The Bet 04: New Plan

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“You’ve lost your mind,” Sarah bit out.

“Want to bet on that.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. She glared at him waiting for the offer. “If you don’t cum at least three times before I cum once, we’ll never discuss this again.”

“And if I do?”

“We’ll have to wait and see where that takes us.” He pulled her tight against him, his throbbing cock wedged between them. The last bet she almost lost because she underestimated his stamina. This was the same thing.

“I have to cum four times before you.” The upturn of his lips was his only response. Just like the night of the party, John scooped her up and pressed her against the nearest wall. He assaulted her neck with nips and kisses as her legs wrapped around his waist. Wasting no time, he shifted her weight to one arm and used his free hand to guide tool to her waiting folds.

She moaned at the welcomed familiarity of his cock stretching her once again. His lips found her ear and he nibbled on her earlobe. The gentle thrusts of his hips made her beg for more.

“I knew it,” he breathed against her neck. He started trusting a little faster as his hand found her beautiful, firm tit. It fit perfectly in his hand as he kneaded the flesh and twisted the nipple. Sarah rocked her hips against her brother, finding a rhythm that matched his powerful bucking. He was already bottoming out and it drove her crazy. With each withdraw, the tip of his cock hit her g-spot. Every forceful shove forward and he drove deeper into her.

“That’s it, big brother,” she moaned as her fingers held onto his shoulders for leverage as she forced her body to meet each of his movements. Knowing how sensitive her clit was before the torture he put her through, his hand moved between them. His fingers circled the bundle of nerves. “Yes, yes, yes.”

“Come on, little slut,” he groaned in her ear. “We both know you want to cum. Your big brother’s cock is waiting to be bathed in those delicious juices.”

“Shit,” Sarah moaned as she shuddered, “That’s cheating.”

“There is no cheating when it comes to sex.” He sucked her earlobe between his teeth.

“Fuck, Johnny.” She shuddered and sighed in defeat as his hips slowed.

“One down, three to go,” he teased. Wrapping his arms around her, he walked over to the couch. He hovered over her with his cock still buried deep in her cunt. It clenched around him when he pressed deeper. His hands grabbed hers and pinned them over her head. She grinded against him, a smirk growing on her pleased face. He changed his pace from determined to flat out forceful.

He pulled out slowly, only the head parting her lips. A swift and powerful push forced him to bottom out. Her body jostled beneath him with every drive forward. Leaning down, he captured a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it. A moan escaped her as his tongue swirled around its captive. She tried to free her hands to level the playing field, only to find the single hand holding them was stronger than her own will to control.

Her body writhed under him and he moaned at the sensation. Releasing the now sore nipple he smiled down at her. He slowed his strokes and brought his free hand to her hip. Her hips grinded against him and he groaned. The lace of the panties rubbed against him, bringing a new sensation to the mix.

“Damn, Sarah,” he looked down at her. Lust filled sparkling green eyes met his own. No matter who won, it was worth every ounce of effort. She was moaning his name as she physically begged for more. Her legs were hooked around his waist, urging him deeper. She had called it cheating earlier, but it had worked. Undoubtedly it would work again.

His hand slipped from her hip to her clit and rubbed feverishly. Her body arched into his as she cursed. She squirmed in his hold as he worked back up to the determined pace from minutes ago.

“Johnny,” she moaned as her eyes disappeared behind the heavy lids.

“Orgasm number two coming right up, little sister.” He flicked her clit before returning to rubbing.

“Shit, I’m cumming,” she groaned as her body rocked harder against his. escort gaziantep Letting go of her hands. He sat back and watched her come undone. He had neglected to watch the last time, and every time before he never got a view quite like this one. He was looking down on her, his cock still pounding her pussy and wanting its own release.

John slowly rocked back and forth in her, watching her ride out the wave of pleasure. His thumb brushed over her clit and she shuddered still in euphoria. He began rubbing her clit. Slowly at first, with an occasional pinch, then he increased the speed and pressure as he watched another wave consume her. Her juices gushed around him, coating him down the base.

“Cheater,” she mumbled breathlessly when she finally came down.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, you just came twice.” The shit eating grin greeting her made her groan in annoyance. “That makes three.”

“Good to know you can do the math.” She squealed when he moved them again. She looked down at him as she sank onto his amazing tool. She rocked her hips against him as her arms wrapped around his neck. “Is this your way of evening the odds?”

“Perhaps,” he shrugged as his hands moved up her side to cup her breasts then back down to her ass. His hand smacked the firm cheek causing her to yelp. “Maybe I’m just tired of doing all the work.”

“Lazy bum,” she teased. Adjusting her position, she began to ride her brother’s cock. She was determined to take it easy, and not get too caught up in the moment. His hands worked their way back to her hips and gently followed her lead. Short of a good view of the women on top, this position did nothing for him.

Sarah’s pussy walls tightened around him every time she sank to meet his hips. Her eyes were locked on his as disappointment grew in her. His hips would rise to meet hers, and his hands sent shivers down her spine as they roamed over her body. Giving into her satisfaction, she began to ride him faster.

Bouncing tits inches from his face gained his attention and made his mouth water. He nipped at the tender flesh but made sure to avoid the sensitive nipple he had toyed with earlier. Sarah groaned as she filled her pussy again.

With a grin, John found her clit again. Before Sarah could protest, he went to work. Teasing her clit and nipples in turn as she moved faster and harder. With a curse slipping past her lips, John chuckled.

“You can always admit defeat.”

“Fuck you,” she hissed attempting to glare at him again. The failed warning look made him chuckled again. Feeling how slick his finger was, he retreated.

“I’m sorry, Sarah,” he kissed her neck. “Just one more and we can finish.”

She pushed on his shoulders to put space between their bodies. His hands returned to her hips then down to her ass. Giving a quick squeeze earned him a squeak of surprise. She smacked his shoulder. She doubled her efforts. Just one more repeated in her head as she felt the buildup she was searching for. Just like she had with her brother, John had studied his sister today and knew she was on the brink. Her eyes were closed in concentration. Moans poured past her perfect lips and a shudder ran through her body.

His hands slipped farther down her ass to the dividing line. Lost in her own world, John probed her second whole. His finger was still slick as he traced the tight, dark circle. As her second shudder rocked her, John thrust his finger into her tight hole.

“Fuck, Johnny,” Sarah shouted as she came for a fourth time. Her brother’s finger once again invading her from behind sending her over the edge. He nodded as he noted he was able to get past his second knuckle. Falling against her brother’s chest, Sarah sighed in satisfaction. “Are you like secretly Superman, or something?”

“How can you be making jokes when you haven’t finished?”

“What are you talking about?” Sarah pulled away from his sweaty chest to look at him. With a jerk of his hips, she was reminded of his stiff tool still demanding attention. “The deal was I had to cum four times and you win. There was gaziantep fetiş escort no mention of you cumming.”

“I said at least three times, in the original bet. Meaning, I still get to but I had to make sure you were taken care of first.”

“You take bets way to seriously,” she snorted as she set free his aching cock.

“We still have,” he glanced at the clock on the wall, “Twelve hours to do whatever I want today. Considering how good of a sport you’ve been, I’ll give you a choice. The butterfly treatment, or helping me get off.”

Sarah’s eyes fell on the forgotten toy and her thighs rubbed together. With a huff, she stood in front of her brother and dramatically dropped her arms to her side. He grinned at her and pointed to the ground. She knelt down where she stood and waited. He twirled his finger and she shifted to face away from him.

“Ass up, little sister.”

“You can’t be serious,” she panicked. Her ass was one thing no one had ever used and she wasn’t ready for it.

“Calm down,” he got to his feet then knelt behind her. Pushing her gently forward, he watched as her used pussy glistened. “If I wanted your ass, you would know it. I figured we’ve done everything else that’s considered typical.”

He widened her stance and licked her shiny lips. Sarah shivered as she lowered her upper body to her arms. Another passing of his tongue as she wiggled her hips. Four times had been the deal, but knowing her brother he could outlast her by one or maybe two more. She cursed internally as she felt the tip of cock being pushed devastatingly slow into her waiting hole.

“Why didn’t we start this way,” she moaned. It felt like his cock had grown as his pushed through her tight hole. He hadn’t even finished feeding her pussy when she felt him as deep as the first time. “You feel amazing, big brother.”

“That’s why I saved this one for last,” he groaned as he bottomed out. The slow retreat and rough plunge back into the depths made Sarah moan. Her body instinctively pushed back as he entered and rolled forward as he pulled out to the tip. “God, you were tight before but now… Fucking perfect.”

John bucked his hips with more urgency. His hands grabbed at her hips and forced her to move faster with him. His fingers dug into her skin as he took control. Sarah could feel he was already on the verge of release and she bit back a giggle. Had she known this earlier, she could have won the bet. With a new heat rising up her neck, she did something she only did with Lily.

“Keep going, big brother. Stretch my dirty little pussy,” she moaned. “Fill me up with your seed. Fill my needy hole. Show me what that big dick is for.”

Thrusting harder, John groaned at his sister’s words. Whether it was from the heat of the moment, or only words, it drove him ever closer. Throwing his head back, he gritted his teeth as he pulled her harder against him. His heavy balls slapped against her clit causing Sarah to shiver and moan under him.

The tell-tale twitch of his buried dick made Sarah plead for more. She was panting beneath him as she worked to keep herself upright on her arms. The carpet was scraping at her elbows and knees as her brother used her body. A firm tug of her hair, and her head was brought up the slightest.

“This makes you mine,” John growled in her ear. Her body shuddered as his finger found that beautiful button between her legs. “No more whoring yourself out without my say so. Do you understand?”

She whimpered and slowly nodded when he tugged on her hair again for a response. Releasing her, he smacked her ass. He groaned his claim of mine. He pinched her clit, sending a jolt through her; mine. Roughly grabbing her swinging tits, he squeezed them; mine. The second twitch of his cock and he moaned one more claim as he shot off his load into her aching cunt. Sarah hummed in satisfaction as the warm cum filled her.

Rocking his hips a few more times, he allowed the last few strands of his seed to join the rest before pulling out. Sarah collapsed on the floor, gaziantep bayan escort panting heavily and enjoying the wonderful feeling of her brother’s cum dripping from between her legs. John fell to his ass, his back resting against the couch. Reaching for his pants, he pulled out his phone and snapped a picture.

Sarah weakly held up her middle finger and he chuckled as another click from the phone confirmed he saved the moment. He tossed the device back onto the pile of clothes then waved her over. With a huff, she pulled herself up and stumbled over to him. Taking her hand, he pulled her back down onto his lap. The combination of her juices and his cum smeared across his leg as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

“There’s one more thing,” his grin reappeared. She sighed and dropped her head to his shoulder and rested a hand on his chest.

“Some people need to rest, Superman.” His hand lifted her chin so she was looking at him. His forehead rested against hers.

“One thing,” he continued, ignoring her snarky remark. “That we haven’t done since Halloween.”

Confusion, and annoyance from the confusion, filled her eyes as she struggled to keep them open. His thumb brushed over her flushed cheek as he studied her. He hadn’t even thought about kissing her. The thought only came to him when he watched her riding him. Those full, pouty lips that had been saying his name.

John brought his lips closer to hers and smiled as her arm glided over his shoulder. This moment was different. Before now, it had been a game of who was right and better than the other. His lips brushed hers as he beckoned her closer. Just like the rest of her, her lips were soft and warm as they met his. What started as a gentle kindness soon became heated.

Their tongues dueled and explored. His hand found one of her tits and began to knead it. Her one hand cupped the back of his head while she squirmed on his lap. The hand around her waist followed the curve of her thigh to her leaking pussy. The squirming stopped as a finger snaked between her folds. His thumb brushed over her swollen clit making her moan into the kiss.

Cautiously, Sarah’s hand fell to her brother’s. Fighting past the fire building in her, she gently pulled his hand from her. Breaking the kiss, John looked at his sister with a suspiciously raised eyebrow. She bit her lip as she sought for the words that kept disappearing in the clouds.

“Regardless of what you may think, I need a minute to breathe. You wore me out,” she blushed. Never in her life had she been fucked to the point of sleep. Normally it was a quickie, or she was the one doing all the work. John had literally fucked her breathless. Her body ached and was sticky from sweat and the cum still clinging to legs and lips. “Plus, I’d really like a shower.”

“Fine,” he sighed teasingly and watched as she got back to her feet. He watched her leave the room, paying close attention to the sway of her hips and slight jiggle of her ass. Reaching for his phone, he glanced at the screen. It was a little after noon and he had three texts. All of them were from Drew. The first was a picture of him plowing into some red head who was on all fours. The second was his praises of the crazy chick.

John felt envious for a second before the water from the shower echoed through the house. Suddenly, pride washed over the man as he recounted to himself everything that had just unfolded. Scrolling to read the third message, a chuckle left him. Red’s boyfriend showed up and Drew was currently hiding in the closet.

Looking back down the hall, John considered his earlier thoughts of inviting someone over to partake. Their cousin wasn’t who he had in mind. He pushed the thought away again. If things continued this way, tomorrow would be better. His phone lit up and drew his eyes back to the screen. Drew was a few blocks away requesting sanctuary.

John cursed and rushed to his feet. Pulling on his boxers, he kicked the remaining clothes and vibrator between the couch and recliner. Fumbling with the remote, he shut off the T.V. to hide the various videos. There was a pounding at the door as John scanned the room one more time. He opened the front door and grinned at his cousin.

“Shut up,” Drew hissed as he pushed past. His balled-up clothes and shoes were covering his crotch as he stood in the entryway. One sniff of the air and his eyes darted to John. “Am I interrupting something?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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