The Game Ch. 01

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Harry had been a dream come true, he had been so gentle, running his hands over her warm skin as it was revealed, as she stood there before him in only her so-called boy cut panties. He had leaned forward to suckle a breast while, at the same time, struggeling to get out of his pants and briefs. It was then that Jo had gotten a look at his rampant cock, an erect, fat, eight inches with a firey purple head.

She had pushed him backwards onto the bed, on his back, the glorious rod pointing straight up. It took her only seconds to strip off her panties and mount him until his cock was fully buried in her hungry cunt.

Jo was sitting comletely upright, held there by Harry’s hands cupping her tits, as she slowly rode back and forth, her clit rubbing on his pronounced pubic bone. Her eyes were clenched shut as the ecstasy of her first orgasm built to a crescendo to wash in waves over her. She became motionless, holding her breath in an attempt to intensify and prolong her pleasure.

Now, as she had slowly recovered from her orgasm, Harry had pushed her aside, onto her back, and, pulling her legs apart, buried his face in her quim. There was a slurping sound as he licked and sucked the cum juice she was producing. “Uuuuummmm, woman, you taste so good,” she heard him murmur.


Josephine Anne van deGroot, had spent the better part of the day at the spa where she had the full treatment, including the wax job. Now the only hair on her body was on her head, the strawberry blonde hair that the day before had been trimmed to a short cut. The hairdresser had referred to it as a flip cut. Jo loved the way it flared out whenever she turned her head, how it bounced as she walked.

Leaving the spa, she drove to the mall where she went quickly to the Victoria’s Secrets store. She picked out some new undies, blue, so-called boy-cut panties and a matching demi bra that would only cup the lower part of her breast, leaving her nipples exposed. She was already getting a tingle ‘down there’ in anticipation for the evening. “I’ve got to get home,” she thought to herself, “so I can take care of that tingle.”

It was shortly before five when she finally got back to her spacious apartment. She carried her purchases into the bedroom and threw them onto one side of the king size bed. The ‘tingle’ was now even stronger and she knew she had to satisfy it or go crazy.

As quickly as she could, Jo undressed and lay nude on the bed beside her new undies. She was concious that her nipples were standing hard on each breast and she paid them homage with quick pinches and pulls before her hands wandered down over her belly to her newly bare pussy. “My god,” she thought, “my pussy feels so smooth and sexy.” She slipped a middle finger between the bare, plump lips, searching for her love button. It was already pushing its way from its fleshy hood and her body gave an involuntary jerk as Maltepe Escort her finger made contact.

With the index and middle finger of one hand she slowly massaged the turgid little nub until she could stand no more. Her hips surged upwards as she reached ecstasy, covering her mouth with her free hand to muffle her screams of joy.

Jo held onto her high as long as she could relishing the feeling of satisfaction. Her body slowly relaxed as the high passed and her hips fell back on the bed. She glanced at her bedside clock, it was just a few minutes past six, she had three hours before getting ready to leave. Jo closed her eyes for a short nap.

At eight-thirty, Jo emerged from her shower to prepare for her evening out. She sat down at her vanity and carefully applied her make up, not too much. She turned her head from side to side, surveying the results. Her eyes wandered down to her breasts and she cupped them, lifting them slightly. “Damn,” she though, “not bad for a thirty-six year old.”

Jo admired her new panties in the mirror. They hugged her hips and were tight enough in the crotch that the cleft of her cunt lips were detectable. As she donned the demi bra she considered for a momen of going without, but, shrugging her shoulders, fastened it in place. She looked and felt sexy.

The low cut blouse she had earlier decided on slipped over her head easily and, again looking at her reflection, was pleased with its fit. The bra was undetectable and her nipples made small tents in the shear fabric. She picked up her skirt and stepped into it, pulling it up over her hips and fastened it at her waist. The hem fell to just above her knees. She had always considered her legs one of her best features and the skirt did not detract from them.

Glancing at the clock, she saw it was time to leave. Quickly she stepped into her shoes, the spike heels lifted her another two-and-a-half inches. She had tried higher heels but was unable to wear them. These were just right and the open toes revealed her brightly painted red toe nails.

Twenty minutes later, Jo parked her car in the lot beside ‘Tony’s Lounge’ and walked to the side door that led directly to the bar. Taking a stool at one end of the bar, she ordered her favorite, a White Russian. Tony, himself, was working the bar and she had barely finished the drink when Tony slid another in front of her. “Courtesy of the gentleman at the other end of the bar, Miss.”

She glanced at him, a rather distinguished looking man with steel grey hair. She raised her glass as if toasting him and he smiled back at her. In less than a minute he was seated on the stool next to her.

“My name’s Harry. I hope I’m not too presumptuous in buying you a drink,” he said in a low voice. “Such a pretty lady sitting here by herself, dressed so nicely. I hope you’re not waiting for a friend.”

“No, no,” she replied, “I’m not. I just came in for a drink. Ümraniye Escort My name’s Josephine but everyone calls me Jo. Do you live around here?”

“No, as a matter of fact, I have an apartment on the other side of town. I’ve only been in here once or twice before. It’s a nice, quiet place and Tony knows how to make a drink. I see by your rings that you’re married. So am I.”

“Yes, but he’s been away for quite a while on business, won’t be home for at least another month.”

“That’s odd, My wife is also away on business. I hope they’re not together,” he said jokingly.

She laughed. “So, what do you do with yourself all day.”

“Oh, I run a small investment business. Keeps me pretty busy most of the time. What did you do today?”

“Oh, I spent a few hours at the spa and then to the mall for a few things. In fact I’m wearing some of those things right now.”

Harry glanced at her chest and said,”Well that is a very attractive blouse.”

Jo giggled. “I’m afraid you can’t see what I purchased and I couldn’t show you here, there’s too many people around.”

Harry motioned Tony for another round of drinks and when the bartender had left to wait on other customers, he leaned close to Jo and whispered, “I’d truly like to see just what you did buy. Do you suppose you could show me if we were out of here?”

“Only in a very private place,” she whispered back to him.

“Well, I suppose I could rent a motel room but that would be such a waste just to see your purchase. Besides, I don’t know of any motels around here. I guess I’ll never see just what you spent your money on today.”

Again Jo giggled. “If it means that much to you, I suppose we could go to my apartment for a few minutes, then come back here. Do you want to do that?”

“By all means,” he answered heartily. “Then, as you say, we can come back here.”

Jo drove the two of them back to her apartment house. For once she was glad they had done away with the doorman and there was no one to see them rush to the elevator and go to the fourth floor.

Once inside her apartment, with the lights dimmed, she indicated the couch. “You sit there and I’ll show you my things.” She moved to stand in front of Harry and unbuttoned the waist band of her skirt, letting it fall around her feet. Indicating her new panties, said, “I bought these at Victoria’s Secrets. Do you like them.?”

Harry leaned forward and gave out a loud whistle. “They look very nice, but of course there’s something nice inside them. What else did you buy?”

Jo lifted the blouse over her head to reveal the demi bra and her near naked breasts.

“Beautiful, just beautiful,” Harry breathed aloud as his eyes wandered up and down over the figure before him. When he stood and moved towards her, Jo unhooked the bra and let it fall to the floor next to her skirt and blouse. “Do you really want to go back to Tony’s,” he asked breathlessly İstanbul Escort as his large hands reached to cover her bare breasts.

At the contact, Jo shivered and whispered, “No, You know what I want, what I need. Come.” She kicked the crumpled skirt off her feet and kicked off her shoes to lead the way to the bedroom.

With Harry seated on the edge of the bed, Jo leaned forward, presenting her breasts to his hungry mouth. As he suckled first one, then the other, Harry managed to squirm out of his trousers and briefs. Jo interrupted his suckling long enough to pull his sport shirt up and over his head.


Jo was in seventh heaven as Harry licked and sucked her pussy. She grabbed his head with both hands and forced her hips up off the bed. “Yes, yes, oh god, yes. Suck my clit, Harry suck my clit,” she sobbed. “Make me cum again.”

Harry’s lips formed an ‘O’ around the sensitive bud and his tongue lashed it as he sucked. He hadn’t cum yet and his cock was beginning to ache.

Jo’s hips were thrusting hard against that devouring mouth. With her legs wrapped around his shoulders, only her head and shoulders were on the bed. “Oh god, oh god,” she sobbed over and over, feeling her body rushing towards that ecstatic moment she so desired.

And then, she was there! her eyes clamped tightly shut and her mouth opened in a wordless scream, “OOOUUUUUGGGHHH!!” Jo felt she had lost all control of her body as she thrashed madly. Harry released his mouth from her clit and her thrusting stopped as she held herself as tightly as she could against his face as the waves of pure pleaure ran rampant through her body.

After only minutes she could maintain the peak of her pleasure no longer. Her body fell back onto the bed and she slowly released the leg hold she had maintained through out. She opened her eyes to watch as Harry clmbed between her spread legs and guide his cock towards her cunt. With all the lubrication she had produced he slid in without effort.

“Aaaahh,” she heard him sigh as his love dance began; in and out, in and out. She tried to meet his every plunge, humping as best she could, hoping he’d last long enough for her to cum again.

It was not to be. Harry let out an animalistic growl and, pushing as deep as he could, spewed his hot juice into Jo’s cunt. She felt each spasm as he continued to cum.

With the last weak spasm, Harry fell limply onto Jo, panting from his exertions. As they lay there, still entwined, she felt his cock slowly shrink and to finally slip out of her warm, moist, nest. She began leaking some of the fruit of their furious fucking and felt some moisture running down her thigh.

After several minutes when his breathing had returned to normal, Harry rolled off Jo and to the side of the bed. He reached into the bedside table drawer to extract a pack. “Cigarette, Sweetheart.?”

“God, yes, love. You know I always want one after we have such good sex. Did you like my purchases, Dear?”

“Yeah, and I love your bare pussy. That was a surprise.” He lit two cigarettes, handing one to his wife.

“I wonder if Tony thinks we’re nuts with this game we play.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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