The Ferraro Family Ch. 01

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Author’s Note – This is a sequel to my story “The Shapiro Slumber Party” and shows what’s been happening to the character Kelly Ferraro since that party ended.

As Kelly Ferraro jogged by, she was followed down the street by wide-eyed stares and gaping mouths.

Naturally, the nineteen year old girl was well aware of the scrutiny. It was a burden borne by all reasonably attractive women of course, especially when they were blessed with a set of big, full breasts like she was. The sweat pants and sneakers she was wearing were harmless enough, but her little tank top was an absolute magnet for those eyes since she had not worn anything under it.

That large bosom bouncing and swinging and jiggling with every step she took was enough to turn any man into a drooling imbecile.

Whenever she had done this before, all of this attention had been exactly what she’d been after. Giving the men in her neighborhood a good look, seeing the blatant desire for her burning in their eyes, had always given her a naughty little thrill before, even though the most any of these guys could ever hope to get from her was a saucy wink.

Today though she paid precious little attention to the staring eyes, slack jaws and bulging jeans she passed, her mind elsewhere.

It seemed like all she had on her mind anymore was that sordid evening she had spent with her friends over at the Shapiro home. More accurately, she was pondering on how to make sure it happened again just as soon as possible. She had been trying, but was running into difficulties with each and every one of her friends.

For whatever reason, none of them were around much anymore.

So distracted was she with her sexual fantasies and with watching the men who were watching her, Kelly didn’t even notice when those first few drops of rain started landing on her.

* * *

It was far too early to be awake on a cool and overcast fall Saturday and yet there Lori Ferraro was.

Dressed only in what she had slept in the night before, a T-shirt she had “borrowed” from her boyfriend and a pair of short shorts, she had not even dragged a comb through her hair before plodding her way into the living room, yawning and rubbing her eyes. Sprawling across the couch in that boneless way that only a teenager could possibly manage, she switched on the TV as much out of habit as for any other reason, paying little attention to the morning show that appeared on the screen.

The house was still and silent, but the eighteen year old knew that she was not alone. Her divorced mother had the misfortune of working the graveyard shift and didn’t get off until six o’clock in the morning, so she would be in her room, sleeping behind a closed door. Her big sister Kelly was most in her own room and asleep too, most probably, unless she was out jogging again or running around with her friends.

Enjoying a nice long stretch, Lori smiled to herself as she felt a few twinges, remembering how she had gotten them.

One good thing about the hours their mother worked, as far as Kelly and Lori were concerned, was that they had a bit more freedom than most girls their age. With mom at work all night and unconscious for about half the day after all, how was she going to know what sort of mischief her daughters might be getting into? The girls certainly wouldn’t tell, not when you consider that they had enough dirt on each other by now to get them both grounded for the rest of their lives.

Her curfew may have been ten o’clock, but her boyfriend had kept her out until almost midnight making out with her and trying his best to get into her pants. One day soon she planned to give him that ultimate prize, but not last night and not in the backseat of his dad’s car.

Her gaze wandered over to the window and saw that it was streaked with rain. She hadn’t even noticed when the sky had opened up and it looked like it was raining harder and harder out there. That was as long as the weather could hold her attention and her eyes drifted back to the people who were talking to her from the television.

Some singer who happened to be popular this month was on the show, showing off the results of her recent boob job and trying her best to convince the audience that they should all rush out and buy her new album. The guy who was interviewing her was trying hard to look interested, meanwhile, but was mostly just staring into a seemingly endless supply of cleavage.

Lori smirked to herself. The trouble a little silicon could cause . . .

The soft rumble of distant thunder came from outside, drawing the girl’s attention back to the window. The wind was picking up out there, tree branches dancing and sheets of rain washing down.

Damn, she thought. I’m glad I’m not out there in that!

Lori jumped in surprise then, startled by the front door suddenly flying open and her big sister crashing her way into the house. Kelly slammed the door shut again behind her quickly as if she were trying to keep out some menacing animal, then Konak Escort slumped back against it heavily, breathing hard from the sprint home she had made.

The last traces of her earlier drowsiness at last swept away by her sister’s dramatic entrance, Lori sat up a little straighter to have a look at her, wanting to reassure herself that the other girl was all right.

Kelly was soaking wet from head to toe, her hair plastered down and her clothes clinging to her clammily. There was a distinct chill in the air outside and the rain had not been at all warm, so she was shivering noticeably now that her exercise was at an end, even with the warmth of the house. Breathing hard after that desperate dash, her chest was heaving wildly and making her big breasts dance. Given that the rain had also turned her tank top translucent, she was inadvertently giving her little sister quite a show.

“You,” Lori pronounced, “look like a drowned rat.”

“I feel like one, too.”

Climbing to her feet, Lori went over and grabbed her panting sister by the arm and started to haul her off. “Come on, Kelly. Let’s get you out of those wet things and warmed up before you get sick.”

When her sister was standing on the tiled floor of the bathroom, however, Lori was surprised when her sister actually tried to shut the door between them. She blocked it quickly and fixed her sodden sister with a look.

“Don’t you want me to help?”

Kelly gave her an odd look, her face going a very bright red. “I’m going to be taking off my clothes, Lori. I don’t need any help with that. I’ve been doing it all by myself for quite a long time, you know.”

“But . . .”

“I’m not going to get naked in front of you, Lori!”

“You might as well,” the younger girl countered, pointing at her sister’s chest. “You practically are all ready!”

Blinking in confusion, Kelly looked down and, to her tremendous shock, discovered just how visible her breasts now were. Shrieking in embarrassment, she quickly crossed her arms over them, turning away.

She was not a modest girl by nature and the events of the slumber party had proven that she had no problem showing off for other women, but there was something decidedly weird about the idea of flashing her own sister! Whatever qualms she may have had were not shared by Lori, though.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby!”

Moving quickly so that Kelly would not have the chance to resist, Lori stepped in and pried her sisters arms away and had the tank top peeled off in an instant, tossing the wet garment into the bathtub. Gasping, the older girl cupped her hands over her bared boobs, but her sister was already kneeling down to swiftly haul her sweat pants and panties down around her ankles. A none to gentle push to make the squirming girl sit down on the toilet and Lori got the shoes and socks off before getting the pants and underwear the rest of the way off.

Kelly was stunned by how swiftly and easily she had been stripped and looked at her sister in wonder as Lori dumped all of the sodden garments into the tub with the shirt.

Lori couldn’t help but gawk – it was just impossible to not be impressed by her siblings physique. Knowing that she needed to get the other girl warmed up next, she hurried to grab a big bath towel, threw it over her, and start to briskly rub her all over.

The younger girl could see why her sister had so many guys chasing her.

Now that she had recovered from her run and no longer felt the cold quite so much, Kelly was feeling much better and had soon lost most of her embarrassment over being naked in front of her sister. It was with a bit of surprise though that she noticed her sister rubbed all over her tits just as casually as she was scrubbing her hair. It was kind of hard for her to believe that Lori didn’t seem to have any problem at all with this.

Sensing her sister’s acceptance of what was happening, Lori pulled her back to her feet so that she could get at every inch of Kelly’s body.

There was something about the way that rough towel was rubbing against her skin that was igniting all kinds of worrying feelings in Kelly by now. Matters were made even worse by the way her sister seemed to be grinding it into her tits and butt and crotch more firmly than was probably necessary. Kelly’s breath was getting short again and her heart was starting to pound as her nipples hardened and her pussy started to lubricate.

Lori was not unaware of these signs of her sister’s arousal, but she recognized that it was only natural and so chose to say nothing for fear of making the other girl uncomfortable again. It gave her an interesting, but not disagreeable feeling to think that she had turned the other girl on so much.

Knowing nothing about the orgy the other girl had recently taken part in, unaware that Kelly was not exclusively interested in boys anymore, she just did not realize that she was playing with fire.

Kelly was being overcome by how good Kuşadası Escort this felt and she knew it, but this wasn’t just anybody doing this to her – this was her sister! Fooling around with her friends was one thing, but with her own flesh and blood was something entirely different. That would be incest! The powerful emotions that were now surging through her didn’t really see the problem with that, though.

Giving the younger girl a surreptitious look out the corner of her eye, Kelly wondered what she would do if she only knew what kinds of thoughts were running through her big sister’s mind, much less if she actually acted on them.

As Lori finished up and tossed the towel into the tub with the clothes, Kelly decided that she wanted to find out.

“All done!” Lori announced, stepping back so that the other girl could get by, expecting her to head for her room to get some dry clothes.

Instead, though, Kelly turned to face her little sister and grabbed her, pushing her firmly up against the door and holding her there. Lori squeaked in surprise at being manhandled like this, looking up to find that the other girl was giving her a very intense look unlike anything she had ever seen before.

Lori started to complain about being treated like this after helping her sister out, but did not manage to utter a single syllable before her mouth was covered by Kelly’s in what could only be described as a wild, hungry kiss of the purest passion.

It took the younger woman a long moment to react as she was hardly able to imagine that she was being so fiercely kissed by her own sister, but then she started to struggle, trying to push Kelly away. There was no shifting her though and, as the kiss lengthened and grew ever deeper, as her mouth was invaded by her sister’s exploring tongue, all of the fight gradually left Lori. Soon, she was kissing her back even harder than she was being kissed, her hands coming to rest on the other girl’s hips.

Lori was simply overwhelmed. Being pinned up against the door by her gorgeous big sister, the feeling of her naked body pressed so firmly into her own, the fact that Kelly was obviously so aroused that she was about to erupt into flame, and her scent and taste, all combined to convince Lori that she should be enjoying this, not fighting it.

Even when the lip lock was eventually broken, Kelly moving slightly to unleash an assault on her sister’s neck and shoulder, Lori did not take the opportunity to ask the other girl to stop this. Instead, the only sound that escaped her was a long and shuddering moan.

Finally, Kelly raised her head again and met her sister’s wide-eyed look with a smoldering one. The conversation that passed between them was silent, but eloquent.

Scooping up one of her own big breasts in one of her hands and reaching out to the back of her sister’s head with the other, Kelly pulled them together.

Lori did not hesitate to take one of those fat nipples into her mouth, sucking and nibbling at it, lashing it with her tongue, and winning cries of delight from her sibling. At the same time, those hands surrendered Kelly’s hips, sliding around behind her to grab a cheek in each hand and squeeze them.

Eventually, Kelly would raise her other breast and move her sister over, having her do it all over again to the neglected nipple.

When finally Kelly had had enough and pushed away from her sister, she went right down onto her knees in front of her, reaching up to swiftly haul down those shorts she was wearing. Lori whimpered softly as they were peeled off, but groaned out loud when her panties followed, opening up her stance a little more to better reveal what lay between her legs.

It was a feast for the eyes and Kelly spent a little time just enjoying the sight of her little sister’s aroused twat, loving the thin strip of short hair above and the protruding lips below. This minute inspection of her most private parts sent a thrill of pleasure through Lori and soon there were dripping juices to add to Kelly’s enjoyment.

There would be no more delay. Spreading her sibling wide open with her fingers to reveal how vividly pink she was inside, Kelly shoved her head in between the other girl’s legs and started eating her enthusiastically. Crying out hoarsely, a great shudder rippling through her entire body, Lori lifted up onto her toes as that tongue drove deep inside her, both hands going to the back of Kelly’s head to shove her even more firmly into her crotch.

Kelly hadn’t had her face in another girl’s pussy since the slumber party and reacted now like a starving woman who had finally been presented with a good meal. There was no finesse and precious little skill in her cunnilingus technique that morning, just a sloppy devouring.

Lori had no quarrel with what her sister was doing down there though and was being quickly driven out of her mind.

Having temporarily sated her thirst for another woman’s juices, Kelly pulled her head Foça Escort back when she started recognizing the signs that her sister wasn’t going to last much longer, ignoring the annoyed growl that came from her sister. Two long fingers replaced that tongue, sliding easily up into Lori. Pumping her fingers in and out, hard and deep, curving them to catch the g-spot, Kelly would give the young woman the fingering of a lifetime.

Lori pushed her butt forward to meet each thrust of those fingers, letting it slump back against the door again with a thump each time they were withdrawn again. Keeping one hand on her sister’s head, she now raised her other to grab one of her own breasts, squeezing it tightly as the inferno inside her blazed out of all control.

There was no containing it and so the younger girl just exploded in a massive orgasm, the shrieks of ecstacy that tried to escape her thwarted only by the fact that she was having a great deal of trouble catching her breath at that point.

Lori sagged back against the door heavily in the aftermath with a weary groan, her butt landing with one last thud.

Rising back to her feet at last, Kelly had to smirk just a little as she surveyed what was left of her sister, pleased to see that she did such fine work. Leaning against the wall next to her sister, she raised her cum soaked fingers up to Lori’s lips, watching as her dazed sister took them into her mouth and started sucking without even realizing that she was doing it.

As she regained her senses one by one and finally rejoined the real world, Lori looked up at her sister again and gave her a little smile around those fingers. Instead of just sucking at them gently, she now brought her tongue into play as well, sensuously stroking those digits.

Slipping the fingers from between those smiling lips a moment later, Kelly replaced them with her mouth, sharing a long, wet kiss with her sister.

Pushing herself up and off of that door at long last, Lori slipped an arm around her waist and led her over to the counter. Kelly came willingly, even bending forward over it without comment or complaint when her sister invited her to do so. She couldn’t go very far over the narrow counter without banging her head into the mirror of course, but it was enough to please Lori.

Lori’s hands were all over her big sister then, thoroughly enjoying the softness and texture of her sister’s skin as she stroked and caressed the naked girl.

Watching in the mirror as she was so lovingly fondled from behind, Kelly took special note of the little frown of concentration that made an appearance on her sister’s face as she worked, chuckling just a little. Startled, Lori looked up and caught her eye in the looking glass, smiling when she realized what had amused the other girl and sticking out her tongue.

Moving in very close behind the older girl, pulling her hair back so that she could press a series of hot little kisses to the back of her neck, Lori now let one hand drift slowly down Kelly’s side to her butt. Gliding over a rounded cheek, that wandering hand was soon fitting itself easily in between the girl’s legs.

Opening her legs to give her sibling easier access, Kelly had soon lifted one leg and rested her knee on top of the counter to keep it there. She was so wound up from the rub down she had been given, not to mention from playing such forbidden games with her own sister, that Lori’s fingers slid right into her without any trouble, her other hand now going around to grab hold of one of Kelly’s big breasts.

The two women locked eyes in the mirror again and held each other’s gaze, never looking away for an instant as those probing fingers went to work, pumping in and out slowly.

Biting her bottom lip, Kelly started moaning immediately as she enjoyed what the other girl was doing to her. With her breath coming faster and faster, her heart rate soaring once more, she began to move with that working hand, rocking gently and rubbing up against the sister who held her so intimately.

Kelly was in no condition to hold off the inevitable climax to this for very long, no matter how much she may have wanted to, and her passion built up rapidly.

She may have never done anything like this before, but Lori could tell that her sister was racing towards the end and so she did her best to help slow things down, but there would be no denying the onrushing orgasm. When she finally recognized this, Lori stopped playing games and was immediately finger fucking Kelly with vigor and gusto.

There was something indescribably erotic and wildly intense about being able to watch in the mirror while doing this and so their eyes were still firmly fixed on each other when Kelly finally came.

Lurching forward almost far enough to crack her head on the glass, Kelly let out a whole series of strangled cries as she enjoyed her own massive orgasm. Working her hand in her sister’s cunt still in the hopes of prolonging her big sister’s pleasure, Lori held onto her tightly and savored the tremors that were racing through her, delighted by the knowledge that she had done this to the other woman.

It took a moment for Kelly to catch her breath again in the aftermath, but when she did she would instantly turn and give the other woman a very sound kissing.

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