The Duchess

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The texture of the lace on her bodice aroused him as he dragged his finger across her rising white décolletage, trailing up to her chandelier pearl earrings and around the curve of her little ear. She shivered. “Sir, its dark here, I wish to return to the party”, she said, out of nervousness as much as the night around them. He smiled at her slipping his arm around her tightly corseted waist and grabbed firmly a handful of the layers of fabric that covered her bottom with his big strong hand.

She felt like a small, satin tree trunk struggling in his grasp and he laughed. “You’re wicked”, she gasped, coyly batting her tiny, gloved paws against his coat. With the young Duchess completely caught in his snare he stepped back into the sweet smelling, hedged labyrinth. His lips fell hungrily onto her broad mouth. He had been watching her mouth earlier in the evening wondering how she would taste, all mixed with champagne and meringue. He was right. She was delicious.

He laughed as her struggles subsided and she began to lean into him, but he jumped a little when her tiny hand slid down to his breaches. “Madammmmm you do not know what fire you are playing with”, he growled into her ear. She moaned at his French accent and what it did to her. She squeezed his hard on in her hand through his clothes.

Suddenly she let out a squeak as he flung her over his shoulder like a common whore. She had never been treated so impetuously. The waiters, carriage attendants and stable boys she had seduced her whole life had always begged for mercy under her advances. She was torn between scratching out this party guest’s eyes and taking on her body everything he desired to impose.

He kicked open the door and carried her into the dusty boat shed by the ornamental lake, a swan squawked in the rushes and flapped its way across the surface of the dark water. The lights and sounds of the distant party lit the lake and laughter and music drifted across to where they stood in the low and suffocating light of their lust.

She shivered again as he plonked her down and walked over to the fire. He struck the already set fire alight and sat down on the small day bed which was used half the year by some groundsmen. He lit a cigarette and looked into the flames. She was instantly insulted by his careless mannerisms towards her and was tempted to flounce straight out and back to the party, but her body was still burning with his kisses. She walked around and sat beside him smiling sweetly like she was in the parlour with a cup of tea. He smirked at her and this made her flash with instant, hot anger.

“How dare you!!” she cried, flying at him with her hand to slap his face. He caught her arm and pulled her down on the sofa flipping her onto her back and trapping her under his weight in one swift movement. He pulled at her bodice staring into her eyes and at her flushed full lips. Then pausing for a moment, leant down to lightly lick at her mouth, opening it slightly with a probing tongue. This slow erotic act made all the blood in her body run to her cunt and she arched her back and breasts up to his heat. She felt him smiling at his victory.

He freed her yellow-ribboned bodices and buried his face into her breasts and the soft fabric covering them. He bit her soft breasts gently and she moaned grasping his curled hair. He was handsome in the firelight and smelt divine, like leather and sweat and everything she normally wasn’t allowed to touch. She breathed him in and spread her legs allowing him between them. His hand ran up one of her legs to where her stocking ended. He ran his fingers lightly over the skin of her inner tight making her gasp with delight and pull his head deeper into a hot rough kiss.

The fire crackled loudly and she jumped, instantly alert to their discovery. He smiled at her and leaned his blonde curled İstanbul Escort head to her neck and murmured words of comfort into her ear in French, she was a poor student, she didn’t understand him, but it made her swoon. She touched his face and slipping out from under him, stood up decisively and let her dress and corset fall to the ground. She stalked to the door and pushed across the wooden bar that locked it.

By the door she turned back to him with her white frilly underwear; her ribbon tied white stockings and her bare nipples hard as cherries. She reached up and shook free her dark brown curls and stalked towards him in the gold firelight, her nipples peeking through her hair. She watched his pants rise and smiled running her tongue scandalously over her top lip. She sank down placing herself on his clothed crutch. She looked into his eyes that were glazed with lust and slowly started to move her hips in small circles. Two could play at this game.

His fingertips traced her neck and onto her breasts. He palmed them and then ran his thumbs over her nipples rotating them and them slipping one hand up holding her neck back and one hand rubbing between her breasts and over each one firmly. She started to undo the pearlescent buttons on his shirt opening his brown chest to her gaze. She rubbed his chest and nipples he moaned and thrust her a little, grabbing her tense throat and bouncing her full breasts. This excited him and he sat up suddenly and kissed her hard and pulled her hips into him.

Their hands ran through each other’s hair and she could feel herself tingling and rising to greet his suggestive hip movements. She lifted herself from him again and stood before him at the fire. She liked this erotic little dance they were weaving in the firelight. She noticed she had tamed him a little with her body.

She turned slowly and looked over her shoulder and slowly lowered her underwear over her broad bottom and down her legs. Slipping down her stockings to her ankles she spread her legs wide apart. Bending over and looking back at him with hooded eyes she slipped a hand between her legs, from the front, so he could see her slide a finger inside her hot, wet slit.

His eyes widened. She stroked herself in and out slowly and then turned towards him and knelt before him licking her taste from her finger. He smiled a heartbreakingly handsome white smile. He was harder than he’d been in his life. She leant forward her breasts swaying and undid the buttons on his boots and pulled each one from his legs and tugged at his breeches. Her breasts grazed his legs and he reached down and cupped their weight.

She pulled his hard on from his underclothes and looking up into his eyes, licked it from the base to the tip. He dropped his head back on the hard wooden edge of the couch and allowed the sensation to run over him. She licked his cock like a lollipop at the fair. Round and round she ran her tongue around the head and up and down the shaft. He groaned loudly. She rubbed her breasts over his hard cock. It felt wonderful against her skin, the slippery juice sliding between them and rolling over her hard nipples.

She sunk her mouth over his whole member and sucked at it as she had been told to do by the other girls. He moaned again. It was the first time she had performed this act on a man. Usually she made them pleasure her and then kicked them out of wherever she had commanded them to be. Sometimes she even fired them if she felt like it. Perhaps they looked at her wrong, with some kind of boyish afterglow. She hated that look.

“Madam” he said slowly “Please, what you did, before. I like it very much. Stand up and show me this again”, he gestured to the place she had stood before him and settled back into the settee. He pulled out a small flask and offered her some sweet port. Bayan Escort She coughed a little and he leant forward slowly licking a drip from her bottom lip. “Show me,” he whispered into her hair.

She stood and bent over holding a footrest for support she spread her legs and slowly rubbed two fingers now, over her wet lips. She could see his glazed eyes staring at her hole as he stroked his slick cock. She nearly came on her finger at the sight. He was gorgeous. A perfect specimen and there he was staring at her most private domain, licking his lips like she was a delicious jelly at the party.

She slid two fingers inside herself gently and curled her fingers into the place she knew it felt the best. “Owwwwww” she groaned Her eyes closing she felt a jerking and shaking of her insides and shuddered. This was more than he could take. He leant forward and ran his finger through to meet hers in her thrusting. His face was so close she could feel him blowing on her sex. “Owwwww” she groaned again. One of his fingers joined hers and they both filled her.

She removed her fingers and stared in to the fire while his finger in delicious slowness slipped in and out of her sopping hole. He then ran his hands over her bottom spreading her cheeks to his face. She felt so exposed and aroused she jumped a little as she felt a cold sticky liquid pour from her bottom hole down her slit. Then his tongue was lapping her as she bent in front of him, her legs wide. He sucked the wine from her inner lips causing her to shake and licked her hole clean. He buried his face in her and teased her little hole with his tongue .

Then growling slightly he knelt and grabbed her hips and pulled her onto his long probing tongue. It was glorious and she shuddered with pleasure, completely at his mercy. His finger reached her nub and he rubbed at her while he sucked and passionately kissed and tongued her slit, murmuring French obscenities into her wet holes. She felt punished like she could take no more. He pulled her around and onto his face on the couch. She couldn’t believe the pleasure of riding his face like a pony, his tongue furiously flicking her hole and nub.

She slowly started to come “Ahhhhhhhhhh” her pouted lips cried into the side of the dirty sofa. “Ahhhhhhhhhh” she shook tipping over the edge of the most wild and uncontrollable explosion in her whole body. He grabbed her bottom and squeezed the cheeks hard . “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Messier ” she cried out, shaking all over violently. The pleasure and pain mixed into one and her head felt faint. He slowly and gently took her whole nub and flicked it hard with his tongue, she looked down at him and let go inside, while clenching the sofa so hard she tore away some of the old fabric.

She felt her fountain overflow and hot fire shoot through her entire body. The electric energy was unbearable, beyond pleasure or pain, she cried out like an animal. He strongly pulled her down onto his sweaty naked body as she shook in waves. She gasped , breathless into his chest as the aftershocks ran over her skin and he was still slipping his finger in and out of her gently. “Magnificent, truly magnificent” he said into her hair with his musty lips, kissing her ear and licking it.

She was so sleepy she wanted to lie on his warm skin and fall from the edge of the world. He wrapped his arms around her waist and rubbed them over her back and hips and bottom. He reached down and hooked his fingers under her knees pulling her legs up and her body up his. Her breasts hung in his face and his sleepy eyes trailed over them and her took each nipple into his mouth flicking it with his tongue. He picked her up and set her over his cock with his strong arms. She looked down at him with expectation of his glorious hardness filling her.

He held her over his cock for a moment and Eskort then lowered her just onto the head with his muscular arms. She groaned and tipped back her head, her white jaw lit by the fire. Slowly he lowered her ridiculously slick purse over his cock. Her weight settled on him and he groaned nearly finishing in her. She leant forward placing a hand either side of his head and kissing him lightly she slipped herself up and down slowly on his cock.

He groaned into her mouth and she moved her face to his neck licking and biting him while she rode his hard thick cock. “Tre bein Missuer” she groaned into his ear as she started to feel another wave coming over her because of the sweet sensation of being stretch and fucked and filled. The noises of her pleasure sent him over the edge and he pulled her down by the hips onto his cock and began to fuck her warm tightness from beneath. This made her groan more and her breasts bounced faster and faster. She rode him hard and he was just about to come into her when he pulled her off.

She opened her eyes and her mouth in an O. He picked her up and carried her to the wall and began to fuck her against the cold wooden wall. She cried out at this burst of strength and force. “Owwwww yes, ugh , yes” she gasped into his ear as he slammed her back into the creaking cabin, knocking the wind out of her lungs. She came quietly again, her walls clenching him in spasms and he once again pulled out of her leaving her breathless and moved her back to the daybed. This man was an outrageously good lover she thought. She must find more French men, perhaps it is genetic?

He lay on his side and gestured for her to back onto his red, hot cock. She lowered herself next to him and he firmly spread her legs so wide she felt split open as he entered her from behind. She groaned and he grabbed her breasts while he began to thrust her in a different rhythm. She had never been so thoroughly fucked in her life and begged him with her exhausted moans. His hard cock shoved into her slapping against her buttocks. His hands ran over her throat and breasts holding them for support and gripping them in his huge hands.

He turned completely onto his back and she was facing away from him while his cock still hard and insistent thrust her intermittently. Her muscles contracted in this new position gripping him. As she tightened around him he groaned loudly and grabbed her hips hard.. He thrust and thrust as the waves of his pleasure poured into her she felt more free and liberated then she ever had.

With one brutal hard thrust he almost made her cry out in deep pain as he dug himself up inside her. He suddenly sat up facing her down onto the bed, taking her hard and with his strong arms gripping her tiny frame from behind. The wild and rough sensations delighted her, freeing her mind. Then he shook and shook and moaned into her sweaty skin, he pulled out and she felt his hot juices pour over her back

They were exhausted by their lust and lay in a sweet smelling pile of limbs. “Madam, you are so delicious to me” he said gripping her breasts and licking her ear. Moments later they jumped in unison as the celebration fire works exploded in the garden outside. She started ” I will be hung!” she exclaimed. “I must go. Mama and Papa will notice”. He smiled drowsily. “I will come to you later… in your room.” Her eyes widened at the prospect and she began to protest and then dressing and gathering her things, she rethought her decision , smiled and placed her key onto his chest, as she slipped out of the door into the night.

She was exhausted by the end of the evening. She had gone to the toilette and fixed her hair and face. Later she needed to feign a fever to escape the questioning of her aged aunt at her flushed cheeks. Her crutch was still slick and she could feel wetness sliding between her legs. It felt overly hot and warm in the fire lit sitting room, where the ladies played cards and giggled. She felt deliciously secretive yet her breasts and body screamed beneath her clothes so loudly she felt they would give her away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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