The Blizzard

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Sitting on the edge of the heavy wooden table, Patti groaned with rich pleasure as her husband’s thick erection entered her wet, slippery vagina for the tenth time that weekend. She and Dave had just closed the sale on their cabin in the woods a couple weeks before, and this weekend, they were ‘breaking it in’, celebrating by making love in every room, on every piece of furniture in the cabin – every sleeping rack, the shower, two chairs, the couch, and on the floor in front of the wood stove. The heavy kitchen table, hewn from a cross-section of a huge pine tree, was the last remaining venue to be ‘baptized’ by the mingling of their bodily fluids.

“Oh, baby,” she purred as Dave slowly, sensually, slid his meat in and out of her. “Your cock inside me feels so good! I’ll never get tired of making love with you. Let’s just keep fucking forever. . .”

“Mmmmm. . . sounds good to me,” Dave replied. He was standing between Patti’s open legs, slowly driving his cock in and out of her core, savoring the sensations of her warm sheath enwrapping his thick shaft. He reached around her, placing his hands on her ass, pulling her more tightly onto himself, burying himself even deeper inside her. She groaned erotically at the sensation of him straining into her, searching for her utter center. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him into herself, and squeezing her cunt-muscles around his prick in a sensual genital ‘hug’.

Relaxing for the moment, they resumed their slow, sultry in-and-out. Locking eyes, they communed with each other soul-to-soul, joining their bodies in the deepest, most intimate way possible. On and on they mated, time standing still as their universe shrank to the two of them and their bodies, joined together in transcendent lovemaking, so that they could barely notice the boundary between his penis and her vagina. It almost seemed as if they were melting into each other.

Dave leaned forward to kiss his wife, probing between her lips with his tongue. Eagerly, she received him, entwining her tongue with his, connecting their mouths and their genitals both.

Neither of them had any consciousness of how long they’d been fucking. It might have been hours, it might have been days, for all they knew. Or cared. At last, Patti rolled her head back and released the sexiest, most erotic moan that Dave had ever heard. “Oh Dave,” she whimpered, “I’m going to come. Come with me. . . Please. . . Fill me with your cum. . .” Her voice dissolved into a quavering orgasmic wail.

Dave thrust into her one last time and held himself deep inside her. An involuntary groan escaped his throat, and his entire body trembled and shook. He wobbled on his feet as his own orgasm overtook him, sending pulsing streams of his semen into his wife. “Oh god,” he groaned, as wave after orgasmic wave shook his body virtually like a rag doll.

Once the waves of their respective orgasms had ended, Patti leaned back, propping herself up on the table with her hands. Dave staggered back slightly. The two of them gazed into each other’s eyes, still breathing heavily.

“My god,” Dave gasped. “I don’t think I’ve ever come like that.”

“Me either,” Patti agreed. “You, husband, are an amazing lover!”

“I think you’re the amazing lover,” Dave countered, “but I’m not inclined to argue about it.”

He looked down between his wife’s legs in time to see a viscous glob of his milky-white semen leak out of her cunt, falling with a wet *splat* on the wooden table. “That’ll leave a stain,” he chuckled. Then, impulsively, he reached down and massaged the cum into the grain of the wood. “There,” he said, with a satisfied grin. “Nobody else will know what it is, but we will.”


Driving home that evening, Dave and Patti were both still riding the euphoric wave of their weekend of joyous sex, but also of the experiential knowledge that the cabin was wonderful, and would be a happy addition to their life. A thought came to Patti, and she smiled.

“We need to bring Karen and Jim up here,” she said.

Dave looked at her with a wide grin. “Absolutely,” he agreed.

Karen and Jim were their oldest, closest friends, going back to their college days. Dave and Patti had introduced Jim and Karen to each other, and they had been each other’s Best Men and Maids of Honor. Ever since, they had lived on the same block, and they often got together socially. Dave and Jim were fishing buddies, and the women were virtually inseparable. Their friendship even went beyond just Karen and Patti, or Jim and Dave. There was an easy comfort and admiration that flowed even between the women and the men. Their collective relationship was a rare and precious thing, and all four of them knew it.

The prospect of bringing their best friends to their new cabin put both Dave and Patti in a wistful, thoughtful mood, and they rode in silence for several minutes.

Both of them broke the silence at the same time. “Dave – “

“Patti -“

“Go ahead,” Dave said. “You first.”

Patti Escort İstanbul paused. “Tell me if this is too crazy. . .”

Dave smiled. Patti was definitely the more adventurous of the two of them, and he had often enjoyed the fruit of her ‘crazy’ ideas. “Go ahead,” he grinned. “I love your crazy ideas.”

“Well. . .” Patti hesitated, then charged ahead. “Maybe it’s just the crazy, sexy weekend we’ve just had, but I’ve always wondered if we could share sex with Karen and Jim. I mean, I know how much you like Karen, and she does have really big boobs.” She sent a sly, sidelong smile at her husband. Dave had always had a fondness for large breasts.

“She does?” Dave responded in mock-surprise. “Now that you mention it, I suppose she does.” He paused, and continued, “I know how you and Jim love to flirt with each other. And he’s told me many times how much he’s attracted to you. I know he’d jump at the opportunity to be with you, if he knew that you and I were both okay with it.”

Dave paused again. “But what about Karen? Big tits or no, do you really think she’d go for it?”

Patti thought for a long time. “I don’t know. She’s pretty buttoned-down most of the time. But I know that she and Jim have a real active sex life together, so she’s certainly no prude. And I know that she genuinely likes you. A lot.” She thought longer. “I’m pretty sure, though, that if she’s not okay with it, she’ll just say so. Our friendship is strong enough that I don’t think she’d end it just because she thinks we’re too crazy.”

“Well, then,” Dave responded, “I guess we’ll just have to figure out how to ask them.”

“So you like my crazy idea?”

“I do. A lot.”

“I’m glad. Now, what were you going to ask me, when we spoke at the same time?

“Well. . .” Dave cleared his throat in mock-seriousness. “Actually. . . this is the honest truth. . . I was going to ask you what you would think about sharing sex with Jim and Karen. . .”


Patti and Dave invited Jim and Karen to come for dinner at their house the following Friday evening. As they enjoyed filet mignon, washed down with a hearty red wine, Dave and Patti gushed about the wonders of their new cabin in the North Woods.

“We’d really love to have the two of you join us for a weekend this winter,” Dave said, grinning.

Karen looked confused. “Winter?”

“It has a wood-burning stove,” Dave explained. “I promise, before you wake up the second day, it’ll be warm enough to walk around naked.”

“Sounds like fun already,” Jim laughed.

“And it’s so beautiful, tucked away in the woods,” Patti added. “Even if there’s snow, it’s so peaceful.”

“Don’t give your final answer right now,” Dave said. “Take a couple days to think it over, and let us know when you’re sure.”

After dinner, Patti took Karen into the den for some ‘girl talk’, and Dave took Jim out onto the back deck, to talk ‘man-to-man’ over a couple beers.

“Before you decide,” Dave said, “I want to put all our cards on the table.”

“Okaaay,” Jim responded, wondering what ‘cards’ he hadn’t seen yet. “What’s up?”

Dave didn’t beat around the bush. “Patti and I are wondering if you and Karen would like to share with us. Intimately. Sexually.”

Jim coughed slightly. “You’re saying that you and Patti would like to have sex with Karen and me?”

Dave nodded. “Patti with you, and, if she’s willing, Karen with me. That’s why we want you to think about it. We love you guys, and this is just the next step in intimacy for the four of us, as we see it. But only if the two of you agree.”

“Well, hell,” Jim spoke, gruffly. “As far as I’m concerned, I’m all in. Patti and I have spent years flirting with each other. I know we’d have a lot of fun together, and God knows I’d love to feel her pussy wrapped around my cock. I bet she’s pretty uninhibited in bed, huh?”

Dave smiled. “You have no idea, bro.”

Jim smiled back. “Well, then. . . I’m just not sure what Karen might think. Either way, we’d love to see your cabin. And once we get there, who knows where things will go?”

“Who knows, indeed,” Dave agreed.

In the den, Patti was laying things out for Karen.

“Dave and I have been considering the idea of sharing sex with another couple.”

“What do you mean?” Karen asked, quizzically.

“Well, Dave having sex with the other wife, and me with the husband.”

“And you’d like to do that with us?”

“You’re the only couple we’re remotely close enough with to even think about it. I know you and Dave are very fond of each other.”

Karen smiled. “He’s the only guy I know who might be at least as fond of ME as he is of my breasts.” She sighed. “MIGHT be.”

Patti smiled.

Karen continued, “I love Dave. Besides Jim, he’s my closest male friend. It’s not that I wouldn’t be intrigued by the thought of having sex with Dave. I’m as healthy and red-blooded as the next woman, I promise you.”

Patti nodded, and Karen went on. “The only thing is this – it might İstanbul Escort Bayan be hard to believe in this day and age, but Jim is the only man I’ve ever been with. Jim’s penis is the only one that’s ever been inside me. We didn’t wait for our wedding night, but he’s the only one. And once I have a second one, I can never say that again. I don’t know if that will be the deciding factor forever, or not. And I do love Dave. . . but. . . Do you understand?”

Patti nodded. “I do. And I promise, neither Dave nor I will press you to do one thing you don’t want to.”

“But you want to fuck Jim, don’t you?”

“Only if you’re okay with it. I promise.”

“I can’t say what my answer will or won’t be, when we’re all there together. But either way, I’d love to see your cabin.”

“And so you shall.”


The Friday of the Weekend at the Cabin finally arrived. As it turned out, Dave and Karen were able to get out of work early, but Jim and Patti weren’t. So Dave and Karen loaded the weekend’s provisions into his car, and went up early, to get things set up for when Jim and Patti could join them later that evening.

Before they left, Dave checked the weather forecast. It was showing a large snowstorm coming in from the west, but it was tracking to pass north of the cabin by 20 miles or so. “Looks like it’ll miss us,” he reassured Karen. “At least long enough for all four of us to get to the cabin before it hits.”

It was about a two-and-a-half-hour drive up to the cabin. The first hour-and-forty-five of it were freeway, and should be clear sailing. After that, they would be driving on progressively smaller roads to get to the cabin. When they left, in the early afternoon, the skies were clear, with happy-looking white clouds dotting the sky.

The drive was easy and relaxed, and the two of them engaged in a carefree banter as they drove.

“We’ve really been looking forward to having you and Jim join us at the cabin,” Dave began.

Karen raised one eyebrow and smirked. “So I’ve heard.”

“What have you heard?”

“That you and Patti really want to get Jim and me up to the cabin.” She still had the smirk on her face, but she wasn’t going to let on what Patti had told her. “For what it’s worth, I can’t wait to see the place. Patti says it’s beautiful.”

“It is most definitely beautiful.” Dave saw the smirk, and wondered what she wasn’t saying to him. Patti had hinted that Karen might have some reservations about their ‘sharing’ plan, but she hadn’t been specific. No matter, he thought to himself; it will be clear soon enough. “We’re going to have a great time.”

“I know we will.”

As the northbound miles passed beneath their wheels, the clear skies gave way to gray overcast, which seemed to get darker and more ominous with every passing mile. Fifteen miles or so before the freeway exit, a light snow began to fall. By the time they got to the exit, it was snowing steadily, and there were two inches of snow on the ground.

Dave scowled. “I don’t like the looks of this. I hope the snowstorm isn’t ducking south of the projected track. Those back roads around the cabin could be a bitch if we get much snow.”

“Should we turn back?” Karen asked.

Dave shook his head. “No, we’ll get to the cabin OK. But it might get nasty for Jim and Patti this evening.”

Dave pulled into the gas station at the interchange, to top off his tank for the weekend. He looked around; there wasn’t much here, out in the north woods. Just the gas station, with a small grocery store attached, and a mildly seedy-looking motel across the road.

When he’d finished filling the gas tank, he got back into the car, and looked at his cell phone. “Damn!” he spat. “No service. Not unusual this far north, but I wanted to warn them. I hope they haven’t left yet. It’s no disaster if they don’t come until tomorrow.”

They turned onto the two-lane state road heading west, while the snow continued to fall. The accumulation forced him to slow down, and by the time they left the state road and turned onto the county road that would take them to the cabin, it was an hour-and-a-half since they’d left the gas station. There were nearly six inches of snow on the ground, and the driving was getting treacherous. Fortunately, even at reduced speed, it was only about twenty minutes until Dave spied the driveway. The driveway ran about a quarter-mile back to the cabin. In the heavy snow and gathering darkness, it was difficult to make out exactly where the driveway was, and the car was skidding and sliding through the snow. But Dave managed to miss all the trees, and finally brought the car to rest next to the front porch.

Karen got out of the car and looked around, drinking in the wooded beauty of the place. The thick woods prevented her from even seeing all the way back to the road, and the snow on the ground wrapped them in a muffled silence. “Oh, Dave,” she gushed, “it’s even more beautiful than I imagined.”

Dave grinned at Karen’s Anadolu Yakası Escort appreciation of the place, and gave her a couple minutes just to drink in the wonders of the place.

“Come on,” he finally said. “I’ve got to get the stove fired up. I think the storm is hitting us head-on; I can feel the temperature dropping. Could you take care of storing the provisions while I do that?”

“Right!” Karen responded, and busied herself carrying the groceries into the cabin.


When Jim and Patti finally got in the car to head north, the shadows were already long with the approaching sunset, but the weather was still looking good at home, so they hit the road on schedule.

As it had been for Dave and Karen earlier in the day, the early part of the drive was easy going, and the pair engaged in relaxed, flirtatious banter.

“This is going to be a fun weekend,” Patti grinned.

“You think so?” Jim said, with a leer.

“I just hope we can all handle it.”

“I’ve got your handle right here.”

They were only about halfway to the exit when they saw the first flakes of snow, and by the time they left the freeway, the sun had set and they were in the middle of a full howling blizzard. The snow was falling sideways, and there was nearly a foot of snow on the ground.

“I don’t like this at all,” Jim said, as they sat at the intersection with the state road. Looking to the west, there were no tire tracks visible in the accumulated snow. No one had even tried to navigate the road in quite some time. “I think we need to assess our options,” he said, looking at Patti.

Patti looked over toward the dumpy little motel across the road. “I’d rather sleep in the cabin tonight,” she said, “but I really don’t want to sleep in a ditch. What do you think about that little motel?”

“At this point, I think discretion is the better part of valor.” He pulled the car into the motel, its ‘Vacancy’ sign flickering in the blowing snow. Getting out of the car, he plodded through the snow to the office.

When Jim returned to the car, he was smiling and shivering at the same time. “We’ve got a room for the night,” he said, a tone of relief in his voice. “Just one small glitch, and it’s not a problem for me if it’s not a problem for you.”

“What glitch?

“Only one bed. It’s a double, but we’ll be sharing it. Unless you want me to sleep on the floor. . .”

Patti laughed. “No, I’m not going to make you sleep on the floor. You talked with Dave, right?”


“About the, uh, ‘sharing’ thing?”


“So, I don’t see the problem.”

“Then I don’t suppose I do, either.”


Half an hour after entering the cabin, Dave had successfully fired up the stove. The inside of the cabin was still frigid – frost covered all the windows, but a roaring fire blazed inside the stove’s black box, doing its utmost to fight back against the cold.

Dave smiled. “By morning, it’ll be toasty warm in here.”

“Warm enough to walk around naked, right?”

Dave grinned. Karen wasn’t talking like a woman who was nervous about sex. “One can only hope,” he chuckled. “I think we need a drink. Where did you put the whiskey?”

Karen went to the pantry, and pulled out the big bottle of Jack Daniels. “A double?”

“No ice.”

Karen laughed. “I should think not!”

The two of them nursed their drinks, each of them enjoying the other’s company, even in the absence of words. They were good friends, the two of them, a friendship built out of years of shared life, and even mutual challenges overcome. There was a trust between them that wasn’t common between a man and a woman who weren’t married to each other.

Finally, when they had drained their glasses, Dave sat back, a look of concern mixed with relief on his face. “Jim and Patti should have been here by now. I just hope they’re still safe at home, and not in a ditch somewhere.”

“Don’t worry,” Karen responded, stroking his arm. “I trust Jim not to do anything stupid. He won’t put Patti in danger.”

Dave nodded and sighed. “You’re right. It’s just frustrating not knowing for sure where they are, or if they’re okay.”

He stood. “I suppose we ought to discuss the sleeping arrangements,” he said, glancing at Karen with uncertainty on his face.

“Which bedroom do you want me to take?” she asked.

“Well, that’s just the thing,” Dave replied. “It’s still pretty cold in here, and it will be for a several hours yet. Sleeping alone will be pretty uncomfortable. I’d recommend that we zip a pair of sleeping bags together in front of the stove. Fully clothed – I’m not putting a move on you. . .”

“Yet.” She smirked at him. Patti had told her, after all, what he’d be hoping for.

“Anyway,” he continued, “if we can share our body heat, we’ll both sleep better.”

She smiled. “That makes sense.”

They both took their boots off. Dave zipped two sleeping bags together, and they climbed in together, both of them bundled in thick winter clothing. Karen turned onto her side, facing away from Dave.

“Dave?” Her query hung in the air.

“Yes, Karen,” he answered.

“You can hold me if you like.”

He wrapped his arms around her, both of them thickly clothed. Within a few minutes, they were both asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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