The Cable Guy

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The desire gets stronger the longer we fantasize about it. It seems every time we have sex now it always includes pretending there is another swinging dick in the bed with us. Most often it’s the wife with her thumb in her mouth wishing it was another cock and me banging her hard from behind.

I lean over and brush her hair away from blocking my view. I can see her “pretend” cock slowly moving in and out of here mouth. Her tongue is tight against it and her cheeks are sunken in from sucking so hard. She is moaning with desire and she has another orgasm from all of the stimulation.

I am not sure if it is my cock pounding her, like a piston in a race car, slapping her ass with my thighs and hips. Maybe it’s the vibrator that she is holding on her clit pressing harder and harder. I think it is more of the fantasy in her head that she is being filled up from both ends.

Our sex didn’t used to be this way. We mostly did it missionary style with me on my knees and holding her ass up in the air so she could have easy access to her clit, either rubbing it with her fingers or one of her many vibrating toys.

She likes a toy with a strong vibrating end; her Hitachi is by far the best. It plugs into the wall so you never have to deal with weak batteries in the middle of a session. It is so strong that when she has it pressed against her mound, it makes her cum so fast and hard that she can hardly stand anymore fucking.

With two kids and two jobs, we didn’t get much time to ourselves. Sex became predicable, Saturday morning get the kids a bowl of cereal, and set them down in the other end of the house, watching Saturday morning cartoons. We could then go into the

bedroom at the other end of the house and hope they didn’t miss us long enough to have a couple of O’s, before they came looking.

Sometimes she would get off before me and then there it is the dreaded knocking and the call, mommy, mommy, mommy, brother hit me or he changed the channel or a million other things. She would go and tend to the kids and there I am lying in bed with a raging hard on pointing at the ceiling. I’d handle things myself because waiting just seemed like torture.

It soon became a race to get off before we were interrupted. Enough was enough; we needed a Saturday afternoon babysitter.

The next Saturday the babysitter showed up right at 11:00 as expected. My wife and I were hungry in anticipation for 4 hours of purely carnal, hot sex. The babysitter had hardly reached the end of the driveway and we were naked and embraced standing up in the living room. Our kisses were passionate and she felt so good with her body tight to mine. Her pussy was soaking wet when I parted her lips with my first and third finger then gently massaged her clit with the finger in the middle.

She took me by the hand and tried to lead me to the bedroom. I hesitated since I knew we Acıbadem Escort had plenty of time and besides, I had a surprise for her. I said let me get a glass of water, so I went to the kitchen, she said hurry up and went into the bedroom.

I took my time getting the glass of water. I was just cherishing the anticipation knowing that my wife was in the next room waiting for me to have my way with her. Everyone thinks she is shy and a bit of a prude but I know that when she has a dick in her, she can’t stop until she has had at least three orgasms. In fact she will go along with just

about anything at that point, as long as it feels good and is leading her to an O.

I turned on the video player and put in a porn movie. She was lying on the bed touching her pussy. She had begun without me! I told her I would take care of that and lay down next to her. She asked me to get her a toy. She rarely has sex without a vibrator on her clit. I obliged and also grabbed a couple of bottles of lube. She looked at me and asked “do you really think we’ll need that much?” I replied “you never know”.

I was kissing her all over her body, her lips then down her neck. I took a nipple in my mouth and teased it with my tongue. I rubbed the inside of hers thighs, just barely touching her pussy, I was trying to make it last as long as possible.

We were in a deep kiss when I heard a knock at the door. I stopped and said “someone is at the door”. She hadn’t heard the first knock but then it came again. She said “shit, who the fuck could that be”. I smiled and said it’s a surprise. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She said you better not have invited someone over here to fuck me. I could tell she wasn’t really angry, it was just an act, so she could be free of guilt. Like it was all my idea and she wanted nothing to do with it. In reality, she couldn’t wait to see who was at the door.

I crawled out of bed and through on a pair of boxers. I went to the door and opened it to the very person I was expecting. I had told him to play the role of a cable repairman, here to fix the crummy reception we had been receiving on the television.

I told him to come on in, we chatted a bit by the hall leading to the bedroom. I wanted my wife to hear us; I knew that every minute was driving her crazy with desire. I pointed him to the other end of the house to wait for my cue. I then walked into the


My wife was on the bed with a big terrycloth robe on. She said who is it, and why did you let him in? I replied he was here to fix the cable. I winked and said he was darn cute, she would love him. Again she put on the angry look; I can’t do it she said. I could never be that forward with a stranger. I said I would handle everything, just relax and then I turned to walk out of the door. She said get rid of him quick.

I went into the other Acıbadem Escort Bayan room and explained to my friend that she was hot as hell but still putting up some resistance. We should take it slow. Like I said, she will do almost anything once she gets a dick in her.

We moved closer to the hall again so I knew she could hear us. The “Cable guy” said he wanted to check the connection in the bedroom. I said follow me. We walked into the room where my wife still laid on the bed. This time she not only had on the bulky robe but she had covered up with the sheets.

I introduced my friend, (I’ll call him Ron) she said hello in a rather meek voice. Ron turned to look at the back of the television. I winked at my wife and mouthed the words, “what do you think?” To my surprise she smiled and nodded in acceptance.

I immediately jumped into bed and began kissing her passionately; she kissed me back but soon stopped and pointed to Ron. I turned and called Ron’s name and said, “hey Ron, my wife thinks your good looking, how would you like a blow job while you’re here”?

That was the sole purpose for Ron to show up anyway. Now he could drop the cable

guy role and become what my wife and I had long fantasized about, the extra swinging dick in our bed.

I pulled back the sheets and as I was kissing her, I untied the belt to her robe and parted it just enough to show the cleavage of her breasts and a strip of her stomach and also the nicely trimmed but still bushy pussy.

Ron, standing next to the bed, just stared at the site of us getting hotter and hotter. My wife reached out and grabbed him by the belt, she tried to undue it herself but Ron didn’t want to see her struggle. He reached down and had his pants off in a split second. My wife reached out for his cock, it was heavy but not fully hard yet, it was good sized, about seven inches like me, but it was much wider in the middle with a pointed head. I have a nice mushroom top.

We wanted to experience something different and there he was, we were completely naked now and she began sucking his cock while I continued to kiss her all over her body. I soon moved down the bed and spread her legs; she opened them willingly, moaning with desire. I licked the outside of her mound, and then I parted her labia with my tongue and found her hood. I didn’t have to suck on her clit long when she took Ron’s cock out of her mouth long enough to say “fuck me”.

I climbed on top of her and slide my entire cock into her with one slow and easy motion. She let out an “OMG” and just held Ron’s cock while she enjoyed the first thrusts of cock in her since the Saturday before. She pulled Ron closer onto the bed and moved up onto the pillows where Ron could be on his knees with his cock at just the right height so she could deep throat him and then move her head to just suck on the tip of his cock. Escort Acıbadem With her right hand she found the vibrator and began massaging her clit. I was on my

knees as well and I could see every inch of Ron’s dick disappear into her mouth again and again. My wife came in a hurry, her body tensed up and she could not move as the orgasm made her body quiver all over. She just held Ron’s dick still in her mouth and sucked really hard. I could see her cheeks sink in from the suction and I knew he was getting the best blow job ever.

Her orgasm was subsiding and she began moving her hips in sync with mine again her tongue was licking Ron’s cock and then she took him all the way down her throat and managed to stick her tongue out to lick his balls. Ron cried out in pleasure and we both couldn’t believe that she could physically do it. Where there is a will there’s a way, and was she willing.

I pulled out and grabbed her by the hips to turn her over. She loves it from behind and now she was finally going to get the spit roast she had craved for so long. Ron moved up to the head of the bed and sat down with his back resting against the headboard. She began sucking and stroking his cock with her ass all up in the air and legs spread. She was wet all over, her ass checks were shinning; even her brown eye had a sparkle to it. Her pussy was dripping wet but I knew that once I began this time I was not going to stop for anything, so I squeezed some lube on the split of her ass and it ran down over her anus all the way to her pussy.

I put some lube on my cock as well and pointed the big mushroom head of my penis at her cunt. She felt me at the entrance and started rocking her ass back to get as much as she could. I gave it to her just a little at a time. She rocked her body forward and back harder and harder. She took Ron’s cock out of her mouth and turned to me and said “damn it, just fuck me”.

I plunged my cock deep into her pussy and I put my hands on both sides of her gorgeous 44 inch ass and pulled her back onto me. I sped up my thrusts and with me pushing and pulling her ass, it was forcing her to take Ron’s cock deeper and harder down her throat.

We were in ecstasy, and making all kinds of noise, moaning and screaming. We were all going to climax soon. First it was my wife as I kept pounding her from behind, her pussy opened up and the juices were running down our legs even getting the bed wet. This made me cum with a long and drawn out orgasm, it seemed as though my cock was spitting cum for like 5 minutes. My wife was done now but she wasn’t going to stop until we had all finished.

I could see Ron’s face, his eyes were closed and he was in heaven. My wife was doing her best to get him off, sucking and stroking his cock from bottom to top. She stopped and held his dick in her mouth. I knew he was cumming right down her throat. She choked just a little and his cum escaped from her lips and ran down her chin. We fell over with exhaustion and just laid there in a heap of naked flesh, enjoying the feelings of total satisfaction. It was the best orgasm I ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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