The Chair Ch. 17

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It had been several weeks since their experience in the elevator during the blackout. During this time, he had been busy working on the finishing touches to an enhancement to The Chair. He was now anxious to test it out. It had been almost a month since either he or the redhead had used The Chair.

When he called her and told her that The Chair was ready for another test run, she told him that she would be over shortly. She also proposed an idea to him. She suggested that they contact the couple they had met on the plane on the way back from the AdultCon Expo. The couple had been at the expo and seen the demonstration of The Chair featuring Briana Banks. Remembering the redhead’s account of what had transpired with the brunette in the restroom, he readily agreed. She told him that she would call her while he arranged everything for their evening of sexual fun.

When the redhead arrived, he was about to shut the door behind her when she told him that Dawn (the brunette from the plane) was right behind her. After closing the door, he finally had time to fully appreciate the brunette standing before him. She stood about 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighed about 115 pounds, her breasts were about a 34C, and her hair with blonde highlights was primarily straight, falling to between her shoulders and elbows. As he fixed them all a drink, she explained that she was currently separated from her “on-again off-again” boyfriend. Being that she hadn’t had sex in 3 weeks, she jumped at the invitation when the redhead called her. They found out that she too was a topless dancer. When she told them where she worked, he realized that he had seen her several years ago. He remembered that she used to lean over the brass railing and swing back and forth with her long hair cascading almost to the floor. When he mentioned this, she confirmed that that is a move that she regularly does, especially during the summer where it helps her cool off while performing on the hot stage.

Since she was the guest, it was decided that Dawn would get to try The Chair first. They offered her the option of choosing the attachments, but she declined, opting instead to be surprised. The redhead then escorted her to The Chair and waited for her to undress. Once Dawn was naked she sat in The Chair and the redhead began fastening the cuffs. As he prepared the computer, he watched as the redhead’s hands lightly brushed up the brunette’s leg as she moved from fastening the ankle cuffs to fastening the thigh cuffs.

Once Dawn’s arms and legs were secured, the redhead reached around from behind The Chair and pulled and pinched the brunette’s nipples until they were nice and erect. She then pulled the newly modified nipple clamps from the storage compartment. These clamps were similar to previously in that they were attached to a cable that ran over a pulley, but there was now a small cylinder hanging off each clamp. The cylinders had 2 electrical wires that ran into the base of The Chair. As the redhead fastened the first clamp on Dawn’s nipple, the brunette let out a little gasp. As the redhead attached the clamp to the other nipple, Dawn bit her lower lip to keep from crying out. It wasn’t that the pain was unbearable, it was just a sudden shock.

The redhead then placed a blindfold over Dawn’s eyes so she couldn’t see what attachments the redhead was selecting and fitting on the penetration units. Once she was finished, the redhead quickly ran her fingers between the lips of Dawn’s pussy. She jokingly told Dawn that she just wanted to make sure that she was ready for the experience of a lifetime. She then removed the blindfold and stepped away from The Chair, joining him over at the computer.

With the redhead now safely by his side, he verified that Dawn was ready to begin. After she confirmed that she was ready, he started the computer program running. Dawn heard the motors in The Chair begin to whir and then she felt The Chair begin to recline. At the same time her legs were being straightened and separated. When her body was aligned straight with her legs and inclined at a 30-degree angle, her arms were then stretched out straight from her sides. Her legs were then spread apart even more. Dawn thought to herself how the sensations she was experiencing were exquisite. She had gotten so accustomed to the dull throbbing from the nipple clamps that she almost forgot she had them on. That was until they began slowly vibrating.

This was one of the recent modifications that he had made to The Chair. The cylinders attached to the nipple clamps contained the variable speed vibrating mechanisms. Each clamp could be controlled individually, from no vibration all the way up through 5 different speed settings. Dawn had always enjoyed having her nipples played with and she was already very aroused when the vibrations jumped to the third level. This alone came close to triggering her first orgasm. Then she heard another motor begin to whir görükle escort in the base of The Chair as one of the thrusting units began moving into position.

The attachment the redhead had put on the primary thrusting unit appeared to be a simple dildo. It did not have any moving parts, was not extraordinarily long, and was not much wider than any normal dildo. There was however one unique feature of this unit. Embedded in the tip of the dildo was a miniature CCD camera. A white light ring around the lens was fed by fiber optic cables that would supply light from a unit concealed within the base of The Chair. The video image from this camera was being fed to a VCR and also to the large screen TV positioned in front of The Chair. He had purposely positioned Dawn at this angle and facing the TV so that she could watch as the mechanical device probed her inner depths. Because of the extreme close focus range required, the image on the screen was just one big flesh colored blur until the unit was almost inside her. Then all of a sudden her clean-shaven pussy appeared on the screen in extreme close-up.

Just as the unit started to enter her, the video image clearly showed her pussy lips being pushed aside making way for the video dildo. As it pushed its way further inside, the image on the screen momentarily turned dark before the camera automatically adjusted the light output through the ring. If one didn’t know where the camera was, based on the screen image alone, you would think it was entering a narrow cave with damp pink walls.

Dawn found it strangely erotic watching herself being penetrated. Of course the feel of the dildo as it pushed its way further inside her was also very arousing. As the dildo began to press against her cervix, the image on the screen went black as no light could shine in front of the lens. The Chair began to withdraw the thrusting unit until only the tip remained inside her. Then it began a long slow rhythmic thrusting. The VCR continued to record the dildo’s erotic journey as its pace accelerated. The brunette held firmly in The Chair’s clutches felt herself nearing orgasm. Suddenly the nipple clamps increased the intensity of their vibrations to the maximum setting, causing her to climax. At the same time, the video dildo stopped moving and held itself in position halfway inside her. As her orgasm rippled through her, you could actually see the walls of her pussy contract on the screen. Suddenly the image looked like a scene from an Irwin Allen disaster movie, as the lens was quickly awash in a sea of vaginal fluid. She had cum so hard that she had ejaculated, but with the dildo in place like a cork in a bottle, there was nowhere for the fluid to go. He typed a couple of commands into the computer keyboard and the dildo began to slowly remove itself from her pussy. As soon as it had withdrawn completely, the buildup of fluid began to flow out of her and onto The Chair. These images were captured by both the video dildo and the overhead camera.

As the last of her contractions racked her body, the nipple clamps stopped vibrating and the primary thrusting unit withdrew beneath The Chair. The redhead then stepped forward and removed the nipple clamps from Dawn’s now tender breasts. She then bent down and took the right nipple between her lips to pleasantly soothe it’s suffering with her tongue. At the same time she used her hand on Dawn’s left nipple. She then switched sides and used her tongue on Dawn’s left nipple and her hand on the right one. When the redhead removed her mouth from her left nipple, Dawn thought her experience in The Chair was drawing to a close. But she soon learned she was mistaken as the redhead removed the large nipple cups from storage and positioned them over each of the brunette’s breasts.

She experienced a pleasant mild pain as the cups were seated and a little suction was applied to her nipples. She was devoting all her attention to the sensations her breasts were now receiving as the suction would increase, decrease, and even pulsate. Looking down she saw that her breasts were now pulled into the clear glass cylinders. She was fascinated with the way her breast looked packed tightly into the cylinders with her nipples distended. Suddenly her attention refocused as she felt the cold lubricant being sprayed liberally over her bald pussy.

Looking down between the cylinders attached to her breasts she saw the thrusting unit nearing her pussy. This time the attachment was the wide vibrator with two rows of nubs spiraling around the exterior surface. Her lips gave way easily as this mechanical intruder forced its way inside of her. The thrusting unit came to a stop just after the nubs had made their way past her outer lips. They then began to slow rotate around the phallus, stimulating her sensitive nerve endings. She was almost about to climax when the unit in her pussy also began to vibrate. This sent her over the edge and eskort bayan she began a powerful series of orgasms that lasted for two minutes. During this time, the penetration unit had now begun to thrust as well as vibrate and spiral.

As she had closed her eyes during the last several blissful moments, she had not noticed that the redhead had disrobed and climbed on top of the chair. When she opened her eyes, the first site she saw was that of the redhead’s naked pussy descending toward her mouth. As the redhead steadied herself on The Chair with one hand, with the fingers of the other, she spread her vaginal lips as she lowered herself onto Dawn’s anxiously waiting tongue. She knew instantly that this was not the first time Dawn had eaten pussy. While Dawn continued her superb oral technique on her, the redhead reached forward and released the suction from the nipple cups on the brunette’s breasts. She then had to tug quite hard to free Dawn’s breasts from their glass prisons. The redhead massaged Dawn’s breasts for several minutes while she continued to enjoy the feel of the girl’s lips and tongue on her private areas. The redhead then leaned forward on top of Dawn such that she was now face to face with the brunette’s bald pussy, with the penetration unit still thrusting, vibrating and spiraling inside of her. Not wanting to get in the way of the thrusting unit, the redhead went to work on Dawn’s engorged clit with her tongue. It only took a few lashes of the redhead’s tongue before Dawn climaxed again. Almost simultaneously the redhead started a massive orgasm. As she came, she flooded the brunette’s mouth with her womanly nectar. After lying there for nearly 5 minutes for their orgasms to subside, the redhead climbed off of The Chair and began the process of releasing Dawn. As the redhead helped Dawn from The Chair, Dawn hugged the redhead tightly, their naked supple breasts pressing erotically against each other. They then exchanged a passionate French kiss. Each of them could taste themselves on the other’s lips.

Dawn and the redhead sat on the couch while he fetched them each a drink to replenish the fluids they had lost. When he returned with their drinks, the two girls were both lounging on the couch completely naked. Neither girl had thought it necessary to cover up, as they had just been naked for more than the past half-hour. Once they had finished their drinks, the redhead announced that it was time for him to test the other new attachment for The Chair.

As the redhead prepared the computer program, Dawn escorted him to The Chair and helped him undress. As she helped slide his pants and underwear down his legs, she was suitably impressed with the size of his member. And at this point, he was only semi-erect. The Chair was now in the flat bed position. As he lay on The Chair, he instructed her how to fasten the cuffs securely on his arms and legs. As she fastened the cuffs, she would “accidentally” brush her arm or breast against his dick as she reached across his body.

When the redhead had finished at the computer console, she joined them at The Chair. From the storage compartment beneath The Chair, she withdrew a series of chrome-plated rings and a hex wrench. Using the wrench, she removed two screws from each ring. Once the screws were removed, the rings came apart in half. The redhead then put the two halves of the first ring back together. This time with his ball sack cradled in the open center. She then had Dawn repeat the procedure with the other ring. This ring was positioned lower on the sack, closer to his testicles. The redhead then moved the modified thrusting unit into position just shy of the lower ring around his testicles. She then slid a threaded rod through holes on each side of the rings. The other end of each rod was secured into the new attachment. The attachment resembled a flat disc but it had two places where the threaded rods could be secured. The disc was actually a small gear motor that would spin the rods at the same speed. As the rods are turned, the distance between the two rings slowly increases thereby stretching the occupant’s balls. This attachment was actually inspired by a manual ball stretcher that he had seen photos of on the internet several years ago. The computer also had several safeguards built in to prevent his testicles from being ripped from his body.

Dawn and the redhead then attached the vibrating nipple clamps to his nipples. The redhead then returned to the computer and started the program. As was now customary, The Chair stretched his arms tightly out to the sides. The lower part of The Chair then spread his legs apart until his knees were almost two feet apart. The nipple clamps then began to vibrate mildly at the first setting. Simultaneously The Chair began to tilt until he was in ideal orientation for the camera to record the inaugural test of the ball stretcher. His penis was fully erect, as it altıparmak escort had been since the two girls had attached the chrome rings. The nipple clamps increased their intensity to the third level, temporarily distracting his attention from the rings around his testicles. The motor on the thrusting unit began to slowly turn the rods, causing the two rings above his balls to slowly separate. The sensation was tolerable, almost negligible, until the two rings were separated by a little over one inch. Then the sensation changed to a constant tugging at his balls. The resistance encountered, caused the motor to slow down even further. As the rings continued to separate at a slow rate, his cock began to jump out of excitement. When the rings were one and a half inches apart, the pleasant pressure changed to pain. When he told the redhead, she stopped the unit from increasing the separation. With the rings now motionless, he laid there at a 30-degree incline. His dick sticking straight out from his body, obscenely jumping periodically.

Dawn had remained beside The Chair since attaching the nipple clamps to him. She had been fascinated watching the stretching in progress. She had been so aroused in fact that she had unconsciously begun to rub her clit as she watched. Of course part of this excitement was due to the fact that she had recently experienced The Chair. They had noted that every female that experiences The Chair soon “suffers” an insatiable, almost uncontrollable desire for sex with a real person. Dawn proved to be no exception. As she stood there rubbing her clit and watching his dick throb, she knew she had to have it. Without any warning, she climbed on top of him, straddled his stomach, and began inching her way down to his penis. She had her arms around his neck to hold herself in position on the inclined chair. Once she made contact with the tip of the head, she couldn’t control herself anymore and she quickly impaled herself on the full length of his cock. She had never felt as full or satisfied as she did at this moment. As she sat motionless, she could feel his dick throbbing within her pussy. Suddenly the nipple clamps pressed between their chests jumped to the maximum intensity. This caused Dawn to climax again. As her pussy clamped down on his dick, he began to cum, shooting his seed deep within her. With each spasm of his dick, he would shoot more into her already overflowing pussy. Dawn felt each blast as it occurred. After some fifteen or so such blasts, it ceased. Although his dick remained hard and continued to throb within her, he was no longer cumming.

He then felt something moving the mechanism attached to his balls but he could not see that it was the redhead disconnecting the threaded rods from the motor. This left the stretching mechanism attached to him, holding his balls stretched from his body, but allowed the motor and its support arm to be moved out of the way. Once she moved the motor away from his balls, she ran the sharp tips of her fingernails over the taut skin covering his balls.

Dawn was also unaware of the actions of the redhead behind her, but when the redhead ran her fingernails over his balls, Dawn felt the corresponding throbbing of his dick inside her. This was all the encouragement she needed to convince her to continue fucking him. She now began to slide herself up and down his cock, since in his bound condition he was not able to thrust. With each downward move, a small stream of cum would run out of her pussy.

As Dawn began riding his still hard cock and he was still bound to The Chair, there wasn’t anything he could do except lay there and enjoy it. Then he felt the warm wet tongue of the redhead as she began licking his constricted balls. After they were completely bathed in her saliva, he felt her tongue as she licked her way past the two chrome rings and came in contact with the base of his dick. A moment later Dawn stopped sliding on his cock. Dawn then pulled herself against his chest, placed her head next to his, and began moaning in ecstasy. The redhead had begun licking both his dick and Dawn’s pussy while Dawn continued to fuck him. She was licking up every drop of cum that seeped from Dawn’s pussy. The redhead knew what she was doing. Soon Dawn was nearing climax again, as she was humping his hard cock and being licked by the redhead. The redhead then thrust her index finger deep into his ass as Dawn began to orgasm. This unexpected sensation triggered another orgasm of his own. Although there wasn’t much cum this time, the force of his ejaculation was greater than any he had ever experienced.

Dawn just laid there on top of him for the next five minutes before moving. As she laid there, her pussy continued to milk his cock dry. During this time, the redhead had unfastened the cuffs that secured his arms and wrists. She also loosened the threaded rods, bringing the two rings closer together before removing them from his testicles. When Dawn finally began to stir, the redhead helped her dismount him before she released the cuffs from his thighs and ankles. The three of them then quickly made their way to the bedroom with their arms around each other, he in the middle with a girl on either side of him.

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