The Blue Life Ch. 31: Granny’s Sub

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The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission, bisexuality and some homo-erotica. If any of that offends you, just move on to another story. All characters are 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. Thanks to John, Jake and Andrew for their help with suggestions, editing and proofreading. Suggestions for kinks, characters or plot are often worked into future chapters. Thanks for reading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are very much appreciated.


I began slowly sawing my cock in and out of the naked, giant, black man’s tight asshole. He slapped the floor from his kneeling position. And in his deep, bass, gravelly voice, he began to whimper, “Too long! Too long!”

I hadn’t even given him the full length of my six and a half inch cock. But, I started to slowly withdraw. I didn’t want to hurt the man.

“Damn! Too long since a real man just took my fucking, pussy ass!” Blix shouted.

I had misunderstood. I grabbed Blix’s hips and drove my cock into the hilt. “Then take it, you little bitch,” I commanded. “Little” is a misnomer. Blix is six foot seven of chiseled muscle. He’s gotta weigh at least three hundred and fifty pounds.

My cock was encased in a jet black condom. It looked strange, but sort of mysterious and sexy too. I actually had to borrow the condom and lube from Blix. He had mocked me, saying, “What sort of damn Sex Club President doesn’t even carry his own condoms and lube!” And he pulled out a tiny bottle of lube the size of a personal hand sanitizer, and a silver plated condom carrying case that was engraved, “Big Blake.” “Blake” was the name Blix had used when he had been a professional escort, a gigolo. “Javelin Spears” had been his porn name. Now he was a Private Detective called, Blix. I don’t know what name he grew up with. He had led an interesting life.

I had him roll the condom onto my cock. I think that is a submissive’s duty, to worship and care for the Master’s cock. Blix wasn’t my submissive, at least…not yet. But he had kept telling me how his ass was hungry for my cock, and that my cock was nice and hard, and the perfect size.

Blix let out a falsetto, “Hoo!” He slapped the floor with both hands. He was on his knees, with his forehead and elbows touching the waiting-room carpet. We were in the waiting room of Dr. Shapiro’s plastic surgery clinic. Blix turned and looked over his shoulder, and stared me right in the eye. Then he said something curious, “I’m not gay you know.”

I spanked his ass with my open palm. I pulled back, until just the head of my cock was ringed by his sphincter. Then, I raised my hands and interlocked my fingers behind my head. I stopped thrusting, and just tried to brace myself, with my toes digging into the carpet. I said, “Like Hell you ain’t gay, Bitch! Fuck that tight, black ass back onto my stiff cock!” Blix groaned, but pushed his way back onto my cock, until my pelvis was flush against his buttocks. He growled, whimpered and moaned. “You love it,” I insisted, “Tell me you love it, Bitch.”

“Ah, shit. I love it, Bobby!” Blix groaned.

I spanked his other ass cheek. “Not good enough. Tell me what you love.”

“I love your cock! I love you drilling my ass, Bobby. Fuck me! I’ve never had a cock as fine as yours fucking my ass. But, I still love women. I love fucking women. I love Regina!” He said “Regina” so that it rhymed with “Vagina.” I had to stifle a snicker.

I pressed myself in deep, and rolled my body over the giant’s broad, muscular back. I am used to being larger than my lovers. I’m six-two and weigh two hundred and fifteen pounds. But Blix makes me lookM small! He is easily the manliest man I have ever fucked. Ah hell, the only other man I had ever fucked up until then was my father. And Dad has a handsome, but androgynous face. Dad is thin and lean. Blix is massive, bulked up and incredibly manly. And I was having a blast fucking him. Maybe that made me gay. I don’t know. It made me at the very least, bisexual. But, I had to admit, one of the most exciting things about fucking Blix was in Dominating this otherwise very masculine and seemingly domineering physical specimen. I hugged Blix around the waist and bit at the back of his neck, actually, I didn’t reach that high, and ended up biting him high, between the shoulder blades.

Blix moaned and arched his back, and worked his ass in circles on my stiff cock.

I reached down and found his hard, thin, eight inch prick. He was fully hard, and with each thrust of my cock inside him, his cock seemed to ooze a small stream of precum into my palm. My cock must have been hitting his prostate just perfectly, massaging out so much precum. I wrapped my fist around his cock. His dick is about as thin as my father’s, even though his cock is nearly two inches longer than mine. Using his own precum as lube, I started fisting his cock, jerking him off in rhythm to how I was plowing his backside.

“Yellowcard! Yellowcard!” Blix shouted.

I asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m so fucking on the edge of cumming right gaziantep escort now, If you jack-me off any more, I’m gonna shoot all over the carpet, and you said I had to ask my Mistress for permission to cum.”

I continued to jerk him, but slower. I said, “Do you want to ask me?”

He groaned and said, “Can I cum, Bobby?”

“Call me, Sir.”

“Sir, please, can I cum? Your cock and your hand feel too good. I’m about to shoot my load.”

“Will you be my little, gay, sissy-ass bitch, Blix?”

“Fuck you, Bobby!” Blix was mad. I let go of his cock and slowly started easing my dick out of Blix’s ass. “What the fuck! Shit, Bobby, I’m mean, Sir. Fuck. Keep fucking me! Please. Sir? Please? I’m so damn close, and you feel so damn good deep inside me.”

“Tell me what you are,” I demanded.

“Fuck, you don’t play fair,” Blix whined.

“And you’re gonna be my little, bisexual/gay, submissive sissy-bitch, Blix. Say it or I will pull out now.”

“I’ll be your sissy-bitch, Sir. Just finish me off, now, please,’ Blix begged.

I licked along Blix’s spine, between his shoulder blades. I raised myself up, let go of his cock, but grabbed his hips, and started steadily thrusting inside him. I said, “No.”

Blix looked at me and his eyes narrowed with anger. I could feel his whole body tense up. It made his asshole grab my cock and squeeze. I nearly lost my nut. But I held back. “What do you mean, ‘NO’? Damn it, Sir, I need to fucking cum!”

“I told you before. You are going to hold off cumming, little bitch, until your Mistress says you can cum. She owns your pleasure now,” I said. And I emphasized the statement by spanking his ass again.

Blix growled, “This is the first time I’ve ever let a man spank my ass!”

SMACK! I spanked him again. “It won’t be the last,” I insistently predicted.

Just then, the door to waiting room swung open. Gina stood in the doorway with fire in her eyes. I couldn’t tell if it was anger or lust! She said, “Daddy, you’re fucking my Baby Clown!” Gina is a little person, less than four feet tall in her bare feet, and she was in her bare feet. She was wearing green slacks and a white blouse. She has short, spiky, white hair, and a round, feminine face. She’s doesn’t have a model’s looks, but she’s very cute with flashes of lovely. She used to have oversized, inflated stripper-titties. They had been expanded by some Mexican plastic surgeon who didn’t know what the Hell he was doing. They had left her in pain, with big stretch marks, and giant, mismatched breasts. I could tell, even with her blouse on, that Gina’s breasts were smaller now, but they were still large, especially on her small frame. She had gone to Dr. Shapiro to have them reduced. I was surprised that she was out from her procedure already. I thought Gina might be laid up in recovery or something. I was wrong. Maybe I was wrong about fucking Blix too. Because Gina was angry. She said, “How could you, Robert! Why didn’t you wait to fuck Blix until I was here to see?”

Blix said, “But, we thought you could see? Didn’t Dr. Shapiro have the waiting room security cameras pulled up on his computer in the exam room?”

Gina blushed and smiled. “How did you know?” she asked.

“Because the Doctor and I were watching you, Bobby and Nurse Nancy going at it during my exam! That’s how I knew. We thought that if we put on a little show for you out here, that might distract you, and relax you while you had your procedure done, Mistress Regina.”

Gina seemed to relax a bit. “Well, that’s was a thoughtful idea, Baby Clown, but it made your Mistress and the Doctor all too horny. The Doctor’s hands started to shake. And I was so wet and trembling. We had to turn it off.”

I slowly withdrew my cock from Blix’s ass. Blix muttered, “Fuck,” under his breath. He was disappointed.

I said, “I’m sorry, Kitten. We didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Oh, Daddy. I’m sorry. I’m not upset. I shouldn’t be. I didn’t know that you were thinking about me, and putting on a show for me. That’s actually so very sweet. But, I couldn’t stop thinking about you fucking my Baby Boy out here. It was driving me crazy. I wanted so much to be there the first time you take my submissive clown’s ass.”

Blix said, “It was my idea to put on a show.” Blix was still on his hands and knees.

Gina walked over to him. “Of course it was your idea, my Porn Star Stud!” she said, ” I love you.” Even with him on hands and knees, she barely had to bend at the waist to kiss him! They shared a long, slow, romantic kiss.

Blix broke the kiss and smiled; he beamed. “You love me, Mistress?”

Gina held Blix’s face in her hands. Her short fingers caressed his cheeks. She said, “Of course I do, Blix. You’re my Baby Clown! You two rescued me from Ian. How could I not love my Daddy and my Baby Clown!”

I had stood and took off the black condom on my still stiff cock. I was watching the tender scene between giant Blix and tiny GIna. Blix looked up at me when Gina said she loved me too. I couldn’t gaziantep bayan escort ilanları tell if it was anger, disappointment, or resignation in his eyes. He was often a difficult man to read.

I asked, “So, Kitten, how did the procedure go?”

Gina smiled up at me. She said, “Swimmingly. Dr. Shapiro is a master. He really knows his way around a pair of fake tits.”

“Well then, let’s see his handiwork, Angel. Show us your tits,” I commanded.

Gina looked at me. I was just wearing a polo shirt and socks. I had taken off my pants and boxer shorts to fuck Blix. Then she looked at Blix. The large black man was totally naked, and still on his hands and knees. He just had two small forceps attached to his nipples as nipple-clips. Then she looked around the waiting room, and blushed, as if there might be someone else who might see her. “Right here? Right now, Sir?” she shyly asked.

“Of course, Kitten,” I said, “Did the Doctor have to make incisions?”

“No, Daddy. He just had to insert a needle into each breast to draw out some fluid. I didn’t even need a local anesthetic.” She began to unbutton her blouse. “But, my breasts are still very sore. Dr. Shapiro says that’s just my breasts getting used to their new shape and the skin reforming. He says most of the soreness will go away after a day or two. But, please don’t spank my titties, Master. You know, normally, I’m excited by that, but my breasts are just too tender right now. And, I’m sorry, Baby?” She was looking at Blix. “You won’t be able to titty-fuck me for at least a few days.” Blix pouted. Gina continued, “So, maybe we can try to work that monster cock of yours into your Mistress’ tight, tiny, little pussy later.”

Blix sputtered, “Mistress, are you serious?”

“You did arrange for the moving truck this morning. And you dealt with Ian when I wasn’t prepared to. I think you deserve a reward. We’ll just go slow and easy this first time.” With that, she pulled open her blouse and shrugged it off her shoulders. Her breasts were much smaller, but still ridiculously huge on her small body. My guess was that she was an E cup now. But, her breasts were perfectly matched now. Before, they were much larger and lopsided, with one about a cup-size bigger than the other. And the stretch marks on them were smaller and didn’t look as white and angry as before either.

I whistled. “Very nice, Kitten.”

Blix asked, “Mistress, can I touch your titties?”

“Gently, Baby Clown,” Gina answered.

Blix reached up with his massive hands and caressed Gina’s even more massive tits like he was touching a delicate work of art that might shatter if he was too rough.

Gina moaned and thrust her chest forward. Her nipples were already excited. The right one was firmer than the left. Dr. Shapiro thought that maybe the Mexican Plastic Surgeon who had done Gina’s initial boob job had done some nerve damage in Gina’s left breast, causing the nipple not to get as firm.

Blix leaned forward and gently licked one of Gina’s nipples. She moaned louder, so he began to go back and forth, licking and flicking at her nipples with his tongue. And Gina closed her eyes and tipped her head back.

She looked so serene standing there in her green slacks, having her tits loved up by Blix. But I needed relief. I had been holding back from cumming while fucking Blix. It was one way I wanted to establish dominance, by delaying his orgasm, but also by making sure I outlasted him! But that just meant, I had been focused for the last half-hour on delaying my own orgasm. I walked over to Gina, and aimed my cock at her lips with my left hand. My right hand came behind her head and stroked her short white hair. I touched my cock to her lips. She was wearing a light orange lipstick. She didn’t even open her eyes. She just parted her lips and welcomed my shaft into her mouth. Her lips covered her teeth. And her small hands came up to my ass to pull me deeper inside. It was an invitation to fuck her mouth. My hips started to thrust. Damn! She was sexy. She hardly had to bend over to take my cock. I could feel my balls tighten as I ramped up to my orgasm. I saw no reason to hold back. I asked her, “Angel, do you know how to deepthroat?”

Her eyes opened, and she looked up at me. Her right hand gripped the base of my shaft and she pulled her luscious lips off of me. She smiled up at me and said in a very sweet and innocent voice, “Of course, Daddy! May I take your cock back into my throat? Would you like to cum right into my tummy?”

I said, “Yes, Baby Girl, Daddy wants to cum in your belly. I’m right on edge of cumming right now. And I want to let go.”

“Goody,” she said. And she began to take my cock again with renewed vigor. She kept her hand at the base of my shaft, so I wouldn’t thrust too deep until she was ready. She began to slobber on my cock, slicking it with her saliva, getting it very wet. Then, she looked up and said, “Ready to cum, Daddy?”

“Yes, Angel.”

She gaziantep bayan escort took my cock into the back of her mouth and gagged. She pulled off. Regrouped. And tried again. I got to the back of her mouth and she retched, like she might throw up. She pulled off, choking for air.

I said, “If you can’t deepthroat, that’s fine, Baby Girl. I can just cum in your mouth or some other way.”

Gina shook her head, determined. She emphatically state, “I KNOW how to deepthroat, Master! It’s just that your cock is thicker than the ones I’ve taken before.” She nudged Blix. “Baby Clown, stand next to Daddy. I want to show him something.”

Blix stood next to me, not touching me at first, but Gina grabbed his cock with her other hand and guided him closer. She had her left hand around the base of his cock and her right hand around the base of mine. She licked the tip of my circumcised cock and then the tip of Blix’s uncut cock.

Blix muttered, “Oh fuck.”

Then Gina took Blix into her mouth, only about four inches. She looked up at me and smiled around his cock. Then she closed her eyes, took her hand away from Blix’s thin, eight inch shaft and swallowed his shaft entirely! Her face moved down, then down farther, until her lips were right at the root of his cock. I could tell by the angle of her head that she had taken the black man’s cock deep into her throat. She did this while moaning or deeply humming around his cock; and she didn’t gag at all.

Blix grabbed my arm and started panting, “Oh, shit. Oh, shit. I can’t hold back. I can’t hold back!” Two small forceps were hanging off of Blix’s nipples. I had taken them off of Nurse Nancy and put them on Blix just after she got called away, presumably to assist with Gina’s procedure. I had done that basically to just establish dominance. For some reason, that seemed very important to me. I guess we aren’t that far removed from our cousins, the silver-backed apes. I gave one of the forceps a tug, and Blix’s tiny man-nipple stretched painfully. He winced, “Ouch!”

I reminded him, “Your pleasure and your orgasm belong to your Mistress. You need to ask for permission to cum, or she’ll punish you.”

Blix laughed, shook his head, and cynically muttered. “What’s she gonna do to me?”

Gina heard that and pulled her head off of Blix’s cock. “For one thing, Baby Clown, you won’t get to fuck my sweet, tight, tiny pussy later!”

Blix’s demeanor immediately shifted. He sputtered, “Oh Jesus. I’m sorry, Mistress Regina. I didn’t mean that. Really. Mistress? Please. You can spank my ass later. But I need to fuck you. I need to make love to you, Mistress! Please? And I just really need to cum right now too. Bobby worked me up. And my balls are so damn tight. I’m just right on the edge, Mistress. Please let me cum!”

I smiled. I liked Blix. But he intimidated me. And it felt good to see this giant, naked force of nature begging to cum. I don’t know why.

I didn’t get much time to ponder the subject, because Gina pulled on both of our cocks and forced us to face each other, with the tips of cocks touching. Then she said, “Oh my! Both my men! Both of these lovely cocks. My Daddy and my Baby Clown! Both at the same time! Then she licked the tips of both our cocks!

Blix tried to press his cock into Gina’s mouth, but that only made his shaft rub up against the head of my cock. It was a strange and exciting sensation. So, I tried to return the favor. I thrust my hips slowly and my cock slid up and along Blix’s.

Gina’s head was being squeezed between the two of us. But she didn’t seem to mind. She would alternate between us both, and then try to take both of us at the same time, as deep into her mouth as she could.

Blix said, “Mistress, may I cum? I need to cum now. I can’t hold back any more.”

Gina looked up at us. She said, “Blix, I want you to kiss Bobby.” Then her eyes went wide, “Is that alright, Master?”

I nodded.

Blix whined, “But Mistress, that would just be so GAY!”

Gina nodded. “Fuck, yes!,” she shouted. “And that excites me, Baby Boy! It excited me to see Daddy spreading your ass cheeks and tongue fucking you, Baby. It excited me to see him press his big fuck-stick right up my Baby Clown’s tight, little shitter, Mister! This isn’t about you, subbie. This is about your Mistress’ pleasure. So, kiss him!”

Blix bowed his head and whispered, “Yes, Mistress. I’m just not used to this.”

“Get used to it! Kiss him!” Gina demanded.

Blix looked at me and made a face like he was about to drink sour milk. He sneered and kissed me. He kept his eyes wide open and his lips pursed, but tightly shut. For some reason, I wasn’t insulted. I found it amusing. I closed my eyes, and tried to kiss Blix back as best and as passionately as I could.

I wrapped my arms around him, and as I felt his excitement building, my hands trailed slowly down to his ass. Blix brought his hands up to my chest. At first I thought he was going to push off and away from me. But then I felt him caress my pecs and tease my nipples with his thumbs. It felt good. So, I moaned my approval into his mouth. His lips parted, and our tongues touched and played. I took a peek and Blix’s eyes were closed. I caressed his ass cheeks and found Gina’s hand already there. So, I gently cupped Blix’s butt-cheeks and spread them. And I felt Gina reach and begin to toy with Blix’s lubed asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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