The Breakdown

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I was traveling along to go out to see my Mom for Mothers day, it was a nice ride a couple hours outside of the city. I had a great visit with Mom, she was so happy to see me we had a so much to talk about. On the way home my car started to act up, the engine seeming to stall, then it was fine. I got another mile or two and the car started to slow down then the engine stalled.

I guided the car to the side of the road so it was not in the way of traffic, I called for a tow truck to come and get it, it would be a good three plus hours before they could come by and get it. I would have to sit and wait, it was a nice day so I decided to sit on the trunk of the car and wait.

There was barely any traffic today, the odd car zoomed by not one stopping to ask if I needed help, I was on my phone playing a game when a motor cycle came pulling up. The guy was a tough looking guy, something about a man on a motorcycle just made him that much hotter.

It was a huge motorcycle, not that I knew one from another, he pulled up and put out the kickstand, he leaned the bike over and took off his helmet. He had long black hair tied up in a pony tail, a full beard with a thick mustache. Dark eyes almost black covered with a pair of stylish sunglasses, a strong neck, muscular, huge chest and arms that matched. A Vee shaped torso, he wore a white tee with a leather vest over that and a leather jacket.

He had on a pair of well worn Lee jeans, with leather chaps, his jeans were well worn where his cock was and where his balls would be in his jeans. If this was this mans cock soft he had to be humongous hard, he hung his helmet on his handlebar, got off his bike and came towards me. I was so intimidated by this man, but I knew I would do his bidding on anything he asked me to do.

He stood directly in front of me, he removed his sunglasses and looked at me in the eyes, I was so red faced and so aroused right now.

“What seems to be the problem?”

“Engine stalled won’t start, it has gas but it won’t start, called a tow Büyükesat Escort truck, another two and a half hours before they get here.”

“Call your tow truck company and tell them you have a ride they can just grab the car and you can meet them at the garage you are having them tow it too tomorrow. Ever ride on a motor cycle Son?”

“No I can say I never have but always wanted too.”

“Lock up your car and put on a helmet and we can be on our way.”

He got on the bike then I got on behind him, he told me to hang on as the bike had great take off. I wrapped my arms around his midsection and held on, dam this thing could go. I guess I had a hold on him a little to tight and high so he pushed my arms down so my hand was on his crotch.

I felt the mans cock grow as my hand was on his crotch, I changed my grip so my hand held his massive cock as we rode along. He leaned back against me his body keeping me warm as we slowly got to our destination.

He would take me right to my doorstep, I knew I had to invite him in for a beer, or a blowjob, or both or more. Holding his cock all the way back to the city I was so horny right now and I hoped he was as well. He accepted my invite for a beer, he sauntered in his bike in my driveway, my legs and ass were cramped up from riding.

He came in we sat in the kitchen, I asked if he was hungry, he was so I would make us dinner, he sat and sipped his beer while I got dinner started. I could feel his eyes on my ass, he watched my every movement. I got him another beer and one for myself as well, I thanked him for picking me up, I wanted to compensate the man for his good deed but he would not take a monetary reward for his good deed.

“Might be a few other things you could do for me Billy, I really would love to have a shower, I feel so dusty from riding.”

“Yes of course, come to my bedroom I have a huge shower you can clean up, I could throw your clothes in the wash if that would be okay.”

“Yes Elvankent Escort please, do you have something I can wear in the mean time, not sure its a good idea for me to walk around naked in your beautiful home.”

“I can honestly say I would not be opposed to you walking around naked in my home Nick.”

He only smiled this sly smile, I showed him where all the things he would need toothbrush, towels the works. He stripped rather quickly, his hairy chest to his bulging pecs, his tight abs, he removed his chaps then his jeans, the man was commando of course.

I stood there as his cock was shown to me, my mouth open and in awe at the sheer size and shape of his huge cock. From his long foreskin to the thickness of his huge tool, his hairy balls to his full bush. He just kept taking it all off even while I stood there and watched him.

“Like what you see Billy? I need a shower before we can do anything.”

He dropped his clothes and got in the shower, I stood there mesmerized at the Adonis I had naked in front of me in my shower. I grabbed his clothes then took one last look before I went to put his clothes in the washer. I wiped down his chaps and his vest and leather jacket, hung it all up and went back to work on dinner.

I was busy getting it all ready I did not hear him come in and take a seat at the island, I turned and handed him a beer, he smiled at me. What was he up too? I went around the man was naked. I walked up to him and he pulled me in for a kiss, he was in total control. He held my head and his lips pressed to my own.

I stood there limp as his hands held me in place and his cock slowly grew larger and larger, what a massive cock this man had. He slowly pushed me to my knees and guided my head to his massive tool. I gently held it, I examined it, a long stream of precum oozed off the tip of his foreskin. I would not let this be wasted.

I took his magnificent cock into my mouth and swallowed it, I got about half Beşevler Escort of it and I could not take any more. The thickness and the length was more than one man could possibly take, I saw the disappointment in his eyes and facial expression, I had to try harder. With a little perseverance I would take his huge tool into my mouth and throat. Nick stood up and he would fuck my mouth, he held my head as he guided his cock into me.

At first he was gentle but soon he was using my mouth for his pleasure, his cock pushed me to my limits, but I would swallow his cock and swallow his load. It took no time at all and his balls showed signs that he was close, his breathing showed signs he could not hold back.

His cock stiffened and he fed me this massive load of cum, his cock shot hard, hitting the back of my throat. I sucked him dry, then licked him clean, he pulled me off or we would have to do round two. I got up cleaned myself off and got back to making dinner. He slipped on a pair of sweat pants but I wanted him to remain shirtless.

He and I had dinner, then he mentioned he should get going, I suggested he stay the night, he looked at me, then looked back at the tv.

“Are you sure Billy?”

“Yes I’m sure you are staying here tonight, besides your clothes are not even dry yet, and maybe I might put them in the dryer tomorrow or the day after that.”

He and I laughed, he leaned back and stretched out, making himself more comfortable, I got us another beer then he and I would settle in for an action movie. He did not make it through the first quarter of the movie and he was leaned up against me snoring.

I woke him and told him to come to bed, he looked at me not sure he wanted to sleep with me or not.

“You can sleep in the spare bedroom if you prefer.”

He rolled the idea around and decided he would sleep with me in my king sized bed, I stripped naked an went and had a shower. I made the excuse I was all dusty but I wanted to clean out so I was ready for anything that might happen. When I came out he was asleep, I shut it all off and crawled in bed with the man.

I laid there watching him sleep he really was a handsome man, ruggedly handsome they call it, I slowly dozed off myself. I woke up he and I were spooning, his massive cock was riding against my butt crack, I so wanted to see if I could take a cock of his size inside of me.

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