The Exchange Student

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By CasperWho & WildaRaven

Martha said she told me all about it but as most men I have selective hearing or so I am told. Jordan my eighteen year old son vouched for what his mother said over coffee so I faded into the wall paper and mildly agreed to this exchange student staying in our daughter’s room as they were away at College

I read the propaganda that came along with pictures and personal information of the Swedish student that was about to grace our home for one year.

Our twin daughters had moved out to be closer to college so that left two bedrooms empty and one I had hoped would become a private reading room and office for me. How little husbands know about what goes on in there own homes.

Jordon seemed to like the idea of an exchange student living here for a year and even more so after he saw the pretty blonde’s picture. Sylvia was only nineteen but she looked much older. This Scandinavian child had large blue eyes, blonde hair, broad square shoulders and looked lie she should be on the wrestling team. The picture was not full length but I guessed her legs were muscular to hold this solid body aloft. At the time it did not occurred to me that Jordon was thinking of how he might fair with a pretty young girl in the house. I had only guessed that our daughters were sexually active but they were twenty-one and out on there own. But I had not thought Jordon had already gotten laid more than a few times.

Martha goaded me into joining she and Jordon for the welcome trip to the air port. Our small town has a small field and one commuter that comes in once a day. So the rules are some what relaxed there and we were out side of the terminal waiting when the plane pulled up. Jordon was ahead of us when this taller than she had looked in the picture blonde stepped down off the plane. I had to take a second look to make sure I was seeing what I was.

Our nineteen year old had knockers that stood out like the noses on Mount Rushmore. Her back was as straight as a hickory tree and her polished face glowed like the full moon in the fall. She was gorgeous and as strange as it was I felt a little pang that was not a fatherly welcome. I should have known then there would be trouble in River City tonight.

It turned out that Sill as she liked to be called spoke very good English and she was also a hugger and kisser. We all got hugs and kisses. Jordon got in the back seat and I thought he was seating way too close but what do I know. Aye, sure…

Martha helped Sylvia move in and set up her room the way she pleased. I had to go play around of golf to cool down. In all the years Martha and I have been married I have only strayed twice. Once while I was on a hunting trip with my best buddy who would jump a tree stump if he thought it would be fun. Ben has been screwing every thing he could for over twenty years and still has a happy marriage well as far as I know. I guess no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors.

The second time was when I hired an older lady to help out over the Christmas rush. She as I remember was also a big tit blonde with a real desire for sucking me off any place any time. She also was one hell of a good fuck. Martha has never enjoyed anal sex so even though she has allowed me this a few times in our twenty years my part time help not only enjoyed it she wanted it. So for two months I got lots of real ass, a great many blow jobs and some highly erotica sex. When it came time to let her go it was with a bonus and my heart felt thanks for a job well done. I escort gaziantep never saw that older lady again and that may have saved my marriage as I was beginning to think I needed her more than my wife.

There seemed to be new life in the house after Sill moved in. Martha would drive the kids to school every day and to what ever need to be after school. Sylvia seemed to be a good student and was popular with both girls and boys. The phone traffic was such that we had a separate phone line installed for the kids to use.

I was learning to live with this child that thought nothing of roaming around the house half dressed and once of twice naked as the day she was born.

Then one morning I was running late and this was the first time I had breakfast with my wife, son and our visitor. There was an air about the three I had not noticed before. They were very friendly toward one another even more so than other times. I got the strangest feeling I was missing some thing that these three were sharing but for the life of me I knew not what that was.

I brushed it off and went to work and forgot about it. However a few days later I happen to stumble across my son and Sylvia at home alone while Martha was out doing something for her self. I was supposed to work most of that Saturday but our truck broke down and so I closed up early and came home.

Not finding anyone in the kitchen or even down stairs I started to go up stairs when I heard voiced coming from the basement game room. I was half way down the stairs when I recognized the sounds as sexual sounds so I proceeded slowly.

Jordon had Sylvia on all fours in front of the TV so they could watch a sex flick while Jordon screwed Sylvia doggie style. My son was giving her a good fuck from what I could see and this young teen was taking all he had and showed signs of wanting more. I had to admit Jordon was well hung for his age and for some strange reason that gave me a proud feeling as if I had given him a part of me.

“Okay Sill Baby, I am ready to cum.” Jordon said gasping for his breath.

Sylvia turned around and quickly took his manly cock in her mouth and allowed Jordon to cum fully and completely before she let his cock slip form her mouth.

“Jordon, I like the way you taste and I some time wish I could suck your cum all the time. But I know we must include.” She paused there and looked up as if she did not want to say something out load. Then she went on “Others in our wonderful sex. I really do like to watch her suck you after I have brought you to this point. But some times I wish I could also taste your sweet cum.”

What the hell were they talking about? The two of them were having sex while another girl waited to suck Jordon off when he got ready to cum. This boy was getting more my mistake than I was on purpose. Then I wondered if I should tell Martha or talk to Jordon later by myself. I had to talk to this sex machine son of mine and make sure he was not about to father a child in who ever he was getting with…

They seemed to be satisfied for the moment and so I let myself out and drove to the nearest bar for a drink and some serious thinking. First off I never knew we had any sex video tapes in the house. I wondered how they had gotten such a tape with both being under age. To but sex videos in our state one has to be twenty-one they must have had an older person buy it for them. Maybe this older person was the third part of there little sex group. Well God damn my escort gaziantep bayan son was into group sex at eighteen and here I was a forty nine year old man and I had never had any thing like this in my entire life. Boy these kids today are way ahead of my generation.

Then a dark and sinister thought crept into my over sexed brain. Maybe there was some way I could join these kids and get some of that fine young girls ass or more accurately pussy.

What the fuck was I thinking…? NO… NO… I had to have a talk with Jordon and bring a stop to this before Sylvia got knocked up.

How long I sat there I really don’t know. But as many a drinker knows it is real easy to lose time in a bar. Then my buddy appeared out of the mist and told me Martha had called him to see if I was out drinking. I was and he found me pretty well snookered.

Ben slipped onto the stool next to me pulled out his cell phone and called my darling wife. He said he had found me and that I was fine only slightly drunk and he would bring me home soon. I don’t know what she said but Ben smiled and said “Well Okay, but you are going to owe me big time and I fully expect to be paid well for this.”

I mumbled something to the effect “What the fuck was all that about.”

He laughed and said “Martha wants me to keep you here for an hour or so. So she can have some time with the kids.”

“Oh, sure I can see that; she is probably the one that is buying then there sex tapes. Did you know that Jordon is fucking that sexy little Scandinavian blonde and she can give head was well as Martha.” I said not thinking too clearly.

Ben said “God she must be good then because Martha is one hell of a cock sucker. None better in my book.”

“Oh, sure as if you know how good a cock sucker my wife is. I guess now your going to tell me that you have been fucking her like all the other broads around down.” I said in the form of a question.

Ben said “Well its about time you, you dumb shit wake up and see the world for what it really is. So yes, old buddy your beautiful Martha has been in my bed a few times and just so you know she had joined my wife and I for threesomes also. Martha and Karen are not strangers in the licking a crotch department. I can also answer your other question too. But it was not Martha that bought the kids the sex videos. It was me. But Martha was with me when I did. She picked out the one where the girl takes it up the ass while she sucks a cock. I may as well tell you Martha really enjoy that. So now you want to asked, how can she suck a cock and take one up her ass at the same time if she is with only me and Karen. Well old buddy, I have the joyous pleasure to in form you that Jordon has also joined Karen and I and dear Martha. Yes, yes, now close your mouth and listen you drunken bum. Jordon has fucked his mother as well as Sylvia.”

Ben sat there looking into my bleary eyes and seeing that my little fucking brain was try its best to simulate this all and not getting very far.

So he pulled me off the bar stool and helped me to his car. My car was still back at the office. So I never had to worry about driving drunk.

Ben pulled in the drive and again helped me around the back and in through the kitchen and down the stairs to the basement game room.

I think the site my eyes were trying to focus on and the chemicals that were flowing in my body some how sobered me up enough for me to see three naked bodies; no four naked bodies.

Karen escort gaziantep kızlar was off to the side holding a drink while watching Jordon banging his darling mother in the ass while Martha had her mouth covering a sweet Swedish pussy. This was all too much for me and so I passed out.

When I woke it was morning and I was naked on my bed with the morning sun trying its best to make me blind. On wobbling legs I made it to the shower. With my robe around me I went down stairs very carefully.

Three smiling faces sat at the breakfast table smiling at me. Martha said “Nice too see your still alive dear. Would you like some thing to eat or will hot black coffee be enough for now. You were really shit face if you don’t mine me saying so.”

I pointed at the coffee pot and sat at the counter looking at two teenagers that I knew were having sex. I had to admit Sylvia was one very sexy young thing and the thought of my eighteen year old son banging that made me jealous even though I never thought of myself as a jealous person.

I sipped my coffee with no words coming forth. But after a few minutes I said “Martha how much of last night was real and how much was some mixed up crazy dream?”

Martha looked at me and said “What on earth are you talking about Casper darling?”

“Well if it was real then you know what I am talking about it I was dreaming then you don’t. If that makes any sense.” I said.

Jordon said “You were pretty stoned Dad and you were talking kind of crazy like. It pains me to say so but I think you need to apologize to Mom and Sylvia for some things you said. I don’t what to repeat them but you really were rather rank.”

I was beginning to feel a little less than the man I normally think of my self as being. I have thought of my self most of the time as a forth right and honest person and one that lets others live what ever kind of life they fine pleases them. So if I offended my lovely wife and this child guest in our home then I was wrong, very wrong and I needed to apologize for any wrong words that may have blubbered out of my mouth.

Hanging my head I thought about what to say. Thoughts of remorse filled my mind but something was bugging me and the words that came out were something like.

Maybe I am all wrong. But I do know that Jordon has been fucking our dear visitor because I saw them together down in the game room. That was one reason I went out and got drunk. So if that is true why not the rest of it. I have never seen Karen naked but I now know she has a birth mark on her hip. So that means Karen was here and she was naked. So seeing you naked my love is old hat for I have been screwing you for more than twenty years. But all during our married years you have only allowed me to indulge my fantasy of getting a real piece of ass, ass a few times.

But there you were down on you all fours and your son and mine was ramming his cock up your ass with gusto and you my dear wife were enjoying the hell out of it. So I now have to believe that everything Ben told me about you screwing him and Karen must also have been true.

So the only question left is why the hell have I been left out of all this screwing and cock sucking? Why have you allowed Jordon to screw you in the ass when you don’t let me? Never mind I don’t need to know the answer to any question but from now on I am going to get in on the fucking fun starting right now. Do you all understand me?

Martha was teary eyed and Jordon was sullen but Sylvia was smiling from ear to ear. This little whore was happy that there was going to be another cock for her to suck and fuck.

I knew that once this party got started it would not stop even after Sylvia returned home. But that was still nine months way so for the time being her ass and my wife’s ass will be mine. I may even invite Ben and Karen over so we will a party of six.

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