The Empathetic Girlfriend Ch. 02

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The sun shining through the window woke Yuna up from her sleep. She found herself lying on top of the homeless man she had taken care of last night. She moved her abdomen a little bit and could feel the man’s penis spread her pussy lips. She had her head lying on the large man’s chest and she licked her lips at the possibility of another great orgasm this morning when she was startled by the man’s muscular arms wrapping around her small frame.

Yuna froze as he ran his fingers through her thick dark hair. He grabbed at it and pulled her head up dominantly. “Have I died and gone to heaven?” He asked as he looked into her eyes. Yuna opened her mouth to protest but no words came out as he spread her pussy lips with his index and ring finger and poked at her tight, lubricated pussy hole with his middle finger.

“N… n… nooo,” Yuna quietly whispered as the homeless man outlined her hymen with his middle finger.

“No, why not? I must be dead, otherwise there is no other reason I am waking up to a beautiful, virgin, Asian girl laying naked on top of me.” The homeless man reached down and grabbed his penis. He rubbed the engorged penis along the outside of her pussy and then aimed the head at the entrance of her virgin sex.

Yuna started to squirm to free herself from him and he let go of her hair. He hugged her tight and pressed his penis into her until it bumped against her maidenhead.

“Come on baby. Let Daddy make you feel good.”

“NO!” Yuna shouted as she elbowed the man into his bruise.

“Oh, fuck!” He cried out from the pain. He let go of Yuna and she rolled herself off of him.

“You want a better explanation!” Yuna said out of breath. “You were hit by a car. I took you into my apartment. You were having fevers and chills. I tried to keep you warm so you did not go into shock. I know it is not heaven but it is better than being by yourself injured on the street.”

“Shit, I was hit by a car? I don’t, God, my back hurts! Now, now I think I remember. Please, I am sorry about what just happened. It has been a long time since a beautiful woman like yourself was in my arms.”

The anger in Yuna faded away. “No, I’m the one that should apologize. I didn’t mean to fall asleep with you. I guess it is spooky to wake up somewhere and you don’t know how you got there.”

“No, you saved me. I just had these weird dreams about a woman last night and then there you were.”

“It must have been the pain killers,” She said blushing. “You were in a lot of pain last night and were sort of delusional.” She failed to mention that what he may have experience was totally a dream. Her pussy was still wet from her sucking his big black dick and rubbing it on her pussy.

He awoke Yuna from her daydream saying, “A lot of pain last night? I’m in a lot of pain now. How long will it take me to heal, doc? You seem to know what you are talking about”

“I would say at least a week to a month. Let me get you some more pain killers.”

“No. I don’t want them. Don’t really need them. Don’t like the feeling they give me.”

“Oh, OK.”

The man cleared his throat. “So, my name is Mike. What is yours?”

“Oh I’m sorry, I’m Yuna,” she said walking back over to Mike to shake Kurtköy Escort his hand. He took it gently.

“Nice to meet you Yuna and thank you for the care. Can I ask you one thing though?” She glanced as his still erect penis from the corner of her eye.

“Sure.” Yuna said with a smile.

“Are you a nudist because I can sure get use to this.” A big grin formed on his face as he looked Yuna up and down.

“Eeek!” Yuna fled to the closet to put on clothes. “Sorry!” She yelled from the closet.

“Sometimes I lose my head.”

“Almost lost your cherry.” Mike said quietly to himself as Yuna came back wearing a white T-shirt and short, yellow shorts. She was notably missing a bra as her large breasts squeezed against the thin material of the shirt. Her visible areoles showing through and her nipples poking through. She was also carrying a set of clothes for Mike to change into.

“Here are some clothes for you. They are my fiancé’s but I don’t know if they will fit. Don’t worry about wearing them now since you shouldn’t move too much for a day or two.”

“Do you need anything?” She asked as Mike still laying with his body exposed.

“Umm, how am I going to use the bathroom?”

“That would be hard to explain but I would think good aim plays a big role.” Yuna said with a smile and they both laughed.

Gently, Yuna helped Mike up and walk into the bathroom.

“Shit, I don’t know if I can stand up by myself.” Mike told Yuna.

“Here, lets get you to sit down.” She said helping him lower his body to the toilet.

“No, no stop! I can’t sit down. That is too much right now.”

Yuna thought for a minute. She had better get use to these awkward situations since this is what she wanted to do for a career.

“I know. Let me get behind you and I will hold you up.”

Mike let go of her but he almost lost his balance because Yuna was too small to hold up his weight.

“Why don’t I just balance myself with my hands against the wall while you umm, aim it.”

“Sure… I don’t see why not,” Yuna agreed.

She stood to Mike’s side as he balanced himself using the walls as support. She reached her hand out and grabbed the long penis. She was still awestruck at the size. Even flaccid it was larger than he boyfriend, Greg’s. Mike started to get erect at the sight of this young girl holding his penis for him at his command. He started to pee and she aimed the stream toward the toilet bowl. Yuna did not help his erection as she pulled back the uncircumcised skin from the head. She unconsciously rubbed her thumb against the base as she worked against the force of the pee.

Yuna thought of how close that penis had come to taking her virginity twice in less than twelve hours.

Strange thoughts flooded through her head. Was the close call a sign that this huge thing fucks her? She knew the thought was silly and that she was saving herself for her future husband, but she wanted this mans large, black cock stuffed as far as it would go inside of her.

Mike had stopped peeing but Yuna did not notice and started to stroke his penis as she though about how close Mike had come to raping her this morning. “Wait a minute. Why am I getting wet at the thought of a homeless man rapping me?” She thought.

“Uhh, Yuna?” Mike asked as Yuna looked up and him and smiled. “I’m done,” he informed her.

“Oh,” she said with an embarrassed laugh. She let go of his member and it bounced up to its normal erect position. Yuna Pendik Escort continued to look at it and looked down at her bare feet. “While we are in here, why don’t I give you a shower?”

“OK.” Mike said not sure what is going on with this girl.

Yuna opened the glass door and turned on the water in the shower. It was a walk in shower with a fancy showerhead. In fact, it contained three showerheads vertically arranged. When turned on it drenched the entire area.

“Well, I guess when helping someone in pain, modesty is not an issue.” Yuna said as she unzipped the side of her shorts and let it fall to the ground. She pulled off her tight, cotton shirt and pulled her panties down. She stepped out of them and guided Mike into the shower, making sure he did not slip on his way in. She could not take her eyes off his large dick, it was pointing straight at her. When they were in the shower there was not much room for the both of them. His penis was poking into her stomach and that is when she really a good look at how large of a man Mike was. He must have been 6 foot 3 inches tall. He was a medium build, strong but had some belly fat. Yuna must have been a sight to Mike. She looked about 15 or 16 years old, although Mike knew she must be older. She was a foot shorter than him and she had dark eyes and hair. Her long, black hair stuck to her back. Yuna reached out instinctively to keep Mike’s cock head from poking her in the stomach, but this made the situation more lewd. She looked up to Mike as if she did not know what to do and needed guidance from a strong man.

Seizing the queue Mike grabbed the soap and handed it to Yuna. “Will you wash my back? I don’t think you were able to reach that while I laid in bed last night.”

“Y, Yea, I will…” Yuna said taking the soap with her shaking hand. She lathered up the sponge and rubbed it on Mike’s back. She had to get on her tip toes to clean his shoulders and his upper back. After she finished his back she reached her arms around him and washed his chest. Her breasts pressed against the back of his chest. She ran the sponge from the bottom of his stomach to the his pecks. Yuna was getting wet feeling his large, muscular chest. He turned around and stood over her and she bent down to wash his legs. She got on hands and knees and washed the homeless man’s feet. He just looked down at her with his hands against the shower wall, his dick twitching with arousal.

Yuna washed up his left leg, having to get on her knees to reach his upper thighs. She looked up and the engorged, giant penis was above her as if it was watching her, and she brushed her sponge against it as she went to wash the right leg. This time as she washed up to his thigh she reached her hands behind Mike and gripped his ass cheeks. She pulled herself in so that she was a breath away from his monstrous dick and obediently cleaned the crack of his ass and worked her way to his balls. As if they were gold, she polished his balls thoroughly and then ran the sponge up the long shaft of his penis. Mike moaned as she moved the sponge back again.

“Don’t forget to wash under the skin baby,” Mike said. “I’m uncircumcised so that area needs special attention.”

Yuna nodded and with one hand she pulled the foreskin back and with the other ran the sponge over his dick. She was still on her knees as she built up lather on his dick. Mike grabbed Yuna by the back of the neck and pulled her up to her feet. She dropped the sponge but continued to scrub Mike’s Mutlukent Escort cock using her bare hands. “Yea, clean it real good baby.” Mike instructed Yuna.

Yuna had no ignorance about what she was doing to Mike. She jerked him off in the shower. Last night she sucked his cock but he was asleep. He thought he was dreaming. This time he was ordering her to do it and she willingly obeyed.

She massaged his dick and Mike’s balls were about to explode. Yuna had rubbed most of the soap off of his dick, so she bent over to retrieve the sponge to lubricate his dick some more. She bent over away from him and Mike got a perfect view of Yuna’s ass and pussy. Mike let go of the walls of the shower and steadied himself using Yuna’s back. The weight Mike placed on her almost made her fall over so she quickly put her hands on the shower wall in front of her to steady keep them from falling over.

“I’m sorry Yuna but I lost my balance. I’m trying to steady myself.”

“N… no problem M… Mike.” Yuna said as she felt Mike’s dick spread her pussy lips and rub against her clit. Yuna bite her lip to keep from moaning out for Mike to fuck her, and Mike started to rub his sex against hers.

Mike was already at the point of climax when Yuna was jerking him off and now being stimulated on the soft folds of her labia he started to cum. He reached his hand down and cupped his hand under his cock head and caught the erupting cum in his hand. He wanted to plant his dick down into this hot little Asian girls cunt but he knew with his injuries he would not be able to keep her in place. If Yuna moved he would fall and injure himself even more.

This girl had surprised him. Most people would have left him on the road to die but she brought him back here. He had erotic dreams about a young girl sucking him off last night and then he wakes up to a naked girl lying on top of him. Mike new if he played this right he could get that virgin pussy eventually, but he would have to heal properly to have his way with her. Until then he wanted to see how far he could take this and see how much a slut this little girl really was.

Mike pulled the tip of his dick from Yuna’s pussy and took his hand and placed it under the head of his dick. Mike came hard squirting a large load of cum into his hand. He took the hand full of sperm and covered Yuna’s mouth.

Mike did not say a word; Yuna opened her mouth obediently letting his cum ooze into her mouth. She could taste the same saltiness of the sperm she swallowed last night and hungrily accepted the offering Mike was giving to her. After swallowing his load, he stuck each finger in her mouth as she licked the sticky sperm from his large black fingers. She wanted to suck his cock so bad but knew she could not do it while he was awake or she might be labeled a slut and her boyfriend may find out. “If nothing was said between them as I swallowed this stranger’s cum, then it is almost like it never happened,” she thought.

Mike moved his hands from Yuna’s hips and cupped her breasts. He pulled her up to a standing positions very carefully as he used her for support. Yuna turned off the water and turned around to face Mike. His cock was still fully erect and poked into her stomach. Mike looked down at the teenage girl with lust in his eyes. Yuna looked up to him and saw his deep gaze. She giggled nervously and turned away and opened the shower door. She grabbed a towel hanging on the rack and dried the water off of Mike. She dried herself off as well and wrapped the towel around her and guided Mike back to the bed.

Mike undid his towel and laid back into the soft bed. It had been years since he lay on an actual mattress. Yuna left to make breakfast and Mike fell asleep.



Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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