The Dark Stone Pt. 05

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This will make more sense if you read the earlier parts. Don’t worry, they’re fun, action packed, and build the tension. Read them first! Also, all characters are 18 years or older. Enjoy.


Sam nailed his married, next-door neighbor, Lakshmi, every day after school that week. And to make things even better, his mom watched every single time. Joyce would sit in his desk chair and stare at them while they did it.

Joyce complained the first several times Sam mounted Lakshmi doggy. Saying things like, “You’re degrading her.” Or, “It’s too dirty.” Or, “You look like animals.” But eventually Joyce gave up her complaints. And while she didn’t exactly encourage Sam that week, the way she looked at them, Sam could tell she might even like it. At least a little bit.

The downside to that wonderful week was that Joyce declared herself off limits now that Sam had a girlfriend.

And so, the three of them found themselves in Sam’s bedroom on Friday afternoon. Sam had already cum three times all over poor little Lakshmi. He had her on all fours again. With his success that week, he felt bold.

“You like my dick, Mrs. Singh?”

“Ughhhh,” she said. Her head hung down and she watched the blanket below her.

His mom didn’t like Sam to use the word dick, but he felt mostly indestructible at the moment. He pulled back on Lakshmi’s hips, thrusting harder. Her brown skin smacked against his pale hips. “Do … you … like … my … dick.”

“Yesssss.” Lakshmi had practically been pounded into a coma.

“Tell me you like it.” Sam watched his rod open her up and vanish inside her.

“I … uh … uh … uh … like it,” she squeaked.

“Tell me you like my big dick.”

“Sammy, that’s enough.” Joyce leaned forward in Sam’s desk chair. Staring at them as they pounded away.

“It’s okay, mom.” Sam looked over at Joyce and took his hand away from Lakshmi’s hip long enough to give a thumbs up. “She likes it.”

Lakshmi lifted her head and looked up at her friend. “Oh, my God … Joyce … I love … your son’s … huge cock.” Lakshmi’s eyes were wide, her jaw slack, and she had streaks of Sam’s cum everywhere. She was a mess. If Joyce didn’t like the word dick, Sam wondered how she felt about her friend saying cock. At any rate, she didn’t try to correct Lakshmi.

Later, after Sam had emptied his fourth load on Lakshmi’s back, Joyce helped Lakshmi shower, got her dressed, and then sent her home. After Sam cleaned up, he found his mom in the kitchen and sat down at the table.

“You must be hungry.” Joyce had her back to him as she did a few dishes at the sink. Her dark dress hugged her hips and showed off her voluptuous backside. “I mean … after all that.”

“I’m not hungry.” Sam watched her backside jiggle as she washed dishes. “But I could use some help. I didn’t get it all out with Mrs. Singh.”

“Sam Higgins.” Joyce looked over her shoulder at him. She brushed her curly brown hair out of the way. “We’ve been over this. That’s behind us now that you have a girlfriend.”

“But -”

“No buts, young man.” Her pretty face softened. The line of her jaw eased. “And speaking of girlfriends, when are you going to see Ashley again?”

“Tonight, mom.”

“And how’s it going with her, sweetie?” Joyce turned back to her work in the sink.

“Good. I really like her.”

“That’s great, honey. Maybe you can move it along with her and give poor Lakshmi a break.”

“I’m trying.” Sam sighed. “But I don’t want to scare her off with my di … my penis.”

“I understand. But I do think Lakshmi’s gotten more than she bargained for. You’ve been insatiable this week.” Joyce switched off the faucet and turned to face her son. She rested her hip on the edge of the counter.

“What’d she bargain for, anyway?” Sam took in the shapely swell of her boobs, so poorly hidden in her dress.

Joyce dropped her gaze to the floor. A surge of guilt spread through her. But Lakshmi really was enjoying herself. Joyce pressed her legs together, thinking about how Sam took her little, dark friend over and over again that week. “Well, anyway.” Joyce turned and busied herself at the counter. “I’m happy things are going well with Ashley. Don’t stay out too late.”

“I won’t mom.” Sam got up and headed for his room. If his mom wasn’t going to help him, he needed another fap before he met up with Ashley.


Sam rolled out of bed late on Saturday. He’d had another great time with Ashley, but it was mostly talking and laughing. No need to rush anything with her. Sam had enough on his plate at home. And first and foremost, was the fact that his mom had really upped her game of hard-to-get. He was grateful for Mrs. Singh. But Joyce was the most beautiful woman in the world, and to have her and then to lose her was maybe a little too much.

Golden light filtered in through Sam’s windows, telling him he had really overslept. He pulled on some jeans and socks. Straightened his t-shirt and headed downstairs.

The sound of college football escort blog echoed up the basement stairs. His dad was already getting his football fix on the big screen in the basement. He found his mom curled up on the couch in the living room, legs tucked under her long dress. She was, of course, reading a mystery novel.

“Morning, mom.”

“Hello, Sammy.” Joyce didn’t look up from her book. “How was your date last night?”

“Good.” Sam sat on the edge of the couch and watched her read. She was cute in her round reading glasses. She’d tied her brown hair back in a ponytail. Her fair skin glowed in the sunlight that flooded through a nearby window. Sam watched the graceful curve of her dainty neck, so feminine and enticing.

“Still taking it slow?” Joyce continued to stare at her book, but she clearly wasn’t reading anymore.


“That’s fine. I want you to make it work with her. But don’t take too long, you need a girl your own age.”

“Okay, mom.” Sam looked around the room. “Where’s Bex?”

“She took off early. School project? Maybe?” Joyce took off her glasses and looked up at her son. She blinked a few times.

“And dad’s watching football?”

“Yes. There’s a big game, or games, or something, going on today.” She closed the book and put it down. “I have some errands to run today. Want to come with? Unless, you’ve got homework to do.”

“I don’t have that much homework this weekend.”

“Oh, good.” Joyce smiled up at him, full of warmth.

“Is … um … Mrs. Singh coming over today?” Sam’s jeans felt uncomfortably tight.

“Ssshhhh.” Joyce looked around the room and lowered her voice. “We have to keep that quiet. Okay?”

“Okay.” Sam looked down at his hands.

“And, I’m sorry, honey. The weekends are a busy time for Lakshmi. She’s spending time with her family.” She kept her voice just above a whisper. She eyed the growing lump in Sam’s pants. “Anyway, I’m sure you can wait until next week. You certainly must have gotten it all out of your system. That was a lot of … um … exercise this week.”

“I wish.” Sam looked up at her with sad, puppy-dog eyes. “It hurts again.”

“Well, you’ll just have to take care of it yourself, young man. I’m done helping you.”

“I … I … please?” Sam looked for all the world like he was going to cry.

“Sam Higgins, your father is home. Your sister could return at any time.” She looked toward the basement stairs. “I took a very big risk in bringing my friend to help you. You should be grateful.”

“I am.”

“And then you did all those things to her and you want more? I just, can’t … and … are you crying?”

“I’m just so sorry mom. I’m sorry for all of it.” Sam was crying a little bit. “It hurts if I don’t let it out.” But maybe not that much.

“Oh, Sammy.” Joyce reached over and took his hand in hers. She patted it. “Okay, okay, I’m here. What can I do for you?” She glanced at the basement again. “Maybe I can watch you in the bathroom, like we used to do. Would that help?”

Sam nodded and wiped a tear from his cheek.

“Okay, but we have to be quick and quiet.” Joyce stood up and pulled him by the hand upstairs. “No more tears. Come on, before I change my mind.”

They entered the hallway bathroom upstairs and Joyce locked the door behind them. She stepped past Sam and sat on the toilet lid. “This will be fine. As long as I don’t have to touch anything, we’re not really doing anything wrong.”

“Sure, mom.” Sam dropped his jeans and his briefs. He kicked them to the side. “So, you want me to do it in the sink then?”

“Yes, honey.” Joyce nodded, eyes fixed on that throbbing monster. How could it stand up so proud after all it did last week? “In the sink.”

Only five minutes later, Joyce found herself with both hands on her son’s thing. Stroking hard and trying to get him to do his business in the sink. “Is that okay, sweetie?”

“Yeah, mom. Ah … ah … I’m … ah … close.” Sam looked down at her wedding ring sliding up and down his dick. “Dad’s … ah … in the basement … watching … ah … dumb football.”

“Don’t talk about your father, Sammy.” Joyce’s hands kept up their pumping.

“While his … ah … wife … is … fapping … her son.”

“Sam Higgins.” Joyce looked up from his penis. Her eyes were narrow and fierce. But her hands kept on milking him.

“You’re the … best … aaahhhhh … mom … aaaaahhhhhhhhh.” Sam emptied his balls into the sink.

After about a minute, Joyce finished draining his penis. “There, all done.” There was so much in the sink. More than came out of Paul’s penis in a whole week of nightly sex. And the smell. So rich. Joyce tried to stand but her knees felt weak.

“Thanks, mom.” Sam helped her up. His dick bounced and throbbed in the space between them. It didn’t seem like it was done. “Just a little more, okay?”

“No, Sammy.” Joyce shook her head, but didn’t stop Sam when he guided her to the sink and placed gaziantep escort blogu her hands on the edge, facing all that sperm. She looked up to the mirror and saw a woman with wild eyes, flaring nostrils, and parted lips. It was a completely unfamiliar view of herself. “Not like this, sweetie.”

Sam ignored her. With his feet, he pushed at his mom’s ankles and widened her stance to lower her hips to his level. He lifted her dress and rested it on the small of her back. Her round, panty-covered butt was beyond perfect. He wanted to smack it, but didn’t want to break the moment. He pulled her panties aside. Her pussy looked so inventing, lips spread and glistening.

“Oh my gosh, we need a condom,” Joyce said. She grunted as her opening stretched around her son’s penis. “Uh … Cooonnnddddooommmmm.” Of all the new sensations she’d experienced with Sam over these past months, this was by far the most shocking. From back there, he had access to some special point that just melted everything else. “Oooooohhhhhhhh.” She was already cumming, breathing in the smells of her son’s sperm and pushing back on his enormous thing. She spasmed and shook and Sam plowed into her.

“You feel so good, mom.” Sam held onto her hips and pulled her back onto his dick again and again. “You’ve never done this with dad?”

Joyce shook her head. Her ponytail swished back and forth. “Nevvveeeerrrr.” She looked in the mirror at herself being taken from behind like an animal and then down into the sink were copious amounts of her son’s stuff slowly slid into the drain. She closed her eyes.

“Dad’s … oh, mom … aaaaahhhhh … dad’s missing out.” Her butt jiggled and bounced, every thrust sending ripples out like it was some sort of soft round ocean.

“You’re … uh … uh … going to make me …” Joyce came again on Sam’s penis while her husband blissfully watched his stupid football downstairs.

They continued on for another ten minutes. Joyce would occasionally open her eyes and see the woman in the mirror getting debased by her own son. She hardly recognized herself. And then she’d have another orgasm. Just one after the other.

“Okay … mom … here … it …” Sam sped up his pounding.

“Outside.” Joyce looked over her shoulder. Sam had his eyes shut tight, his skinny arms working hard to drive her on his thing. “Not … uh … uh … inside meeeeeee.”

“Sorry … mom … aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.” And Sam came in his mom’s pussy.

Joyce threw her head back and orgasmed like never before. The world burned, stars shot before her eyes, and every cell in her body exploded with pleasure. “Ooooooohhhhhhhhh.” She could feel the heat from her son’s sperm deep, deep in her tummy.

Sam pumped more and more cum inside her as he convulsed and banged her again … and again … and again. Eventually he stopped and held himself firmly pressed against her butt. “I love … you … mom,” he panted.

“Oh … honey.” The world came back into focus for Joyce. She panted too. “We … should not have … done that.” Her vagina contracted on his penis, trying to milk every last bit of his sperm.

“Sorry, mom.” Sam pulled out of her and stepped back.

Joyce moved her panties back into place and stood up straight. She wiggled her hips to get her dress back in place, it fell below the knees again. She turned for the door, not making eye contact with Sam. “I’m going to go check on your father.”

“Bring him a beer, mom.” Sam’s dick still stood at attention, hard and pulsing. “I want you to bring him a beer with my cum inside you.”

“Sam Higgins.” She looked back at him. Her thin boy with the monster thing. It was covered in his sperm and her juices. “Never talk about your father like that.”

“Sorry, mom.”

“You’re lucky this is my safe time of the month. What if I got pregnant?” she whispered. “What would we do then?”

“Sorry, mom.” Sam had the inclination to grab her, bend her over, and do it all over again. But something told him the moment had passed.

“You really shouldn’t have done that. Go to your room.” Joyce opened the door and looked both ways down the hall. She looked back at Sam. “Think about what you did and we’ll talk about this later.”

“Okay, mom.”

With that, Joyce left him there and headed back downstairs.

After all that, Sam needed a fap. She was totally going to bring his dad a beer while Sam’s cum leaked out of her. He picked up his pants and underwear and headed back to his room.


Saturday afternoon rolled around, and Sam was still in his room. Which was also, for the moment, his mom’s doghouse. Paul and Joyce were out running errands, and Joyce had made sure Sam knew he wasn’t welcome. Paul had been a little confused as to what was going on, but he figured whatever Sam had done, he probably deserved Joyce’s wrath. Such as it was.

There was a soft knock at the door. “Yeah?” Sam spun his chair to face the door.

Bex walked in. “We need to talk.” Bex absentmindedly gaziantep escort sitesi tugged at her sweat pants. She wore the frumpiest clothes she owned. Baggy pants and an Evergreen sweatshirt about two sizes too large for her.

“Okay.” Sam watched her close the door and walk over to the bed.

“I heard you the other day.” She sat down on the edge of the bed, knees together, hands in her lap.

“Yeah?” Sam wondered which thing she had heard exactly. He played it cool. “So, what did you hear, exactly?”

“I heard …” Bex looked back at the door and then back to her brother. “I heard you boning Mrs. Singh.”

“Ohhhhh.” Sam’s face turned red. “That’s it?”

“My God, Sam. What if mom found out? Or dad. You’d be dead.”

Sam watched his sister, unsure what to tell her.

“What’s gotten into you?” Bex rubbed her thighs together. Was it hot in Sam’s room? She realized her panties were wet. “How did it happen? I mean, it’s crazy. She’s a PTA mom. She’s friends with our mom, for Christ’s sake.”

“Well …” Sam stood and walked over to the door. “Mind if I lock this? If I’m going to tell you, I don’t want mom or dad coming in here.”

Bex nodded.

He locked the door. “It started when she accidentally saw my dick.” Sam walked over to the bed and sat down next to Bex. He angled his body toward hers. “I was heading to the bathroom in the morning, and she was using the bathroom upstairs for some reason, and my morning wood was sorta popping out of my underwear.” He didn’t know what Bex would do if he told her the truth. This was much better.

“Oh, my God.” Bex took in every word.

“She said she’d never seen anything like it, dropped to her knees, and started slobbering on my dick.”

“Oh … my … God.” Somehow, Bex’s hand had found its way onto Sam’s thigh.

“She said she’d never done anything like that before.” Sam’s dick was straining at his shorts. The rock under the mattress sent up waves of warmth. “I came down her throat and she swallowed it all up.” Mrs. Singh had not yet been able to swallow more than the first spurt of Sam’s cum. “The next day, when mom went out for some groceries, Mrs. Singh came over and practically jumped on my dick. She said it was the best sex she’d ever had.” That last part was true.

“I can’t believe it, Sam.” Bex was now rubbing Sam’s dick through his pants. It was so long and thick. So improbable, on her little brother. “How did you do it?”

“Well, she was on top at first. Then on bottom. Then I got behind her. She went wild when I had her on all fours.”

“Did you use a condom? I mean, can you use a condom with this?” She squeezed his dick with her hand for emphasis.

“Yeah, I found some that fit.”

“Remember when I said never again?” Bex slid off the bed and kneeled between Sam’s legs. She pulled off his pants and briefs. “About us?” She stared up at that nightmare of a cock. It bounced, and swelled, and oozed precum from the tip. “I’m sorry about that. I can be sorta mean sometimes.”

“That’s okay.” Sam watched her hands glide up his thighs and cup his balls. Each testicle practically filled her hand. She gently squeezed them.

“Did you hold her head when she gave you a blowjob? Like I showed you?” She reached up and stroked both hands up and down his shaft.

Sam nodded.

“Would you like me to show you what else you can do to her?” Bex lowered her mouth to that deep, purple head and sucked him in. “Mmmmmmmm.”

“Yes, please.”

Bex released her lips from his dick with a pop. She stroked him and looked up into his eyes. “You had her on all fours. How was her ass?”

“It was … ah … amazing. Round, and she had wide hips.”

“I bet. Did you put her down flat on her stomach, with her legs together?” Bex licked up some precum.


“Well, I’ll teach you about that.” Bex let go and stood. She peeled off her sweatshirt and dropped her pants. “There’s something about you, Sam.” She stood, mostly naked, and gave her brother a questioning look. “I can’t believe I’m doing this again.” She slid down her panties and stepped out of them. Her firm, lithe body so different from the other two women Sam had come to know. Her little boobs bounced as she hopped onto Sam’s bed. She gave him a wink and got on her stomach. Her feet kicked the blanket with little fits of enthusiasm. Her tight butt was so compact, rounding up and away from her lower back in a bewitching arc. “Get behind me.”

Sam eyed the door. It was dangerous doing this when his parents could come home at any second. “Okay.” But nothing could have stopped him just then. He climbed up behind her and straddled the back of her thighs. His dick hung in the air over her butt. How was all of it going to fit inside her?

“Unlike when the woman’s on top, you should put it in … uuuuhhhh … when you’re behind.” Bex grabbed a handful of blanket with each fist and held on tight. “Just … like … that.” She clenched her butt cheeks as Sam slid inside her. “Ooooohhhhh. You’re so fucking big.”

“I’m going to go slow. I don’t want to break you.” Sam placed his hands on her back and watched his dick disappear. When he hit bottom, he slowly pulled out until he’d almost exposed the tip and then back in.

“Good … uh … idea.” Bex looked back over her shoulder at her brother. He looked so happy. She smiled at him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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