The Best Was Saved for Last

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It was still dark when I woke up from a very fragile and restless sleep. Mindy lay beside me, sleeping contentedly after another night of passion. We had made love several times before snuggling together in the big motel bed, not even bothering to put on either pajamas or underwear. It was Sunday, February 20, six days after Valentine’s Day, and our time together was ending.

Not that we had had a lot of time together to spend. Mindy was and still is a married woman, after all, and though she’d wanted me badly enough to invite me out west for a tryst, she had three young daughters to worry about. I’d marry her if she was ever to break away from her husband Richard, but unfortunately she doesn’t feel she can take that step now. And the only way she had arranged for us to meet was if I went to a certain city out in a certain Western state while she attended a convention of people in the flower business. On top of that, while she had been able to spend the first night of the three in the convention’s duration, she still had to stay over at a relative’s house the following night so Richard would not suspect she was meeting another man.

Our last night together began around 8 on Saturday the 19th. We had made love on Friday night until she had to head over to her in-laws’ house, so I had spent the day wandering around the nearby mall, doing some shopping and missing Mindy a great deal. I even went to my room, stripped, and stroked my cock while I thought about the previous two nights of lovemaking with Mindy. As I masturbated in the silence of a cold February afternoon, I could almost feel Mindy’s body under mine. In my memories, I could still taste her lips and mouth and smell her sweet girl-cum. Her moans of ecstasy and cries of lusty encouragement (“Oh, yes, baby, FUCK ME, honey!”) echoed in my mind. Faster and faster I pumped my fist on my manhood, all the while thinking about my lover’s warm pussy. When I came, I was shaking with the sheer explosiveness of the orgasm. For one brief instant I was almost sure she was there and that I had come inside her, but then I saw I was still alone, and I felt sad.

I then showered and got dressed. I looked at my watch: it was 6:00 PM and still she wasn’t there. I left my room, making sure I took the key-card with me. I walked to a Denny’s just across from the Motel 6 and ate dinner, hoping that Mindy would not be delayed by any of the convention’s activities. How I was able to eat and not rush through the meal I don’t know. By the time I had left my table (leaving a $10 tip) and paid for supper it was 7:30. I walked carefully across the street — it would have been stupid to rush across anyway — and went back to my room. I turned on the TV but didn’t watch it; I just wanted some noise to break up the silence. I stared mindlessly at the Simpsons while I sat on the edge of one of the two beds in the room.

Finally, at 8 PM I heard the clicking of the door lock, and in walked Mindy. She looked tired but eager to see me.

“Hi, honey,” she said. “I missed you all day.”

“I missed you, too,” I said.

Mindy Side escort smiled warmly as she placed her purse on the other bed, then she sat on the edge of my bed. She removed her glasses and leaned in for a deep kiss. I felt her lips parting to invite me to French-kiss her. This I did, gently probing her mouth with my tongue. As our tongues danced and parried, I stroked her long brown hair with one hand while I caressed her hand with the other.

“Mmmm,” she said as we came up for air. “I have never been kissed like this before.”


“Nope. All the men in my life have been sloppy kissers. But I love the way you kiss, babe.”

“Thanks,” I managed to whisper.

“You’re welcome, baby,” she cooed. Her hands caressed my sides and chest over my shirt, and I could tell she was getting intensely aroused. As she kissed me, her fingers deftly unbuttoned my flannel plaid shirt. She effortlessly slid the shirt off of me. With a lusty smile, she tossed it onto the other bed. “I want to see you, ALL of you.” I stood up and let her remove my pants and boxers. By now my cock stood hard and proud, throbbing under Mindy’s adoring gaze. Before I could step out of the tangle of trousers and underwear, she bent down a bit, took my dick in her soft hand and gave it a teasing lick. Her eyes locked on mine as I looked. I saw my cockhead being drawn into her warm wet mouth and felt her gentle sucks, licks and kisses. “Mmmm,” she said huskily, “I like sucking you, hon.”

“You do?”

“Uh-huh, babe,” she said. “And I want you to cum in my mouth for me sometime. I have never sucked anyone off to orgasm….” Her voice trailed off, knowing fully well that my thoughts would turn to the realities of our lives.

She stopped playing with my hardness and slid her dress — a one piece outfit with flower prints all over — over her head. She smiled as I gazed at her, knowing that she was turning me on just by standing there in her sports bra and cotton panties. She winked playfully at me, reached in front of her and pulled off her bra. As I had on our first night together, I gasped at the sight of her tits. She laughed. “I assume the gasp is of delight and not of horror, then.”

I tugged her panties off and placed them on the floor next to my trousers and boxers. Already her scent was evident. Tentatively, I caressed her pussy lips. She moaned. Encouraged, I stuck my finger into her love tunnel and fucked her with quick, insistent strokes. “Mmmmm, baby!” she cried out. “Where did you learn that trick?”

“Six months of cybers with you, Mindy,” I said teasingly.

I kept on finger-fucking her till I felt her body tensing up. Then there was a gentle gush of her love juices on my fingers, a very loud and sustained moan, and a shudder that went from her toes to her head then back down again.

But Mindy wasn’t through yet. “Fuck me from the top, babe.”

I looked askance at her. I have cerebral palsy, and while it isn’t as bad as in some cases, it still affects my muscle control some. “You sure?”

“Yes, babe,” Mindy Side escort bayan said. “If you have too much trouble, we can just roll over and I can ride you.”

“Okay,” I said.

She lay on the bed and spread her legs so I could enter her. I mounted her gingerly; as I did she took my cock in her hand and guided me in her. Boy, did that feel good. Her pussy was wet and warm, and I slid easily back and forth…back and forth…back and forth. Her moans grew louder and sexier, and her legs wrapped themselves around my body, drawing me into her and keeping me from sliding out. Quicker and quicker my thrusts became. Hotter and hotter our passion flared. When the orgasm came, it hit us with the force of a nuclear blast.

That had been hours before, though. Now, the day of farewell had come. Neither of us had wanted it to, but time is relentless. And, as President Kennedy had once famously said to a group of Reservists, “Life isn’t fair.”

Mindy and I headed off to the shower after that white-hot session of lovemaking. She was supposed to head back to her in-laws’ that night, so even though she’d be back in the morning for me to drive me back to the airport, she didn’t know if we’d make love again before she dropped me off and started the three-hour drive back home. I tried not to dwell on it, but of course I did, and as we showered together I collapsed in her arms and cried inconsolably. I was so in love with her — not simply infatuated — and yet I knew I couldn’t be with her as long as she remained married. Maybe I wasn’t the epitome of masculinity at the time, but I felt that I was losing the woman I loved, perhaps forever.

We spent the next hour naked and locked in an embrace, waiting for 11 o’clock to arrive. Mindy would shift her gaze from me to her watch, then stare at the phone, as if she were weighing options from a menu. Finally, she picked up the phone and called her mother-in-law.

“Nana, Mindy. Listen, I have some stuff to discuss with a few people here yet and it will be a while. I don’t think I will make it there tonight. Okay?” She listened intently to the voice on the other end, then smiled at me.

“I will be okay here, Nana,” she said. “If Richard calls, tell him I will be home tomorrow evening. Good night.” She listened again, then hung up.

“Now, babe, I can stay with you,” she said.

We tried to sleep, but if we managed to get more than one hour’s worth it would be a stretch. I mostly lay on my side, gazing at her pale skin and the long wavy shadowy mantle of her hair. Light wafted in through the curtains, bathing her in a cool off-white faux moonlight. We didn’t talk much, but around 2 in the morning I got up and played a Boston Pops CD of music made famous by Glenn Miller in the 1930s and during the Second World War. My heart began to break as the gentle strains of “Moonlight Serenade” swirled in the semidarkness. I still managed to crawl back in bed next to Mindy, and although I knew she needed to rest for what still lay ahead, I reached out to touch her.

First the touches were fleeting, Escort side tentative, much as I had done with my expressions of affection online. As time went on and my desire grew, what began as gentle touches of fingertip along her sides or spine became bold caresses of buttocks and breasts. She stirred and moaned, and then we were kissing. Lips joined in passionate, loving, questing exchanges. My cock stirred back to life, helped along by Mindy’s own caresses.

Then, almost as if by magic, Mindy lay on her back, looking invitingly into my eyes. There was still one thing — erotically speaking — that she wanted, nay, needed. On impulse, I carefully straddled her chest, rubbing my hard cock between her breasts. On each upstroke, Mindy would lean forward and gently kiss my cock head, lingering just a fraction of a moment longer each time. Her lips and tongue, even her teeth, did their magic on me each time that I thrust between her lovely tits.

Finally, her need — her lust — became almost unbearable and she placed about a third of my dick in her mouth. She moved her head in little semicircles — first clockwise, then counterclockwise, all the time sucking harder and faster. She was careful not to bite down, but the friction of her tongue, lips and teeth on me were driving me to the brink of pleasure. Part of me worried about the inevitable orgasm; she had never allowed anyone — not even her husband — to cum in her mouth. She had tasted my cum on the second night of the tryst — we had masturbated next to each other and she licked the semen off my hands and cock. But she’d never felt the eruption of hot love juices in its full force before. Would she like it? Would she gag on it?

As I felt the orgasm building up in me, I nearly pulled out, but Mindy kept sucking away. Sure enough, a microsecond after the thought “pull out!” crossed my mind, I felt myself shooting off inside my lover’s hot, wet mouth. I looked down at Mindy’s face with an apologetic look, but she was happily swallowing my love juices. Her eyes were wide in both surprise and joy.

I carefully made my way off her chest. “Was I too heavy, baby?”

“No, hon,” she said reassuringly. “That was great.”

I kissed her gently on the lips. There was a trace of my taste there, but I didn’t mind it. “I love you, honey,” I said for what seemed to be the millionth time since she had picked me up at the airport.

Her brown eyes, soft and friendly, shimmered with unshed tears. “I know,” she said. “I wish I could love you the way you deserve.”

“I know.”

“I am glad I got to taste all of you, though.” Mindy smiled saucily, then added, “I am glad I saved the best for last, too.”

We had no more time to make love that morning, for we had to pack our bags, check out before noon, grab a bite to eat, then make that last run to the airport. We spent most of that time together quietly, speaking in hushed tones, just wanting to cherish the moment. We wanted it to last forever, of course, but time marched on relentlessly, and then it was time for me to go. I was brave – I didn’t cry when I went to board my plane and I didn’t look back.

It has been a while since my tryst with Mindy, and I realize that I may never see her again. But at least I got to be with the woman I love, even if it was for one brief moment in time.

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