locked with Shelley’s, Marly began to move forward through the water as if in a trance, captivated by the scene playing out before her. When Marly got close enough, Shelley extended her arm out towards the younger woman, it was met by one of Marly’s.

The two women locked their fingers together, then Shelley extended her other arm. Marly looked down at the hand reaching out to her, then looked back at me with questioning eyes. I nodded my head, and she turned back towards the couple before her, finally pulling her arm out from under her t-shirt, reaching up and grasping Shelley’s offering.

A slow smile came across Shelley’s face, she began to tug one hand towards herself, pulling it back to her unattended breast, opening Marly’s hand up so that it cupped her. Marly let out a quick gasp, looking back at me once more.

I made a “whatever you want” gesture to her, this time it was my eyes that were locked with hers.

Taking a deep breath and licking the edges of her lips, Marly turned back to face the joined couple before her. Shelley released her hand then, but Marly left it where it had been placed, slowly beginning to move it around and feeling the sensation of holding someone else’s tit in her hand. Looking down at the hand still in Shelley’s grasp, Marly unlocked her fingers one by one, then slowly reached out and gently grabbed the other breast, taking it out of Curt’s hand.

Captivated by her new-found activity, Marly began to test the twin mounds in her hands, weighing them, caressing and rubbing them, then lightly pinching and pulling on the large nipples at their tips.

Shelley’s cries increased, in both volume and frequency, with the attentions being applied to her by both people. Reaching down under the water in front of her, she began to pull the bottom of the t-shirt up under Marly’s arms, who stopped her actions only long enough for her shirt to be pulled over her head, resuming her fascination with Shelley’s tits as soon as her arms became free.

Throughout all of this, Shelley had continued to slide herself up and down on Curt’s hard shaft, until she finally was able to gain a release of the frustrations forced upon her by her husband’s sexually under-skilled boss. Just as she let out a loud cry of pleasure, a burst of brightness exploded against the sky. The Fourth of July fireworks had begun.

With the first explosion, Marly suddenly came to her senses, looking with shock at where her hands were and what they had been doing. As if in a daze, she let go of Shelley’s tits, then slowly moved back to sit down next to me, burying her face in my neck and pressing her own now bare breasts against my side. Suddenly realizing that she had somehow become topless, she sunk further into the water so that only her head and shoulders were visible.

“I want to see them, I love fireworks!” shouted Shelley.

Curt had been able to hold off his own release throughout all of her ministrations, but it appeared that he too wanted release. Without a word, he wrapped his arms around his wife’s chest and, lifting her up, he turned her completely around, so that her heavy tits were hanging over the outside of the hot tub, her upper body supported by her ribs.

Then, still buried within her depths, he stood up in the middle of the hot tub and began to push himself once more into his wife from behind. Marly and I both alternated between watching the fireworks show and the more personal show before us, my arm once again around her shoulder, holding her close. One breast was crushed against my chest, and I luxuriated in it’s contact.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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