The Carpet Layer’s Club Ch. 02

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The next day, Christina brought me to the home of The Carpet Layer’s Club president, Jamie. She was a tall blonde beauty, with long legs and curves in all the right places. Her 36c breasts were rounded and flawless. Jamie was every bit the most popular girl at their school, and of course, very bisexual. The events of Jamie’s dates with the boys were talked over daily by the upper echelon of school and her calendar was usually filled months in advance.

There were seven other girls in attendance at the meeting. I knew their names and was dumbstruck that all of them were either bi or lesbians. There was Jenni, the short-haired blonde; Stephanie, the sexy light-skinned Dominican who was more into girls than boys; Megan, who had similar attributes to Jenni; Nicole, who looked younger than 18 in the face but had the body of a 21 year old; Lauren, whose breasts rivaled those of Jamie’s; Tiffany, a brunette who has an affinity for sucking cock and pussy in the same sex session; and Ashley, the shortest girl of them all at 4’10”, who was running her hands on her thighs while eyeing my breasts. All had caught my eye during school and now here they were, all in one room.

I was horny. I had been horny since before having sex with Christina, was horny after Christina left, and last night I fingered my juicy pussy to two orgasms before drifting off to sleep. Seeing all of these beautiful young women all looking at me with smiles on their faces and lust in their eyes was a little too much. My panties, a satiny pink thong, was starting to dampen at the thoughts of having sex with all of these girls, only a day after my first sexual experience with a female.

Jamie then called the meeting to order, and the other eight girls looked to their designated leader.

“This meeting of The Carpet Layer’s Club will come to order. Before we ask the Secretary of the Panties to take the role, we have to give a warm Carpet Layer’s Club welcome to our initiate, Amelia,” she said, and all of the girls clapped twice before blowing me a kiss. Then they put their right hands to their mouths, separated their index and middle fingers before sticking their tongues out and wiggling them. My pussy started to get even wetter, knowing that this little action was like licking a pussy. Jamie continued her opening remarks.

“Amelia, so you know, the club was formed a few years ago by the bisexual and lesbian women of our school as a way to experiment and to enjoy the company of girls without the prying eyes of boys. Our name was taken this way: carpet because some people call a hairy pussy a carpet; layer’s because we all like to get laid,” she winked at me, and all of the girls giggled at her remarks. “So, just relax and enjoy yourself. We only ask that you don’t speak a word of the club to anyone, especially those pesky boys!”

The girls laughed a little more, and I quickly agreed to those terms.

“So, let’s begin our meeting. First order of business. Would the Secretary of the Panties please take the role?”

I admit, I was stumped and wondered what the Secretary of the Panties was. I soon found out.

Nicole stood. Her 5’5″ frame seemed to tower over the other girls at that moment. Her hips were rounded curves, her breasts stood out like a sore thumb. But her long blonde hair shimmered in the soft light of the large room where they were meeting.

“When I call your name, please acknowledge by saying here, then stand up and show us your panties,” Katherine said, smiling. “President Jamie.”

“Here,” Jamie said, before she stood in front of the assembled ladies. She unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them, letting them fall down her legs. I saw the black front of her panties, barely covering her pubic area. She turned around so I could see her perfect ass, and I got an eyeful of the T-shaped top of her thong. She sat down, not bothering to pick her jeans up.

The role continued. Nicole, as Secretary of the Panties, went next. She shucked her khaki skirt off and was standing in a lilac thong. Jenni was next, and she was in a pair of blue bikini panties. The rest of the girls were called: Ashley in a red g-string; Stephanie in a white g-string; Lauren in a yellow thong; Megan and Tiffany were wearing matching green panties – Megan in a thong, Tiffany in a g-string. Christina was called next, and she shocked me when she took her shorts off. She was bare under her shorts, not a stitch of underwear to be found. Her pussy was nice and shaved clean; apparently she had taken a razor to it before the meeting.

“Amelia, why don’t you be a dear and show us your panties,” Katherine said, and all of the girls giggled a little. I blushed at her request. I then stood up slowly, before Jamie interrupted.

“Why don’t you do a little dance while taking off your pants? It would give us a thrill and since you’re the new girl, that’s what we want,” she said, smiling as the girls heartily agreed to her statement.

Christina, sitting to my left in only her white bursa escort t-shirt, nodded to me, telling me it was okay. I started to sway a little before Tiffany began to hum “The Stripper” song. The rest of the girls joined in, getting louder. It was turning me on, performing for these girls. I swung my hips to the left as I inched my pants down, showing the hem of my pale pink bikinis. I turned around and shook my ass as I dropped the pants. The girls applauded for me, and I bowed for them.

I sat down among the girls, all of us without pants. Christina assured me this was normal in the club.

“Now,” Jamie continued, “next on the agenda is the ‘who you’ve fucked this week’ portion. Amelia, this is where we tell everyone who we’ve had sex with. Normally everyone here fucks someone at least once a week, be it a boyfriend, a girlfriend or a fuck friend. Why don’t we start with you?”

I was a little shocked that she would start with me, but being the initiate, I expected it.

“Well, I hadn’t had sex at all this week until yesterday. Christina here give me a pre-initiation of my own,” I said, stunning the girls a little. For some reason, I knew exactly what to say to these women. “We fucked each other until we couldn’t cum anymore. She brought over a strap on and we fucked each other’s pussies and I fucked her tits. I licked her ass cheeks a little too, because I’ve just been fascinated with it. I made her cum, rubbing her g-spot. We just had a whole lot of fun.”

Several girls were rubbing their shirts over their breasts, a few had their legs pulled together. But I had each and every one of them on the edge of their seat.

“Was it your first time with a girl?” Megan asked, her green panties getting a little darker.

“Yeah, it was better than I expected,” I said, reminiscing about yesterday’s antics in my bedroom. I clenched my own thighs again.

The girls were murmuring with keen interest as I told my tale. Jamie sat in her chair with her legs spread, her right hand dipping to the front of her panties. She was making light circles with her fingertips and I could tell she was enjoying this. Nicole was touching her breasts, and several of the others were sitting closely together. I noticed that some of them were touching each other’s legs. I made a mental note to find out if they were together.

Lauren told the group about her girlfriend Jenna from another school, about how the duo had fooled around with each other when Jenna’s boyfriend had walked in. She said in clear detail how they got off of the bed and walked over to him naked and proceeded to take his clothes off. Lauren had her hand inside her panties at this point; all of the other girls, including myself, were rubbing the outside of our panties. I was maintaining a good rhythm of pressure around my clit and I could feel an orgasm building. I truly didn’t want to be the first one to cum today, although I had the feeling I would be doing a lot of cumming in the next few hours regardless if I came first, second or third.

All of the girls ended up telling a good tale, but Christina shocked me when she said she had her pussy reamed by Bobby Taylor, the kicker for the football team, behind the fieldhouse three days ago. She had not told me this, but then it dawned on me that she had skipped lunch that day and had returned to history class with a huge smile on her face. By now my pussy was dripping, and Christina’s pussy, on display for everyone in the room, was looking puffy and excited.

“Oooooh, I’m just a little too horny now,” Jamie said, and all of us giggled, myself included. I too was feeling extremely aroused and I saw that the girls were arching their backs slightly, as if they were pressing their nipples against their bras to keep them stimulated. “Let’s show each other how horny we all are.”

The girls stood up and began to take their panties off, and one by one the floor became littered with underwear. Jamie went one step further and pulled her top off, revealing braless breasts. The president of The Carpet Layers Club was stark naked in front of us all with no embarrassment at all. And with a body like that, she had no reason to be embarrassed.

I caught myself staring at Jamie and she saw me looking at her. She smiled and winked at me. Then she said something that really shocked me.

“It’s time to give Amelia her initiation into the club. Amelia, lay down on the floor and be prepared to eat all of our pussies. It called the “Lick the Linoleum Initiation.” Something my mom taught us,” Jamie noted with the sly grin on her face.

With shaky legs I stood up and walked to the center of the room. I got down on my knees before turning over and laying flat on my back. My heart was racing; I had never been so nervous. I had only eaten Christina’s pussy the day before, and I was expected not 24 hours later to eat the pussy of not only Christina, but also of Jamie, Nicole, Tiffany, Lauren, Jenni, Megan, Stephanie and Ashley çanakkale escort as well. Well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

My eyes were darting around as I looked at the ceiling, then all nine girls got on their knees surrounding me on the floor. They were giggling and smiling at me, rubbing their hands on my arms before Megan had me take my shirt off. As I was in a sitting position, Stephanie unclasped my bra and took it off of me. She grabbed my shoulders and lowered me to the floor, and when I was finally laying down, all of the girls started rubbing my body. Nine pairs of hands explored my flesh, taking in the curves of my breasts, the tautness of my tummy, the silky smooth skin around my pussy. One girl – I think it was Lauren – was lightly masturbating me, slowly rubbing my outer lips while dragging a finger along the crease. I was beyond wet now.

As president, Jamie went first. She placed her pussy on my face and I started licking her. She moaned as I slowly licked the lips, then separated the lips with two fingers. Her clit was sticking right out at me as I began to gently nibble on her inner pelvis, catching the sensitive spots by grazing my teeth over them. My tongue then went into overdrive, speeding up the intensity of my licking prowess. For only the second pussy I had ever licked, I was licking like a pro. Not to pat myself on the back, but by the way she was moaning and whimpering, I think I deserve some of the credit.

Jamie moved her hips around my face as she said she was about to cum. I took a little bit of pride in making her cum on my tongue and soon I tasted her juices. The girls were holding her up as she came, and then pulled her off my tongue. Her eyes were half closed, her hair plastered to her face with sweat Her mouth was open slightly, her breathing coming in short breaths. As they sat her down, her hand went to her pussy. She groaned as she touched her clit; I suppose I licked her until it had became sensitive. She spooned out a little bit of her cum before bringing it to her mouth for a taste. She gave an “mmmmmmm” of pleasure while she rubbed herself again.

Lauren took her place on my face. I looked into her puffy pussy and did the same to her, but Lauren grabbed the back of my head and pressed it against her groin. I started to breathe through my nose as I licked her. She was groaning and breathing through clenched teeth. She was directing this licking. My tongue was darting around her pussy, wiggling inside the deep wet crevice. I liked the taste of Lauren, she was sweet and tangy to sip on. As I licked her, my nose was brushing against her clit and it seemed as she was moving my head so that my nose would always be in contact with her clit, even if it was in circles or just rubbing it a certain way.

Her juices were running out of my mouth as I tried to lick all of them up. She hadn’t had an orgasm just yet, but she was so wet it was hard to lick all of it and swallow it. I could feel it spilling out of her pussy onto my cheeks, rubbing down them to the sides of my throat. Some even got in my hair.

I was just nibbling of her vaginal walls when Lauren announced she was cumming. A rush of cum flooded my mouth and I drank as much as I could. She raised herself off my face slightly and stuck her fingers deep inside her. She dragged out a little bit of cum and put her fingers to my mouth, ordering me to lick it. I sucked on her finger like it was a cock, swirling my tongue around it. Then she got off me, knelt down, and then bent over to give me a soulful kiss. Our tongues mingled through the taste of her and Jamie’s cum. She moaned throughout the kiss, and I moaned too as her hands brushed my boobs.

As the afternoon progressed, I continued to eat their pussies, with my lovely Christina being the last girl for me to suck and lick. I especially enjoyed Megan’s pussy. She was like Lauren: a little rough with me when I was licking her. She was ordering me to eat her pussy while she bent back and started to diddle my clit. I had to admit that I was glad she did, as I was so incredibly horny from licking my news friends’ pussies that I needed a release from my own built up sexual energy.

By the time I was finished eating all nine pussies, my tongue was very tired. My face and neck were covered with the remnants of sticky cum and I was clearly out of breath. Then Jamie got between my legs and started to lick my pussy, while Stephanie and Ashley started sucking on my full breasts. The feeling of two mouths on my nipples was exquisite, and Jamie’s expert tongue was splitting me in two as she was bathing my clit with her saliva. The other girls were standing behind Jamie, their hands running on each other’s bodies. Lauren was feeling up Nicole while Christina was on her knees, lightly lapping at Tiffany’s tasty folds. Jenni surprised me, as she was situated behind Jamie wearing a smaller version of Christina’s strap on and she was fucking her with it. Her hands were on Jamie’s hips didim escort and she was rocking her pelvis back and forth, sliding the fake cock into her pussy. Jamie was moaning into my pussy, but kept contact with my clit as the dildo was sawing into her.

Stephanie and Ashley were looking at each other while sucking on my nipples. Ashley licked around and around the soft circle around my nipple, flicking it with her tongue before she clamped her mouth down on it. Stephanie did the same to my right tit while cupping it. My nipples felt extremely hard by now, and they were already sensitive from Christina pinching them yesterday.

Soon I was cumming from the combined efforts of the three girls. My whole body was on fire as it reeled with pleasure. I was whimpering and moaning as my pussy was licked and my nipples were tongued. Jamie had her face buried in my pussy and the vibrations from her own moans were driving me insane. As her tongue started licking my clit, I started to cum. It was a very long orgasm and my body seemed to have little spasms. I stopped shaking when Stephanie and Ashley removed their mouths from my breasts. Jamie’s mouth was slowly lapping up my cum from my pussy.

After Jamie detached her tongue from my sweet pussy, the president rose from the floor and said, “Now that we’ve all initiated Amelia properly, can we have the vote? By a show of hands, who here believes we should allow membership to The Carpet Layer’s Club to Amelia?”

One by one the girls raised their hands and I was welcomed into the club. I learned their secret codes including the not so difficult tongue between the fingers. They all hugged me and kissed me, sliding their tongues into my mouth. The press of bare tits against my own was getting me horny again.

“Ok, who has the strap on?” I asked. Jenni has removed it and had handed it to Megan, who was slipping into it. Another strap on materialized around Stephanie’s waist, and another around Tiffany’s. Soon, there were five strap ons – Lauren and Jamie also sported thick fake cocks – and five girls were either on their hands and knees or laying on their backs. I was on my hands and knees. Megan came up behind me and proceeded to rub the head of the dildo against my wet pussy lips. I whined to her, hoping privately that she was about to fuck me very hard.

She pushed the head into me and I grunted, gritting my teeth as the thick dildo entered my pussy. It was a matter of moments until she started fucking me, slowly building up speed as my pussy got used to the intruder. She then held onto my hips, letting her momentum carry her waist into me. She was sweating as she pummeled my pussy, the droplets running down her body, clinging to her breasts.

I was also sweating, the motions of moving back and forth against the dildo heating my body. We were moving like a well-tuned machine, almost like the way Christina and I moved yesterday. And speaking of Christina, she caught my eye, getting fucked by Stephanie’s strap on. She was on her back, with Stephanie on top in the missionary position. Her hips were pistoning in and out of her pussy and they were kissing. My heart had a pang of jealousy, but I was also getting fucked and it didn’t seem to me that she was jealous of me. She was enjoying herself and I was too.

The room was filled with moans: Jamie was fucking Nicole doggy style and Lauren was fucking Jenni doggy style too; in fact, the couples were facing each other, allowing Jenni and Nicole to kiss each other and feel up their tits. Tiffany was on top of Ashley, with Ashley’s legs wrapped around Tiffany’s waist. The air was filled with sex, the smell of pussies getting fucked. The moans intensified as the speed of fucking increased and the girls were having simultaneous orgasms; well, within two minutes of each other.

After the girls pulled the dildos out, they did not wipe them off. Jamie said, “Now, the girls who were doing the fucking, take your dildos off and suck them. Clean them all off.”

All of the girls listened to the leader of the club, who already had the dildo unstrapped and in her mouth. She had relaxed her throat muscles and had the dildo deep throated. Megan had the dildo we were using in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the fake phallus. Stephanie was tasting Christina’s cum, while Lauren and Tiffany shared a dildo, tasting the juices of Ashley and Jenni.

We then broke into partners and retreated to separate love seats; I was with my Christina, Jamie with Jenni, Lauren with Stephanie, Ashley with Nicole and Megan with Tiffany. Christina straddled my lap as we began to kiss. After a few minutes of tonguing my best friend’s mouth, I noticed that everyone in the room was making out. I didn’t want to stop making out with Christina, just in case Jamie told us to change partners.

We kissed, looking into each other’s eyes. I ran my fingers through her hair. She tried to run hers through mine, even though it was stuck together by the cum of various girls.

“I love you, Christina,” I said, noticing her catch her breath as I said it.

“I love you too, Ames. But remember, we fuck all the girls in the club and some girls and boys out of it. We have to find you a boy to fuck too,” she said, winking at me.

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