The Farm Ch. 02

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Robert Spilman, a rich businessman on the up-and-up, has been kidnapped and awakens after extensive feminisation surgery in a plain white room. A woman, wearing nothing but black latex, enters his room and tells him he has been transformed into a sex toy, fit only to pleasure the rich and super-rich who frequent the decadent pleasure palace known as the Fun Farm.

After this brief introduction – and whilst still pondering his desperate plight (stopping only to try on a schoolgirl outfit he finds in his new wardrobe) – Robert, now known as Georgie Suxcock, is shocked to find a second person entering her room…

The guy was as tall as I was, just over six foot, but broader than I ever had been despite all my muscle training. The sleeves of his tight tee bulged when he swung his arms.

He came a few steps into the room and stopped, hands on his hips. He gave me an appraising look and chewed his gum.

‘You sure know how to dress like a slut,’ he drawled. ‘And after watching you on the cam’ – he nodded to the CCTV nodule on the ceiling – ‘I know you are one horny little bitch.’ He grinned, showing perfect white teeth. I blushed and looked at the floor. ‘What I wanna know is,’ he continued, ‘do you live up to your name?’

‘My name?’

My voice still sounded feminine to my ears – higher pitched, and even the way I stressed certain words felt different, as though I had been coached subconsciously – but I could hear the undercurrent of fear in my voice still. And I knew that this guy – whoever the fuck he was – could hear it too. What was this place? What was happening to me?

‘Georgie sucks cock,’ he said.

I knew what was going to happen, recalled what that woman had said – “you will service our clients, suck on their warm cocks until they spunk inside of you” – and I had dreaded finding out why I had been given that specific name.

‘Please,’ I pleaded, and I could feel my eyes prickling again, feel a heat passing down my back as I thought of being forced to do what was the last thing on Earth that I wanted to do. ‘Please, let me go.’

This man, he put on a sympathetic face – but it was deliberately phoney. He was mocking me.

For all the fire I felt inside of me, for all the strength I knew that I used to have and imagined that I still had at least in some small degree, I couldn’t fight him. I was just too shocked. Too much was happening for me to be able to deal with it. The changes to my body… I didn’t feel like me. I didn’t feel like a guy. How could I, when I saw that big-titted hottie staring back out the mirror?

‘Come over here,’ he said. ‘Stand in front of me.’

I swallowed, dreading this. I got up off the bed, trying to pull down the tiny miniskirt, trying to hide the small bulge of my penis – feebly attempting to hide my shame and embarrassment as I stepped forward gingerly in the heeled boots. They forced my walk into a light swinging strut; I could feel my ass and breasts bobbing from side to side.

I stopped about a step in front of him, tried defiantly to look into his eyes but found I couldn’t. There wasn’t enough space between us for me to look straight down at the floor, so all I saw were the firm plates of his pectorals, the regimented ripples of his abs.

‘You are one hot fuck,’ he told me. ‘There are plenty of girls in here – well, plenty of girls like you, packing meat – that look as good as you do. But none, I think, that look much better.’ I saw him shrug. ‘Well… maybe one or two.’

He coughed. ‘Look at me.’ I couldn’t; my head felt so heavy. ‘Look at me.’

I pulled my head up and stared, damp eyed, into his green eyes.

‘My name is Dirk Shattler. I’m a trainer, here at the Farm. You and me, we’re going to spend a few days training together. You’re going to be taught how to pleasure a man. Ah-ah!’ he warned, when I tried to protest. ‘You are going to be taught. In time, maybe sex izle you’ll learn to like it.’ He grinned. ‘Most of you feminised guys do – even the ones who are bona fide men.’ So! The woman hasn’t been telling the truth…

‘First things first,’ he said, interrupting my thoughts, ‘you have to learn to live up to your name. Many of the girls here have a special talent. Yours is sucking cock.’ He smiled, warmly. ‘Let’s get to it.’

I was told to get down on my knees, placing them on the thick carpet pile.

‘Your carpet is more luxurious than that of the other girls,’ he told me. ‘That’s because you’ll be spending a lot of time kneeling.’

His crotch faced me; I could see the bulge of his… of his penis, behind the camouflage material of his pants. I started to feel the heat of fear again on my back, and my eyes were getting wetter.

‘Unbutton my jeans and unzip my fly.’

My fingers were trembling as I reached up – but I stopped just inches away from him and asked,

‘What happens if I refuse? If I won’t do this, won’t follow through with what you all seem to want me to do?’

He chuckled. ‘You don’t seem to understand. You don’t have a choice, not any more. You are our property – that means we can do with you what we like. If you refuse? Ha, well: we’ll make your life hell. There are men – women, I mean – who have refused. They’re suspended in stirrups from the ceiling in our extensive basement: constantly blindfolded, wearing the most luxurious latex or leather bondage gear.

‘Their clits – the heads of their penises – are in a state of constant stimulation. Sounds nice, huh? But they’re our pick up and go models – our equivalent of a quick snack. Any guest of the Farm, from minor devotee to major client, has access to the pick and go’s. They’re filled up with cum at both ends, they do nothing except deepthroat cock and get slammed in their bubble butts.

‘They don’t go out, don’t get to roam or walk around. They don’t get heard, they don’t get treats. They are the next step up from having a wank: throwaway, cum-filled toys. The last of the lot.

‘You don’t want that, do you? You’re prime meat. How old are you? Thirty? Thirty-five? I thought so. You have about ten good years ahead of you. Do you want to spend them in the dark, getting your butt slammed? Not even eating properly, or being able to pee when you want to?’ He shook his head, as though in a cloud of great despair. He seemed a very two-dimensional, almost cartoonish figure – but two of his words cut me to the bone more than the vivid descriptions of what fate lay in store for me should I find the courage to resist.

Ten years.

That was how long they expected me to… to work in this place.

Ten years.

I had built up my business and turned it into a profit-making money-printing machine in that time. In ten years I had imagined I would be close to retiring – selling up shares and realising my annuities.

Ten years.

This wasn’t a pleasure palace, it was a prison – and for whatever crime my competitor thought I had committed, this was my penal sentence.

I looked up into Dirk’s green eyes, and I realised in that moment that I had no choice.

My hope wasn’t gone. I still fully believed that I would escape the Farm. But for now, I knew that I must play along; the opportunity will come, I told myself, but you need to be able to move to grab it when it does.

My fingers still trembled as I reached up to his bulge, stiffly unbuttoned his jeans and opened the zip.

I pulled the wings of the fly open, baring his tight white boxer shorts underneath. I could see his cock twitch, smell the musk of his man scent.

‘Pull out my cock, there’s a good girl.’

Scared – and hating myself every second – I pulled the waistband of his boxers towards me and reached inside to fish out his cock.

My god, it was enormous!

It was the biggest thing I had ever seen!

About alt yazılı porno three inches in diameter, it was semi-hard by the time I had stopped handling it and let it droop down in front of him; between us.

‘How—’ I started, barely able to phrase the question. ‘How big is that thing?’

I looked up warily and saw him grinning. ‘It won’t get any wider, but… fourteen inches when I’m rock hard.’


Fourteen inches!!

‘It’s too big,’ I said, ‘it’s too big.’ I was starting to panic. Maybe I couldn’t go through with this. Maybe I would end up in the basement, suspended in stirrups from the ceiling, nothing but a lump of meat to be fucked and fucked by strangers—

‘Relax, relax,’ he told me, soothingly. His voice was calm, and I started to breath more easily, my panic subsiding.

‘You don’t have to take it all. This will be the biggest cock you’ll ever see, I think. If you can pleasure me – if you can learn to accept such a big dick in your mouth – then you will be able to pleasure anybody. Do you understand?’

I nodded, feeling my hooped earrings bob. I was still painfully aware that I was in a slutty skimpy schoolgirl outfit; that I was wearing pigtails; that my breasts were bursting out of the white blouse and that my own dick – which was smaller, and much smaller than I remembered it being – was soft and limp behind the very short mini skirt.

‘Now today, you will use your mouth only on the head of the penis – the tip. You’ll need to touch the shaft, hold it with your hands.’

My fingers wouldn’t go all the way around his shaft, but I picked it up anyways as best I could.

I tried fitting the whole thing into my mouth right away.

‘Gently. Gently. Don’t get carried away. Do you like your blowjobs being rushed? Take your time, savour the taste, learn to enjoy the shapes and textures…’

My stomach was twisting up in knots, my heart hammering in my chest – as I stuck out my tongue and flicked it against the tip of his penis. I started lapping at it, wetting it with my saliva, kissing it – doing the things that I had always wanted women to do to my cock (only some had never known enough or could never be told).

I accidentally made a few slurping noises, and he encouraged me to make more sounds: ‘That’s it, that’s it: you’ve got to sound like you love this cock – that you want it, deep inside of you.’

As I moaned and gasped, slurping on this huge cock, sliding both hands up and down his growing shaft, I began to lose sense of what it was that I was doing. I started to forget that I was a guy – I was a guy – and I was sucking on this big, muscular man’s cock. I was lapping at it and nuzzling it like a slut.

‘Now see if you can get the head in your mouth.’

I parted my full lips and slid them over the head of his dick. It felt tight, but I could do it.

‘Good girl!’ he exclaimed. ‘Good girl, Georgie!’

I blushed, feeling strangely proud of his praise. I knew that there weren’t many people who would have been able to suck on that dick like I was.

‘Oh fuck, you’re doing a great job.’

I looked up at him, my lips still wrapped around his cock, bobbing on the head of his penis. His face was flushed, his breathing a little ragged. He had excellent control.

‘Now… Now move in and out with your lips, massage my dick like your mouth’s a pussy and I’m plunging the tip of my dick into you. And use your hands… to stroke me up and down the length of my shaft. Try… try to… keep in similar motion…’

I did what he said, feeling the tight skin slide over the thick muscles of his cock with my hands, seeing my fingers with their long fake nails wrapped about his manhood.

The head of his cock felt wet and hot and I began to taste a saltiness – sweat or…


I had never tasted it before this morning, and when I identified it I nearly withdrew out of shock and fear.

What altyazılı sex izle was I doing?

‘Don’t stop!’ he said, placing a hand on the back of my head and guiding me back into the bobbing rhythm I had momentarily lapsed out of. ‘Keep it up. Keep it up!’

I felt the prickling at my eyes again, and couldn’t help but start to cry as I knelt before this man in my slutty schoolgirl outfit, rubbing his cock with my mouth and hands, tasting his precum.

He moaned, and his hand went rigid on the back of my head. I tensed, feeling his cock start to shake in my mouth. I squeezed uncontrollably with my hands—and spluttered as he began shooting his load straight into me.

His cum was hot and thick and there was a lot of it. It filled my mouth, trickling down my throat and up into my nose. I pulled back, gasping for air, and he continued to shoot, right over my face and onto my huge tits.

I managed two breaths before he pulled me forward again and shot another load straight into me.

I started coughing, and he relaxed his grip on the back of my head.

He breathed a long, deep sigh.

‘That was good,’ he said. ‘Good start. Now clean my cock, you sexy fuck.’

I felt demeaned and ashamed. He was treating me like a filthy whore; like a cheap woman. But although I looked like one of the hottest women on the planet I wasn’t a woman – I was still a guy. And what he had done to me was a violation.

‘I don’t want to,’ I said, in my girly voice.

He sniggered. ‘Don’t want to? Maybe I should call the manager, see what else she can suggest we use you for, hm? You want some basement time?’

‘No! No… no, anything but that! I— I’ll do it.’

‘Good girl, Georgie.’

I swallowed hard – partly out of fear, partly to clear away the rest of the semen clogging up my mouth – and started licking up the cum from his cock. It was mostly on the head, as the rest had gone inside me. I could feel it, a heavy lump in my stomach.

I lapped at his cock until he told me to stop; he had started to soften, and told me that I had done a good job. I did as I was told, gently placing him back inside his boxers and zipping and buttoning up his jeans.

‘Now,’ he said, stepping back from me. ‘You’re going to have to get changed. We have half an hour or so until lunch time, and you need to look your best for the other girls in the refectory. You are my trainee, I need you to make me look good.’ He flashed me a cartoon grin. ‘I want you in something casual, yet slutty. Something that says “I’m a whore” but also something you could wear out in town on a sunny afternoon. Oh,’ he added, as an afterthought: ‘And heels. High heels. Pink ones, if there are some.’ Somehow, I knew there would be.

‘I’ll be outside, knock on the door when you’re ready and I’ll walk you to lunch.’

He winked, turned about, and left the room.

I felt drained; dazed and confused. What had just happened to me? What had I just done?

I told myself that I didn’t have a choice: I was doing what I had to do in order to survive.

There was little time to start chiding or reassuring myself, little time to think; I had only a short while to get ready.

I stripped, showered in the combo stall, and towelled myself dry. I still couldn’t believe the size of my tits.

There was a bikini set in the drawer; bright colours. I slipped into it, tucking my dick so that it wouldn’t bulge too much, then pulled on a new pair of denim hotpants, these ones bleached white.

I found the pair of high gloss pink high heels in the wardrobe; they were five inches high, and I was a bit wobbly in them. There was an accessories drawer in the wardrobe, and I added bracelets and rings, a simple long necklace, and stood back to look at myself in the mirror.

Sexy, I thought. A stunning, blonde, big-breasted skinny surfer-type girl.

If I were a guy, I would fuck me, I thought to myself – and felt my dick stir a little in my crotch.

Just getting turned on seeing such a hot chick, I told myself. Nothing to worry about.

I rapped my knuckles on the door and waited for Dirk to open it, certain that he would be impressed and hoping that my outfit would please him.

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