The Cabin Ch. 10

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“Shit,” I say startling Mom and Chelsea awake.

“What’s going on?” Mom asks concerned as I sit up between the two of them; we’d returned to the bed sometime in the middle of the night; the couch was a little cramped.

“Dad and Angel are going to be home soon with a surprise apparently,” I tell her.

Mom grins. “She did it, didn’t she?” she asks.

“Tell me the truth, did you two plan this?” I demand.

Mom shakes her head. “No, of course not; we’re just good on our feet,” she says with a devilish grin. “Okay, first things first, showers, but make them quick,” she says. “Then we’ll clean up the house and get some food going,” she instructs. “Did your sister say anything else?”

“She said to tell you to wear your red, V-neck top and black leggings,” I shrug.

Mom grins again. “Smart girl, okay, let’s go!” she says and herds us into her shower; no funny business, though I’ll admit it’s difficult not to get hard watching two gorgeous women soap each other up, and when Chelsea decides to wash my cock, I’m tempted to bend her over and fuck her senseless.

“Later,” she winks at me.

“I’m holding you to that,” I tell her and then she looks down and nods.

“You better,” she says and then winks one more time before tossing me a towel as Mom shuts off the water.

We make quick work of the house; I clean the living room while Chelsea starts making something for brunch since it’s late morning already. Mom, seeing as my cousin and I are handling the cooking and cleaning retreats to her room to change into what Angel suggested wearing. When I finish cleaning up the living room and spraying a pine-scented air freshener from the hall closet, I join Chelsea in the kitchen to help her out.

“I’ve got it,” she says sweetly. “I like to cook.”

“Well, then what am I supposed to do?” I ask, leaning against the small section of counter between the stove and refrigerator.

“Well,” she says as she gently pushes around the whipped eggs that will soon become fluffy, scrambled eggs. “Did you bring any of your flannel shirts?” she asks, biting her lower lip as she glances at me out of the corner of her eye.

I give her a sideways grin. “Maybe,” I say slipping in behind her, holding her from behind; she presses her ass into my crotch and I place small kisses on her neck.

“Well, I think you’d look super sexy in a flannel shirt and jeans,” she whispers in my ear as I move down to her shoulder with my lips, moving my hands up her loose, white T-shirt to her full breasts to find them unencumbered by a bra. “Fuck,” she gasps. “You need to stop before your dad walks in on us.”

Planting on more kiss on her cheek I release her tits and she bumps her ass into my stiff cock, tempting me to dry hump her as she flips the thick slices of ham in the skillet to the right of the eggs.

“You’re gonna get it later,” she threatens.

“I thought we already established that,” I say taking one of the pieces of bacon from the plate next to the stove.

“Go get dressed,” she says slapping at me with her spatula.

With a chuckle I retreat to my room and dig out a plaid flannel in red and black and then change into my nicest pair of black jeans, completing the ensemble with a pair of tan loafers. I head into the bathroom to inspect myself and I’ll admit, I’m impressed; the stubble on my face that’s been growing the past week and a half since my last shave is beginning to form into a decent beard already. It must be the Colorado mountain air taking effect and reminding me of my roots, or the fact that Chelsea was basically telling me she wanted a mountain man, that makes me appreciate having some facial hair again.

Mom exits her room as I begin to pass by the living room and I’m stopped in my tracks. Angel was right, the V-neck of the top she’s wearing plunges down much further than I’d expected, and it hugs her curves like cling wrap. Add the slight chill in the cabin hardening her nipples makes it obvious that she’s not wearing a bra. I also doubt that she’s wearing any panties; if so, it’s a tiny thong with no visible evidence.

“Can you help me, David?” she asks, snapping me back to reality.

I notice that she’s fiddling with a thin, gold necklace holding a small, diamond studded heart; I think Dad got her that necklace for Christmas or an anniversary a year or two before I left for college.

“Of course,” I say and meet her in the middle of the room; she hands me the necklace and turn turns her back to me, holding her hair up off of her neck. I stand close behind her to clasp the necklace into place and then kiss the back of her neck when I finish.

Mom turns and smiles at me, cupping my face in her hand. “Thank you,” she says but doesn’t kiss me; that time has passed. I’ve served my purpose already; it’s time to be her son once again. I can’t say that I’m not a little disappointed after the night we had and seeing how sexy she looks in her current outfit, but knowing that Angel is returning and my cousin can’t keep her hands off of me either makes up for it, and then some.

I follow Mom gaziantep escort bayan into the kitchen where she takes out a bottle of champagne and the jug of orange juice to make mimosas for everybody. She hands me a glass full of the mixed drink and then gives one to Chelsea as well before offering to take over cooking for her.

“No, I’ve got it; I don’t want you to ruin your outfit,” she says. “You look way too sexy to ruin that,” she adds with a wink.

Mom blushes. “Thank you, sweetie, but we should probably put the flirting to bed,” she says and then her cheeks grow even pinker. “You know what I mean,” she adds quickly and we laugh.

“Yes, Aunt Cassie, we know what you mean. We had our fun, now it’s time to move on,” Chelsea says. “You got your orgasms, now your marriage is the new mission,” she adds with a wink.

Mom suddenly looks nervous, so she chugs down her glass of mimosa and then quickly makes another one.

“Everything’s going to be fine, Mom,” I try to assure her. “Dad loves you and you love him.”

“Yes, I do,” she says but still looks scared. “But what if I can’t compare to your sister after the time she showed him?”

I hadn’t thought about that; what if Angel actually fucked things up instead of helping? I push the thought away; Mom needs reassurance. Just as I’m about to say something, though, the door in the kitchen bursts open and the top of a Christmas tree bursts through, carried awkwardly by my gorgeous sister. I rush over and take it from her to help Dad carry it to the living room.

“Thanks, Son,” he says with a big smile on his face, but then we stare at each other awkwardly, knowing pretty much exactly what happened last night. I open my mouth to speak and he holds up his hand and shakes his head. “Don’t,” he says.


“What happened, happened and there’s nothing we can do about it now,” he says. “It’s Christmas Eve, I love your mother, and that’s it. Yesterday is yesterday.”

I nod at him. “Okay,” I say. “What can I do to help?”

“For now, just help me get the new stand for the tree set up and then we’ll eat. After that, we’ll get the tree decorated; God knows your mother has a shit ton of decorations in the garage,” he says.

I grin and chuckle. “Yeah, she does,” I agree and then he turns as Mom stands at the edge of the living room. “Cass,” he says softly.

“Xander,” she chokes out, I can see the tears in her eyes from my spot across the room.

Before either of them can say anything else, Dad rushes across the room and pulls Mom in for the biggest kiss I’ve seen them share in years. Then Dad surprises me by squeezing Mom’s ass with both hands and lifting her off the floor; her legs wrap around his waist and then she pulls her head back to look him in the eye with wide eyes. Her look of shock turns into a familiar lustful smile before she latches her mouth onto his again. Without hesitation, Dad turns and carries her to their room where he kicks the door shut.

Chelsea and Angel are both standing where Mom had been a moment ago, Chelsea with as shocked of an expression as I feel on my face but Angel is beaming brightly; her brilliant blue eyes sparkling with joy.

“What did you do?” I ask her.

“I reminded Dad of who he used to be: a strong, confident man who knows how to take charge when he needs to,” she says.

“Did it work?” Chelsea asks.

“I haven’t seen Mom get that excited in Dad’s arms in a very long time,” Angel says. “His fat cock is hard as a rock right now,” she says.

I gawk at her; I assumed she seduced Dad but hearing her say something like that brings out a jealous side of me I wasn’t expecting. Of course, I have no right to be jealous since I spent the night fucking our mom and cousin. Could this situation be any more fucked up?

“It smells amazing, Chels, what did you make?” Angel interrupts my thoughts, turning towards the kitchen, taking off her gloves and jacket on the way.

The three of us sit down to eat the spread of food Chelsea made, sipping at mimosas until we begin to hear Mom’s surprised wails coming from their room. Chelsea and I gape at each other and then look to Angel who is wearing a smug smile on her face as she tears a chunk of bacon off and chews on it happily. Angel is a miracle worker.

“You did that in one night?” Chelsea asks baffled.

Angel shrugs. “He always had it in him; he just needed to be reminded. They used to be like that, don’t you remember?” she asks, turning to me.

I shake my head. “I don’t ever remember hearing that,” I admit.

She blushes. “I guess I was the only one curious enough to eavesdrop when they were having sex when we were kids,” she says.

I shake my head again. “You’ve got some issues, sis,” I say with a chuckle.

“I know,” she says with a devilish grin and then winks at me, causing a wonderful tingle to start in my crotch.

“YES! YES! OH, FUCK XANDER!” Mom shouts suddenly.

“He found her clit,” Angel beams.

“It’s not hard,” I say remembering how engorged Mom’s clit got when I ate gaziantep escort her out; it’s my turn to blush.

“So, you DID eat Mom out,” she says, horniness and jealousy flashing all in one sexy expression.

“Hey, he wasn’t the only one,” Chelsea chimes in.

“You guys fucked her senseless didn’t you?” Angel asks, shifting in her seat as her left hand falls to her lap. She’s beyond ready to fuck us both; I can see it in her eyes.

I look to Chelsea who winks at me so I grin and wink back at her. All this talking has gotten me pretty stiff as well. But before I can do anything, Mom and Dad’s door opens suddenly causing us to whip our heads around.

“I’ll be right back, don’t you dare move,” Mom says and then shuts their door before nearly running naked to the dining room where the three of us were about to get busy. She makes a bee-line for Angel, takes her face in both hands and kisses her hard on the lips. “Thank you,” she says. “Whatever you did last night…thank you!” she says and then kisses Angel’s forehead before flashing us an apologetic smile. “Sorry,” she says and then quickly retreats to her room where we hear the door lock this time.

Angel slowly turns back towards us with wide eyes, her cheeks rosy and her mouth open wide. “We have the sexiest but most fucked up family ever,” she says and the three of us erupt with laughter, but while Angel is distracted with her own laughter, I quickly get up and pin her from behind to her chair, turning it to the side as Chelsea leaps up from her chair and rushes around the table to drop to her knees in front of Angel.

“What the fuck?!” Angel cries before Chelsea can even reach her tight jeans.

“I bet you wish you were wearing leggings now, don’t you?” I whisper in her ear.

Angel reaches back and I press my stiff cock, still confined in my own pair of jeans, against her hands. She squeezes through the denim, jerking me through the fabric. I breathe deep as I enjoy her attention to my throbbing cock while at the same time watching as Chelsea works Angel’s skin-tight pants off of her lower half and then discards them behind her. Chelsea tugs on Angel’s legs to get her to slide forward. Angel lets go of my cock and moves her hips forward, spreading her legs to give Chelsea access to her pussy. Chelsea buries her face in Angel’s pussy; Angel holds Chelsea by the back of the head as she grinds on our cousin’s tongue; I step around to my sister’s left where there’s more room and she reaches over to undo my pants. I do it for her, desperate to have her lips around my cock again.

As soon as my rock hard cock is exposed, Angel leans over and sucks me into her mouth. The vibrations from her moans caused by the oral pleasure our cousin is giving her drives me wild. I reach down and gather Angel’s hair into a ponytail and hold on tightly. I then begin to fuck her mouth; Angel looks up at me with her bright blue eyes daring me to shove deeper into her. I take the challenge and feel the tip bump the back of her throat. She pulls back against my hand but I hold her in place for a moment before finally releasing her. Angel gasps for air but jerks my slick cock lubed up with her saliva, when she grins up at me again, I pull on her ponytail and then shove her mouth back down onto my cock and she takes the entire length this time, my balls pressed against her chin.

Her eyes grow wide for a moment and when she pulls her mouth off of me, she looks down at our cousin and begins to scream out a small orgasm. “Right there, Chels! Yes! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t you fucking stooooooooooop!” she screams until her orgasm ends.

Then Angel stands up and turns her back to me. “Fuck me, David! Please, I need your cock inside of me!” she pleads and who am I to deny such a desperate request?

I push her forward so she’s holding onto the table, arching her back and spreading her legs for me. Chelsea strips her jeans off and climbs onto the table, spreading her legs wide for Angel to begin eating her out as I ram my cock into my sister’s dripping pussy. Chelsea got her nice and wet for me; I slide into her with no resistance, all the way to the hilt.

“Fuck, I missed your cock,” she says, looking at me over her shoulder. She gives me a wink before returning to our cousin’s pussy.

Chelsea catches my eye by taking off her loose shirt and then stares me down seductively as my sister eats her out while I piston my cock in and out of her slick pussy. Chelsea leans back on one arm moaning and groaning as she plays with her tits with her free hand. Angel reaches back to her ass, rubbing her cheek as best as she can; I’m not totally sure what she’s trying to do, though.

“I believe your sister is asking to be spanked,” Chelsea tells me.

“Mmmhmmm,” Angel’s muffled voice sounds from between Chelsea’s legs.

Chelsea grins and winks at me and I almost chuckle from Angel’s response, but instead I give her what she wants and strike her ass with my open palm sharply on her right cheek, sending ripples through her bubbly butt. I repeat gaziantep escort bayan ilanları the action on her other cheek and marvel at the sight.

“Don’t forget to keep fucking her,” Chelsea reminds me, snapping me out of my distraction of my sister’s incredible ass. “Oh fuck,” she suddenly gasps as Angel must have found a good spot.

Chelsea falls back on both elbows, her firm tits protruding from her chest like beautiful mountain peaks. Angel has both of her arms wrapped around Chelsea’s upper thighs, holding her legs apart as she devours our cousin’s pussy. Chelsea can barely squirm beneath Angel’s strong arms; that girl has much more strength than appearances reveal. She’s in incredible shape, yes, but her slender arms look much softer than they really are; I think this is the first time I’ve really seen evident muscles appear on them. They’re not bulky like a body builder, but there is more tone in them than I remember seeing before. Why I’m so focused on her arms as I’m steadily pounding into her hot, wet cunt, I have no idea, but I’m finding them mesmerizing for some reason.

I tear my eyes away from her arms and focus on her ass that jiggles beautifully with each slam of my body against hers. Taking hold of her hips, I pick up the pace and power behind my thrusts, desperate to fill her pussy with my seed. I slap her ass every so often to shock her and she yelps into Chelsea’s pussy each time, sending a vibration through our cousin’s body. Grinning at this, I find a steady fucking rhythm and begin spanking her steadily as well until all that can be heard are Chelsea’s wails from Angel eating her out to completion, Angel’s horny groans from my spanking and fucking, and the slapping of my skin against hers.

Then Angel stands up, forcing me to slip out of her pussy, and when she turns towards me, her face is soaked in Chelsea’s juices and Chelsea is breathing heavily, lying back on the table, sprawled out like a lunch platter for us all to partake in. Angel suddenly latches her mouth onto mine, soaking my face with Chelsea’s hot, stickiness as well. When I break our kiss, I grab the hand towel hanging on the handle of the oven and wipe mine and my sister’s faces clean.

After a giggle, Angel kisses me again, grinding her sex against mine, so I grab her perfect ass and lift her off the floor. Her legs wrap around my waist and she traps my cock between us. She sucks my tongue into her mouth, shoving hers into mine as well. I lift her up a little higher until I feel my cock pressing against her pussy lips again. She sinks down onto my cock, slamming herself against me. She begins to unbutton my flannel shirt as we continue to kiss with me impaled deep inside of her.

“I missed your cock so much,” she whispers. “Dad’s was super thick, but yours reaches so much deeper; you hit every wall,” she tells me and then holds onto the back of my neck as I shrug my shirt off of my shoulders and let it fall to the kitchen floor.

I bounce her on my cock once and she gasps happily as I swear I sink even deeper into her. She pulls my face into her large tits, lifts herself up again and then falls back roughly onto my cock. I begin to bounce her on my cock like it’s a pogo stick until my legs begin to burn. That’s when I turn and slam her into fridge and pound her mercilessly. It’s not until an opened box of cereal falls on Angel’s head that we realize this might not be the best place, so I decide to carry her down the hall to my room; the room the three of us will be sharing the rest of the trip. We do stop a couple times along the way for me to pin her against a wall and fuck her for a few more seconds.

When we reach the bed, I drop her onto the mattress from the foot of the bed and she giggles as she crab walks backwards to the pillows. I crawl after her like a hungry lion and then fall on top of her once she stops and spreads her legs. I slip back inside of her like a fox diving into its hole for hibernation, but there will be no sleeping in this den. Her legs wrap around me in a vice grip fighting against my hammering into her pussy as best as she can. I’ll admit, she can put up a good fight, but her orgasm that’s been building the past few minutes defeats her resolve and her legs help me slam into her harder instead. The slapping of our skin echoes off the walls as I plow deeper and deeper into her, desperate to plant my seed in her garden. Then finally I explode into her, sending us both into crazed hysterics of grunting and wailing as we each experience major orgasms.

No sooner than we finish, Chelsea bursts into the room and throws a bunch of clothing on top of us.

“Thanks, assholes!” she says. “You left me passed out on the table where your parents could have found me and forced me to clean up our mess!”

Before she can put her clothes back on and storm out, I pull out of my sister, rise up and grab Chelsea’s hand, pulling her back to me. Her angry, amber eyes glare at me so I know there are no words I can say to ease her tension. Instead, I plant my mouth on hers and even though she accepts me at first she begins to resist, remembering that she’s angry with me. I take control, wrapping my arms around her and then twist around to fall onto the bed. We bounce once before I slide down to the floor, force her legs open and latch onto her pussy with my mouth. She automatically grinds into my mouth as I probe my tongue into her; she was jealous more than angry with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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