The caravan trip

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The Caravan
Chapter 1 Mrs Watkins

My name is Tom and my sister is called Laura. I am 18 years of age and she is now 19. My sister Laura and I had always had a special relationship ever since we were 11 and 12.

One day whilst in my room I had been jerking my boy penis and the sounds must have reached into her room I suddenly felt a draught on my ass I turned and there was Laura in the doorway.

“Oh shit” I exclaimed and started to replace my shorts and pants

“What ya doin?” she asked with a sly grin on her face.

“Nuthin” I croaked my voice having gone a bit raspy due to the attentions I was doing to myself.

“Didn’t seem Nuthin” she laughed

I was standing there trying to replace my cock in my trousers while she was giving me 20 questions. Then out of the blue she asked

“Can I watch ya doin nuthin?” she laughed louder.

“Weel I dunno” I stammered we are brother and sister.

“I seen cock before” Laura replied “And one or two of the boys have let me feel it for them”

My mind was racing I desperately wanted a wank but my sister would not leave me alone. In the end I asked her what she meant. Quick as a flash she moved over and grabbed my boy pecker and started jiggling it in her hand.

“Mmmmm! Aggghhhhh!” I gasped.

“You like this?”

“You bet”

“Want me to stop?”

“Noooo” I managed a groan “Carry on please”.

The feel of my sister’s clammy hand on my pecker was just enough to bring a little bit of precum onto my penis. I was happy at what she was doing and I never wanted this to end. As soon as she saw my precum my sister suddenly got down on the floor in front of me and taking my penis placed her lips around it.

“God Sis!” I exclaimed this is brilliant.

The sucking and slurping noises she was making soon had me cumming and she gripped my rod even harder. Not letting up she drained all of my cum into her pretty mouth and swallowed my whole load. I was in heaven this was the first time a girl had ever done anything like this with me and it had to be my sister. Getting up she wiped her mouth on her dress and asked me

“Well Bro how was that”

“Fantastic” I replied “Bloody fantastic

“OK” she replied now it’s my turn


I followed her gaze as she asked me to kneel in front of her, as I did so she raised her skirt and I got my first view of my sister’s blue panties. This unreal state was followed by her next command.

“Pull down my panties?” she ordered.

I was so in the zone that I complied without hesitation and soon had my first glimpse of my sister Laura’s bald pussy.

“Now put your finger in” she commanded

I did as requested at first rather gingerly I was afraid of hurting her. When I saw that she was enjoying the sensation I plucked up courage. Here goes I thought to myself and I wanted to know how far I could actually insert my finger. As I pushed deeper my sister’s moans become more intense and I was afraid my parents would hear us.

“Uggggh Mmmmmm Arrrrrr” she panted “YES YES YES”

I continued my job willingly watching my sister squirm on the end of my finger. This continued for what seemed like hours but was actually only a few minutes until she said

“That was nice Bro you have such wonderful fingers”

“Thanks’ sis “, anytime.

“You mean that” she enquired.

“Sure why not long as you do what you did to me as well”

With that she pulled up her panties and I stood up. As we stood there taking in what had just happened she kissed me on the lips. This wasn’t a sister kiss this was something else, her tongue thrust into my mouth and we stayed like that for a few moments. The bubble was broken when we heard Mother shouting from the bottom of the stairs.

“You two OK up there?” she asked.

We shouted down in unison that we were fine. Mother took this as satisfactory before informing us that we should get washed and be down for dinner in 5 minutes. As we washed in the bathroom we were a little conscious of what we had just done and an eerie silence befell us both as we prepared for dinner.
Dinner never was a time for talking as Father had always reminded us. We sat in silence gazing at each other and hardly daring to look each other in the eye. Mother noticed our reluctance to make eye contact and remarked upon it. It was my sister that assured her all was well.
Dinner over we settled into the family routine of telling how our days had been. Father it seemed had found a new lead for his agricultural supplies business and mother went on about her sewing circle. The conversation turned to us kids.

I told mother about my school day and how I had been chosen to recite a story for the class next week as I was the best reader. Mother was enthralled for me and then turned her attention to Laura. Laura explained her day culminating in the fact she was going to learn to dance her teacher had chosen a few boys and girls to represent the school and she was to take part. The best 3 couples would take part in regional competitions as well as National if they got through the heats. This made mother smile even more we all knew before she married dad she was a professional dancer and my father was once just another admirer in her audience.

Small talk over it was time to watch television until Mother finally raised her from the sofa and told us it was time for bed. Looking up at the clock both me and Laura groaned in unison as the clock did indeed say 9pm. Laura as usual went over to father and gave him a peck on the cheek and as she did so I noticed for the first time that my father had his hand a little on her butt. I think mother noticed it to but she just looked at them and smiled. I gave mother a peck on the cheek and we left the room to ascend the stairs.

I went into my bedroom saying goodnight to Laura and started to remove my clothes and I got into my pyjamas. I struggled to sleep thinking of what had transpired earlier between me and Laura. I wanted to do it again and those thoughts brought my hand to my penis which I had noticed had started to swell against my pyjama bottoms. The strain was too much so I deftly removed them and started to play with my member. It was not my hand stroking my penis it was Laura’s I imagined her taking my penis and circling her hands around it as I stroked. Eventually I brought myself off and drifted off to sleep. I was awakened by a hand on my penis. As I stirred I could through misty eyes see my sister in my room and she was stroking my cock.

“Do you always sleep with no bottoms on” she giggled.

“Err no” I replied I was playing with myself and fell asleep

“Did you think of me while doin it?”

“Errrm Yes” I was breathing heavy as my sister continued her stroking

“Good” she answered

I started to wonder what our parent’s would think if they came upstairs now and caught us. Just as these thoughts were going through my mind I glanced at the clock and it said 1am.

“Shhhhhh” My sister was saying “Mustn’t wake mom and dad.

After a few minutes I was on the verge of cumming once more Laura must have sensed this as she casually placed her mouth over my penis and as she did so I let out a load of my cum into her mouth. I hadn’t noticed till now all the while she was doing this she had one hand under her nightgown and was playing with her pussy. She finished me off by licking my penis clean so there was no trace of any of my cum.
“Mmmmm Yummy!” she squealed as she cleaned me up.

Wider awake now I looked at Laura and saw how beautiful my sister really was she was elfin is stature with no bosoms and her flat chest was visible through her sheer nightgown. I looked at this vision that was my sister thinking how lucky could any guy get. I didn’t have to go asking girls for sex here was a willing partner right in front of me. To say the least I was uncomfortable around girls. I had a feel of one a while back but she did not like it threatened to tell her parent’s and from that point on I just avoided girls.

I instinctively knew what was now required of me as Laura raided her nightdress over her head and flung it on my bedroom floor. Standing she removed her panties and lay down on my bed and opened her legs wide so I could seen all her charms. I knelt to play but she gently tapped me and ordered me to remove my top half. So there we were brother and sister totally naked and she was lying prostrate on her back legs wide open on my bed.

I made my move placing a finger inside her little cunny and wiggled it about. This brought a cheery smile from Laura who thrust her buttocks forward so as to engulf more of my finger. As she writhed and pushed she whispered words foreign to me telling me she loved me and how good I was. This encouraged me to thrust harder and deeper until she let out a yelp. Suddenly remembering her situation she quickly silenced herself.

We both imagined what would happen if one of our parent’s were to walk in now and see my sister lying on my bed with me fingering her bald pussy. For a second or two we both stopped and listened in case there were any footsteps heading our way. Satisfied that there was not to be we continued our play.

“Mmmmmm Ooooooh Agggggghhh” she moaned “Faster bro push it in faster”.

I dutifully complied with Laura’s wishes and soon had her shivering from head to toe then I noticed some fluids coming out of her pussy and I asked what that was.

“Well ya known when you get your white stuff your cum” she started “That is what women get it is our fluid our cum”

Made sense to me I thought and I instinctively put her stick juices that were now on my fingers under my nose and had a sniff. Smells nice I said.

“Taste it” she replied

I was unsure at first but she said she had tasted mine fair was fair I tasted hers. I put my fingers onto my lips slowly at first unsure what to expect. As the taste was quite enjoyable I licked the rest of my fingers.

“Now down there” she commanded.

“Eh what” I stammered.

“Go on Lick it all clean like I did to you”

Here goes nothing I thought and lowered my head to be on the same level as her pussy. It had the same aroma as I had sniffed from my fingers and I tentatively stuck out my tongue and began to lick.

“Hmmmm Yummmmy” I told her

I was enjoying my first taste of a female cunny. As I licked she grabbed the back of my head and forced me closer to her cunny at times I could hardly breathe but I continued as she let go. After I had cleaned all her juice I sat up on the bed and allowed Laura to do the same. We were both shattered after our exploit and we kissed each other goodnight and she grabbed her nightie and panties and crept back to her room. It did not take me long to fall asleep but I did not put my pyjamas on I just crawled into bed and pulled over the covers.

The morning soon came round and I needed a pee as I reached the bathroom door I heard a noise coming from inside and as the place was occupied I went back to my room to await the footsteps leaving the bathroom. The footsteps came in time for me to stop bursting and as I launched my pee into the bowl I let out a great gasp. All of a sudden I heard a giggle behind me in my rush I had forgotten to close the door and my sister still naked stood behind me.

“Fuck sis” I shouted “How long you been there”

“Long enough to see you pee” She giggled.

“Finished now all yours” I replied

“Wanna watch me pee” she enquired

“OH god can I?”

“Be quiet though” she replied Father is already up I heard him in the bathroom earlier.

Laura raised herself above the toilet seat and as she peed I could see her amber liquid trickling into the bowl. Just as she finished we were suddenly aware we were not alone.

“Mother” Yelled Laura

Mother was standing right behind me while I was watching my sister pee. I just knew this was trouble. Not only that we were both naked. As Mother looked first at me and then at Laura she had a very serious expression on her face.

“What are you two doing?” she enquired

“Nuthin mom” replied Laura “Tom Çapa Escort was just watching me pee”.

I could not believe Laura had said it out in front of mother just so matter of fact. Mother was not as shocked as I thought she would be and she came into the room and shut the door behind her. Mother then related a tale about what she and her brother and two sisters used to do at our age. Me and Laura stood there moths wide open as mother told us.

“I heard you two this morning” she said

This shocked both of us but before we could even reply mother went on to tell us it is alright for siblings to experiment on each other as long as no one gets hurt.

“So” she continued “How long this been going on”

We both confessed that last night was the first time. Mother stated that she wished her mother or father had taken the time to teach them about sex and that father and she had often wondered how they were to broach the subject with us. But as mother explained it seems we had already made a start and so it was now time for our lessons to continue. We both shrugged at her but mother merely told us to get ready for school and she would make arrangements.

No more was said because as I previously stated the table was not a place to talk. Afterward we were in the business of getting ready for school and so no one had the time anyway. Mother busied herself in the kitchen as was her way and father kissed her on the cheek as he left for work. Mother just wished us a good day at school and we left to catch the bus. We travel on separate busses because Laura has a different school to me as she is quote ‘gifted’ and has a scholarship.

School that day was a haze all I could think about was Laura and what we had started and mother finding us naked in the bathroom. I began to worry about what mother had said about continuing our lesson and school work became hard. I messed up on a test that I would have normally passed with flying colours. My teacher Mrs. Watkins was surprised when she handed me the grade. Asking me was I unwell and assuring her I wasn’t she accepted but still had a look of disappointment on her face that I had screwed up.

Finally the school bell went and I was free to go home. Until Mrs Watkins asked me to stay behind to discuss my work. I explained I would miss my bus but she assured me she would give me a lift home as she wanted to speak to my parents. After reviewing my paper and again assuring herself I was not sickening for something we final walked over to Mrs. Watkins car. I felt a complete idiot sitting in my teacher’s car some of the other students watching as I squirmed in my discomfort. Mrs. Watkins noticed and tried to comfort me my turning towards me as she did so I caught a glimpse of her legs. Embarrassed I turned away but I had been spotted.

“So you little pervert you like looking at my legs do you?”

I made no remark I was scared to yes I enjoyed what I saw did that make me a pervert for looking at a leg. How do I answer yes would have got me in trouble and no would have been a lie and as I was taught if you cannot tell a truth say nothing. I smiled at her and she seemed to let the matter drop. Starting the car she backed out of the lot and we started for my house.

On the way we made small talk about how was I doing since my sister Laura got her scholarship? I replied that I was happy for her and that I was not jealous which was true. It was at this point I noticed that on occasions she would look down at my crotch. Shifting in my seat I could also now see she had revealed more leg. Then suddenly she took a little drive off the beaten path and I assured her we were in the wrong direction. Mrs. Watkins seemed to ignore my ramblings and continued on her drive. Suddenly she stopped the car and just sat there.

“So I was right you do like my legs little pervert” she laughed “and as she did so she started unbuttoning the top of her blouse.

“Mrs. Watkins” I started to say but I could not take my eyes of her cleavage as her breasts came into view through her bra

“You like these too” she commented “Well get closer boy they won’t bite you”

She grabbed my head and pulled me towards her and I sank into her breasts. They were so warm and wonderful I could have stayed there all day. Suddenly she released me and seemed all flustered.

“I am sorry” she started to say then started sobbing

“It is OK Mrs. Watkins” I tried to assure her when all the time I was confused myself. My teacher had made a pass at me and was now regretting it

“Please” she begged “Do not tell anyone I could get the sack and as my husband has left me I need the job and the money”

I assured her I would not tell and she calmed down. Feeling braver I even ventured to her that I liked it. She took stock from this and without warning her hand was on my crotch. I let her open my flies and remove my penis. Immediately her eyes glazed over and she started to massage me gently.

“You sure you want me to continue?” she asked gently

“Sure” I replied go ahead

“This is just between us she murmured it must go no further”

“Fine Mrs. Watkins” I replied I promise I will not tell anyone

“Good boy” she replied continuing all the while to stroke me “And call me Mrs. Watkins in class but we are quite alone call me Kate”

“Yes Kate” I replied very well

“Now remove your trousers for me so I can get at your cock better”

I removed my trousers and shorts with Kate’s help and soon she was busying herself sucking on my penis for all she was worth. After a few moments I could feel the swell in my penis and was about to warn her when I exploded. Most went down her throat but some dribbled out the corner of her mouth and onto her blouse.

“Now look what a mess we are in” she laughed “I had better remove my blouse in case we make more mess”

In so saying she removed her blouse and also bent round to allow me to undo her bra clasp. As I had never done one of these before it proved a bit tricky but with instruction I managed it and her tits just fell out. I reached out a hand to touch them and she moaned her approval informing me how to play with her nipples and how to massage her breasts. I played with them for some time until she suddenly called out

“Oh look at the time” we must get going

I was kind of disappointed I was hoping we could have carried on but as Kate reminded me we still had to get to my house so she could meet my parents and she reminded me to call her Mrs Watkins in front of my parents. We got dressed in silence and we continued our journey mostly in silence but with the odd smile I got from Kate that was not so bad. I just wondered what she was going to talk to my parents about but she would give nothing away. As we approached the house my father was in the drive and he greeted us both

“Come in Mrs Watkins” he started

“Kate call me Kate” she replied

“OK Kate come on in my wife has prepared a little food”

Father ushered Kate into the house and as he did I am sure I caught a glimpse of him looking at her ass but then again so was I. Ordered to my room I went up and tried to listen in to what was being said downstairs. All of a sudden I was aware of my sister on the landing.

“What ya listenin to” she asked

“Shhhhhh” I replied “My teacher is downstairs and I wanna know what they sayin”

We both listened out but neither of us could tell what was being said and so we decided that it was best we leave it. I guessed it was about me and if it was I was bound to find out sooner or later.
Once in my room we decided that it was not safe to resume where we had left off as I could be called down any minute so we just listened to some of my DVD’s and Laura did me a little dance she had been practicing.

“Wow sis that’s good no wonder you got the scholarship?”

“Think so”

“Yer I do if they don’t pick you they mad” I said and I leaned forward and kissed her.

We stood kissing and embracing for a few moments then I heard my name being called

“Tom, Laura get down here now” fathers voice.

We parted with a slurp and hurried down to see what was wanted.

“As you know” Father began “Since Laura got her Scholarship? Things have been a bit uneven around here for you Tom”

Mother intervened “Mrs. Watkins here has come up with an idea of a break for both of you but mainly for Tom if you are agreeable”

I listened as father and mother outlined the idea Mrs Watkins had proposed that we get to stay in her caravan by the beach for the summer we were about two weeks away from end of term. I nodded my approval and father made me thank Mrs Watkins before she left. The final part father said is that you two will be alone except for Mrs Watkins who will sort of chaperone you but the days are yours to do as you please father was saying after all how much trouble can you get up to on the beach.
Mrs Watkins smiled at me as father made that last statement and I saw Laura looking at me. We said goodbye to my teacher and as she drove off I could once again imagine her warm breasts and I nearly tripped on the porch step going back into the house.
Chapter 2 the Caravan

The two weeks off end of term seemed like an eternity to me all I could think of was the holiday in the caravan by the beach. Laura and I got settled into a routine when our parents were asleep and we made sure we were in our own beds by the morning. My relationship with my teacher was a little strange but I managed to cop a feel now and again when she would find an excuse to keep me behind for a few minutes. My peers never suspected what we did or at least if they did they never let on. Kate never visited our house during those two weeks.

The day finally arrived and Laura and I were packed with the usual stuff mothers stick in suitcases in case of emergency. At the appointed hour Kate turned up and father helped us load our stuff into her car. As Kate bent over to rearrange the luggage I feel sure I saw fathers hand just inches from her ass. At last the car was packed and as Laura was the elder she chose to ride in front with Kate. I was disappointed I was so looking forward to sitting there being able to take glimpses of her body.
The journey seemed to go on forever.

“How far is it” my sister asked

“300 miles almost” replied Kate smiling then turning her attention to me she asked “You alright back there Tom”

“Yes fine” I lied and that was my first lie ever

“Very well” Kate answered just checking you seemed so quiet

We had gone about 100 miles when Kate pulled off the highway to check under the hood. As Laura and I sat there we were puzzled.

“Laura darling” Kate suddenly said “Could you come here a second please”

As Laura got out the car I wondered what was going on when suddenly Kate appeared at my window

“I think you should ride up front with me” she said winking.

Laura and I exchanged seats and the hood was shut and we continued our journey. All the time I was watching Kate I could feel Laura’s eyes burning the back of my neck. The next stop was for fuels and a bite to eat and use the toilets. Kate sat us down at a table and made sure were comfortable and called for the menu. A girl of about 13 came over and gave us the menus and smiled at me and I smiled back. Kate and Laura both noticed this and began a giggle.

Meal over Kate paid the waitress and started talking to her. Laura and I went to the toilet and went outside looking for Kate. We could not see her in the parking lot so we went back inside and looked around and there was still no sign. Worried we went back out and started a look around we checked all over the lot and finally we saw a small shed. As we approached me heard muffled sounds and so we were about to back off when a familiar voice said

“You found us then”

We ventured towards the shed and what we saw took our breath away. Kate was naked from the waist down and the little waitress was eating her pussy while at the same time playing inside her own panties.

“Come in and shut the door or stay outside and wait” Kate Escort Bayan said.

We entered and closed the door and watched in awe as Kate moaned as the girl continued to suck away.

“Wont’ be long” Kate said “This is Louise by the way”

The young girl just raised her hand in acknowledgement and continued licking

“Mmmmmmm Arrrrgh Oooooh” Kate was speaking to the girl

In response Louise started to pile on the pressure and with a deft hand she was also bringing herself off. Louise motioned for me to come over and as I did she took my hand and placed it where hers had been. I placed my hand on the now wet pussy and began to slide my fingers in and out. Laura was not left out I noticed she had joined Kate and had her head buried in Kate’s breasts kissing and sucking them. With one great shout Kate had her orgasm and her whole body shook. At this point Louise stopped her labours and lay on the ground with her legs spread out to give me better access to her pussy.

As I continued to finger the girls cunny Kate was getting dressed and sat waiting for me to finish the girl off. Meanwhile Laura had removed her panties and was openly playing with herself. I looked down at Louise who was about to come and worked furiously on her pussy. The girl wriggled and shook and then she was spent. Laura was still working so I moved over to help her finish off and was rewarded with a handful of her juices I licked them from my fingers and they tasted different. Then I realised It was a mixture of the two of them. I was not left unrewarded Louise had regained her composure and had her hand on my penis in all my ministries I had not felt my pants being removed.

The girl sucked me till I exploded in her mouth and wiping all my cum from me thanked me.
Kate and Laura had been watching the girl suck me and clapped when it was all over. After making sure we were all decent we left the shed and went over to the car without saying a word. Kate was the first to speak

“Well kids how’s the holiday so far”

Neither of us answered but we smiled and that said it all. We climbed back into the car and I got into the back not thinking. Laura just got in the front and we drove off. About 5 miles up the road Kate suddenly left the highway and neither of us dared ask why. Stopping in what looked like nowhere Kate just sat there looked at her watch and waited. It must have been at least 15 minutes when all off a sudden Kate started the car and turned it into a spot where she reversed and we headed the way we had come. Just before we reached the highway again Kate stopped the car got out and opened the trunk at the same time the back door opened and a figure got in and crouched on the floor. Kate closed the trunk and moved off joining the highway after about 10 minutes Kate announced

“OK sweetie you can get up now”

I recognised the girl as Louise from the cafe before either me or Laura said anything Kate spoke again “You OK now Honey”

“Yes thank you” replied Louise “Will he find us” she stammered

“No sweetie you are safe with me where we are going”

This reassured Louise who found her smile again. This time proper introductions were made and soon we were all chatting like old friends. From the talk we found out the girl had been sold to the cafe owner who used her as a waitress (unpaid) during the day and a piece of ass at all other times. He was not a nice man and would let his friends have her for his own amusement. She recounted the time she had been made to strip for a group of them who tied her to a beam and all took turns in her ass till she was bleeding and sore.

As she recounted her tale I felt sorry for her and found myself putting my arm around her waist at which point she just snuggled into me and fell asleep. Kate kept looking back at us in her rear view checking the situation and soon I fell asleep too. When I awoke we had stopped at the road-side and Kate had gone to sleep also. Laura and Louise were outside the car talking and I could not hear properly so I got out to hear more.

“Hello sleepy head” Laura said “Louise and I were just talking about what she told us earlier”

“Well I said Kate will look after her I am sure”

“Kate you me Mrs Watkins oh brother and how familiar are you with your teacher you know her name” and she laughed

I was not going to break the oath I had made to Kate those weeks past so I let the matter float past me and Laura did not seem to press it. Louise was crouched in some bushes taking a pee and I tried to get a look but was disappointed

“Hey Louise” shouted Laura “Tom wanted to see you pee”

“I’m sorry” she said “I should have thought “But if you like Tom you can dry me off”

I looked a little bewildered till she raised her skirt and indicated what she meant. I had tasted pussy but not pee and the idea was not appealing but I looked at her cunny and the chance to lick it overwhelmed me. Getting down I motioned her come forward which she did first removing her panties. Standing over me she parted her legs to allow me to gain access and I started to Lick. At first the taste was a little off putting but I soon found I got a taste for it. I greedily licked her clean and when she was satisfied I had done a good job she asked Laura to double check. Both were satisfied at my efforts and i got a kiss from both of them. Kate started to stir and started to climb into the car. As we climbed in Kate got out

“Just a moment kids I wanna pee”

I asked if I could watch her and she smiled pulled off her panties and made sure I got a good view and started to pee. When she was done she started for the leaves but I insisted I dry her off and I surprised her by licking all her pee until she was dry.

“Oh my” she exclaimed “that was the most wonderful thing ever”

She kissed me full on the lips a kiss before I had only previously got from Laura. We climbed back in the car and set off once more. With hardly a word spoken by any of us. When we finally arrived at the caravan. The girls set off to explore while I helped Kate unload the car. The caravan was quite spacious bigger than I had imagined. It had 3 bedrooms. One was a master bedroom with a double bed the other two smaller with a bed either side the door. There was a small but adequate kitchen area and a large living space which Kate said could be made into beds if required so in total it could sleep 8 people. Having stowed the baggage Kate checked the fridge it had been stocked in anticipation of our arrival and then she went outside to check the gas supply. Satisfied all was in order Kate finally sat down and relaxed.

It just seemed natural to sit beside her and she did not raise a hair when I started running my hand over her leg. Soon the hand was under her skirt and feeling the silk of her panties. We leaned into each other and kissed and cuddled for a while. This was not going to be a quick thrill at the side of the road and we both knew it. Slowly I started to unbutton her blouse while her hand massaged the outside of my pants. Removing her blouse we kissed some more before I reached around and unclasped her bra allowing her tits to swing free. I nuzzled into her breasts sucking and licking as she moaned her pleasure.

Taking her nipples in my hands I began to tweak on them a little and by the look on her face I could see she was enjoying it. Lifting me up she removed my pants and shorts and I was forced to give up on my sucking as she bent her head and started to suck on my now engorged penis. This still allowed me the opportunity to play with her tits and the more I massaged them the harder she sucked on my penis. Nothing else mattered t that moment we were just two people the only two in the whole world.

Finally I reached my peak and with due diligence Kate finished me off ensuring I was clean. I turned my attention to her now and she graciously removed her panties and skirt so now all she had on were her shoes. I urged her to remove her shoes but she wanted to keep them on. In order to be uncluttered I removed my clothes and was now naked in front of my teacher.

Kate lay on the floor and opened her legs wide so that i could get a better look at her. Before I started licking her she suddenly parted her pussy lips and I was for the first time staring inside a woman’s pussy. I had died and gone to heaven and I could not wait to engage my mouth on her outer parts. Taking my time I licked away and then I brought my fingers into play. Working my fingers in I found my whole hand nearly disappeared inside that warm and squishy cavern.

Kate was crying with lust as my hand went in her cunny

“Yes darling all of it all your hand inside me please oooooooh”

This was my teacher I had her naked and was fisting her as i later knew it to be called but at the time it was just another side to sex. It seemed ages we were there when all off a sudden she screamed

“I’m Cummmmming yesssssss oh yes “

As she screamed copious amounts of her wetness spilled out onto the carpet and down her legs. Not wishing to waste much I wasted no time in getting my tongue around the wet area and licking for all I was worth. It kept coming and coming I strained to keep up but at last the flow subsided and at the same time her breathing started to get better.

I watched her as she lay there not moving but sated. I lay beside her and we cuddled for a long time. At some point we fell asleep naked and on the floor.

It was a surprise when we woke and found it was morning we were of course still naked which sent a thought to my brain that when Laura and Louise arrived back they had to have seen us. I expected Kate to dress but she just looked at me kissed me and asked what I wanted for breakfast. I did tell her but she insisted we eat first. I laughed and started to dress but she stopped me. So there we were fixing breakfast when Louise appeared just wearing her panties.

Louise sat at the table ignoring the fact we were both naked and calmly ate her Cereal. I sat opposite with a plate of bacon and a slice of bread. I saw Kate sit down with just a cup of coffee. I was used to sitting in silence at meals so I was quiet but Kate spoke

“So what do we fancy doing today then?”

I was about to speak when Kate put her hand over my mouth

“Yes sweetie we all know what you would like to do”

Louise laughed so did we all. At this point Laura showed herself and she was naked too. Upon seeing she was the only one with clothes albeit only her panties Louise removed them. Laura had Cereal too and sat down. Kate explained we were discussing what we would do today.

“The beach” Laura asked “where is the beach we looked around and could not find it.”

“On that issue” Kate replied solemnly “there is no beach”

She explained why she had mentioned one and that was to allay suspicion on her intentions of getting Tom alone in her caravan. You my dear Laura and you sweet Louise are bonus’s I never expected. She went on to explain she had her eye on me for ages as it appeared I never mixed at school and she felt sorry for me at first then she developed a crush but because of protocol had to keep it a secret. The time was ripe when I flunked my paper and she decided to use it to her best advantage.

“Of course if any of you wish to go back I will start to pack and take you all home”

It was Louise who pied up first stating the obvious she had no home to go to and was happy to stay whatever the circumstance that led her here. Laura was second reporting that no harm was done and that she quite liked the solitude and the company. I concurred and after a handshake we all agreed to keep the status quo. That over and breakfast done the two girls set about clearing up while I attended the man’s chore check the valves to the gas and the water supply.

Kate showed me how to attend these things and once sure I understood she placed those items in my charge. Meanwhile the girls had cleaned the place nice and even the stain from our lovemaking had been cleaned. A fresh pine smell was omitting from the van and all was lovely.

The girls had dressed and so istanbul Escort had Kate so I followed suit.

“There is a little spot I know not far away we can walk in 30 minutes” said Kate “Who is up for a hike and a picnic”

We all three shouted hooray in unison and Kate with Louise’s help prepared a small feast. Kate fished out a hamper and I took time to have a chat with Laura

“So what ya think sis”


“Kate what you make of her”

“Very sexy lady” replied Laura

“Yes I replied when did you get back in “

“Oh yes last night well we saw you two makin out and decided to give you space”

“Shucks sis why didn’t ya come in”

“Well we was both so turned on watching you that we had a little fun ourselves”

She proceeded to relate how whilst watching us Louise started rubbing her own pussy and Laura soon followed suit. Once there hands were in there respective panties it was not long before the both removed there panties altogether. Next there skirts were discarded and finally there tops till they were both naked and giving each other a show.

Louise then used a hand to play with Laura and so Laura responded. It was not long before both girls were rubbing each other’s cunnies. Once they had each had an orgasm Louise wanted to play a game there was some old rope under the van and Louise asked Laura to tie her hands and throw the rope over a branch. Laura then had to tie the rope so that Louise was on tiptoes.

I was starting to get a hard on listening and Laura could see how I was getting so she removed my penis from its restraints as she continued the story and rubbing my penis in circles in the palm of her hand. After tying Louise up she had to get a branch and use it to beat Louise’s bottom till it was red. At first she did not want too but Louise insisted and so she gave in. Not wishing to hurt her friend she only hit her lightly at first but Louise begged for it harder and as her skill progressed Laura was able to hit with enough force to hurt but not cut.

As she was giving her friend this treatment Laura found herself getting more and more turned on at the sight and soon her first orgasm hit her. As for Louise the more pain she seemed to get the happier she seemed. After a few moments Louise had her orgasm and Laura stopped the punishment. At this point I was ready to cum and asked Laura to take care of it for me and being the good sister she duly obliged.

“Ahem” Katie said “when you two have quite finished can we get on with our picnic”

I blushed as she said it I blew my load into my sister’s mouth and she cleaned me up.

“Louise dear just make sure Laura done a good job there”

Louise got down and inspected my penis and to make double sure gave it a lick.

Kate being satisfied had me tuck myself away and handed me the hamper. I’m the man I carry the hamper. It was hard work keeping up with them carrying the hamper what had the put in this thing lead. We walked for what seemed hours but Kate assured us was only 30 minutes and we came across a path. Just down here she was beckoning and we followed me bringing up the rear with the hamper. All of a sudden the path opened up and we saw a small stream and a clearing.

“Put the hamper there sweetie” Kate indicated a spot and I was relieved to have got rid of my burden.

We all flopped down on the grass and Kate arranged the blanket she had carried. Placing the hamper on the blanket Kate was satisfied with her task.

“If you want to skinny dip it is fine” said Kate but the stones can be slippery so take care”

At first no one took up her suggestion but after we had rested a while Laura suddenly removed her clothing and got in the water. Waiting to see her reaction we waited.

“It’s nice” Laura remarked

Louise was next to discard her clothing and as she did I noticed there was still a red rash on her bottom from her last night’s exploits. Kate noticed it too and offered to put some lotion on it but that offer was rejected the girl saying it was nothing and would soon disappear. Satisfied Kate let the matter drop and instead removed her clothing and joined the others. Much splashing was heard and laughter as I watched the three of them naked in the water. Kate was lifting Louise in and out of the water and it was clearly visible that she took the opportunity to lift her out under her legs before throwing her back in. She then turned her attentions to Laura and gave her the same treatment.

Taking their revenge both girls turned on Kate and pushed her over into the water and jumped on her it was an amazing spectacle and soon I could not resist the urge to join them. As if on cue they all turned on me and I spent several minutes being attacked on all sides. We played this game until we felt tired and hungry and we came out the water and lay on the grass drying out. I could see the glistening wet pussies of both Laura and Louise as they lay there in the sun. Kate was meanwhile preparing some sandwiches and we were well hungry by the time we ate.

Having replenished our bodies with food we all agree that we had our fill and Kate was happy clearing away while we three strolled around exploring the territory quite naked and unashamed. Apart from the stream we came upon another clearing atop a hill and in the distance we could see a house though small so we guessed it was way off. When we got back Kate was laying down taking in the sun. We told her about the house and she told us yes it is deserted now but when she was a girl there was an old lady lived there who used to let the children play in her garden.

Kate was one of those children and she was what the old lady used to call her special children. Those were the ones who would allow the old lady to touch them and play with them in her private chamber. The old lady was especial fond of the girls and would watch them for hours playing with each other’s naked parts while the old lady would touch herself and insert objects into her own pussy. Sometimes some of the girls would be allowed to fondle the old lady, but she never touched the children. Some of the boys were allowed to jerk off on her naked torso. It came to an end when a cry baby kid told his mom and the lady was arrested and sent to prison where she died.

Since that day the site has been fenced off to keep out unwelcome visitors because the house is about in ruins and needs a lot of repair. We listened to her story with mouths agape and at the end we were feeling a little horny and Louise had already had her hands in her pussy. Laura had followed suit and both were gasping heavily. Kate saw this as a sign to go over and taking each of them she turned them round facing her from the rear. Asking each one to bend over and as they did she knelt down so her head was inches from their bottoms.

With skilled fingers she opened up the ass cheeks of my sister and started licking around her bum hole. Louise kept her position while Kate ministered to Laura. When she was done with Laura the same thing was done to Louise and this time Laura stood stock still bent over. When Kate had licked Louise’s bum she put a finger from each hand in her mouth and licked it to wet. She then took those fingers and inserted one each to a waiting and willing bum hole.

Louise hardly flinched as the finger was inserted in her bottom. Laura however was not so sure and at first she made little movements that Kate had to correct to remain fingering her bottom. Eventually shock gave way to pleasure and my sister was starting to enjoy herself. Kate kept removing the finger then licking it again and re-inserting into the bum it had come out of. Both girls were squealing with delight at this intrusion. Laura and Louise both were pushing back on the inserted finger to get more of the sensation.

I watched fascinated as my sisters bottom wriggled and writhed at this assault and her squeals of appreciation had me in ecstasy so much so that without even touching myself I suddenly shot a load of my cum all over the grass. Kate had noticed my predicament but was attending to Louise and Laura and there was nothing she could do. Having ensured there bottoms were receptive she had me open the hamper and to my amazement there were several assorted penis shaped objects. She asked me to hand her two of them which I did and she inserted one each into a receptive well worked bottom.

The girls were ordered to clamp their muscles round the device and this was to be a contest the first one to lose her object was to have complete reign upon the other for 1 hr the loser having to do what the winner wanted. The grim determination on both faces not to be the loser was a joy to watch and I thought it was going to end in a draw as little by little the penis shaped objects slipped out. It was close but Laura lost hers first so Louise was the winner and Laura was subject to Louise’s whims.

Eager to start Louise ordered Laura to stand up and spread her legs. Louise then took one of the penis shaped objects and inserted it into Laura’s pussy. She wriggled it around making poor Laura scream and at intervals would remove it and have Laura lick her own juices. Kate had started administering to me now so as I was watching this spectacle I was being fondled first she would squeeze my balls and massage my penis which even though I had just shot a load was coming back to life. Then she did something amazing she took my penis and placed it on her chest and squeezed it between her breasts makin it slide out in and out of a groove.

Meanwhile Laura was on all fours with the penis object in her ass and Louise was pushing it further and further in till it had almost disappeared. Laura was moaning with ecstasy. Just as she got it all in Louise started to remove it till just the tip was at Laura’s entrance then just as suddenly she pushed it in again. This was done over and over again Laura’s knees were beginning to buckle under her but Louise would not stop her assault. My tit wank was sending me into spasms and I was no better off than sister I was having great difficulty standing.

Kate the bid me to lay on the grass still so I could see my sister being pounded and I lay as instructed. Kate the straddled me so I could see her face and as she got closer she gingerly placed my penis at her entrance and without a word of warning sat down. My breath was taken at this move here I was my penis embedded in Kate’s pussy. She started to lift herself up and lower herself down and as she found her rhythm the pace increased my penis was in rapture in its warm n cosy environment. Things had heated up on the Laura front too Louise was smacking Laura’s ass and I could see the redness of the cheeks as my sister was spanked. The same redness that I saw on Louise’s ass this morning at breakfast.

As the sight became more and more exciting and the pressure on my penis increased I shot my load into Kate’s Pussy. As I unloaded a grateful Kate bent over and kissed me full on the lips and whispered that I had made her the happiest woman on earth. The assault on Laura was about over and as Louise helped my sister recover I saw the look of delight on Laura’s face. I asked if she enjoyed it and her words were yes she did and it would gladly do it all again and asked me if I liked watching her. I assured her I did and she blew me a kiss.

With the day getting late Kate had us all get dressed and we walked back to the Caravan this time it was no drudge to carry the Hamper.

And that is how we spent the most of our summer vacation. Kate got pregnant and had to leave her job but I saw a lot of her outside school hours Laura and I would go to her house and stay over weekends. The baby was born a year later and it was a little girl. A year after she had another one again a girl. No one suspected I was the father and it was assumed she had a secret lover and Kate did nothing to dispel that myth.

Louise lived with Kate for several years until she and Laura found a space of their own. When I was 17 I left home and set up permanent with Kate only then did the penny drop by that time I had two lovely daughters. Kate and I are now contemplating using them to teach them sex as any good mother and father should. We still have the Caravan and we are planning a trip up there in the next summer break. Aunty Laura and Aunty Louise are of course invited.

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