The Game of Debts: Part Three – The Sister and the Mother

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The Game Master watched the bratty little princess make a fool of herself, barking and wagging her tail to the camera. The sight made a rare smile appear on his lips. It even made his cock twitch a bit. She would be a treat to follow as she fell deeper into the rabbit hole of mindless submission.

But she wasn’t the only pet worth watching.

On another screen, her younger sister, newly turned eighteen, and even more of an innocent little flower, sat trapped in an intricate device, moaning through the wide ring gag strapped between her lips. Her arms were stretched behind her as they disappeared by the elbows into some tube-like machine. Her legs split wide, forced upwards by a robotic arm holding her just above the knees and by her ankles, stretching her cute little feet almost past her head so both her pussy and puckered little asshole was exposed to the world. The tail stuffed in her inexperienced bum wagged back and forth as she squirmed against the grip of the contraption. She didn’t even try to hold back the sweet moans of pleasure as a vibrating wand worked on her glistening, throbbing cunt. Her folds were split open wide, hungrily embracing the buzzing toy as it moved against her pink clit with yet another robotic arm.

The machine cost more than their entire debt, but seeing the innocent girl getting edged close to her breaking point, over and over again made it more than worth the cost.

Her yellow painted toes curled together and opened as she closed in on an orgasm, only to once again be denied just before the release point. She whimpered through the gag, thrusting her hip towards the teasing vibrations, but the arm moved smoothly with her movements, maintaining the same, light pressure as it’s been programmed to. It was truly state of the art and a poignant example of what is possible as long as a bunch of rich people were motivated enough.

At least the ground breaking science behind it hadn’t been weaponized just yet.

He imagined her eyes would have looked desperate, maybe even glassy as the pleasure threatened to break her mind to pieces, but they were hidden behind a futuristic looking VR-headset, feeding her a constant stream of very naughty clips, all meant to condition her arousal to a specific set of themes.

For example, right now, from her virtual point of view, she was watching as a cute girl dressed in a maid costume sat on her knees, hands behind her back as licked the balls of her master with practiced, subservient movements, all while he called her all sorts of nasty things, spurring the slave girl’s arousal further.

After a while, another slave maid joined the other, taking position behind the man, moved her face between his cheeks and started licking his asshole, giving him a proper rimjob as the first slave maid swallowed his balls completely.

For the everyday, hard working, nine-to-five mr Smith, just finishing of a long day with some perusing of the interweb, looking for something to blow off some… steam… too, this might have looked like a regular ol’ slavegirl/master porn. But the observant would notice the similarities between the two girls. The shapes of their chins and noses, the dark-brown color of their hair. Looking closer, someone might just have the thought “Wow, they could be sisters!” just before emptying their load on their hairy stomach.

But, one initiated among the inner circles of the Game Master’s society would know that they were in fact sisters. They would also bursa üniversiteli escort know that this wasn’t some regular porn, but recorded by the Society’s own members, with their own girls-turned-slaves as the starring actors.

The sisters had once been in the very same situation as the Rosen family – trapped in different rooms, facing challenges everyday in front of thousands of viewers in order to pay off their father’s massive debt.

Their journey had been a true pleasure to watch and they’d brought in a lot of generous donations as they traversed deeper and deeper into their forbidden and well-hidden desires, until finally they couldn’t hide the truth of their nature even for themselves:

They were nothing but a pair of stupid, submissive fucktoys, put on this earth with the single purpose of giving their bodies and minds to whomever might enjoy them.

It had taken some time, but the truth would always find its way. It had for the sisters in the video, currently throating the cock and licking the man’s asshole, it had for dozens of other girls and women before and after them, and it would for the family currently starring in their little game.

It was only a matter of time.

The younger sister – the Game Master thought her name was Alice? – was bombarded by videos just like the aforementioned, every single one recorded by the members of the Society, teasing the future of the girl currently watching as she moaned and squirmed against her unmovable restraints, juices leaking down over the plug of the tail stuffed in her ass.

The Game Master entered a command and the robotic device of diabolical pleasure entered its next phase.

Another arm, this one ending with a wide cock made of black rubber, spun forward and aimed itself toward the poor girl’s forcibly opened mouth. At the same time, the VR-recording changed to one featuring the POV of a slavegirl laying on her back with a cock hovering over her, matching the size of the robotic one that was setting itself up in front of her ring-gag.

In synchronicity with each other, the robotic dildo and VR-cock moved toward her mouth. As the dildo entered the ring keeping her dripping lips apart, she suddenly started to fight the restraints with renewed vigor. It was pointless, of course, and the cock invaded her mouth without much effort, just as the VR recording did the same. From her point of view, it was as if some stranger had just filled her mouth with his hard, uncompromising pole.

As the cock journeyed deeper past her lips, the vibrations of the wand between her legs started to get more intense. And as it drew back a few inches, the vibrations turned softer.

And so it went, back and forth, teaching her that pleasure went hand in hand with a cock between her lips. It wasn’t long before she started to embrace the dildo, moving her neck forward to take it deeper and deeper as she felt the pleasure heighten with every inch she managed to swallow. And when she started to use her tongue to massage the cock, and felt the vibrations get even more intense, her training started in earnest.

The Game Master leaned back, satisfied. The little whore was desperate to swallow more and more of the cock and soon she was getting brutally mouthfucked by the robotic armdildo, spit running all over her lips and chin, ecstatic moans of pleasure escaping around the dildo.

He watched as she experienced her first escort bayan orgasm with a cock tickling her throat. Saw her legs shake and toes curl as her entire body spasmed. But the machine kept fucking her face and another orgasm followed. And another.

But it wasn’t done yet. Not by a long shot.

So the GM decided to check in on the mother.

Now, the Game Master had thought long and hard about what to do about the mother. About which approach would be the most effective. How to break her down until nothing remains but her most deep-buried desires. And it had taken many long hours to find a path.

The truth was that her very existence was humiliating. Her body was fake, her marriage just the same. Anyone with half a brain would realize that the gorgeous, tanned, half-plastic, half-flesh doll of a woman was only married to her short, pudgy and balding husband for one reason: money.

And as such, she should be pretty much immune to standard methods of humiliation. She already humiliated herself every time she let that fat loser of a husband thrust his half-erect cock into her.

So the Game Master had to dig deeper, to the root of every choice that has led her to this life or a bimbo-turned-trophy-wife.

And with that train of thought, it all fell into place. What was the one thing she avoided more than anything?

The answer was simple: work.

So, being put to work despite all of that hard non-work she’s put herself through, that would be humiliating, yes?

Well, no. It would be depressing, but not necessarily humiliating.

You had to dig deeper.

As she was tanning by the pool, who had she doing the work for her?

Well, her husband had employed a few people working around the house. It was the young Latina maid who only knew a few words of English and who’s mother was too sick to work. It was the pool boy/gardener, also in his twenties though somewhat more proficient in English.

And it was the black handyman, middle aged, big and strong.

All of them employed off the books, getting payed below minimum wage, and all of them seething with hatred for the nasty bimbo laying by the pool, throwing racist jabs at them as they busted their asses off.

And with that piece of the puzzle in place, the GM had known what to do.

It hadn’t been hard to convince the three to participate in the Game. The resources the Society commandeered was substantial, and they were all desperate for money. But even without that, he suspected they would have signed up just for the pleasure of turning the table on the foremost plight of their lives.

And they played the part well. Very well.

Laura Rosen crawled on her knees in front of her former maid, scrubbing the floor with a sponge strapped to her mouth. Her beautiful clothes had been burned in front of her eyes earlier, and she now wore a humiliating maid outfit, with a short skirt resting above the pig’s tail still stuffed in her ass. Her enormous breasts dangled free, pulled out from the black clothing, and clamps with several small weights in a chain between them was pinching her nipples, making her wince with every move of her head as she moved the sponge with her face, tears dripping to the floor.

Her shaved cunt hadn’t been spared, as her folds had clamps of their own, and a single weight, larger than the others, dragging on the floor beneath her, pulling on her sensitive pussy as she crawled over escort bursa the floor with her hands and feet locked in spreader bars, making the movements slow and clumsy.

The Latina maid, looking beautiful in an expensive dress, fine makeup and golden earrings, was sitting on a chair in front of her, one smooth leg resting above the other and her bare feet inches from the trophy wife’s wet face.

Nonchalantly, she tipped a glass of wine to the side, letting it splash over the floor and turning it red just as Laura had scrubbed it clean.

The young Latina immediately yelled something in Spanish, put her bare foot on Laura’s red cheek and forced the spoiled bimbo toward the stain, all while reprimanding her in a tirade of Spanish words.

The black handyman, in the meantime, was stroking his cock above her, keeping a tight grip of a leash connected to a collar around the mothers neck. As Laura finished scrubbing the stain, he removed the straps keeping the sponge in place and roughly forced his cock past her lips. Laura’s eyes widened as her throat got invaded by her former employees’ big black cock.

Her lips got even wider when the young latino gardener pulled the pig tail out of her ass only to replace it with his own cock, shoving it to the root with one merciless thrust.

A spit roasted pig. Fitting.


The sound of her throat and ass getting raped in synchronicity filled the stream for a few minutes. Then the handyman drew his cock clear of her throat and forced the mothers panting face down toward the Latinas pretty little feet.

“Lick them”, he croaked as he stroked his cock quicker and quicker, sweat shining around his graying scalp.

The dumb bimbo started to desperately lick the feet of her former maid, who laughed with amusement and pushed her toes deep in her mouth, making her gag and drool. After a few moments, she cleaned them from the saliva by dragging them over the fuckpigs face, making her look even more like a pathetic, broken slavedoll.

All while getting her ass fucked and tits and pussy stretched by weighted clamps.

Soon, the black handyman growled and aimed his thick cock toward the Latina’s feet. An impressive amount of sticky, white jizz shot out of the throbbing member, covering the young girl’s purple toes or landing on the floor beneath them.

“Lick them clean!” the older man ordered, forcing her face towards the sticky feet with the leash. The mother was quick to action, licking fervently in long strokes as the girl giggled with the tongue between her toes. When they were completely clean, her face was pushed to the floor, her ass getting pounded as she licked the floor free of spilled cum.

A few minutes later, she was forced to lick the spills of the jizz dripping out of her ass from the floor as well.

As they brought the mess of a woman towards the tiny cage she would spend the night in, right next to the giant satin bed they would sleep in, the GM switched back to the younger sister Alice. He nodded in satisfaction as the dildo now entered her throat with a speed almost matching a drill, her face and breasts covered in spit and her pussy leaking like a waterfall as she climaxed again and again and again, reality lost on her as her brain started to connect the cock in her throat with the pleasure between her legs.

It would go on for another few minutes before the machine would slow down, although not leaving her mouth completely. She would fall asleep to the slow buzzing against her cunt and the cock gently moving in and out of her mouth, and the GM didn’t doubt that her dreams would be very wet indeed.

All in all, a successful first day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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