The Gym Guy Pt. 03

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After they had a drink and chatted for five minutes Kelly couldn’t wait any longer. She knew she needed to be on Rob again. As he lay naked on the bed she began to think what it would be like to submit to him. Just have him be in total control. She went to the wardrobe and took out a rope. Sexily slinging it around she said “So, how r u at tying knots?”

Rob laughed and said “You’d have to do something naughty to deserve to be tied up” At the thought of that she flipped Rob onto his front, smacked his ass hard and buried her face in his ass. She licked at his ass hole for the first time tasting it with each stroke. She smacked him hard again leaving a mark as he laughed at her attempt to be strong. “Do that again and you’re in trouble little lady!” he exclaimed.

Smack! With both hands! Tongue still roving his inside! He shot up and grabbed her in his big masculine arms. “Right! That’s it!” he grunted.

He pulled her arm roughly to the edge of the bed and pushing her head into the pillow his bodyweight totally pinning Kelly down, tied it hard to the side. Then, shifting quickly to the other side, he tied that one too. “Aow!” Kelly squealed. “That actually HURT! Be careful baby!…. Rob? Rob where r u!?” Kelly questioned, unable to turn around and see him as she was now tied face down to the bed.

“Oh I’m here, I’m just admiring the view and deciding if I want you ass up or down before I finish with this rope…” he said smugly. “Ass up, I can get in deeper, ass down I can do it for longer… Hmmm choices choices…”

Rob placed his hands on Kelly’s superbly round and smooth butt. Just jiggling the flesh and dropping it. Then he started to lick and kiss the skin and the folds as it joined her hamstrings. He moaned and she moaned as he continued with his warming up ass worship, careful not to slip into the crack. Just as Kelly was beginning to forget about the fact he was tying her up he grabbed her hips yanked then up then tied her feet to the edges. “Ass up I think so I can play with that clitty too. You need a good release! Might not be for a while though, see how I feel!” Rob laughed. Mmm what a sight he thought.

Rob returned his attentions to Kelly’s ass. He kissed and licked and groped his way to where he really wanted his tongue. Kelly’s sweet asshole. Her pussy still a little relaxed from the fucking Eryaman Rus Escort he’d already given it Rob was in no rush. He slowly moved his hands to Kelly’s bum hole and rubbed her now winking bud gently and just played with it. Enjoying the sensation of this gorgeous woman’s brown hole. He eventually popper a finger inside her before noticing a bottle on the side board. Mmm that could be useful he thought. “Relax baby I need to see something inside you close up…” Rob lay down under Kelly’s crotch, her pussy resting on his forehead whilst he inserted the bottle up her butt.

Gently at first but then roughly moving it around in circles opening up her hole nice and wide. “You like that don’t you I can tell as you’re leaking…” Rob said as Kelly was moaning at the sensation. “You want me to taste you in my mouth don’t you?” he asked. “Oh yes please.” Kelly mumbled. Before she knew it, thinking she was about to feel his mouth Rob had moved around in front of her and was thrusting his cock in her mouth. She gagged at first opening her eyes a bit surprised to see and feel it but she was a pro. She wasn’t missing out on this and she sunk it deep in her throat. Slobbering and slopping drool all over it. She couldn’t believe how hard it was, but then she stopped herself and thought actually I’m fucking gorgeous, I’m not surprised!

Rob moaned only stopping enjoying her mouth on the occasion the bottle fell out and he quickly reinserted it. Groping her pussy as he did each time but not long enough for her to get a release. He loved the feeling of her mouth on his member, her wet and firm tongue pressing all the right places whilst she craned her neck. He enjoyed surveying her gorgeous curves as her back arched and her butt curves protruded. He wanted to be in there, so he pulled out and told her she was a ‘good little tied up slut’ as she rested her now aching neck by dropping her head to the cool white sheets of the bed. He moved around behind her once again and began to push the bottle into her ass hole and then pull it out gently and slowly so the tiny nerve endings in her butt would spread their pleasure each time.

The real thing was now needed, he knew that as she had begun to moan as he was fucking her with the bottle. He pressed his still raging, Sincan Rus Escort hard cock against her pussy. Hard, hard, harder. He pushed the flaps aside one by one until he could feel the warm and wet hole inside them. He stopped and slapped her ass violently as she had tried to do to him earlier. “Ah!” she gasped and rocked to the side straining against the rope. He repeated it on the other cheek, then both of them, immediately reddening at the intensity of his palm. He readied himself for a double hander knowing as she pushed away from him he would keep hold of her pert, tanned cheeks and squeeze them and pull them back onto his cock to accentuate the feeling of pain with pleasure.

An audible ‘crack’ could he heard as he went for it and her cry of “Aow!” became a moan of “ooo” as he pulled her back and impaled her on his cock, getting a good few inches of it inside her again for the second time in the day. She relaxed and her wetness of being submissive allowed him to then easily push the rest of his impressive 8″ up her. The veins on his cock standing out at the pleasure of being back in her pussy. She thought he felt bigger this time than before, possibly the position, possibly due to the rope, possibly because she was so filled with submissive lust she was just letting herself enjoy the sensations.

Rob held his hands on Kelly’s ass as he used them like a steering wheel to clamp her down on his cock and he began to ride her high to get her off quickly. He reached under her and frantically began to rub her clit so she would cum hard whilst he used his toned stomach to push the bottle in with each thrust of his cock. She was tied up, unable to stop this fucking from Rob’s thick, hard cock, whilst the bottle penetrated her bum at the same time. She could feel on the deeper timed thrusts his cock and the bottle colliding inside her and this made her begin to cum. She shook and convulsed and almost wailed at the intensity of the double penetration and the orgasm washed over her.

She buried her head, biting the sheet as the waves continued. Rob held his cock deep in her and didn’t allow the bottle to move either whilst she pulled on the rope trying to relax but couldn’t. “Don’t think I have finished fucking you!” He whispered in a deep authoritarian voice. Etlik Rus Escort “This fucking won’t stop till I say it will stop. In a second I am going to remove the bottle and replace it with my cock. You can’t stop me. It is my will and you will succumb and enjoy it! Are you ready? Say you are ready and willing to accept my cock up your beautiful ass hole. Ask me for it!” And he slapped her ass hard with both hands again.

“Ohhh I… I… Could I?… Oh yes just do it” She panted almost breathless. “Put your cock in my ass! I want it!” Kelly continued. “Oh I bet you do!” Rob smirked, laughing as he said it. He pulled the bottle out firmly and quickly, almost harshly. He kept two fingers in her hole after the bottle came out and was discarded, just to keep her open enough. He then pushed his head firmly against her hole; grunting. “Take it, take it all in!” He barked, himself getting worked up at the sight of his cock disappearing into her butt. He began to thrust. Each time more of his cock being swallowed up by her dark hole. She began to wail again as he began to grunt in an animalistic ritual of a man overpowering his woman’s ass.

He sped up as she was still so tight he was enjoying it almost too much and he could see her straining against the rope was starting to burn her skin. He grabbed her knees lifting them off the bed and taking her weight rendering her almost completely unable to move as he began to pummel her hole. Faster and faster he fucked her, she held on for dear life as he spat on his cock keeping it lubed as she gripped it. He fucked her. Just a good hard fucking. Holding her and each thrust giving her what he wanted and what she wanted until he began to shoot his seed inside her butt hole. He dropped her knees and wrenched her ass cheeks apart leaning back, red faced and chested, releasing all he had been building up to. She let out a moan of pleasure as she also came again this time from the anal fucking, and the rigidity of the bondage and having succumbed to a man’s submission that she had fantasised of fucking till just a few hours earlier. She slumped again as the orgasm wore off and the waves of pleasure began to subside. She let out one last gasp, a simultaneous gasp no less, with Rob’s grunt as he pulled out of her ass, finally allowing it to suck in on itself and begin to return to normal size.

He thought about leaving her tied up but decided against it and pulled himself to his feet once more and unleashed the rope. She slumped on to the bed and he lay down next to her as they both regained their breath and composure. He admired her body once more as she admired his. “I think it’s time to fill you with food rather than cum, you hungry?” asked Rob.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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