The Couch

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I was home alone, sitting on my couch, watching TV.

My parents were gone for the weekend, celebrating their anniversary, and my brother was out on a date. Well, he was supposed to be.

I hear car doors slamming outside and in a few minutes my brother walks through the door with his new girlfriend, who I have never seen before. She’s a medium height, curvy blond, with a lacy camisole and jean skirt. My brother gives me a look that says “why the hell are you here?” Well, I am here, so he’ll just have to deal.

He breaks his glare as the cell phone in his pocket starts to vibrate. He looks at the caller ID and tells whoever this girl is that he’s sorry but he has to take this call. It’s probably his boss, who my brother argues with constantly. Seriously, I don’t even see why he hasn’t been fired yet.

Anyway, my brother flips open the phone and runs quickly upstairs. The blond, spotting me, walks over to the couch and sits down next to me.

“Hi, my name’s Gina,” she tells me enthusiastically.

“I’m Alexis” I reply as I glance at her and then turn back to the television.

“So, your brother tells me you’re a sophomore this year?”

“Yep.” She looks like she’s probably a senior, like my brother.

“You have a boyfriend?” she asks.

“Yah.” As you can see, I’m just enthralled with this conversation.

“Aw, why aren’t you two out tonight?”

“He’s out of town this weekend.”

“So… how far have you two gotten?”

This totally blows me out of the water. I wasn’t really paying attention to what she’s been saying, but now I’m all ears, and definitely alarmed. She notices my discomfort. “Sorry, I don’t mean to be to forward… I was just wondering…”

The look on her face makes me answer truthfully “Never past second base.”

“Really?” she replies, scooting closer. “That’s a shame… such a pretty girl like you.”

Now my heart is racing, and I can’t scoot over anymore, seeing as I’m already up against the armrest. Gina reaches out and softly strokes my cheek; I shudder at her touch.

“Alexis” she whispers. “A pretty name for such a pretty girl…”

Gina slowly leans forward and kisses me gently on the lips. I pull back, still too deer-in-the-headlights to say anything. Gina smiles and gently grabs my face as she kisses me again, holding me to her mouth. I begin kissing her back and her tongue slides into my mouth, playing with mine. I moan as Gina lays on top of me, my feet coming up and sliding onto the couch to keep my balance.

Now laying on the couch with me pinned on the bottom, Gina slides her hands into my hair and begins to grope me; I do the same. We make out for a few minutes and then Gina’s hands slip underneath my t-shirt, slowly pulling it up. She breaks the kiss and pulls the shirt over my head, exposing my white sports bra. She proceeds to pull this off too and moans at the sight of my hard nipples. For a moment reality snaps back to me and I realize how caught up I am becoming. I try to sit up on my elbows as I say “Gina, wait—”

Gina cuts me off as she kisses me again, harder and with a greater sense of lust and urgency. Again I moan into her mouth as she sucks on my tongue. Having effectively silenced me, she moves down to my c cup breasts, taking the left in her hand and the right in her mouth. My head rolls back and my breathing becomes more labored as I feel the growing wetness in my pussy. Gina continues to massage my breasts, tweaking and biting every once in a while, making me gasp and moan. She takes off her own cami, under which there is no bra (surprise, surprise) and kisses me hard on the mouth once more, our breasts crashing against one another, smothered by the two of ourselves pulling in together.

I gasp for breath as Gina breaks free and gracefully pushes herself down the couch, positioning herself at my hips. She licks my stomach as she slowly pulls down my knit shorts and thong along with it. After successfully pulls them off my legs, she separates them, hanging one leg over the back of the couch and letting the other hand over the side. Breathless, I shift a little in the couch. Gina senses how uncomfortable I am with the whole situation and tells me “Don’t worry Alexis, it’s all worth it.” Gina looks at me and smirks, and then lowers her face to my pussy.

I felt her tongue slip between my pussy’s lips and groaned, my back arching into her mouth. Gina teased me at first, licking the sensitive area around my pussy, biting tenderly on the lips. She then moved onto my clit, biting, sucking, and licking it. I squirmed, shuddered, and moaned beneath her touch. Then, Gina quickly dove into my pussy, tongue pushing up my vagina, face grinding against my groin. I ground back, pushing against her mouth.

Gina lifted her face from my pussy, leaving me feeling suddenly empty and alone. Then, she stuck her finger in slowly, all the way up to her knuckle. She gained speed and added another finger, pushing in harder and faster. I keyed into her rhythm, no longer able escort bayan gaziantep to watch, my head rolling back as I moaned even louder. Suddenly, I felt the orgasm shudder through me, racking my body, and I came on Gina’s fingers. She quickly moved forward and licked my juiced from my pussy as I lay gasping for air.

And I believe that’s when my brother walked down the stairs.

So, as I lay there, still gasping for air, I hear something come from over at the stairwell.

“What the fuck?”

Yah, well, apparently my brother had come down the stairs just as Gina had started fingering me, and that basically stopped him in his tracks. And now that things had quieted down, it seemed he had finally gotten his voice back.

Gina looked up and smiled at my brother. I didn’t feel like giving the effort to move, and my face had already turned bright red from embarrassment. Gina got up off of the couch and approached my brother—topless, none the less. Then, from the sounds of it, she slammed him up against the wall and kissed him hard, and I thought I heard my brother moan into her mouth. After a few moments, she led him back down the stairs and they came into my sight. Gina proceeded to throw him into the armchair (which, if you were wondering, was facing the couch on an angle) and sit on his lap, straddling his legs. He had that same deer-in-the-headlights look that I had displayed before. Gina just gave a small lap and then, leaning forward, put her hands in his hair and kissed him hard.

After a few minutes, Gina sat up and teasingly brushed her hand over the erect cock bulging in his pants. “You’re such a naughty boy, aren’t you?” she asked him with a smile as she took off his shirt and ran her hands down his chest. “I think you’d like to see more.” My brother (whose name is Nick) just stared as she stood up and slipped her skirt and g-string off, now completely naked, like me. Gina walked over to me and said, “Now we’re putting on a show.”

Oh god.

Gina laid back down on top of me, kissing me roughly as she began playing with my clit with her left hand. I was so aroused by her that I didn’t even think about the fact, or for that matter care, that my brother was watching the two of us. I moaned loudly and returned the favor, groping her as my tongue explored her mouth. Our kiss became more passionate as I then became more turned on by the fact that my brother was sitting in the armchair watching. Gina moved her head down to my breasts, tweaking, biting, massaging, and groping them as she had done before. Both of us are so excited by this point, we’re writhing almost spastically. My head rolls back as I moan loudly and pull Gina’s head in closer to my breasts. From the armchair I hear my brother moan with me and as I glance over I see he’s jacking off.

Oh god; my brother is giving himself a handjob… while watching me…

Something inside my head tries to tell me that this is very wrong, but I just moan even louder, so aroused between Gina and my brother that I can hardly stand it.

Gina then slides down my body, this time she not stopping at my pussy, but merely brushing against it, making me shudder. She then inverts herself, so her feet are facing mine, and slides in between my legs so that our legs interlock. I don’t realize what she is doing until suddenly, her hot wet pussy touches mine and I gasp at the sensation. Gina then starts humping me, and I eagerly hump back, our two fleshy pussies grinding against each other, making an almost squishy noise as our juices mix. We moan and whimper together as I begin fondling my breasts. Then, we grow more urgent, grinding even harder. I now feverishly grope my breasts, tweaking and pinching my nipples so much it hurts. Together we both begin panting and moaning at the same time, humping as hard as we possibly can against each other’s pussy, violently shuddering and groaning so loud it begins to turn to screaming. I open my eyes for a moment and glance at my brother, whose moans have melded with ours as he intensely rams his hand up and down his shaft. I see him shoot off his load as my head rolls back and my eyes flutter shut, my throat hoarse from exertion. Finally, Gina and I climax together, screaming louder than before, and my back arches as the waves of my orgasm convulse through me.

The three of us lay there for few minutes, lost in the aftershocks of our own individual orgasms, panting loudly as we try to catch our breath.

My brother is the first to speak, as I hear him moan, “Oh god…”

Gina smiled.

“See, I told you,” she said to my brother, “I knew you were a dirty boy.”

He groaned.

“I bet you want to fuck me right now, don’t you?” she asked.

Another groan.

“Well, I think you’re going to have to wait, because right now, all I want is to swallow that dick of yours.”

Me and my brother groaned together.

“Plus, you’re sister needs a lesson…”

Hold on, what?!? This bayan gaziantep escort is my brother we’re talking about here! Does oral sex count as incest?

She motioned for him to get up and come over, and he obliged, with a somewhat quizzical look on his face. Then Gina motioned for him to sit on the coffee table, situated right in front of the couch. She lowered herself onto the floor in front of him and then turned to me. “Alexis, come sit on the couch right behind me, so you can see this… and so your brother can finger you.”

Again, wooahh there! It was one thing for my brother to see me… but to, you know… do…

Oh well, I moved over.

So now, this is the set up. My brother’s sitting on the coffee table, with Gina sitting on the floor, right in front of him and his beginning-to-return hard on. Then there was me, who was on the couch, right behind Gina, almost straddling her because there isn’t a whole lot of room between the couch and the coffee table.

But that sure as hell didn’t stop Gina.

She began by lightly stroking my brother’s dick, almost caressing it with his fingertips. He shuddered at her touch. She then moved one hand back to his balls, lightly ticking then, teasing him. Then she moved her head down, and licked, starting at his head and slowly moving all the way to the base, taking her time. She was definitely teasing him. Gina then licked the head, lightly flicking it, causing my brother let out a slight moan; whether it was from the flicking or the fact she was teasing him so much, I’m not sure. She then finally took him into her mouth, starting with just the head. From what I could tell, she was swirling it with her tongue and sucking on it, which, judging by my brother’s face, was a pretty good combination. Gina moved her way up his shaft, taking in a little more, moving out, and then taking in more still. Now my brother was really starting to breathe hard, and beginning to thrust into Gina’s mouth almost impatiently. Then, I noticed that I was beginning to thrust a little too, I was becoming so wrapped up in what was happening around me. There’s something about Gina…

And that’s when my brother began playing with my pussy. He must have noticed me thrusting as I watched Gina giving him the blow job. And the scary thing is, I didn’t do a single thing. We were both so wrapped up in this sexual frenzy that nothing really mattered except raw lust and intuition.

He moaned as he felt how wet my pussy was, playing with my clit between his fingers. Then, without warning, he plunged two of his fingers into me and I let out a low groan. It was different than it had been with Gina, with her two petite, soft and feminine fingers inside of me. His were bigger, and rougher as they began to move in and out of me in time with Gina on his dick, feeling all my crevices and pushing against me. Now I really began thrusting against him, wanting his to plunge deeper and hit that spot I new was inside of me. I moaned louder as I began tweaking and caressing my nipples while thrusting, watching my brother finger me, and watching Gina blowing him. There was so much going on, it was so easy to get lost in it, yet, part of me wanted to see everything that was going on… I almost admired my brother for being able to concentrate on fingering me while Gina was working him so hard.

I was barely able to see strait.

I saw my brother begin to thrust harder and faster into Gina, and she matched his speed. He then looked at me, and our eyes met for one moment… but we weren’t brother and sister any more. We were with Gina.

He put one more finger in me and I gasped, which turned into a loud almost guttural moan. He also sped up, matching his pace with Gina, pumping into me hard and spreading me harder and farther than I thought possible. Then he pushed even harder into me, bending the tips of his fingers as he reached as far as he could, pushing me in a way that made me squirm and groan.

“Oh God, Nick… ohhh… harder, please… God Nick…”

The words sprang out of my mouth from nowhere, and instantly he began to thrust even harder, moaning as I used his name. I began to scream as I began to climax and I sensed that everyone around me was in a similar state. I heard Gina groan as my brother shot off into her mouth and I then immediately screamed as another orgasm crashed over me.

I laid back on the couch as my brother withdrew his fingers, breathing heavily as my heart continued to race. Just as I thought that we might all be done, Gina turns to me and says, “Okay Alexis, now it’s your turn.”

“Turn to…..? Oh…” Yah, that… about that….

I was about to tell Gina no, and then I looked at her and realized I couldn’t. Something about her made me want to do whatever she said. Besides, my brother had already fingered me on our own fucking couch, for chirst sakes. This couldn’t get much worse, short of actual sex.

I decided that if I didn’t act now, gaziantep bayan escort my head might clear and I would refuse and run upstairs. Gina slid out of the way, and I slid down to take her place in front of my brother. Can guys really do this so many times in a row? I guess I was about to find out… okay, too much thinking; less thinking, more doing.

At first, I couldn’t even bring myself to touch my brother’s dick. He was leaning back on the table, his head back. I think he was still recovering from his last orgasm and hadn’t even realized that me and Gina had switched. Well, okay, I’ll just pretend I’m Gina… that’ll make it easier.

First, I just took his dick into my hands, and began to stroke it, feel it. My brother kept his head back and groaned, “Oh God Gina… again?” I didn’t say anything, but took his head into my mouth, as Gina had before. I swirled the top with my tongue, gave it a hard, sharp suck followed by a blow. Again, he remained leaned back and moaned. I took this to be a good sign, and took more into my mouth, beginning to lightly massage his balls with my right hand, and taking the rest of his cock in my left. I tried not to gag as I continued to take more into my mouth. Then, my brother sat up.

And saw me.

Immedietly, I felt his dick begin to spring up in my mouth as it became erect. He then moaned at the sight of his sister giving him a blowjob. Now he began to thrust into my mouth, as I strived not to gag and became more wrapped up in the sensation of him inside of my mouth and throat. He groaned loudly, his body shuddering, as he said, “Oh God… oh fuck, Alexis….” We continued, moving together, going faster, gaining speed, until…

“Mmmm, you two… so fucking sexy… but God Nick, I want you to cum inside of me. Get on the couch, now.”

Well, by this point we both knew, you do what Gina says. So, reluctantly, my brother pulled out of my mouth and climbed up on the couch.

“Mmm, oh yah, fuck, look at that hard on…. Mmmm…. God I want that inside of me… come on Nick, give it to me hard.”

Gina was laying down on the couch, and Nick moved up and positioned himself at her pussy. She wrapped her legs around him as he inserted the head of his dick into her vagina.

“Oh yes, mmmm, you know what to do.”

Nick slowly began pushing inside of Gina, her hips bucking up toward him, inviting him to come in even farther. Slowly, he continued to push, until he was as far in as he could go, grabbing Gina’s ass and pulling her into him. Both gave a low groan as they held it, and then Nick began to recede, slowly. I could tell that Nick was driving Gina crazy by going so slow, and I was beginning to feel it as well, as I had begun to mimic their movements on myself with my fingers. Gina looked over at me and smiled and said, “Come over here, Alexis… let me help you with that.”

I gave her a look that said “I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about” and she gave a small laugh and said, “Kneel over me, doggy style, facing your brother.” I still wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about, but I got up and tried to figure it out as I went along. She said to face my brother, and then kneel over her, so I faced him and climbed over her, my legs and arms straddling my body…

And then I gasped as I realized what she had meant as she stuck three of her slender fingers into my pussy from behind. She moved them in and out in time with Nick with her one hand, and then played with my clit with the other. My brother moaned and began thrusting faster into Gina.

“Oh God yes, Nick… you know how I like it…. harder, faster….”

Nick obliged, continuing to thrust hard and fast into Gina, who in response, thrust hard and fast into me. My back arched at the sensation, and I found myself looking into my brother’s eyes. After a moment’s hesitation, we both reached out and violently kissed, my hands deep in his hair, and his hands cupping my face and one of my breasts. Filled with lust and desire, we kissed deeply, our tongues thrashing and hands groping. Amazingly, Nick also managed to continue to thrust into Gina, and she into me. The sensation of Gina fingering me and my brother kissing and groping me felt like almost too much to be contained; I though I might just explode.

My brother fervently kissed and bit down my neck, coming to my breasts. He worked one with his mouth, licking, nipping, and biting it, while he did the other with his hand, groping and tweaking. I moaned louder than I had before—which, is really really saying something—and began to cry out as I pulled my brother’s head in closer to me, “Nick… oh God… GINA… don’t stop… harder… oh god!” My brother brought his mouth back up to mine and we kissed again, him moaning into my mouth as he continued to fuck Gina. We all felt a climax coming, Nick thrusting hard, Gina beginning to scream, finger fucking and playing with my clit at the same time, and me, kissing my brother, my nails digging into his back and my back arching.

I was the first to cum as I screamed into my brother’s mouth. He came shortly after, shooting into Gina, who then followed suit. Slowly, my brother and I withdrew from our embrace and he pulled his dick out of Gina, who also withdrew her fingers from me. Sweaty and exhausted, all three of us collapsed on the couch, breathing heavily, knowing that this time we were truly done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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