The Beau Ch. 01

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Richard’s rugged hands jerked a few times at a deeply rooted weed to loosen the soil before gripping the plant by its thick base. His impressively toned arms tense as he pulls hard, wrenching the weed from the ground within moments. By light, his work out in the searing heat over the unyielding soil strained his body, and by dark, his diligent studying over what books he could borrow to try for a profession in law drained his mind. While Richard works exceedingly hard and often comes home tired and famished, he remains his wife’s loving and faithful husband, and even when in town during his rare moments of off-time, he maintains his discipline and responsibilities. His wife, Jane, for her part, finds any work she can in town, and always makes sure to take care of the house and keep her husband well-fed and healthy.

A mysterious figure from deep within the woods surrounding Richard’s farm watches him toil over his plants, marveling at the rippling muscles and gleaming sweat all over his body. The being knows something that even Richard’s wife doesn’t know: he’s been struggling with his needs, specifically ones of the most deviant nature. Richard had fallen in love with Jane when he was young, too young to familiarize himself with the nature of his lust and just how far it deviated from the fairer sex. Though he loved Jane’s company, Richard just couldn’t help pausing occasionally during his work, especially when it reached the scorching hours of noontime and he found himself so very close to those woods. The dense cover of the leaves offered him a convenient place to hide from the harsh sunlight, and the thick columns of tree trunks provided him with some privacy.

On days like this one, the bulky farmer would walk a fair way into the forest, his mind gradually building in tension between the desire to indulge himself for a time and his tortured guilt for what he knew he was about to do. Today, however, was different. The thoughts plaguing Richard’s brain proved far more perverse than usual. The guilt-ridden man found himself plunging deeper into the forest than he had ever gone before, his desires and disgust having both been aggravated. Needless to say, he wanted to be as well hidden as he could possibly be, for he knows that what he is about to do will bring him shame greater than anything he had dared to indulge in before.

Making his way behind the base of an especially fat tree trunk, Richard stripped off his sturdy overalls and his underwear, laying the garments down on the ground so that he could take a break and dry off all that moisture that had accumulated under all his garments. Little did he know that the entity, who stood in the shadows not a few meters away, was currently basking in the potent musk of his body, as well as appreciating the hints of arousal building in his cock as it began to rise in response to the now deafening need that was scratching at Richard’s mind.

As usual, the anguished farmer finally relented, letting all his walls down as he reached for his dick, allowing that lust to overwhelm his senses and reason. His hand gripped the soft, moist skin of his penis as he began to pump the appendage up and down, up and down, until a few drops of clear liquid emerged from the slit on the cock’s head. Richard could hear himself groaning blissfully, though at this point, his mind was more focused on the subject of his fantasy than on his physical body.

The image of a young man with pearly white skin, autumn red hair, and a slender build that indicated a life far more delicately led than the one he’s used to. Clarence, his dear friend, dressed in his typical clerical robe, gazed up into his eyes adoringly. Richard had met him during one of his rare trips into town. While Clair, as he was known to his friends, was not but a year younger than Richard, who was himself in his mid-twenties, he already seemed to have the wisdom and compassion of çankaya escort someone far older, traits that made him quite excellent at his occupation as a pastor. He had even gained some local fame recently when he had managed to save a poor young lady who had nearly drowned down by the nearby river. For a few days, the townspeople were practically swarming around Clair’s humble little church, lavishing him with praise and recognition for his good deed. Richard and Jane had been so relieved for the victim, and so happy for their friend, who would spend hours tirelessly spreading the good word to all the people that had come to listen.

It was days later, when the fervor had begun to die down, that Richard had taken his friend out to dinner. It was such a special occasion after all, and if there was ever a time to splurge a little, why not then?

And yet, after they had finished their filling meal of steak and potatoes, Clair began to weep, his sobs drawing his friend to his side. Between tears, the pastor cried to his companion that he didn’t deserve such lavish rewards, so intolerably selfish was his motive for his good deeds. He further confessed that during his college days, the death of a poor friend due to an accident at the slaughterhouse he worked had alerted him to the plights of those less privileged than him. Agonizing over how he had chosen to remain ignorant until the problems of the world came knocking on his door, he had abandoned his education to pursue what he hoped would help compensate for his inaction, something that would help relieve this burning void that he had been left with since that tragedy.

“I can’t begin to know what you feel,” Richard had told his friend as he affectionately patted him on the back, “But you, of all people, should feel confident in yourself. You cared so deeply and felt so compelled to act that you gave up your life as you knew it to do good for the world.”

“Oh Richie, doing good ought to be its own reward, not a burden one is compelled to bear,” Clarence replied, his voice trembling between sorrow and anger, “I could’ve made a proper attempt to listen to him, to stop thinking about myself and try to help. How could I have ever convinced myself that my schooling was more important than him? Oh God, if you knew him, the way I did… he didn’t deserve what happened to him. No one does, and to think he of all people… and everyday, more people like him, like you, meet their end in those factories, while people like me just go about our business, pretending that everything is right and fine and–“

“Clair, my dear sweet Clair, please, calm down,” Richard whispered soothingly to his friend as he held him close, his eyes beginning to tear up as well, “I’m here, right now. And so are you, doing what you can to be better. Where you began pales in importance to where you are now.”

Clarence, who managed a small smile, embraced and gripped Richard tightly, and the two men held onto each other for a long time, sharing in the comfort of each other’s company. The pastor nestled his head against his neck, and Richard in turn gently leaned his head down against his friend’s. Then, Clair pulled back just enough to raise his head to meet his companion’s eyes.

Richard suddenly felt something stir within himself. Those brilliant blue orbs that stared so adoringly into his own sent a shiver down his spine, one that excited him in the most horrifying of ways. Thankfully, Clarence had disengaged from their hug after that and in a tone of immense gratitude, thanked Richard for his reassuring words before exiting the restaurant, leaving the farmer to stew in his own disgust, fear, and confusion. The thoughts that were now invading his mind were both familiar and alien to him, so fiercely had he forced them away after they persisted in their assaults so many times before. He could keçiören escort ignore those, pass them off as nothing more than a fickle body spinning up random objects of fancy to latch onto.

And yet, laying on his discarded clothing safely within the seclusion of the woods, Richard realized his lustful thoughts were anything but random. His mind raced with more elaborate, more perverse fantasies of Clair, his hand racing to keep pace with his voracious thoughts. He could see it now, all the little details about his friend’s body that his mind had picked up on and hidden away, too afraid to bring into the limelight. Only now, the dam had been cracked and the pressure was unbearably strong. Shifting his focus from that meaningful look, Richard found himself relishing how broad Clair’s shoulders are, how the sleeves of his robe tightened over those muscles oh so deliciously when he bent his arms around him, how impressive the size of his ass was when his friend had bent forward to retrieve a dropped Bible. So many precious little hints he had gotten at the tight slim body hidden away by his apparel. To think he had not chosen to indulge at all in such fantasies before now! In that moment, Richard, with even more pre-cum streaming forth as he jerked his dick yet harder, truly thought himself insane.

The being from within the woods could not be more enraptured by the spectacle before him, the man’s addled mind open for his supernatural senses to relish in. It was always such a treat to see a man so hesitant of and yet so consumed by his lust, so forbidden was its target that his mind remained determined to repair its walls of defense even as the flood threatened to obliterate them. Needless to say, the longer the dam delays its collapse, the surge it restrains will grow all the more powerful, until at last, either the dam will break, or the mind holding them all will.

Even as the entity continued to soak in the allure of the situation, he also felt himself growing in concern for the poor farmer. Such festering needs gone unsatisfied will prove disastrous for the person and all those close to him. The figure supposed that here, hidden away from those who may judge or spite, was the best opportunity for such anguished individuals to find some relief to their situation. ‘So very unfortunate, that the sensible thing for him to do is to just please himself in repressed silence, with no one else to share his needs with. A mere respite to try and quench something so essential.’

For a moment, the being half considered making his presence known so that he may make love to the tortured human. To say nothing of his own desires, the being could only imagine how desperately Richard craved someone, anyone, to know this side of him, to share and give release to it. Right now, his fear and disgust are only just being held at bay by the intense passion that has overwhelmed his reason. Once he’s temporarily relieved himself, all that worldly self-loathing will come washing back in to reclaim its territory, and its occupation will prove most tyrannical as it tries to strangle his heart of its longing need for the companionship of men. Already, the figure could taste the inward hatred that was poised to strike within the euphoric farmer, ready to lash him mercilessly as a tax for his perverse indulgence.

After thinking for a moment longer though, the entity felt himself reconsidering, contemplating what the tortured human stood to lose. Jane, oh how Richard cares deeply for her, taking a chance on him, a poor farmer with nothing to offer a middle class city lady like her. The damage such a betrayal of his vows would wreak on their home! The being grimaced at the thought of such a terrible prospect. ‘To test the integrity of a person’s most sacred bonds with the might of the divine, an unbreakable shield met with an omnipotent sword. etimesgut escort Regardless of what triumphs, the impact is sure to cause tremendous suffering to everyone vulnerable.’

As the being sat in quiet contemplation, his thoughts were interrupted by an especially loud groan from the farmer. Richard, whose thoughts had progressed to a climatic pitch of intense deviancy, felt the aching pressure from deep within his loins finally release. His audible moans suddenly jumped to a scream, the shrill sound caught half between agony and bliss. His hand, which had been pumping his dick with blistering vigor, finally halted as it gripped onto the base of the cock for dear life as the whole appendage began to throb and spasm violently.

First, a small little spurt of white, before suddenly, astoundingly long ropes of semen flew forth from his penis, the creamy, viscous fluid shooting forth in intense, rapid bursts all over his toned stomach and bulging chest. As Richard’s entire body continued to shudder, with every single muscle giving off a visible twitch with each orgasmic contraction, he continued to howl at the top of his lungs, as if he were reconnecting with some deeper, primal recess of his brain. The entity watched with amusement and arousal as some of the especially potent shots of his load soared high into the air and landed in Richard’s open mouth. Despite his concern for the human’s revulsion with his own nature, he could not help but revel in the extraordinary release of lust taking place before him.

When, at last, his mind returned, Richard found himself still trapped in the haze of his euphoric afterglow. He was still gripping his cock, which still pulsed involuntarily as the last of his stored jizz dribbled from the slit of the engorged dick. He felt himself beginning to gasp for air, the heights of the tremendous orgasm and the strain that his screams had on his throat rapidly catching up with him. So too did many other less pleasant sensations begin to catch up, particularly those familiar feelings of abhorrence and hatred: ‘You perverted monster. To take Clarence’s trust and pain and make it into… this, not to mention what you’re doing to Jane, your wife! I… I can’t believe you… why… why did you do that? This isn’t who you are… right? Even before Clair, I…”

Richard finally felt himself fully crashing back down from his high. Realizing the mess he’s made all over himself, he quickly began his usual routine of gathering dried leaves from the forest floor to wipe himself off. All the while, he continued muttering rebukes and insults at himself. When he was younger, and had first started experiencing these thoughts, such sharp words felt good to say. At the time, still convinced that he would eventually come around to liking women, berating himself had felt like he was offering apt criticism, as if he were recognizing and pointing out a problem that with time, he would eventually resolve. He had been so sure when he met and fell in love with Jane, that he would finally start to know the pleasures of a woman’s touch.

And yet, now, on the cusp of turning 25, he found that it was growing hard to deny what he now increasingly dread was the truth: that he was a deviant at heart, and one that could never love Jane in the way that she wanted. The two of them were the best of friends, but it wasn’t the sort of friendship he realized he now had with Clair. With good, innocent Clair! He couldn’t conceive the depths of his perversion. What was he to do now with this ever-growing ache that wreaked havoc inside of him? How could he face his ‘friend’ the next time they meet?

“Endure my friend, you’re time will come.”

His heart practically leaping from his chest, Richard jerked around wildly, the voice so clear that the speaker should’ve been standing right next to him! And yet, no matter how he squinted through the murky shade of the woods, he could not find the source of the voice. Now as terrified as he was revolted, Richard swiftly pulled on his clothing as he dashed back out towards his fields. ‘I must find some way to be better, by whatever means I can!’ he resolved himself resolutely, ‘I must be, for Jane’s sake. I won’t disappoint you my love, I won’t let you down!’

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