The Black Goddess Emerges Pt. 09

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Martin, a 30+ year old caucasian guy, decided to visit his friend Seradona, a stunning black lady. Seradona is well known in controlling her target over a mix of tease and denial and extreme edging techniques, which she applied to her new play thing.

Seradona has played with Martin for a few days now, steadily increasing the severity of action. At times, she has invited friends and family members to join, helping to wear her new sub down as much as possible and preparing it for the ultimate humiliation. Martin met Charles, the (ex) husband of Mum and her personal slave and could see first hand how deep he was in trouble and was wondering where this morning would still go.

It continues…

Charles and I were both placed next to each other, bound to a table, with our dicks being continuously sucked by flashlight machine. Our heads were held in place by a leash, making us look through a window, which was a mirror on the other side, into Mum’s bedroom. Charles must have spent hundreds of hours being tortured by this device in this little cabin, looking at Mum’s new love live. The little machine, torturing us detects your state of arousal over sensors, can adapt to it and is able to keep you at the edge until somebody turns it off. Its drive you to insanity by itself, but having a love show evolve in front of us, might brings the torture to a new level.

My machine was pumping away my meat heavily, bringing me now for the second and third time to the edge, before slowing down, while Charles machine was sucking him rather slowly at the moment, given the heat he must still feel after Mum has worked him up. I thought about how she had sucked and fingered him just before, which made me go to the edge immediately once more.

It was not long until we could hear voices in the corridor and seconds later, Mum and two guys entered the room. It must be the neighbors they mentioned the other night. Immediately, I remembered that the girls talked about their big pricks which they enjoyed so much. “Common in boys…”, Mum said, welcoming. One could see, the two were a bit hesitant, looking around if they were really alone. Both men were white, one was in his late forties I would assume and the other was still young, around 20 years old. They were both well built and very much in shape. Mum took the older one by the hand, guiding him towards a big chair placed in front of the mirror we were behind, while telling the younger one to strip and wait on the bed.

She was standing right in front of us in her full curvy profile, starting to tongue kiss the farmer from next door. She didn’t waste any time going straight with her hand between his legs, massaging what she found there. He from his side groped kapalı gaziantep escort her ass and was grabbing her tits through the dress she was still wearing, while returning the kiss. Charles next to me, tried to move his head to view away, but was unsuccessful. With the leashes in place, Mum ensured that our heads were fixed and we both must look outside the window to observe what’s happening in the room. While I very much wanted to see what’s coming next, Charles was obviously uncomfortable with it from the very first second.

Mum pulled down his pants to his knees, making his considerably large snake spring out and made him sit onto the chair in front of us. In the back I saw the younger guy, now being fully naked, making his way onto the bed, as he was told. Also he had a similar size massive cock. At least 8 inches, while still rather soft. Mum made a little cry of excitement as she saw his large dick and dropped down to her knees in front of him. “Every time I see your massive cock, I just get reminded how much bigger you are then Charles and how crazy horny this makes me”, she started her play, throwing us a quick eye to show that she is still very much aware that we are watching.

“Oh really? I thought with his build and as a black dude, he is well off…you told me before and now I always have to think about it when he come to our farm shop”, he responded. Mum visible enjoyed what he was saying and gave the half hard shaft in her hand a first deep blow, spitting on it and make it nice and smooth, before going down on it in a lengthy and nasty gaging. What I saw turned me on that much and I was already again about to shoot.

“You should know, Charles has a supper tiny penis. That’s why I call him Charles junior. He knows his dick is too small for me. To be honest, its not even a 1/3 of yours. It has never made me cum. Now you know why I like you boys that much”, she explained, before hitting her thought down again, giving her best to please his member and bringing it to full size. “You should call him Charles junior too, when you see him next”, she spotted, while caressing his big balls.

“Haha, well, I could do that. But its already makes me horny enough to know that you like my dick more then his and he doesn’t know”, Henry said, before moaning deeply from her treatment at his dick. She looked to the side, toward us, while flicking her tongue expertly around his glans making him tense in excitement.

“Well Henry, that’s good to know. But I want you to think every time you see Charles, how you fill my ass with your sperm, like you did last week behind your farm, the week before in your car and the week before behind gaziantep kapalı escort the church and all the other times. My ass is yours,” Mum announced, visible excited, while giving us another quick eye. Charles beside me once more tried to escape his position with all force. “Oh little Charlie would be very angry if he would know…”, she followed up, as if she would have known the reaction of him inside the cabin.

“I know, I know. Jesus he would kill me. But to tell you the truth, I like the little game we started to play when he is around. It excites me that he could catch us, although I pray everyday that its not going to happen”, Henry announced, while watching how Mum expertly sucks on his boner.

“What do you mean baby”, Mum asked innocently, wanting him to tell the story out loud.

“Ah you know, for instance sucking me below the counter, while he does the groceries in our shop”, he said, between moans of pleasure.

“Or sucking me 2 times in your kitchen, while he is asleep upstairs”, the young stood shouted from the bed. Looking to the side, it was obvious that Charles did not know these details, which made his body tense once more, while still being perfectly edged and frustrated by the machine.

“Come over here, Henry junior and you get up,” Mum ordered, shifting to juniors half hard cock, once he was in reach. She was now placed between the two guys, both holding their massive pricks in her face, changing between to two of them, increasing the speed of sucking. “I want you to know that this is only the beginning”, she announced between gasping for air. “I will manage Charles, and you will manage my daily orgasms”, she continued.

Two two just moaned in unison, letting the black goodness show them what she is capable off. Once also the Junior was fully hard, she got up and walked over to a little bench, placed in front of our mirror. She pulled out a few ropes, cuffs and other bondage material. “Junior, you remember our deal?” Mum asked. He noted with excitement. “I will hold my barging today, you can bind me to the bench and do with me what you want. Henry, you can watch, or join or both, I don’t mind as long as both of you empathy your balls completely today. I will let you know in the next days when your part of the deal is due. Fine?” she asked, pleasing with her large pussy lips.

Junior did not had to be asked twice. He grabbed her by the waist, lifted her onto the bench and started to tie her to it. It took not long and Mum was securely bound and ready to be taken. It was a bit strange to see the so dominant women being helpless. But still from her position, she manipulated to two hunks with her gaziantep kapalı escort bayan words so that they will follow her play. “So junior, come here any give it to Mama, I need your big prick urgently”, she teased, while also looking at Henry and showing him with her eyes that he should join in two.

It was not until junior pounded her pussy from the back, while Henry used her mouth from the other side. The duo really gave it hard to her and she made them understand that she enjoyed every second of it. Once her mouth became free, she immediately order Henry to sandwich her and get is dick up her add. A few moments later, she was fucked into both holes, while looking towards us and moaning heavily. “Ohhhh boys, yes, fuck me like Charles never can, fuck me, these holes are yours to use, for ever and ever”, she shouted before climaxing the first time. Also father and son soon got overwhelmed by the hotness of the situation and moaned simultaneously as they shouted their loads into her. I was thinking that I am going to cum as well, once the machine stopped and let me once more hang in frustration. Charles next to me was not taking the situation well, but also his cock was expertly edged over and over while his wife cried out her next orgasm, just in front of us.

Henry was tired and stepped to the side, while his Junior continued for an other round. He took Henry’s place in her ass and pounded her furiously, while pulling her hair. She, looking exactly in our direction, made sure her young lover got every possible encouragement he needed to drill her further towards the third climax. From my point of view, it was very clear that despite to bondage, she was very much in charge of the situation, making this horny bastards do whatever she wants them to, to put on a very humiliating show for Charles. Although I did not know him well, I felt for the poor guy next to me, who was played heavily. However, the moment came when Mum’s attention was shifted to me, without that everybody else understood, but I did.

Juniors was still doing her good and hard, drilling her from the back like in trance, when she looked towards the mirror at me and said “look at this massive tool, isn’t it gorgeous?” Initially I was not sure if she meant me, but she smiled at me before saying: “just open wide and suck it, like I do, you know you like it, cant you feel it.” She ordered junior to come over to her head and take her wet mouth, which he did immediately, while keeping her eyes at me. I could hear her gag and struggle to take the big member completely, and felt how I reached the edge once more, before the machine stopped once more before I could reach my well need release.

I got worried as I started to fix on this large cock as she announced it to me. I started to be impressed by it and finding it attractive. In this moment, our sucking machines were turned off which was both a release but also frustrating. My balls were grabbed softly by a warm hand from behind and so did the one’s from Charles. “So boys, enjoying the show on display?” Seradona’s voice asked, tightening the grip around our balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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