The Evacuee part 3

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David the young evacuee arrives at his new home…

As the train pulled into each new station, David looked excitedly out of the window wondering if this was his stop. All the station boards had been taken down to stop the Germans finding their way around when they invaded and he had to rely on announcements on the train so he listened carefully. Suddenly he heard the name of his stop and quickly dragged his suitcase down from the rack and peered out of the window. The train pulled in and he quickly alighted, looking both ways up and down the platform.
He spotted a woman in uniform with several children around her and headed towards her. She quickly checked his label and ticked his name off on a piece of paper, instructing him to follow her. They all boarded a small bus which was in the station yard and drove them into the village centre. Looking around David realized the village was much smaller than the town he was used to and he felt sure he would soon find his way around.
The bus stopped and all the children got off, and were then lead into a hall. Their names were checked off again and various grownups were milling about, seemingly being allocated their various evacuees. Suddenly he heard his name and he approached the desk at the end of the hall. There stood a woman, about the same age as his mum, with short dark hair and a pleasant smiling face. If this was his new “guardian”, she seemed very pleasant. The woman at the desk checked her list for a final time.
“David Wilson? This is Mrs. Ellis. You’ll be staying with her.” He turned to look at the woman who smiled warmly down at him. He extended his hand.
“Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Ellis.” He had been taught to say this by his mother and he was relieved when Mrs. Ellis shook hands with him.
“Likewise, David. I’m sure we’ll get on very well. Shall we go to the car now?” David nodded and followed Mrs. Ellis out of the hall.
Mary smiled to herself. Her first reaction on hearing the name was – it’s a boy. There was nothing she could do about it and she was secretly quite pleased, especially in view of her thoughts last night. She just hoped he was old enough to help around the garden and when he approached the table she was relieved to see that not only was he a good build but also quite handsome. Once again she felt herself flutter and put these thoughts to the back of her mind. Not only what she was a married woman, but this boy was only fifteen!
On the journey home they chatted and Mary told him about the village. She explained she was a teacher at the local school and thus, like her daughters, was on holiday at the moment.
“You’ll meet them when you get home – they’re looking forward to seeing you!” She smiled to herself. Of course they didn’t yet know that they would be welcoming a boy into the household and she wondered what their reaction would be. She was worried about Kate who was now sixteen and turning into a very attractive young girl. She had impressed upon her the importance of keeping herself “pure” until she married but she worried whether the presence of a good looking lad in the household would affect Kate.
She glanced at David as they chatted. He seemed quiet and innocent enough.
The car pulled up outside the house and Mary and David walked up the garden path, round the side of the house and he followed her into the kitchen. Mary called out,
“Down you come girls – he’s here!”
Upstairs in their bedroom the two girls exchange glances. “He’s here”…it was a boy! Sally was resigned to this and not too concerned but Kate got rather excited. Let’s hope he’s a good looking lad! I bet he’s not though… I bet he’s really boring and ordinary she thought. The two girls scampered down stairs and went into the kitchen. Kate’s heart gave a little jump. He was gorgeous! He was the same height as her although he looked a little younger and she grinned at him and gave him a hug.
“Welcome to our house! I hope you’ll be really happy here!” Her mother looked a little taken aback so she quickly let go of him and shuffled backwards, embarrassed. Her mother smiled.
“David, this is Kate” she indicated the girl who had welcomed him so enthusiastically and David grinned at her. She was certainly more attractive than Beth back at home and, if he was any judge, a little bit older as well. He turned to the younger girl who was introduced as Sally and she smiled at him shyly. Mary put her hand on David’s shoulder.
“This is David. He’s had a long journey today so will probably want something to eat. Shall we get us some tea?”
David did not comment on the size of the portions of bread, jam, butter, ham – they were larger than he was used to. It was apparent that rationing had not hit the village as hard as it had in the town and he later found out that they grew a lot of their own food and the farmers locally kept them well supplied.
In the evening they chatted, listened to the radio and played a couple of board games, before Mary announced it was time for them to go to bed. David hadn’t yet been upstairs so was a little surprised when he was led into the same room as the girls. It was a large, airy L-shaped room – surely he wasn’t going to share? Mary noticed his expression.
“I hope you don’t mind sharing David? As you can see I’ve put a little curtain across your end of the room. I’m sure you’ll be fine.” She pointed to where she had curtained off the end of the L. He muttered that he was sure he’d be okay and Mrs. Ellis bade them goodnight and closed the door. He looked nervously at the two girls.
“Don’t worry David, we don’t bite!” Kate grinned at him and he laughed. This relaxed him a little and he carefully stepped behind the curtain where, he was surprised to see, he had more space than he thought. There was certainly room for him to put his clothes and he started to unpack his suitcase.
“You can put some of your things in the chest of drawers here if you like.” Kate called out and as he poked his head around the curtain, she indicated the unit in their part of the bedroom and he gratefully accepted. He put his few belongings in the bottom drawer, and then muttered that he was going to get changed before disappearing behind the curtain again with his pyjamas. The girls exchanged glances. Kate put her finger to her lips and then stealthily crept towards the curtain.
Sally looked at her wide-eyed as Kate firstly listened at the curtain and then carefully peered through a small hole which, she later admitted, she had made that afternoon! David had her back to her but had taken off his shirt and she admired his well toned shoulders. He then unbuttoned his shorts and pulled these down, carefully folding them up and putting them in the corner. Irritatingly, he still had his back to her as he slipped his briefs down, but then he turned to the side to pick up his pyjama trousers. Her eyes immediately shot below his waist and she almost squeaked at what she saw.
He was enormous! She had no idea that boys got that big! She had only seen one cock in her life, and that had been a few weeks ago when Danny Williams had showed her his. Mind you he was always showing it off to the girls and one of the teachers had spoken to him about it. It had been sticking up out of his shorts and seemed quite big, but David’s was even bigger and it wasn’t even hard! She quickly started back to her bed and dived in next to her sister.
“What did Sex hikayeleri you see?” Sally whispered to her hoarsely.
“I saw his cock!” Sally put her hand to her mouth.
“What was it like?” she breathed.
“It was huge!” Kate muttered. She paused. “It was lovely, little one…really lovely” she said this in a faraway voice and suddenly realized she had that familiar warm sticky feeling between her legs. She couldn’t believe how aroused she had been by seeing David naked. Although it had only been a brief glimpses it had been enough to arouse her and she suddenly thought that having a boy evacuee was much better than a girl!
“Can I go and look?” Sally whispered pleadingly. Kate shook her head.
“He’ll be in bed by now…you won’t see anything.” Sally looked disappointed and settled back on to her pillow. Wordlessly the two girls held hands. Kate was thinking about David and wondering how she could get him interested in her. Sally, meantime, was making a mental note to try and spy on David the next morning when he got dressed.
Unfortunately the opportunity did not arise as by the time she had woken up the next morning she noticed David’s corner was empty and realized he had already got himself up. Kate sympathised with a smug grin and the two girls quickly got themselves ready and went downstairs where David was sat with their mother, enjoying breakfast.
“Sleep well David?” Kate asked and he nodded.
“Very well thank you. It’s very comfortable.” He turned to their mother as she said this and she grinned at him. Kate was beginning to think that David might be a bit of a “churchie”. He was very polite and seemed a little shy and she was beginning to wonder if perhaps she had been barking up the wrong tree by thinking she could get naughty with him.
“I’m going to visit old Mrs. Millington this morning – I promised I take some shopping around for her. Will you two be able to look after David? Perhaps you can show him round the village.” Kate quickly agreed and looked at Sally who nodded.
“We can show him the woods where we play.” She and Sally exchanged glances. This was one of their secret places where no other children went and they are often enjoyed each other’s bodies there.
“That’s a good idea.” said their mother. Just make sure your back by lunchtime.” The two girls nodded and got on with breakfast.
Soon after breakfast had been cleared away Mrs. Ellis left the house and David looked expectantly at the two girls. He was looking forward to going into the woods with these two; it would bring back fond memories of him and Beth!
“Shall we go then?” Kate smiled at David and led him out of the back door and into the road. They chatted quite happily as they took a turning down a small lane and eventually the lane petered out into a field, on the opposite side of which was a small copse. Kate and Sally were telling him about the various children they were friends with and he, in turn, told them about his life back in Southampton.
They crossed the field and stepped into the welcome shade of the trees.
“None of the other children know about this place… it’s our secret place!” Kate told him. “Be careful of some of the tree roots. They can trip you up!” As she said this she casually took hold of David’s hand, as if to help him, but he noticed that she did not let go when they got on to more even ground. Sally looked on enviously and then quickly caught up with the two of them and took hold of David’s other hand. David smiled down at her and welcomed the intimate contact from the two girls.
“Have you got any secret places?” Katie glanced at David shyly. She suddenly realise the double meaning in what she had said and bit her lip but David didn’t seem to notice.
“Me and my girlfriend have got a place in the woods we go to sometimes.” he replied, hoping Kate would catch the inference – he was old enough for a girlfriend. Kate fought back her initial disappointment. He had a girlfriend! She asked casually,
“Do you miss her?”
“Well it’s only been a couple of days.” David replied. “But I shan’t be seeing her for a long time so… I expect I will.” He turned to look at Kate, wondering where this conversation was going.
“What did you used to do in the woods?” Kate asked quietly, swallowing hard as she did so. David quickly turned to Sally who didn’t seem to be listening in. “Oh don’t worry about her…we talk about everything.” Kate muttered.
“Well used to sit and chat a lot…” David wondered how much he should reveal. Kate turned to look at him.
“Just talk?” She grinned at him. David felt himself go red. “I bet it was more than just talk wasn’t it? You’re going red!” Kate exclaimed and David laughed in spite of himself.
“Alright, alright have it your way…yes we did used to…do things.”
“I knew it! Did you hear that Sally?” To David’s horror Kate looked past him down at her younger sister. Sally looked up at her sister.
“Yes but I bet he won’t want to do anything with me will he? I’m much too young!” She looked at David petulantly and David returned her look with one of surprise.
“You’re only a year younger than me…you’re 14 aren’t you?” Sally nodded.
“And I’ve got the biggest breasts in my class!” She blurted out which sent David and Kate laughing. “I have, I have!” Sally insisted and stopped, turning to face them. Then to their astonished amusement Sally quickly flipped up the hem of her tee shirt exposing her breasts, which, as yet, did not need the support of a bra.
“Sally for Christ’s sake behave yourself!” Kate laughed in spite of herself and put her hand to her mouth. David did not know what to say but gazed at the young girl’s chest. He had to agree her breasts were quite large for her age and he said this to Sally.
“There I told you!” Sally said triumphantly to her sister and then pulled her tee shirt back down again. The three of them had now stopped in a small glade and Kate quickly looked around.
“Is this your secret place then?” David asked, following her gaze and relieved to see that the woods were quite dense here and very quiet. Sally had now become involved by what she had done and quickly answered..
“It is. This is where Kate and I play…” she exclaimed.
“So what do you get up to then?” David asked with a grin on his face. He felt sure he knew. Sally looked at Kate as if asking for permission to tell him. Kate nodded and then turned to David.
“We play with each other…if you know what I mean.” Kate idly wondered whether David knew about masturbation.
“I think I do…” David said uncertainly. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself. “On the last afternoon before I left, Beth and I did that. That’s my girlfriend” he looked up at Kate nodded. “She let me…you know…play with her and then she played with me.” He felt himself go red and stared at Kate. Kate’s heart leapt. He was one of them now!
“That’s what Sally and I do!” She said excitedly. David listened in amazement as Kate went on to tell him about what she and Sally got up to not only in the woods but, more excitingly, in bed at night. He agreed he was eager to join in and Kate confessed she had seen him the night before. David smiled and explained that he had seen her shadow behind the curtain and guessed what she had been up to.
“You little tease! You knew I was there! That’s why you kept your back to me wasn’t it?” Kate laughed. David nodded with a grin.
“But I gave you Sikiş hikayeleri a quick flash didn’t I?” Kate nodded.
“Yes you did. It was fantastic!”
“I didn’t see it!” Sally piped up petulantly. David turned to face her.
“Go on David show her now! You’ve seen her boobs so it’s only fair!” Kate exclaimed. Sally looked up at him expectantly.
“Okay, okay if you insist…” David replied, trying to sound reluctant but secretly excited at the thought of exposing himself to the two girls. “Shall I take my shirt of first?” he teased, winking at Kate. Then he quickly grabbed the hem of his tee shirt pulling it in one movement over his head.
“Come on David, I can’t wait to see it again either!” David laughed and then quickly unbuckled his shorts, allowing them to drop to the ground. He kicked off his sandals and was now standing there in just his briefs.
“Ready ladies?” David grinned at the two girls who were now standing in front of him. Kate laughed and Sally was quiet, looking with hushed expectancy at his briefs which were now bulging. He tucked his thumbs into the waistband and slowly drew them down. Sally gazed at the small tuft of pubic hair that first appeared and then slowly his cock unfurled and flopped out. She put her hand to her mouth. Her sister had been right! It was enormous! It hung down several inches and was twitching already!
“What do you think sis?” Kate looked down at Sally. Her younger sister took a step forward and peered down at the David’s cock as it hung from his groin.
“He’s lovely isn’t he?” She looked up at her sister. “Your right it is big isn’t it?” Kate nodded. “I’ve not seen one before but I didn’t think they would be that big!”
“I’m the biggest in my class!” exclaimed David proudly. “Like you with your breasts.” Sally nodded solemnly, as if appreciating that the two of them had a special bond. David briefly closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of the hot sun on his body. The clearing was quite small but the sun shone in hotly and his body seemed to glow.
“You’re very lucky having this place. You can take all your clothes off and no one can see you.” David looked at Kate and winked. Kate grinned back.
“I think he wants us to get stripped off Sally.” Kate turned to her younger sister.
“Shall we?” Sally replied excitedly. Before Kate could answer Sally once again pulled up the hem of her shirt but this time pulled it over her head. David stared at her budding breasts as she then quickly unbuttoned her shorts and pulled these down, revealing a tiny pair of white pants. She sat down to carefully take off her socks and sandals before lifting herself up and slipping her panties off. She stood up again and stared at David, a grin on her face and her hands behind her back.
David gazed with admiration at her young body. He had of course already seen her young breasts but was fascinated at the bald area between her legs. She was obviously too young to grow hair yet and he could just see the top of her slit.
“My turn!” exclaimed Kate who quickly unbuttoned her blouse. David turned to watch as Kate pulled aside the material and revealed a white bra encasing, what looked to David to be two wonderful breasts. Kate carefully folded up the blouse and placed it on the ground, glancing up at David with a grin. She stood up again and then unfastened a clip at the side of her skirt, undid the zip and let her skirt fall to the ground. She stepped out of it daintily and quickly kicked off her sandals. She was now stood in the clearing in just her bra and matching pants.
Come on sis, all the way!” Sally cried out. Kate laughed and then reached behind her to unhook her bra. She eased the cups forward and her breasts fell out. David gazed at them in wonderment. They were bigger than Beth’s and beautifully firm with dark brown nipples which were already erect. He licked his lips nervously. Kate continued to gaze at him as she quickly slipped her pants down her long legs and kicked them off to join the bundle of clothes by her side. David quickly gazed at her groin which, like Beth’s, had a soft covering of hair.
The three of them exchanged glances, enjoying the fact that they were all naked, in the open air, and luxuriating in the feeling of freedom that it brought.
“So…what do we do now then?” David asked, wondering who would do what to whom and when.
At this point Kate felt a little nervous. Although she was happy playing with herself and her sister, she had never played with a boy before. How could she admit this to David? She decided to make the first move.
“You can play with me if you like!” she exclaimed and quickly lay down on the grass. David joined her and Sally laid on her other side. David turned on his side and let his gaze travel up and down Kate’s body. Her breasts quivered and her nipples were like tiny stalks. She had a flat tummy and a soft fuzz of pubic hair at her groin. He glanced at her face and saw that Kate was grinning at him.
“You can kiss me if you like…” Kate whispered. David grinned and then leaned over and gave Kate a kiss on the lips. He used his left hand to steady himself and placed it casually on her tummy. As they kissed Kate took hold his hand and slid it up her body until it was caressing her right breast. David carefully squeezed the firm flesh and rubbed his fingers across the nipple, something he knew Beth liked.
Kate closed her eyes and had to stop herself from crying out. David’s hand on her breasts was fantastic… much better than her sister’s! He seemed to know exactly what to do and his firm hands were massaging both breasts now, as he continued to kiss her. Then his hand started to slide down her flank. David pulled away and glanced at her quickly before turning to look down her body. He shuffled down and started to rub his fingers through her pubic hair.
Kate almost held her breath as David’s searching fingers came to rest at the top of the slit to her pussy and started to carefully press against the soft pad of flesh in a circular motion. It was wonderful! His fingers continued to twirl around and each time he did it he seemed to slide slightly closer towards her pussy. She eased her legs apart and felt David’s hand slip obediently between her pussy lips. An electric charge shot through her body as his fingers started to work up and down her lips, his middle finger gently easing itself between them. She worried he would try and slide his finger in too far – her hymen was still intact – but he seemed to appreciate this and a only slid in an inch, whilst continuing to rub her lips.
Did he know about the clitoris she thought to herself?
“David…find my bump…” she whispered in his ear. David remembered the book under his father’s bed and knew she meant her clitoris. He searched his mind, and then suddenly remembered. He carefully brought his fingers up to the top of Kate’s slit, which was now very wet, and immediately found the bump to which she was referring. He carefully lubricated his finger and started to circle the bud which sent Kate spiralling into an orgasm.
David was astonished at the intensity of Kate’s climax. It was all he could do to keep his hands working at her crotch as she wriggled and writhed on the ground, grunting like an animal.
“Oh God David…oh God, yes!” She cried out as her climax peaked and then suddenly she slumped back onto the ground. David moved his hand away and quickly Erotik hikaye sat up, gazing down at Kate, who was lying there, eyes closed, breathing heavily. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him.
“You’ve done that before haven’t you?” David felt some pride but had to confess only a few times.
“You’re very good at it.” Kate turned to Sally. “Why don’t you ask him to do you?” Sally gazed at the pair of them. She had watched David playing with her sister in awe and envy. However what had amazed her more was the sight of David’s cock which grew as he had been playing with Kate. It had unfurled from its soft state to something long and hard, and Sally had an urge to take it in her hands. Dare she?
“Can I play with David?” she whispered. David and Kate exchange glances.
“But you don’t know how to, little one…” Kate explained. However David could not wait to feel this young girl’s hand around his cock.
“I can show her.” he replied looking at both girls. Kate looked at Sally, with a hint of envy that she was going to play with him first but then realized that she had already had an orgasm and Sally had been a little left out. She gazed at her younger sister lovingly.
“OK then sis…you can have your fun!” Sally grinned excitedly and turned to David.
“Will you show me how to do it? How to play with you?” Sally gazed down at his erection. David lay back on the grass and patted the area next to him.
“If you kneel here then you can reach me easily.” Sally did as she was told and Kate knelt on the other side, as of course she had yet to do this and was keen to learn. David took Sally’s hand and showed her how to curl her fingers around the shaft of his cock.
“Like this…” Suddenly he was reminded of his afternoon with Beth as he took the young girl’s hand and started to slide his foreskin up and down the shaft of his cock. He let go Sally’s hand and the young girl continued, her hand feeling tight against the size of his shaft and he lay back as she continued to wank him. He glanced up at Kate who was staring at his cock and he closed his eyes, enjoying the luxurious feeling.
Sally kept up a firm and steady rate and he knew he wasn’t far off coming. He wondered if the girls knew about what would happen when he came. He decided to let them find out for themselves! Suddenly to his astonishment he felt another hand and opening his eyes he noticed that Kate had reached out and was cupping his balls. He felt himself twitch and Kate looked at him.
“Is that alright David? It’s not putting you off is it?” She gazed at him nervously.
“No it’s lovely…” he croaked, spreading his leg slightly so she could now get her hand easily between his legs and caress his balls.
Kate watched in fascination as her younger sister played with David. His balls were quite big and she loved the furry feel of them in her hands. She squeezed them gently and jiggled them about which David seemed to enjoy. She and her sister exchange glances and grinned. To her surprise and delight Sally blew her a little kiss, which she returned. Kate then quickly glanced at David, who still had his eyes closed. Then she casually leaned across to her sister and kissed her on the lips.
David felt Sally’s rhythm change and opening his eyes he gazed in wonder at the two girls kissing. He never realised that girls kissed and the sight was incredibly arousing. Then Sally seemed to get her rhythm back and suddenly he knew he was going to come.
“Here it comes girls…” He croaked. Kate knew what was going to happen and whispered in to Sally’s ear,
“Stuffs going to come out of the end in a minute…”Sally looked at her blankly as David started to twitch in her hands and looking down she saw a small drop of liquid ooze from the top of David’s cock. Then his cock jerked in her hand and she cried out as a jet of white liquid erupted from the end. She quickly drew her hand away but Katie just as quickly grabbed hold of his cock. He felt sure he would want her to carry on and she continued to milk the shaft as more juice spurted from the end, splashing on to her hands and on to David’s tummy.
David winced with relief. When Sally had let go he had a horrible feeling he was going to lose his orgasm but Kate’s hand had quickly taken over and her actions, pumping away at his erection, heightened the glorious feeling and seemed to make his orgasm last even longer. Eventually he found himself starting to come down and Kate, sensing this, slowed down her own movements until eventually she let go, allowing David’s cock to flop back onto his tummy.
He quickly gathered his thoughts together and opened his eyes again to see the two girls still kneeling next to him, gazing down at him.
“That was brilliant Sally.” He reached out and stroked the young girl’s shoulder. If that was your first time it was fantastic!” Sally grinned proudly.
“And thanks for finishing me off!” He turned to Kate. Kate’s would later explain to Sally why she shouldn’t stop halfway through!
David turned to look at Sally.
“I guess it’s your turn now little lady!” Sally grinned at him happily. She was now so turned on she knew she would come very quickly. In fact her hand was already between her legs and she had been idly twiddling herself whilst David had been recovering. David then had an idea.
“Here, sit on my chest.” he patted himself and Sally quickly knelt astride him. She gazed down at him and he looked up at her young body, enjoying the view of her pert breasts in the sunlight. He reached his hands out and cupped each of them, gently caressing them and flicking his thumbs across the nipples. Sally closed her eyes in ecstasy. This is fantastic! She couldn’t believe that David was that interested in her that he was playing with her breasts!
Then she felt one hand leave her breasts and then the glorious feeling of David’s fingers between her legs. He somehow managed to slide his fingers between her thighs and was carefully sliding them up and down the lips of her pussy, which by now was sopping wet. She felt embarrassed at the mess she must be making on David’s chest but suddenly didn’t care as the beginnings of an orgasm crept through her.
“Oh David…” she couldn’t help cry out as suddenly her orgasm erupted. She grabbed David’s hand and squeezed it tightly against her breasts, while David’s fingers busied himself between her thighs. She thrust her young body backwards and forwards, her pussy slick against David’s fingers and his chest and the most incredible feelings ran through her young body. This is better than anything she had ever experienced before with her sister and she kept thrusting backwards and forwards on David’s fingers, trying to maximize the feeling. Eventually, however, her orgasm started to subside and she felt herself shakily kneel back on David’s chest. She quickly put her hands down to steady herself and David grasped her hips to stop her falling off.
David was astonished at the intensity of Sally’s orgasm. Her body had been trembling as she came and as she had thrust her body backwards and forwards his middle finger had been sliding deeper and deeper into her pussy. He had actually felt the resistance of her hymen and had been worried he might break it. But luckily Sally’s orgasm had subsided before this happened.
Kate helped ease her sister of David’s body and she slumped down next to him. David gazed down at his chest which was slick with Sally’s juices and casually rubbed his hands through them, smoothing them into his skin. He made a mental note to wash himself later – he didn’t want Mrs. Ellis smelling her daughter’s pussy juices on him!

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