The Futa Fairy – Futa’s Forbidden Wish Chapter 3: Keily’s Futa Surprise

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Cum Covered

The Futa Fairy – Futa Forbidden Wish
Chapter Three: Keily’s Futa Surprise
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

I sucked on my sister’s futa-cock, newly sprouted into my hungry mouth. Sunset just passed, the moment, according to B the futa-fairy, when the magical energy in the world, or something, change. When the “curse” the futa-fairies gave my sister and me triggered. At sunset, my cock shrank back into the little clit my sister nursed on now while her bud sprouted into this huge shaft filling my mouth.

My first day as a futa was over. But that didn’t mean the fun was.

I shivered, my sister’s tongue bathing over my clit, driving me wild with her swirling licks and flicking bats. I squirmed on the couch in our living room, my cheeks hollowing as I loved her futa-dick.

And savored our mother’s eyes watching us as she unbuttoned her blouse. Mom, just returned from work, had no idea about my futa-gift. That Deidre had just swallowed a big load of my incestuous girl-cum while I enjoyed her juicy pussy.

Mother, a busty brunette, peeled off her work blouse, folding it into a neat pile while her large breasts bounced and jiggled in a racy, sea-green bra, her nipples hard from watching our incestuous display.

She liked to watch us.

I sucked harder on my sister’s cock, bobbing my mouth with furious hunger, just sliding up and down that pole, slobbering on it. My glasses slipped down my nose as I blew her. My older sister, though we were both still nineteen for another two weeks until her birthday, groaned into my snatch, her nose nudging at my folds as she pleasured my clit. I shivered, my auburn pigtails sliding about her ivory thighs as my tongue caressed her dick.

“Every mother should come home to two loving daughters,” our mother purred, reaching behind her to unhook that bra.

“Uh-huh,” Deidre moaned, her hands squeezed my ass as I quivered on her.

I just moaned about my sister’s cock, unable to talk with so much girl-dick in my mouth.

Mother’s big breasts spilled out, so soft and pillowy. A hot shiver fired through my body as I watched out of the corner of my eyes. She gave me a sultry wink as she turned around, her hips swaying, clad by her tight, charcoal-gray skirt. She unzipped it, ass wiggling, peeling down her skirt to reveal her matching panties, cut narrow in the back to show off much of her butt-cheek. She leaned down, thrusting that gorgeous ass at us.

“Go, Mom,” Deidre groaned and then took a lick through my pussy folds, starting at my clit. I shuddered, groaning about her dick. “Mmm, you’re making Keily purr around my futa-dick.”

“That girl would be attached to your dick all night if she could,” Mom said with fondness as she hooked the waistband of her panties with her thumbs, still bent over.

Between her legs, I witnessed her big boobies swaying. I squirmed, wishing I had breasts as big as hers. But I didn’t inherit our mother’s big breasts, only small titties. Even Deidre had a pair of nice, round breasts, her hard nipples poking at stomach as I squirmed atop her. Then Mom pushed off her panties, exposing her ass in all its naked glory. Finally, her brown-furred muff came into view, already wet with her excitement.

I sucked harder, squirming, writhing my pussy against my sister’s hungry mouth. Her tongue jammed into my cunt’s depths. I shuddered, her tongue swirling about my pussy walls, reminding me that the futa-cock in my mouth deflowered me.

What a glorious way to wake up, my sister newly turned into a futa by Leanan Sidhe, the other fairy, her girl-dick prodding at my pussy. The magical moment when she thrust, when she claimed me as her futa-lover, uniting our bodies in incestuous passion.

I loved it. I loved her.

“Keily!” groaned Deidre, fingers digging hard into my butt-cheeks. She moaned and then sucked hard on my clit. “You little slut, yes!”

I bobbed my mouth, sucking hard as I could. I wanted her girl-jizz spilling in my mouth. Mom turned around, watching her daughters pleasure each other, a wicked grin on her face. She stroked her hand down between her large breasts to her flat stomach. She was such a MILF. I couldn’t wait for sunrise and the return of my futa-dick.

I shuddered, my pussy clenching about Deidre’s tongue. I moaned about her cock, sucking hard, slobbering on her big futa-pole. I squirmed on her, hard nipples rubbing in my belly, my small nubs caressing hers.

“Ooh, yes, just make each other cum,” groaned Mom, her fingers reaching her brown bush, red-painted nails sliding through the dark forest of her curls.

And then found her pussy.

I shuddered, seeing her fingers slide through the thick folds of her pussy before penetrating into her depths. I hungered to lick her. The very womb that birthed me. Just the sight of her fingering herself spurred me to suck harder. I had to eat her. I had to revel in her pussy’s depths.

“Oh, Keily, yes,” groaned my sister between licks. “Mom, she’s driving me wild.”

“Just hungry for that yummy jizz,” Mom groaned, her left hand groping back and forth between her tits as her fingers plunged in and out of her juicy cunt. “Mmm, look at her go.”

“Oh, yes,” groaned my sister. “Oh, Mom, she’s sucking so hard. I can feel it in my ovaries.”

“Then give the little slut what she wants,” panted Mom, her fingers plunging faster and faster in and out of her juicy cunt.

I shivered, wiggling, wanting that so hard. I ground my pussy into my sister’s lips, sucking and bobbing on her futa-dick. I fisted the base, stroking her throbbing girth. So warm, pulsing with the beat of her heart.

Deidre latched onto my clit, sucking as hard on it as she had when it was a futa-dick. I shivered, my ass clenching, my body shaking. Pleasure built and built in me as I loved her cock. Her fingernails bit into my slim butt-cheeks, pulling my cunt tight against her hungry mouth.

She moaned about my clit, humming delight shivering through my body.

And then hot futa-cum spurted into my mouth.

The jizz flooded to the back of my throat, washing around my teeth and her tongue. I shuddered, swallowing as I kept sucking, drawing out the precious girl-spunk. The salty delight made me shiver, warming down to my belly as I gulped load after load after load.

The excitement shot down to my pussy. My clit ached in her sucking mouth as her futa-dick kept spurting. Kept giving me the incestuous treat I craved. My nineteen-year-old body trembled atop my sister as I savored her cum.

And then I exploded.

Pleasure rushed out of my twat. My cunt spasmed. Juices flowed out of me. Little stars danced before my eyes as I sucked and loved my sister’s futa-dick. I groaned and squealed, squirming on her, grinding my hot cunt against her hungry mouth. She drank my juices, loving every moment of my pussy cream pouring into her mouth.

“That’s it,” groaned Mom. “Mmm, I love my cute daughters writhing together, cumming on each other’s faces. It’s so hot.”

“So hot,” whimpered Keily. Her tongue danced through my folds, lapping up my cream, as the final blast of her salty treat spurted into my mouth.

I shivered, the pleasure flowing through my body to my mind. I nursed at her dick, drawing out the last few drops of her spunk as I squirmed atop her. My eyes fluttered, the pleasure so amazing. I loved it.

And then it ended. I popped my mouth off my sister’s dick as our mother sauntered to the couch, her fingers sliding out of her snatch. I opened my mouth, engulfing her digits with a hungry alacrity, sucking her spicy cream off her digits, loving the incestuous delight.

“Mmm, you’re just hungry for Mommy’s pussy, aren’t you?” she asked, sliding onto the couch’s armrest, one sleek thigh sliding over my head, her legs spread before me. Pussy on display.

I nodded my head, crawling forward. “Yes, yes, I want to eat you, Mommy. While Deidre breeds me!”

“Oh, you think it’s tonight?” Mom asked.

“It’s the middle of our cycle,” I groaned. Plus, the futa-fairy told me Deidre and I would breed each other. “I’m at my most fertile.”

“You heard her, Deidre. Make Mommy a futa-granddaughter. Breed your little sister.”

“God, yes,” groaned Deidre. “I love breeding her.”

“She’s had so much practice,” I giggled, my hands stroking our mother’s thighs, sliding towards my goal: her yummy cunt.

“It makes perfect,” laughed Deidre as she wiggled out from beneath me, her still-hard girl-dick sliding past my small tits and rubbing down my belly, leaving a wet trail of precum and my saliva.

I shivered, breathing in the intoxicating scent of our mother’s sweet pussy. She quivered, fingering her fat, dusky nipples as I came closer and closer to the very snatch that birthed me. I kissed at Mom’s thighs as Keily maneuvered behind me. My tongue dragged across Mom’s silky flesh, her sweet musk growing stronger and stronger the closer I approached.

“Ooh, yes, just eat Mom until she cums,” my big sister groaned, gripping my hips. Her futa-dick prodded at my fertile cunt. “Devour her.”

“I love making my mommy cum,” I purred, staring up at Mom with my hungry, green eyes.

“And you’re so good at it,” Mom said, releasing her nipples. She grabbed my pigtails, guiding my face to her hungry snatch.

I loved it when Mom or my sister used my pigtails during sex. Holding them, pulling on them, making me feel like their naughty slut. I shivered as she pulled my face into her furry snatch. Silky pubic hairs caressed my face. And then my lips made contact with her wet snatch. I shuddered, licking through her incestuous cunt.

Mom groaned, throwing back her head.

I loved feasting on her pussy, reveling in the taboo delight of licking my mother, the woman who carried me in her womb for nine months. It sent such wicked thrills through me, ending at my tingling pussy.

My sister’s futa-cock prodded my cunt.

My tongue flew through Mom’s thick pussy lips, gathering her sweet cream on my face. She moaned, shuddering, big tits jiggling over my head. I wiggled my hips, pressing back against my sister’s girl-dick.

The tip popped into my snatch, my pussy lips stretching around her thick girth, aching to be filled.

“Fuck your little sister,” groaned Mom, my tongue brushing her clit. “Breed her. Give me a futa-granddaughter!”

“Yes!” Deidre howled and rammed her dick fully into my cunt.

I shuddered, my sister’s futa-dick stretching my pussy open, filling me to the brim with her girth. My eyes rolled back into my head at the first rush of burning friction sparking pleasure through my body. I clenched my cunt down on her shaft as I lapped faster at Mom’s pussy. I danced through her folds, nuzzling into her silk, her pubic hair tickling my cheeks porno as I loved her.

My sister groaned, savoring my hot cunt wrapped about her thick cock. She didn’t pull back yet, her hands stroking my sides. I undulated my hips, stirring her dick through my snatch, loving the feel of her in me. Pleasure rushed through my body. My eyes rolled back into my head. I groaned, clenching down on her, eager to experience those hard strokes as she pumped her cock in and out of my cunt.

I shivered, moaning into Mom’s snatch.

“Fuck her and breed her!” howled Mom, humping her cunt against my lips, her hands pulling hard on my pigtails. “Breed your little slut-sister!”

“Yes, Mom!” howled my older sister.

I shuddered, whimpering into Mom’s cunt as that huge girl-dick drew back through my pussy. Incestuous pleasure. Waves of delight washed through me, making me tremble. My cunt clenched down on her girth, increasing the hot friction.

And then she rammed back into me. Her crotch smacked my butt, pressing my face tighter into our mother’s cunt. I moaned, jamming my tongue into her snatch’s hot depths, fluttering in deep. My little clit throbbed, eager to become a futa-cock come sunrise and fuck this pussy.

I wanted to reenter my mother so badly.

“That’s it, you naughty futa-whore, fuck your little sister and put a baby in her belly!” groaned mom, pulling my face around her pussy by my pigtails. I shuddered, feeling so used by them both. “Breed your sister-slut!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Deidre groaned, ramming her futa-dick into my cunt over and over. Her crotch smacked my ass, a staccato rhythm. She grunted when she buried into me, savoring my tight depths. “Going to pump so much girl-jizz into her.”

“Do it!” I squealed between licks, clenching down on her cock, increasing the pressure.

I wanted to her to flood me. I wanted her to pump so much of her spunk into me. I shivered, cream dribbling down my thighs. I moaned into Mom’s pussy, my tongue wiggling through her sheath. Her hot silk clenched around it as she moaned, big tits jiggling over me.

I bucked back into my sister’s thrusts. The smacks of flesh turned into slaps. My butt quivered with each one. Pleasure rushed through me as my older futa-sister used me. She reamed my cunt so hard, so fast. She pounded her girl-dick into my depths.

The three of us shared the most taboo passion. We reveled in incest. Deidre’s cock rammed over and over into me, thrusting to the depths of my fertile pussy, stirring such rapture through me. I whimpered, wiggling my hips.

“Breed her!” Mom hissed, her pussy growing hotter and hotter, sweet cream dribbling down my chin towards my neck. “Breed the little slut!”

“I will!” groaned my sister. “I’m going to flood her, Mom! Pump her full of girl-spunk!”

“Oh, god, yes!” gasped Mom, her back arching, her pussy grinding on my lips.

She quivered, quaked, climaxed.

Hot cream flooded my mouth. I opened wide, latching onto her cunt, and sucked out all the sweet pussy juices. I gulped them down, my body trembling, my pussy spasming and writhing about my sister’s plunging dick. She reamed it so hard and fast in and out of my cunt. She buried it in me.

I loved it.

My pussy clenched on her thrusting dick. My body drank in the sensations. Heat rushed through me from the excitement of making my mother cum. From the sheer, incestuous thrill of our illicit passion. All while my sister fucked me hard.

“Yes, yes, yes, such naughty girls I gave birth to,” moaned Mom. “Making Mommy cum! Oh, yes! Lick my snatch, my little slut-daughter. Lick up all of Mommy’s cream. You just love her sweet juices.”

“So much!” I whimpered between licks, pleasure churning in my pussy. I bucked back hard into my sister’s thrusts. My eyes rolled back into my head, my climax growing in the depths of my cunt, eager to explode through me.

“Cum in her!” Mom howled, her big boobies heaving over my head as she quaked in rapture. “Breed your little slut-sister!”

“Yes, Mom!” groaned Deidre, my sister plunging her girl-dick so hard, so fast, into the depths of my cunt.

I clenched down hard on her girth. I groaned, trembling, the pleasure surging through me. So hot and juicy. My rapture swelled and swelled. Juices flooded down my thighs, churned by my sister’s amazing dick plunging into me.

Her hands slid down my sides as she pounded me so hard, reaming her dick into my depths. I gasped into Mom’s snatch as Deidre’s hands cupped my budding breasts. She massaged her palms into my throbbing nipples.

Delight shot down to my pussy.

I exploded.

My pussy convulsed on her girth. Hot spasms rippled through my flesh. I gasped, rolling my eyes back into my head as I bucked and groaned. I wiggled my hips, my pussy clenching down on her thrusting futa-dick. My sister pounded me hard as I came around her shaft.

She gasped and groaned, my pussy massaging her girl-dick. Every thrust sent new waves of delight out of me. My fertile depths begged for her cum. I knew this time she would breed me. I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head as the pressure built and built.

“Breed your sister!” gasped Mom, still heaving in orgasmic delight, my tongue dancing through her sweet folds. “Do it, Deidre!”

“Yes, Mom,” my older sister moaned, her hands massaging my nipples.

“Yes!” I howled. “Breed me! Give me your futa-baby!”

My sister rammed her girl-dick into the fertile depths of my cunt. I shuddered, another orgasm rippling through my body at the first splash of futa-jizz against my cervix. Hot cum flooded my pussy as my sister gasped and groaned. She sang out her pleasure, flooding me with her seed.

Breeding me. Just like I was certain I bred her during her math class, I knew she bred me right now.

Rapture hammered my mind. Pleasure coursed through me. I gasped and moaned and convulsed as the rapture shuddered through me. My eyes rolled back into my head as I savored every moment of her cock spurting hot cum into my pussy.

Just delicious, amazing, juicy cum. It splattered into my nethers. It made me quiver and groan. My body quaked. My pussy massaged her girth. My eyes rolled back into my head as I squeaked out my pleasure.

I loved coming with my sister and my mother. It was the best.

“Mmm,” Mom groaned, letting go of my pigtails. “How was school? Anything interesting happen?”

My sister and I both giggled.

After that, we helped Mom make dinner. Somehow, Deidre’s cum ended up all over the salad I prepared. “Mmm, it’s just a healthier dressing than Hidden Valley,” I had laughed, squeezing out the last few drops. “And taste far better.”

Mom laughed, rolling her eyes.

After dinner, it was movie night. The three of us retired to the couch, watching a sappy romantic comedy while we took turns giving my sister handjobs beneath the blanked we all cuddled beneath to ward off the November chill.

And then we headed to our bedroom. Mom’s bedroom had become all of ours. Well, Deidre and I still kept our clothes in the room we shared, there wasn’t enough space in the master bedroom. We fucked and fucked for a while, Deidre having fun sticking her girl-cock into whichever incestuous hole she could.

After having my girl-dick all day at school, I could attest that futas were not picky at all about the holes they fucked or even the owners. They just liked getting their dicks wet and having their cum erupt.

We collapsed into sweaty exhaustion, a pile of quivering flesh, the air reeking of our incest. I fell asleep, buzzing with excitement for tomorrow morning and the reveal of my own futa-dick. I couldn’t wait for the look on Mom’s face.

Because it was November, it was still dark when I woke up. Which meant Deidre still had a futa-dick to play with. I stretched, my sister lying on her back between me and our mother. Mom was already awake, her big breasts pillowing on her chest as she stared at her phone.

“Morning,” I whispered, pushing the sheets down to expose my futa-sister’s cock, soft and lying so cute on her stomach. It thrust out of her fiery bush. “Want to wake her up?”

Mom gave me such a hungry grin. She set her phone down on the nightstand and pushed the covers down farther. She exposed all of her body as we moved, rolling onto our hands and knees. I took Deidre’s right leg, mom the left. We parted them then nestled between my sister’s thighs, her pussy peeking through her bright bush, her cock twitching, growing hard.

Sensing the impending fun.

Mom’s breasts swayed as she leaned in, inhaling sharply, breathing in that spicy musk. I licked my lips, my pussy clenching in anticipation. I leaned over with Mom, my hand reaching behind us to grab her plump ass.

She grabbed mine.

Our cheeks pressed together as we nuzzled into my sister’s pussy. I savored this wicked mother/daughter moment, sharing Deidre’s hot snatch. Our lips pressed into her fiery bush. Our tongues flicked out, brushing each other as we stroked up her slit to the base of her dick.

I groaned at the taste of her spicy cream.

We licked and nuzzled at her pussy. Deidre groaned, her body twitching, round breasts quivering. Even without my glasses on, I could see her body clearly, my vision not that horrible. Her face contorted as our tongues bathed her cunt, licking, caressing, teasing.

Her dick twitch, throbbing, sliding on her belly as it expanded. Heartbeat by heartbeat, her futa-cock hardened into that shaft Mom and I both loved.

Our tongues dove into her pussy, probing her hole, pressed together by her hot flesh. I loved it, moaning, my cheek caressing Mom’s as our tongues swirled and danced together in my sister’s spicy depths.

Deidre whimpered, her head moving, red hair spilling on the pillow.

Then, without a word, Mom and I licked up to my sister’s futa-dick. We dragged our tongues through Deidre’s folds and reached her cock thrusting from where her clit should be. Here her labia wrapped about her shaft’s base. We flicked her pussy lips.

Then Mom and I climbed my sister’s shaft.

My pussy grew hot and juices, cream trickling down my thighs. My mom wiggled her hips, her cunt as hot as mine. Our tongues bathed up my sister’s futa-dick. I loved the warmth, the shaft smooth. Then we reached the crown, my tongue flicking at the sensitive edge.

Deidre’s eyes moved beneath her lids. She groaned again, body squirming.

Our tongues danced around the crown of my sister’s futa-dick, bathing the spongy helmet. Her precum flowed as Mom jacked off the shaft. I lapped it up, brushing Mom’s tongue. Her blue eyes caught mine, the same shade as Deidre’s.

Then our lips kissed around the throbbing shaft. I shuddered, sharing this wonderful anime porno moment with my mother. My hand clenched on her ass, fingers dipping into her crack as she stroked my rear. I groaned, shaking my hips, my pussy growing hotter and hotter.

“Mmm, that is something nice to wake up to,” groaned Deidre, her blue eyes staring at us.

“I bet,” I grinned. “Your cute and sexy sister kissing our hot mom around your dick. You should be cumming just from the sight!”

“Almost,” she groaned. Mom licked her tongue across the tip of Deidre’s dick, making her shudder. “Yes, Mom. I’m going to drench your faces.”

“And then fuck Mom hard!” I grinned. “I’m pregnant now, and I have a craving for creampie.”

“Cravings don’t start that fast,” Deidre moaned, Mom’s tongue dancing about the pink tip of her girl-dick. “You’re just a slut that loves cum and pussy.”

“Mmm, I am,” I groaned, quivering, my thighs rubbing together. “So give it to me. Cum on our faces, then cum in Mom’s pussy!”

“I thoroughly approve,” Mom groaned.

I grinned at her then joined her. Our tongues danced and caressed Deidre’s cock. My sister groaned, her round breasts quivering. She grabbed her tits, squeezing them. Her fingers dug into her firm flesh as we pleasured her dick.

My exploring fingers found Mom’s asshole. I stroked and tickled her puckered sphincter as my tongue caressed hers and my sister’s futa-dick. Mom shivered, her hand groping my ass. My fingers toyed with her dirty hole.

Then jammed into her.

She moaned and stroked Deidre’s futa-dick faster. Her hand flew up and down it as our tongues bathed and caressed the crown. Mom’s asshole clenched on my plunging digits. Two of them probed into her depths, pumping in and out of her, making her groan and gasp.

“Keily, you naughty girl!” she groaned. “Ooh, yes, you’re getting Mommy all hot and wet and ready for your sister’s big-cock.”

“Good!” Deidre moaned, her body quivering and heaving. “Oh, god, that’s so hot. I can hear her fingers slamming into you.”

Then, with my other hand, I jammed my fingers into Deidre’s bred pussy. I knew I slid into pregnant snatch. My cunt tightened as I enjoyed my sister’s silky hole and my mother’s velvety sheath. They both groaned and shuddered, Mom sucking on the tip of my sister’s cock now.

Deidre’s pussy squeezed down on my probing digits. I curled them, sliding towards that spot she loved. Her blue eyes widened as I attacked her G-spot. She groaned, her dick quivering in Mom’s stroking hand.

“You nasty slut!” gasped Deidre. “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Cum on our faces!” I groaned, jamming my fingers deep into Mom’s velvety assholes.

Mom’s sucking mouth popped off Deidre’s dick. “Yes, yes, yes, honey. Cum on our faces. Give us that yummy jizz.”

“Mom!” groaned Deidre, her pussy clenching so hard on my fingers, her juices so hot. “Fuck!”

Her pussy convulsed on my digits. Hot girl-jizz erupted from her futa-dick. It fired out of her and splattered our faces. It painted across our cheeks and foreheads. I groaned, my fingers attacking her G-spot, sending pleasure spasming through her body.

As she painted our faces in hot, creamy, salty delight, her breasts heaved. She bucked, gasping, moaning, her pleasure coursing through her. Mom groaned beside me, her bowels so tight on my wiggling digits, stirring up her asshole.

“Bathe our faces, big sister!” I howled, cum dribbling down to my lips.

I savored the salty treat.

“Oh, damn, that’s good!” groaned Deidre, her body spasming as the final blast of her jizz sprayed across our lips.

More yummy cum.

“I need my baby girl’s dick in me,” Mom moaned, rising, her big tits heaving.

Before I could react, Mom straddled my sister. My fingers popped out of her asshole. Then her gorgeous butt wiggled before my face as she impaled her cunt on my sister’s cock. I shuddered, a front row view of my family’s incestuous love.

It was beautiful.

Mom’s pussy swallowed Deidre’s dick. She bottomed out in a moment, her plump butt-cheeks jiggling before my face. My sister’s still spasming pussy clenched harder on my digits. I pulled them out and shoved them into my mouth. A moment later, the fingers previously in Mom’s asshole joined them.

I sucked on four fingers at the same time, savoring the mix of Mom’s sour ass and my futa-sister’s juicy cunt. I shivered, licking my lips, Mom’s butt bouncing before my eyes. Such a profound hunger shot through me.

“Keily!” squealed Mom as I buried my face into her ass and rimmed her butt-hole. “You naughty girl! I raised two naughty, whorish daughters!”

“You did,” groaned Deidre, her voice strained by the pleasure of our mother’s pussy.

My clit throbbed. It wouldn’t be long now until I entered our mother. Until I had the pleasure of uniting with the pussy that birthed me.

I swiped my tongue over my mom’s asshole. I rimmed her, my tongue dancing, caressing her. Sour musk coated my tongue, my taste buds drinking in the nasty delight. My tongue wiggled past her sphincter, diving into her velvety bowels.

My pussy quivered in delight.

“Both my baby girls are so naughty!” howled Mom as she fucked Deidre, my head moving to keep probing her asshole. “I love it!”

“So naughty,” groaned my sister.

Mom groaned, her butt-cheeks tightening about my face. “Ooh, such a booby slut. Mmm, yes, Mommy raise a pair of horny booby sluts. They just love Mommy’s big tits.”

“Oh, yes,” Deidre groaned.

I pictured my sister’s hands kneading Mom’s huge breasts. I shuddered, the heat swelling in my pussy, the throb aching my clit. Almost dawn. Almost time for my wicked futa-surprise. I shuddered, my tongue jabbing so deep into Mom’s asshole, swirling around as she fucked my sister’s pussy.

She slammed up and down Deidre’s cock, stirring her hot pussy around it. I shuddered, wiggling my hips, that itch swelling in my cunt. More and more juices flooded down my thighs. I ached for my orgasm.

To feel Mom’s pussy about my dick.

“Oh, yes, and my other baby girl’s an ass slut,” groaned Mom. “Oooh, yes, Keily, lick Mommy’s ass while I fuck your sister’s big futa-dick.”

“I’m going to cum so hard into your cunt, Mom,” groaned Deidre. “Then Keily’s going to lick you all clean.”

“Yes!” I moaned into Mom’s ass.

Mom fucked Deidre faster. It became harder to do more than lick at her asshole, to stick my tongue out and let it slide through her butt-crack as she bounced up and down on my sister’s girl-dick. I shivered, savoring the sour musk and how much of a dirty slut I’d become.

Futas were so awesome. I loved B and Leanan Sidhe for changing us.

Mom gasped and grunted every time she slammed down Deidre’s shaft. Her butt-cheeks clenched on my face. Deidre moaned, her legs twitching around me. I could feel the pleasure building and building between them.

“Flood Mommy’s pussy, Deidre!” I groaned. “Fill her with your cum. Make my breakfast for me! I need your yummy creampie!”

“Oh, yes,” moaned Mom. “It’s almost sunrise! Cum in me! Please, please, give Mommy your jizz!”

“Yes!” howled Deidre.

Mom slammed down on my sister’s futa-dick. Strangled gasps escaped Deidre’s throat. Then Mom let out a throaty moan of pure satisfaction. I grinned, knowing my sister flooded our mother’s cunt with her jizz.

I moved my mouth down, nuzzling at the union of their incestuous flesh. I licked at Mom’s sweet folds while my sister grunted, pumping her full of the yummy futa-cum I craved. They both sang out their pleasure.

“My baby girl’s cumming in me!”

“Yes, yes, yes, Mommy! Take my jizz!”

I shuddered, so eager for it. And then it happened. Sunrise.

Energy rippled through the air. It washed around me. My body sucked it in, drinking it like a flower bathing in sunlight. I quivered, the power surging down to my bud nestled in my juicy snatch. It ached and throbbed, growing.

Deidre’s shrunk, withdrawing out of Mom’s pussy as my massive girl-dick swelled forward. I quivered, my new cock swinging between my thighs as cum followed my sister’s retreating shaft. I lapped up the salty treat, sweetened by Mom’s pussy.

“Oh, that was good,” Mom groaned, rolling onto her back and off of Deidre, my sister’s cock now a cute clit peeking out of its hood.

I swiped it with my tongue, bringing a squeal from my sister. Then I shuffled to the side and buried my face into Mom’s pussy. She hadn’t noticed my futa-dick, her eyes closed, savoring her orgasm and the delight of me licking her clean.

“Such a sweet child,” Mom sighed, running her hand through my auburn hair, falling loose about my face.

“Such a yummy creampie,” I answered before sliding my tongue through her pussy folds, gathering salty jizz and yummy pussy.

Her eyes closed. I shivered, licking again as she idly stroked my hair. Deidre grinned at me, her hand rubbing at her clit, anticipating the moment. Then I saw an idea kindle in her eyes as I feasted on our mother and that delicious creampie.

I arched my eyebrows. She winked at me.

Curious what she planned, I kept licking mom. I wanted to stop, to ram my new futa-cock into her. My shaft ached to be in her, to slide into her incestuous flesh and unite us in the way we were once united for nine months. To slide into the hot tunnel I probed my tongue into, questing for more of my sister’s futa-jizz.

“Ooh, Keily, you are such a sweet thing,” Mom purred, eyes fluttering open, staring down at me past her big breasts. “Just cleaning Mommy’s pussy for her. Licking out all that naughty cum your futa-sister fired in me.”

“So much,” Deidre moaned. “Lick her clean, Keily. Give mom such a delicious treat.”

Mom purred again, eyes fluttering. She licked her lips. “Such a loving treat. Such a pair of loving daughters I have.”

“We’re so happy to have you, Mommy,” Deidre moaned, rising. “It makes me so wet watching her lick my jizz out of you.”

“Ooh, do you need Mommy to lick your naughty cunt?”

“So much.”

“Do it,” I groaned, realizing Deidre’s plan. “Sit your cunt right on her face. Mommy loves our pussies.”

“They’re so delicious,” groaned Mom, licking her lips.

I delved my tongue back into Mom’s snatch, gathering more pussy-flavored cum. I watched Deidre rise, turning, her cute rump facing me as she straddled Mom’s face. She lowered her fiery pussy and hot cunt to Mom’s mouth.

Blocking Mom’s vision.

Deidre looked over her shoulder, flashing me a sultry wink. My futa-dick throbbed.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to be in my mom right now. Groaning, I rose, my girl-cock thrusting out so hard before me. I stroked it, whimpering at how amazing it arap porno felt. I shuffled forward on my knees, bringing my shaft to the pussy that birthed me, aching to be in her.

Mom feasted on Deidre’s pussy, not realizing what was happening. I settled between her thighs. I rubbed my futa-cock through her bush. Mom groaned, her legs twitching. Pleasure shuddered up my shaft as I felt her silky pussy lips caress my crown, begging me to penetrate her.

“Mmm, did you get out one of my toys, Keily?” Mom groaned. “Is that my red vibrator?”

“Nope,” I grinned, sliding my dick up to nudge her clit.

“No, it’s too thick for that. Is that my blue double-headed dildo? Are we going to fuck each other?”

“It’s not that, Mommy,” giggled Deidre, her ass clenching as she squirmed on Mom’s mouth.

“Ooh, did you buy a new toy?” Mom asked. “How?”

“It’s kinda a new toy,” I said and pressed my futa-dick into my mom’s pussy.

I shuddered, her silky flesh engulfing my girl-cock. My eyes widened. I’d fucked my sister, my futa-teacher, and many of my friends yesterday, but this was special. This was my mom’s pussy. I came out of this hole. She carried me in her womb. The deeper I penetrated, the closer I felt to her. I groaned out my delight, stretching out her cunt, burying deeper and deeper into her snatch, savoring the incestuous rapture engulfing my cock.

“What is that?” Mom moaned, voice muffled by Deidre’s pussy. “It feels so… No way.”

Her pussy clenched on my dick.

“Yes!” I hissed.

“You’re not?”

“I am, Mom! The other futa-fairy visited me yesterday at school. Both your daughters are futas!”

And then I fucked her. Hard.

I pounded my mom’s pussy, slamming into her. Her big boobs jiggled as I reamed over and over into her hot snatch. Her cunt clenched on my dick. Her silky sheath engulfed me, caressed me. I whimpered and groaned, reaming her as hard as I could. My crotch smacked into her. The slap-slap of our flesh echoed through the room. She moaned and gasped and groaned into Deidre’s pussy.

It. Was. Awesome.

I shuddered, gasping, moaning, letting my mother feel my huge girl-dick reaming her cunt. Pleasure flooded down my shaft as I fucked her snatch. I pumped my futa-cock over and over into her, the friction so silky on my crown.

“That’s my big futa-dick, Mommy!” I squealed. “Isn’t it amazing! Isn’t it so awesome that you have two futa-daughters!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” howled Mom, her pussy squeezing down so hard on my plunging dick. “Fuck your Mommy’s hot cunt, Keily! Ram that dick into her!”

“Do it!” Deidre moaned, wiggling her cute rump as she writhed on Mom’s licking mouth. “Fuck our mother until she cums! Flood her!”

“I will!” I moaned and dived for that ass, needing to taste more sour musk.

My small breasts rubbed against Mom’s huge boobs as I buried my mouth between Deidre’s butt-cheeks. I found her puckered asshole, rimming it as I fucked Mom hard. I pounded her cunt and licked my sister’s asshole.

And they both moaned and gasped in pleasure.

My tongue danced around Deidre’s sphincter while my cock plundered Mom’s pussy. I fucked her hard, my rump clenching as I drove my cock hard into Mom’s cunt. Pleasure surged up my futa-dick, bathing my mind, making me quiver and shuddered.

I groaned into Deidre’s asshole, the pleasure building so fast in my cunt. I couldn’t make this fuck last longer. Not when I fucked my mom’s pussy for the first time. Deidre, the sister I loved with all my heart, had just plundered this hole. And now it was my turn.

My futa-lover’s cum still filled her, sloshing about my dick.

“Fuck me!” groaned Mom, voice muffled. “My baby girl’s huge futa-cock is in me! Oh, yes! I’m going to cum! Both my daughters!”

“Yes, yes, yes, cum on her, Mom!” groaned Deidre. Then she squealed as I jammed my tongue into her asshole, savoring her sour musk. I loved the taste of both their asses. “Keily, my love, yes! You’re the best little sister in the world.”

I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest. Her words were so beautiful. I fucked even harder, reaming her asshole with my tongue. I danced over her. I licked her sphincter and jammed my tongue so deep into her bowels.

She quivered, groaning. Such rapture shot through me as I pleasured both the women in my family. My sister-lover and my hot mom.

“Keily!” Mom groaned, her pussy clenching so hard on my dick. “Oh, yes, cum in your Mommy’s naughty cunt!”

I gasped, her pussy spasming about my thrusting dick. “I made my mom cum with my futa-cock!”

“You did!” gasped Deidre, her butt-cheeks clenching about my face. “Oh, god, she’s moaning about my clit, little sis!”

“Awesome!” I moaned, pumping my futa-shaft over and over into Mom’s hot, sucking cunt, the pressure building. “I’m going to cum!”

“Do it!” gasped Deidre. “Oh, yes, Mom!”

My sister howled in rapture. Her orgasm burned through her. She bucked and spasmed. Her body heaved. I groaned, shuddering, loving that fact. I knew she burned in rapture. It made me tremble just thinking about it. It had me all quivering in pure delight.

Mom’s pussy sucked at my dick. I buried into her, unable to resist the pleasure of her convulsing snatch. My futa-cum erupted, mixing with Deidre’s jizz in our mother’s depths. I gasped and moaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. I sucked on Deidre’s asshole as my cum pulsed out of me.

And rapture fired through me.

Ecstasy crashed through my mind. Stars burst across my vision. I bucked and moaned, my hips pumping away as my futa-cock kept erupting. I sucked on her asshole, screaming into it as fuzzy darkness washed across my vision.

“My baby girl’s cumming in me!” howled Mom, her big breasts rubbing against mine as she heaved in delight.

“I am!” I screamed, my head popping up from Deidre’s asshole. “And it’s awesome! I love fucking my mom! I love sharing her with you, Deidre.”

“Oh, you two are so wonderful,” groaned Mom. “I’m so happy you two are in love. I can’t believe I ever thought it was wrong.”

“You even spanked us,” giggled Deidre.

“That was fun,” I purred then kissed my sister’s ass. “Once I got over being so scared that you caught us.”

“Mmm, it was fun,” sighed Mom. Then she groaned as I kept pumping my still-hard dick through her snatch. “Oh, god, I’m never getting rest. Deidre at night, and you by day. You’ll both be using Mommy hard.”

“So hard,” I laughed, glad it was Saturday.

Two weeks later, I kissed Deidre hard on the mouth, our tongues dancing, dueling, tears falling down both our faces. We both clutched our pregnancy tests in our hands, both with pink lines. We’d bred each other. Just like B promised when I made my wish.

I couldn’t wait until my sister and I were round and swollen with each other’s baby.

“I love you so much,” Deidre said when she broke the kiss, her blue eyes shining.

Before I could answer, our mother stumbled out of the bathroom. She clutched a pregnancy test in her hand, her eyes wild. “This is impossible.”

I gasped at the sight of the pink line on her test. I didn’t even realize she had one.

“I’m on birth control,” Mom said. “I can’t be pregnant.”

“Magic,” I beamed.

Mom looked down at her belly, a smile growing on her lips. Tears beaded her eyes and then fell down her cheeks. “I don’t even know which of my two futa-daughters bred me.”

“Easy,” I said as Deidre and I pulled our mother into our hug. “We both bred you.”

“Both?” my sister asked.

“Both,” I nodded. “She’s carrying…not twins, but two daughters. One from each of us. It can happen. Two eggs can get deposited in the fallopian tubes. It’s how fraternal twins are made.”

Deidre looked at me impressed. Well, I didn’t pay that much attention in school. “But, still, both of us?”

“Magic,” I said again. “I just feel it in my heart. We bred our mother that morning we both fucked her.”

“Wonderful!” Mom breathed, clutching us to her.


B’s futa-cum splattered Keily’s frozen desk in the re-creation of Ms. Marcie’s classroom. The futa-fairy shivered and shuddered. She let out whimpers of delight, her wings buzzing as she savored Keily’s orgasm as the girl fired her cum into her mother’s pussy for the first time.

“Ooh, yes, that was a good one,” moaned B.

Horrid heat billowed through the classroom, banishing B’s pleasure. The desk she coated in her cum grew slick, water running down the slender, tubular legs, weeping off the smooth surface. Anger flared through B. She whirled and faced the summer slut.

“You are intruding, Esquire of Summer,” B snarled.

“I have been patient in my warnings to you, Esquire of Winter,” Leanan Sidhe said.

The two could not be more opposed. Everything about them was the opposite. B stood tall and curving, with the beauty of a woman matured into the prime of her life, standing at the pinnacle before time withered her beauty. Leanan Sidhe had the willowy, petite build of youth, just flowering into her femininity. Violet hair framed B’s hungry, predatory face while bright green fell in flowing locks about Leanan Sidhe’s innocent features.

“Summer has claimed Parkland and invested much energy in the region,” Leanan Sidhe said. “The region brims with youth and vitality, unable to contain another drop of fire and warmth ere the turning of the year. You would be foolish to seek parity with me, and yet your recklessness has drawn us ever closer to the clash of fulsome energies.”

“Yes, only one more patron,” grinned B, her wings fluttering. “One more before the year’s death, and the region shall tremble.”

“It is rank folly to provoke a conflict between our courts,” Leanan Sidhe said, girlish voice firm. “Know this, Summer will not retreat before your rancor and aggression. We have most vigorously imprinted Parkland with our energy and will not concede it to the brutish bullying of Winter.”

“Wonderful,” B purred.

“You want this most deleterious conflict?” Leanan Sidhe’s eyes widened.

“Why else drive you to invest so much power so fast into the area? Five patrons in a single year. So greedy.” A quiver ran through B. “And I know just who to choose to bring parity to Parkland.”

Leanan Sidhe stiffened. “Then we shall meet in contest at the dying of the year, and woe to you for this disastrous gamble, for it shall not go against Summer. We shall not lose.”

B only smiled. “No one can predict how the dice will land, Esquire.”

Heat swelled. Ice melted. Then Leanan Sidhe vanished out of Winter. B shook her head, staring at her ruined classroom. Summer destroyed the beauty she’d preserved here. She hated Summer’s destruction, its wanton change.

She ached for their contest on New Years Eve. She pulled out her phone and prepared her text message to her final patron in Parkland.

The END of Keily’s Tale

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