The Distraction

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The Distraction

By The_Shadow_Rising

The sun was shining for another beautiful day in Shorehaven, its rays beaming down to the busy City below and filling everyone with a happy, chirpy mood. It wasn’t too hot, nor was it too cool, it was one of those rare days where everything just felt perfect. Not that many people minded. They were getting naked for each other just the same. And it wouldn’t be long until one particular woman would be getting naked too, only at this moment in time she had no idea she was going to be on her back in a few hours. And she especially had no inkling as to who it would be with!

For now though the City moved about its usual pace, and the sun shone down. In one part of the City, known as Gainborough, the sun shone down on a parked car in a driveway and two people walking towards the car.

Jacob Lee was tall, attractive, and defined, with styled brown hair and sparkling brown eyes. He was the quintessential nice guy and every bit in love with his fiancée, Alyssa Taylor, who walked behind him. She was head over heels in love with him too, so it was a good job he felt as strongly as he did. Especially because they were engaged to be married in a few months.

Alyssa was as gorgeous as Jacob was handsome. The 26-year-old has long dark brown hair that fell down her back and large brown eyes. Her big 34E tits stood proudly on her chest, above her slender waist, and long, smooth legs. Today though she wore jeans and lowish-cut long-sleeved top, so she wasn’t showing herself off too well.

The pair were walking out of Jacob’s house and towards his car, talking about silly things as couples were wont to do when they were making small talk. That was until they reached the car and Jacob reached down to unlock the door with his key.

“How long are you going to be?” Alyssa asked as she came to a stop and brushed her hair from in front of her eyes.

“Shouldn’t be too long. I know what I need to get and a few of the others are bringing some stuff too.” Jacob answered without looking round. The car door came open with a click and he half turned towards his bride-to-be as he leaned on it.

“Do you want me to do anything while you’re gone?” Alyssa asked curiously, though she had no idea what she could do. Jacob was planning a surprise party for his best friend, Jaxon, and he was off out to go and pick up things like the music equipment, food, lighting, and so on. What she could do with what was already in his house, while Jaxon was in there too!, she had no idea. But she had to offer anyway.

“Just keep Jax busy, and cover for me. Don’t let him think anything out of the ordinary is happening today.” Jacob replied and Alyssa nodded.

That was her part in the day. Keep Jaxon from noticing anything was going on and play it cool. It shouldn’t be too hard, really. She wasn’t doing anything for the surprise party so she just had to be herself. And he was never that nosey about where Jacob went and what he did anyway. Should be a walk in the park really.

“Will do. See you soon.” Alyssa said softly and leaned in for a kiss.

The two pressed lips together and said their goodbyes before Jacob climbed into the car and pulled the door closed. Alyssa took a few steps back from the car before she folded her arms beneath her large breasts and watched Jacob. He gave her a little wave and blew her a kiss before he pulled the car off the drive and onto the road. Alyssa watched the car drive away before she turned towards the house and walked back in.

No one was around as she closed the front door behind her and walked into the lounge. Sitting on the sofa, crossing her legs, she turned on the television and began to watch. It was about fifteen minutes later the beautiful brunette heard someone coming down the stairs. Less than twenty seconds later Alyssa saw the tall frame of Jaxon White walk into the room.

Jaxon was taller than Jacob and more well-defined and muscular. He often worked out at the gym and he had the body for it. He had dark brown hair that was less styled than Jacob’s but still stylish, and deep brown eyes that locked on to things when he looked at them, until you felt like he had seen you naked and stripped you bare.

The moment he entered the room his attractive face lit up with a dazzling smile.

“Alli! Lovely to see you here! Where’s Jacob?” He asked as he looked around for Alyssa’s fiancé.

“Oh, he’s just popped out for a bit. He had a few errands to run.” Alyssa replied calmly.

And just as she thought he bit the line hook line and sinker.

“A few errands, ah? Like getting me a birthday present?” Jaxon joked and Alyssa laughed.

“That’s right, it’s your birthday today! Awww, happy birthday.” Alyssa replied as she stood up and opened her arms for a hug.

Jaxon’s smile deepened at that and he reached out to embrace her. His arms encircled her slim frame easily and he squeezed her to him, pulling her close until her large, firm tits mashed against his chest. The hug was tight, but that was just because of Pendik Escort how strong Jaxon was. He didn’t seem to notice it, nor that he kind of hugged her for a little longer than was strictly necessary. But it wasn’t long before Alyssa was leaning back with her hands on his strong arms as he held onto her waist.

“As for whether Jay is getting you a birthday present, I couldn’t say now could I? But he didn’t mention it. He didn’t even mention it was your birthday today.” Alyssa said before she took a step back and sat back down on the sofa.

“I’m sure he’s already got me something then. He wouldn’t forget about his best friend’s birthday.” Jaxon replied surely and Alyssa smiled at him. “What have you gotten me?” He asked, adding it on as if he had just thought about it. The intense look in his eyes as he stared down at her and the cheeky smile on his face though told Alyssa he had been wanting to ask this question for a while.

“You just got it. A hug. I don’t hug anyone, you know that.” She responded, “You’re welcome.”

Jaxon laughed at that.

“A hug? I’m not going to say no to that. It was a good one. And you felt great against me.” He replied flirtily and Alyssa blushed slightly as she smiled softly.

“See, it was worth it.” She said warmly, “You may even get two hugs if you’re a good boy.”

Again Jaxon laughed.

“I’ll be a lucky boy indeed to receive two hugs from you in one day!” He said good-naturedly.

Alyssa smiled more broadly at that and then spoke without thinking.

“Actually, I have got you something, but you can’t have it until later.” She said quickly and then almost kicked herself for speaking.

She had almost gotten away with it too! She hadn’t gotten him anything and she hadn’t been lying about how rarely she hugged people, and he would’ve been satisfied with that! Only she felt bad for him! It was his birthday and she was the fiancée of his best friend! She should have something for him. Only now she had dug herself a hole. She hadn’t gotten him anything and now she had said she had! What was she going to do?

Not get caught lying was what she was going to do. And change the subject before he was too inquisitive!

“No questions!” She said, holding up one finger as Jax opened his mouth. He closed it with a grin. “You get it later on or you don’t get it at all.”

“Fine with me. The suspense makes it even more worth it! Plus, you’re worth the wait anyway.” He replied sweetly and Alyssa felt a flash of warmth for him for the compliment.

Now she just hoped that Jacob had the forethought to bring her something for her to give Jax too! He was her fiancé. He should know she hadn’t gotten his friend anything! She hoped. Or else she was royally screwed later.

Little did she know just how true that last would be, and just what she would give Jaxon later.

“You’re a sweetheart.” Alyssa told him, before she glanced back at the television.

“Well, I don’t want to keep you. I just wanted to say hi. I came down for a drink anyway.” Jaxon said to her as he walked across the television and towards the kitchen. “Want anything?”

“No, I’m fine, thank you.” Alyssa answered, looking back to him with a smile.

Jaxon nodded before he turned back towards the kitchen and went inside. A few moments later he emerged from the other room with a glass of water in his hand and walked back across the television and towards the hall door.

“Have fun with your television.” He said as he grabbed hold of the door.

“Thanks. You have fun, doing whatever it is you’re doing.” She told him, and then added as he began to walk out of the door, “Or you could watch TV with me?”

As if that had been what he was waiting for Jaxon turned around and walked back to the sofa, dropping down beside Alyssa with a grin. At first he didn’t say much but then the conversation got started and the two of them talked about random things. Like things that had happened in their days that were funny, the things on television, and so on. Not once did Jax ask about Jacob again, just like she knew he wouldn’t. He wasn’t that interested in his friend’s toing and froing. At least, not when he had a beautiful woman to talk to instead!

And so the conversation went on, with a little light flirting from Jaxon as he chatted to her. Nothing she didn’t expect. He had a way with women and he liked to flirt with them. But he was always respectful and always knew the boundaries of how far he could go. Sometimes he crossed them to be naughty, but it was all done in good fun.

The time passed quickly and before long Alyssa heard a car pull on to the drive way. Standing up, the beautiful fiancée had a look outside the window to see who it was, and sure enough it was Jacob. Jaxon didn’t move a muscle, other than to let his eyes follow her ass as she got up, but he quickly turned back to the television.

“Who is it?” He asked curiously as he watched what was on.

“Jay is back.” Alyssa answered before she made her way to the front door.

By the time she got outside Kurtköy Escort Jacob was just stepping out of the car. He suspiciously looked over at the front door as Alyssa made her way towards him before he smiled at her warmly.

“Did you get everything?” The brunette fiancée asked as she came to stand in front of her fiancé.

Lowering his voice Jacob cast another wary glance at the front door.

“Almost. What I didn’t get others are bringing later. But I got most of the stuff.” He answered cautiously. “Where’s Jax?”

“Oh, he’s sitting on the couch in the lounge watching television. He won’t bother you. He wasn’t even interested it was you coming back.” Alyssa replied with a faint laugh.

“Good. Good.” Jacob responded half-thoughtfully. He still cast a wary glance at the door though before he looked back to the car and then her. “I’ve got quite a bit of stuff here, and some of it is quite big. I’m going to need to hide it in my room until we set up tonight. Any chance that Jax will be going out, you think?”

“He’s glued to that television. I doubt he would even notice if I danced in front of him.” Alyssa replied. Though she doubted the truth of that. He had looked at her ass as she had gotten up after all. But she was wearing tight jeans.

Jacob looked thoughtful for a moment and then cursed under his breath.

“Damn. He’ll certainly want to know what’s going on if I keep bringing stuff in and taking it straight upstairs.” He said irritably, then looked at her thoughtfully. “You’re going to have to distract him.”

“Me? How am I supposed to do that?” Alyssa asked in true confusion.

“I don’t know. Think of something. Anything. Just keep his attention long enough for me to get this stuff from the car and upstairs.” Jacob replied conspiratorially, “And get him out of the lounge. He’s too close to the front door there. He’ll want to know what’s going on.”

For a moment Alyssa was dumbfounded. Jacob wanted her to keep his best friend distracted? How was she supposed to do that? Nothing beyond women could distract Jaxon for long. He was too intense on what he wanted. And he would want to know what Jacob was doing the moment he traipsed back and forth upstairs. Especially after being out on his birthday. But how was she to distract him beyond letting him stare at her ass the entire time? And somewhere other than the lounge?

She would have to think of something. Jacob needed this and his whole surprise party for his best friend, as cute as it was, depended on utter, well, surprise.

Nodding the cute fiancée responded.

“I’ll think of something. Just don’t take too long. I don’t know how I will hold his attention for long.” She said warningly.

Jacob nodded and then half turned towards the car.

“I’ll start unpacking after you’ve gone in. I’ll give you a minute or two to get him out of there.” He said and Alyssa nodded before turning back towards the house.

Heading in purposefully she almost walked over Jaxon as he was coming out of the lounge towards the front door.

“Oh!” She said in surprise as she stepped back. Jaxon blinked at her and froze, just as surprised as she.

“What are you doing here?” She asked nervously and quickly.

“Coming to see Jay. I want to know if he’s got my birthday present yet.” Jaxon answered with a playful grin as he looked over Alyssa’s head towards the front door.

“Well he’s busy.” She replied, “And I need you for something.” She added without thinking of what.

“Oh?” Jaxon asked curiously as he finally looked down at her.

Alyssa felt flustered. She had no idea what to say. So she said the first thing that came into her mind.

“Yeah, I need you to help me. Bake a cake. For you. For your birthday.” She said without really thinking of what she was saying.

“A cake?” Jax asked confusedly.

“Yeah. I am not too good at baking…” That was certainly true, she responded, “…so I need you to help me or I’ll never get done. Plus you guys leave things way up high and I may need your tall ass to help me reach them.”

Jaxon looked from her to the front door behind her quizzically. Fortunately Alyssa was female and could give him the best pouty look she could as she waited. Her eyes big and pleading.

“Fine. Jacob can wait. I wouldn’t like to leave a woman in distress.” Jaxon said finally with a grin and Alyssa broke out in a wide, pretty smile.

“Come on then.” She said as she danced around him and took his arm in her hand, urging him to turn around and follow her. Which he did, fortunately.

And so the two of them made their way into the kitchen, just off the lounge, and Alyssa began to order Jax around for what she would need. She hadn’t been lying when she said that the guys kept things high up. Mixing bowls and sieves were resting on top of cupboards on the wall and no matter how she stretched to reach them she couldn’t.

Fortunately for Alyssa, Jax was much taller than she was and he could reach. He laughed as he watched her try the first time and then walked up behind her and Maltepe Escort reached above her to grab what she needed. Alyssa could feel him press against her ass and back as he did and she looked around a little sheepishly as she turned around. Her cheeks went a little crimson, but Jax only grinned down at her as if he knew why she was flustered and found it amusing.

Soon enough the two were mixing ingredients and Jax quickly focused on the task at hand intensely, as he was wont to do whenever he did anything. Between her and the cake he didn’t pay much attention to anything else, though he did keep talking — largely about the game he liked playing with other people — but Alyssa’s mind was only half on the job and the conversation. She kept an ear open for Jacob and she could hear him coming in and out as silently as he could, taking the things for Jax’s party upstairs.

And so Alyssa kept Jaxon distracted. At least she did to begin with. And then Jacob dropped something and made a big noise. Jaxon immediately looked around to see what it was and only quick thinking kept Alyssa from losing his attention right then.

Taking a dollop of cake mix Alyssa laughed as she smudged some on Jaxon’s face. Her fiancé’s best friend immediately turned towards her and gaped at her.

“What was that for?” He asked, chocolate cake batter plastered on his cheek.

“You weren’t paying attention. And that’s what you get for not paying attention.” Alyssa replied with a giggle.

“Besides, it looks good on you.” She added with an impish smile.

“Oh yeah?” Jaxon replied, before he dipped his finger in the batter and before she could do anything to stop him he smudged some of the cake mix on the tip of her nose. “Well I think you look good in cake batter!” He added, then smiled wickedly and rubbed the rest on her cheek. “In fact, I wouldn’t mind eating it off you if you want?”

Alyssa felt her cheeks redden at that. While she normally would have playfully slapped his chest and reminded him that she was his best friend’s fiancée, at that moment she needed to keep his attention, lest he remember the big noise Jacob had made.

“Oh yeah? You want me covered in cake batter, do you?” She asked playfully and wiped the tip of her nose as she laughed softly at the intense look that suddenly appeared on his face. Oh, he had forgotten all about the noise now!

“I wouldn’t complain.” Jaxon answered as he ran a finger down Alyssa’s cheek and scooped some of the batter off there, licking his fingers as he did. “Mmmm, tastes good.”

Alyssa smiled softly.

“That’s all you’re getting today.” She said nicely before she moved closer to him, arching her back as she almost pressed herself against his chest. He had a wonderful view down the top of her low-cut top as he flicked his eyes from her chest to her eyes as she coyly looked up at him. “Maybe I can help you?” She asked as she began wiping the cake mix from his cheek softly.

For a moment the two of them just stood there, close together, as Alyssa gently wiped the batter from his cheek and then licked her fingers sexily. Jaxon was enthralled as he looked down at her, the noise Jacob made completely forgotten, and Alyssa smiled softly. He was putty in her hands.

As she cleaned his cheek she looked up at him through her eyelashes.

“All done.” She said in almost an erotic whisper before staring up at him a moment longer and then stepping back.

The tension filled the air and almost lit Alyssa up. She was not above using flirtation to get her way and she knew she was sexy and that Jaxon had a thing for her. But it had worked perfectly. He was totally focused on her now.

“Shall we?” She asked as she turned towards the bowl on the work surface.

Blowing out his cheeks, Jaxon’s eyes glittered as he looked from her to the bowl and then began mixing the topping. The rest of the cake went off without a hitch and so did Jacob’s moving of things. No more noises, in fact there was barely a sound to mark Alyssa’s fiancé’s coming and going. But the beautiful fiancée tried to take as long as she could with the cake to keep Jaxon occupied.

Even so there was only so much she could do before the cake was ready to go in the oven. And then there was just washing up to do. And so taking everything to the sink she began washing and Jaxon began drying and putting things away.

Before long they got to the mixing bowl that was covered in chocolate batter. Before she could put it in the sink to wash it though, Jaxon took it out of her hands.

“We don’t want to waste this!” He said as he ran his finger around the bowl and scooped up some left over batter.

Sticking his fingers in his mouth he licked the chocolate mix off his hand as he smiled broadly at Alyssa.

The beautiful fiancée smiled back at how cute he was being. She was just about to say something when he once more scooped up batter with his fingers and then offered them to her.

At first Alyssa was confused and then it suddenly dawned on her what he wanted her to do. He wanted her to lick the mix off his fingers! Ok, that was a little flirtatious but it wasn’t really over the top, she thought as she stood staring down at his hand. And she did have to distract him, and flirting with him before had worked, so…well, she might as well, she thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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