The Cabin

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Picking a category for this story was very hard, so please forgive me if it isn’t the same kind of lesbian story you normally see. Please remember that voting and feedback are what we armatures live for, and moving on without voting is like not clapping when someone has tried to entertain you. Be polite to me and everyone else who’s trying to write here, and vote. Thank you.

Cold wind, laced with snow, whirled around the outside of the cabin. Inside, a wood-burning stove kept it incredibly warm. It was one of the few things the petite black girl was grateful for.

“Hush little baby, don’t you cry,” sang the middle-aged white woman as she dragged the brush through the black girl’s hair. “You have lovely hair, Tamaqua. Lovely hair and a lovely name.”

Alyssa’s squirming had no effect on the strong woman; she just kept brushing and talking as if Alyssa was cooperating.

The cloth gag in her mouth was the most infuriating part. It was bad enough to be bound hand and foot, but only making a muffled sound when she wanted to scream was driving her crazy.

She hadn’t given a damn about anything when she’d stormed off her job that morning, and cared even less when her piece of crap car died in the West Virginia hills before noon. Her entire life had turned into such total shit that she just left the damn thing and started walking into the wilderness.

Now, naked, and being held by an equally naked madwoman, she wondered if that had been her chicken-shit way of trying to commit suicide.

“Everything about you is lovely,” she said, and kissed the top of Alyssa ‘s head. “I’m going to take your gag out again, and I don’t want you to say any of those ugly things anymore.”

Alyssa nodded.

“It’s such a shame to have your pretty mouth gagged, but I can’t have you saying ugly things,” she said, tracing her fingers lightly over Alyssa ‘s lips.

“I won’t say anything ugly,” Alyssa whispered.

The ugly things had been words like, “kidnapping,” “rape,” and, “crazy bitch.” But after four hours in the madwoman’s clutches, Alyssa was starting to weaken.

The heater in her car didn’t work right. It either poured out scalding heat, or blew cold air. The inside of her car had been an oven when the whole thing died, and she was well into the wilderness before she finally put her coat on. She’d been walking for quite some time when she realized that her trendy little coat was no match for the February mountain air. By the time she decided to go back, she was exhausted, shivering, and completely lost. She was near panic when she saw something as unexpected as it was welcome. A stout woman was sitting on a rock at the far end of a mountain meadow.

“Hi, can you help me?” Alyssa had called out.

“You’ve come,” the woman had answered. “I knew you’d come.”

“I’m lost. Do you have a phone I could borrow?” Alyssa said. She thought the woman had mistaken her for someone else, and would realize her error soon enough.

“You’re not lost, Tamaqua, you’re home.” With that, the woman got up and wrapped her arms around Alyssa.

“Let go! Are you crazy?” Alyssa yelped. She tried to break free, but the woman was too strong.

“I’ll never let you go again, Tamaqua. I’ve missed you so much.”

Tears formed in the big woman’s eyes, and Alyssa struggled franticly as the woman kissed her.

“Help! Somebody help me,” Alyssa cried.

The woman had bent her backwards, and born her to the ground. Sitting on her, she grabbed each of Alyssa’s wrists as she flailed.

“I’m here, Tamaqua, and I’ll never let you go again. I can’t live without you. I’ll make you happy this time. I promise. No one will ever hurt you again. Just you and me, forever.”

Alyssa fought her, fought her every inch of the way, but the woman was so much stronger that she tied Alyssa up without hurting her once. Talking lovingly the entire time, she tied her ankles together, her hands behind her back, and when Alyssa wouldn’t stop cursing her, tied a cloth gag in her mouth.

“Not much further, now,” she said. She had Alyssa slung over her shoulder, and was walking through the forest as if Alyssa didn’t weigh an ounce. “Are you comfortable, dear?”

Alyssa twisted and squirmed, but the woman trudged on as if she didn’t notice. When Alyssa glimpsed the log cabin, panic added its strength to her struggles.

“There, there,” the woman said.

Alyssa ‘s struggles had become so wild, that the woman had been forced to put her down. Undeterred, she picked Alyssa up in her arms like a baby, and brought yalova escort her into the cabin as Alyssa kicked and squirmed.

“We’re home,” she said.

It was one big room. A table stood to one side, with pots and pans hanging over cabinets nearby. Two worn, overstuffed chairs sat facing a wood-burning stove with bright yellow flames showing in the slots. The irregularly shaped bed was huge, with hand-sewn quilts thrown on it, and took up nearly a quarter of the room. Alyssa sank into the bed’s softness when the woman gently put her down.

“Poor thing, you look a fright. Auntie will put things right in just a shake.”

Alyssa watched with mounting horror as the woman carefully removed every stitch of clothing and neatly folded it.

Small scars marred her body in several places, and a chill went through the black girl when she saw the placement of two gauze pads. This woman had been shot, and had fixed the wound herself.

Her breasts were full, past their prime, but still attractive. Any softness in her breasts wasn’t echoed in the rest of her body, however. Alyssa’s boss paid a fortune to his fancy gym trying to get his abs to look like that, and this woman’s arms and shoulders made his look like a sissy’s. No wonder Alyssa couldn’t fight her; she looked twice as strong as any man she’d met.

“Let’s see what we can do about you, dear,” she said, and crawled onto the bed.

Alyssa knew it was hopeless, but she couldn’t let this woman strip her without putting up a fight. She might as well have saved her strength. Even though she had to untie her to get her clothes off, Alyssa’s struggles were futile.

“Pretty, but not very practical,” the woman said when she took off Alyssa’s shoes, and, “you should wear a heavier coat if you’re going out in a storm.”

Alyssa whimpered when the woman sat her up and reached around to unhook her bra, but she just removed it without molesting her.

“Isn’t this fancy,” she said, examining Alyssa’s belt and the fancy hooks on her slacks. “Let’s see how these work.”

The slacks had set her back a weeks pay, but she would have let them get ripped to shreds if she could have stopped this woman from pulling them down.

All her clothes had been taken off as impersonally as if she were a Barbie Doll, but now that only her panties were left, the woman’s hands were trembling as her fingers touched the hem.

“I’ve missed you so much, Tamaqua,” she said. There was a hitch in her voice, but her eyes never left Alyssa’s panties. “You’ll never know how much I’ve missed you.”

There was a decided sniff, and then she pulled Alyssa’s panties down.

“You’ve shaved,” she said in a whisper. Her fingers touched the place so gently that it made Alyssa shiver.

She stared at Alyssa’s pussy for a few moments longer, and then took the panties the rest of the way off. Then she carefully folded all of Alyssa’s clothes and put them in a drawer.

Her legs were free, so Alyssa worked her way to the far side of the bed and sat on the edge. The woman glanced over, but didn’t seem concerned. Alyssa stood up just as the woman closed the drawer.

“Let’s fix you up,” she said, picking up a hairbrush.

Picking her up like a child, the woman sat in one of the big chairs, holding Alyssa with her free arm and both legs. Holding her close in a loving embrace, she started slowly brushing her hair. She’d been grooming her ever since.

“I have to pee,” Alyssa said.

“Yes, of course,” she said.

She got a big blanket, wrapped it around Alyssa, and grabbed a roll of toilet paper as she carried Alyssa out the door.

“An outhouse? Nobody has outhouses anymore.”

“It’s not that bad,” the woman said. “You’ll get used to it again in no time.”

The wind had become painfully raw, and Alyssa was thankful for the blanket. She was also amazed that the woman had not put anything on to go outside.

While Alyssa shivered on the cold, wooden seat, the woman stood next to her, stroking her hair, totally naked.

“I can’t go; it’s too cold.”

She tucked the blanket around Alyssa and hugged her to make her warmer.

“I like doing this for you,” the woman said as she dabbed the moisture from Alyssa ‘s pee. “Do you have to do the other?”

“No, I’m all right,” Alyssa, said.

“Then let’s get you back in where it’s warm,” she said. “Then I can clean you proper.”

She used a warm, soapy rag to wash Alyssa. She started between Alyssa ‘s legs, taking her time, gently soaping and rinsing, zonguldak escort inch by inch.

“That feels nice,” Alyssa said, softly. “Can’t you untie my hands? It’s uncomfortable like this.”

“Of course.”

She untied her wrists, but tied them again in front of her. Then she went back to washing, working up Alyssa ‘s belly, sides, breasts, and underarms. She never missed a spot, and didn’t linger on erogenous zones any longer than the rest. The warmth, soothing voice, and gentle washing were putting Alyssa into a mesmerized state.

“Close your eyes,” the woman said, and started washing Alyssa ‘s face. “So beautiful,” she murmured, time after time.

Alyssa’s body was in heaven, but her mind was in turmoil. Her boyfriend was a bastard, her boss an asshole, and the whole world sucked. She hated them. She hated herself. And most of all she hated her life. Now, for the first time since she was a little girl, she felt warm and protected, and it took a crazy woman to do it. She couldn’t succumb to this. It was trading freedom for security, and that was slavery. This bitch thought she owned her, could do anything she wanted with her. Crazy or not, that wasn’t going to happen. She’d hit her over the head with one of those pots first.

If only it didn’t feel so good. If only she’d stop looking at her with those puppy-dog eyes. If only she’d stop acting like she was in love with her, for Christ’s sake.

“What’s your name?” Alyssa asked.

“I’m Aunt Joule, child. You always call me Auntie.”

“That feels real nice, Auntie.”

“Thank you,” she sniffed.

“Aw, for Christ’s sake, don’t start crying,” Alyssa said.

“I’m sorry. It’s just so good to have you back. Please don’t talk like that, Tamaqua. You know how much it bothers me.”

Auntie was washing her shoulders and neck, and Alyssa could feel the last of her tension easing out of her. The woman was obviously crazy, probably dangerous, but Alyssa couldn’t fight the attention she was getting. Her back tingled, anticipating its turn.

That’s when she saw it. It had been on the nightstand all the time, if she’d only looked. It was a picture of a black girl with an impish grin, leaning on Auntie.

The picture spoke volumes. Auntie had a faint smile on her face, and her head was awkwardly held, as if she wanted to be looking at the girl next to her, not the camera. The black girl looked street smart, and was obviously in charge of the relationship. She was small, like Alyssa, but a good ten years older. What had happened to their relationship? Why had that woman left? Was that what had pushed this woman over the edge?

“Take these off,” Alyssa said, indicating her bonds.

She obeyed without a word, and Alyssa stared at her until her eyes dropped. How could someone so strong look so vulnerable?

She didn’t know why she did it, perhaps she’d never know. Perhaps it was an act of pity, or maybe it was something she’d wanted to do for years and never admitted to herself. It might have been that she’d been hurt by too many people for too long, and knew that this woman worshiped the ground she walked on. Whatever it was, Alyssa reached up, took Auntie’s face in her hands, and drew her down for a kiss.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Auntie kept saying, over and over. She’d broken into tears the moment their lips met, and was crying into her pillow.

“It’s okay, Auntie,” Alyssa said, stroking the woman’s back.

“What you must think,” Auntie said, straining to get control. “I must look a fright.”

“No, stay,” Alyssa said. “Kiss me again.”

This time the kiss wasn’t broken by Auntie’s joy, the joy came through her lips along with a hunger long denied. It was a gentle kiss, for all its passion, and it was Alyssa’s tongue that invaded Auntie’s mouth.

“I love you, Tamaqua. I love you more than life itself.”

“Shh,” Alyssa said, and guided Auntie’s lips to her breast. She trembled when the other woman’s lips grazed her nipple, and felt an answering shiver when the woman took her nipple in her mouth. It felt good, much better than it ever had before, and her hands played with the quilt as the woman suckled.

“The other one,” Alyssa was about to say, but Auntie moved to it before the words ever left her mouth.

Her fingers played with the neglected tit, and Alyssa felt a tightness in her belly, as if an internal string was connected from her breasts to a place much lower. She pressed down on Auntie’s shoulders, coaxing her lower, to find that special spot.

“So zonguldak escort beautiful,” Auntie murmured, kissing each rib as she moved lower. “My delicate angel,” she said, raining kisses on her belly.

“Yes,” Alyssa hissed, pushing down on Auntie’s head and squeezing her legs together in anticipation. “Kiss me, Auntie. Kiss me down there.”

It was too awkward the way they were, and it was almost as if Auntie feared that Alyssa would vanish in a puff of smoke, judging by the worried way she franticly arranged herself between Alyssa’s legs.

Alyssa smiled down, squeezing her own breasts, and opening her legs wide. Auntie lowered her lips, and it was like an electric shock when they touched.

“Oh, Auntie,” Alyssa moaned, her claw like fingers digging into the woman’s hair. “Yes, yes, I’m anything you want me to be.”

The tongue was inside her, searching deep and exploring every fold. It licked insistently, and Alyssa could feel her anus tighten in response. She wanted to squeeze the woman’s head between her legs, but she wanted to stretch them wide at the same time. She felt a warm drop fall on her skin, and knew the woman was crying, but it didn’t matter, she was crying too, crying with pure pleasure.

“Oh God,” Alyssa wailed. Auntie had found her clit, and was giving it agonizing pleasure.

The woman was still being gentle, but Alyssa couldn’t be, not anymore. Her fists closed in the woman’s hair, and she growled like an animal as she ground her hips into the woman’s face.

“Harder, faster,” she snarled, locking her legs around her head and thrusting madly as she pulled on her hair. “Eat me, eat me you crazy bitch,” she said, and cursed herself for saying it.

Her orgasm came, but it didn’t stop where it always did. It kept going, ever higher, until she thought it would kill her. She was thankful that they were in the middle of nowhere, because the screams she was making would have woke the dead. She let them out, not caring if they carried to the next state, and thrashed with total abandon.

At the very peak, something happened. She didn’t know if she’d lost countenance, or had the fabled female ejaculation, but whatever it was, it was great. She almost wanted to apologize to Auntie for her abandon, but she was too weak.

“Thank you,” Auntie was saying, bundling Alyssa up in her arms. “Thank you,” she sobbed, kissing Alyssa’s shoulder as she spooned up behind her.

That’s all she wanted, Alyssa thought, she doesn’t even care about herself.

Alyssa snuggled back into the woman’s embrace, wondering if she was doing the right thing as the woman kept kissing her neck and hair.

“Your skin is so rich and beautiful. How could they have hated such beautiful skin?” she said, and kissed Alyssa in the middle of her back.

Her skin? Someone hated her skin? “Who hated my skin?” she asked.

“Don’t think about them. They’re all gone now. They’ll never hurt anyone again.”

Alyssa ‘s tension was back. Whoever “they” were, Alyssa had a feeling she knew where “they’d” gone.

“I have to use the bathroom again,” she said.

Auntie was up in a flash, bundling her up for the trip outside.

“I can walk,” Alyssa said.

“I don’t mind.”

“I’d rather walk,” Alyssa insisted.

The fur-lined boots she gave her were too big, but they were warm and comfortable on the trip to the outhouse.

More than the winter storm chilled her when they rounded the corner of the cabin. She had seen them the last trip, but it hadn’t registered.

“Don’t look at them. They’ll never hurt you again,” Auntie said, guiding her to the outhouse.

They were graves, three of them in a neat line. The deepening snow accentuated them, instead of hiding them. Alyssa suddenly knew who was in those graves, and didn’t know how she felt about it.

It had been all they talked about on TV three months ago. The interracial couple that had been beaten half to death by three men, the stolen car that had been found wrecked in the mountains, and the tortured and murdered body of a black woman that they’d found nearby.

It had always been assumed that the unidentified dead woman had stopped to help them, and they’d escaped in her car after they killed her. Alyssa saw that the story had ended far differently, and somehow more tragic.

She was crying by the time they got back to the cabin. She knew where Auntie’s lover had gone, and finally understood what had driven her mad.

“Did you send them away?” Alyssa asked.

“Yes. They never should have done that to you,” she said.

“What did they do to me, Auntie?”

“Ugly things, ugliness and lies. They tried to tell me you’d never come back, but I knew you would.”

“My name is Alyssa, Auntie, and I’ll never leave you again. I promise.”

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