The Hypnosis Ring Ch. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sexual situations.


Steve should have hardly have been able to believe his luck but, in some small way, his body betrayed that he knew he was in a position that he simply could not have imagined before. His older sister curled up against him, her head on his chest, fingers idly toying with his shirt, pressing it between his fingers and then rolling it back and forth as if she was trying to wear a hole through the fabric. Of course, it was his own hands that shook lightly at his side and one on her back, although she was still under the influence of his mind control. There was no way, otherwise, that she would have ever have been found resting on his chest as if he was the only one in the world for her. Truly, no one else could have come close at all to her darling, dearest brother at that very moment in time.

But why was she there? Even though Steve knew just how he had drawn her to him, the ring firm on his finger, Asha could not know, breathing shortly and shallowly, emotion tight in her throat. It felt so right to be there and yet she could not stave off the sense in her gut too that there was something more, something that she was missing.

Of course, she was comfortable enough in just a T-shirt and panties but there was something slick in them too that she didn’t want to think about quite at that moment, biting her lower lip delicately. She didn’t bite her lips or even the insides of her cheeks without thinking about it; it was something she’d read in multiple books and magazines about being ‘sexy’ once upon a time and, for some reason, that little quirk had stuck with her. And she wanted to be sexy to Steve now too, squirming up against him with a soft and sweet little moan that made her brother shudder, hand curling possessively around the small of her back, pressing there.

And she liked it. She liked it very much, in fact. Yet where had such feelings come from?

The morning waited for no one, however, as Steve tenderly kissed her forehead, heart pounding against her skin through the fragile barrier of his chest. Without thinking, she leaned into him, his sweet touch, and his heart soared in reply.

The parting of them had to come sooner or later, however, Asha rising slowly, her body pressing against his in all the right ways. They had to come closer in order to separate and Steve smiled warmly as she pulled away, setting herself on her own two feet, bare toes curling into the carpet that had been replaced just before he’d gone away to university, not yet broken in and worn down. It was a luxurious sensation and yet not one that Steve would enjoy for himself, not partaking in walking around the house in bare feet after several torturous incidents in his childhood where colourful, toy bricks had been involved.

“Er, well…”

Brushing off her T-shirt — had she slept in that too? — of invisible lint, Asha cleared her throat and posed awkwardly with her hip cocked out. And yet, before him, she was suddenly a shy girl all over again, not the confident woman of her current years. Something had shifted between them, seeing her brother in a new light as if the shade that had been covering him for the last several years had, all of a sudden, been lifted.

“I only slept here because you were…homesick,” she said lamely, clutching at the first excuse that leapt to her mind. “Your ridiculous nightmares. If you’re so sick of this fancy university life you have, maybe you should go back there!”

Her words did not come laced with the venom that he had otherwise come to expect and he only smiled in return, the ring warm and lightly glowing blue on his finger. The powers it boasted, however, meant that no one but him could see the glow — a fact that he had had to deduce very quickly.

There was nothing she could say that would hurt him anymore and Asha would come to understand that too, her fall of soft, blonde hair beautiful. Maybe he could ask her to curl it for him? She’d look even more beautiful then, doing the things that weren’t popular or stereotypically beautiful. He’d be the one to help her come into herself even as she stalked away, chin cocked up at a sharp angle that denoted the uncertainty in her heart, the twist and curl of emotions that she still had to come to understand.


She stopped immediately, turning to face him, a servant called to the will of her master.

“Yes, Steve?”

Her lips parted in a smile and his heart lurched. Oh, how much he wanted to lock his lips over those… She didn’t need lipstick or gloss or anything at all like that when they were already so plump and kissable. Yet, like so many other women, she thought she was ugly, always something more to be improved or changed about her features like she was a doll to be toyed with, painted in a new face each and every day.

“You will always want to come to me at night and cuddle now,” he intoned softly, directing gaziantep escort pornoları his will through the ring. “You will not be able to resist the desire. Do you understand me, Asha?”

“Yes, I understand!”

She beamed and winked, released from the grip of his control. But she knew not what spell had been placed on her as she left the room, only thinking of getting to work, the little job that her mom had gotten her to take just to keep herself busy as she worked out just what she wanted to do with her life. She wasn’t as driven as Rachel but, in that case, Rachel had been softer on her than the older Steve. Maybe she’d expended her wrath on the only male left in her little circle of family for due reason but he was not responsible for the actions of others.

In the wake of his sister, Steve exhaled in a rush of warm breath and flung himself all the way back on the bed, a grin stretching his lips genuinely wide. Warmth flooded him, seeping out into the furthest reaches of every one of his limbs, fingertips tingling sweetly. Had that really just happened? Was he about to coax his sweet sister with her soft lips to do more for him all over again, to be the part of his life that he’d always wanted her to be?

But he could not go too quickly into it, oh no, that would never do. That would be the wrong way to go about it as his relationship with her was not anything at all like the one with his mother. No, there was something different there and he needed to open the door to it, dig it all up and expose it so that it could be examined and reflected on, see if there was the love there ready to bloom as he so terribly and desperately hoped there was.

Sometimes one had to be wrong to be right and he didn’t want her to show her love for him without due sincerity, after all. So, slowly it was.

He could be patient with her.


He exercised all the patience he could that day, waiting on Asha to return home from work, tired on her feet from what little she had done. Steve could not have said that he knew then what her job was or even where she worked but it didn’t matter when his heart pounded at the mere sight of her, her long legs on show from beneath a black skirt that was perhaps a shade too short above her knees to be professional. Maybe she was waitressing? No… No, his mother would never let her do that, surely not. It wasn’t important enough for his mother, their loving mother.

He shook off the thought. No, no, no… That part of his life didn’t matter anymore, not now that he had Rachel well and truly under his control. He would never again be hurt or belittled by her and it was now more than due time to take his revenge, however he decided to play that out.

Rachel was out and he was there alone with his beautiful sister, her face blankly and calmly serene for the moment as she dropped her bag off, not seeming to notice that he was there in the kitchen, waiting for her. The kettle hissed as it boiled, bubbles rising, and she poked her head in curiously, for once not wearing her stern and foreboding mask, the one she used all the time to get people, especially him, to back off from her. That shield had always been there but, with the power of the ring, he was determined to make it crumble, bit by bit.

“Asha,” he said, smiling as he leaned back against the counter. “I need your help.”

Before, she would have immediately mocked and scorned him but the ring had drawn up something more in her that softened her outlook, features losing their hard lines as she stepped fully into the kitchen, the white button-up blouse smart to match her skirt. And yet he couldn’t help but look down the length of her legs as she stood there, mouth dry and a tiny bit of saliva shining at the corner of his lip where it had not been swept away by a virgin’s growing lust.

“Yes, Steve?”

She tilted her head curiously, her smile genuine. Oh, why, oh, why, did she have to make his heart leap so? Yet it was a worry that was no longer a true worry in his heart, something that lingered from another time where what he wanted from both life and love simply wasn’t a possibility at all.

“I need a lesson,” he said simply, tucking his hands over his belt so that they would not shake, the kettle now boiled and yet still forgotten. “You… I need to learn how to kiss the right way. Will you teach me, Asha?”

He softened the order by turning it into a question but there was never really any doubt in his mind what he wanted her to do. The ring glowed and pulsed with different shades, propelling his power through the air between them, crossing any gap that may or may not have been present.

“Oh…” Asha’s lips twisted and yet she still did not frown. “Okay then…”

She spoke as if it was a chore, something that she had to do, and that was all good enough for him as long as he got what he needed out of the initial kiss, the liaison that he’d escort pornoları been yearning for. Tucking a strand of blonde hair back behind her ear, she approached him, taking the leading role that he had so very neatly placed her in, the air of controlling the situation in her own hands entirely false but what he wanted to give her the feeling of regardless. It was how it was meant to be, her hands smoothing lightly down his upper arms, feeling the very light muscle beneath the layer of fat to be found there. Steve blushed.

“You need to part your lips a little,” she breathed, her lips already very close to his. “Just a little. Not too much for this bit…”

And then her lips were on his — clearly, Asha was someone who preferred to show rather than tell, something that he had not known about her before! She kissed him softly as if he was a long-time lover, pressing up against him as she closed the distance. Taking his hand, she placed it on her cheek, although Steve instinctively slid it around to the back of her neck, toying ever so lightly with the nape, the fluff of extremely soft hair that curled down below the main fall. Asha shivered against him and, kissing her back, a rush of power flooded him. Maybe this kissing thing wasn’t so hard to ‘learn’, after all! Or she could simply have been that good of a teacher.

Asha, however, knew not why she was so incited to kiss her brother. She was teaching him how to kiss? Wasn’t he old enough to know how to do that all already for himself? But it was nice in a strange way and she caught herself deepening the kiss without thinking about it, winding her arms up and around his neck as she pulled him in closer to her, heart leaping and pounding, something more driving her on and on and on to make all that she could out of the moment at hand.

She lost herself in the moment, not sparing even a little breath to tell him what he should be doing, how he should be kissing her, for it was all already so very wonderful. He could lust after her all he liked now and she would lean into it, yearning for something that her mind was only just coming to understand. Her full understanding of the passion and the bond between them that, for years, had lurked under a veil of harsh words and times that served to push them apart rather than bring them together, would come to be in time but there was no harm in enjoying the journey there either.

And, so, she allowed his tongue into her mouth, her brother rough and clumsy — and yet that only excited her all the more. Something in the pit of her belly tightened but she could not pause to think about that as her head spun, skin flushing hot in patches that surely had to make her look strange. Preoccupied with her own appearance, she considered, briefly, pulling back, but his mouth just felt so good against hers that she could not stop herself from leaning in further, raking her fingers lightly and sensually through his hair as if she was trying to please him, make him want her like her other boyfriends in the past had too.

Did he want her? Did she really want him to want her?

He didn’t put his hands in the right place, however, and Steve groaned into her mouth, clumsily stabbing and pushing his tongue around her mouth as if he was striving to aim for something that he could not see or even feel for himself. But she was a patient teacher and when his fingers groped her ribs rather than a more comfortable spot, she eased his hand back down to her waist, folding his fingers expertly around even as her concentration wavered. Despite all that, he made her feel as if she was lighter than even the air around them, able to lift up, up and away at a moment’s notice.

A little more instruction. Holding his face still between her two hands, Asha giggled and withdrew, his tongue slithering from between her lips as he stayed there, panting, his mouth a little too wet for comfort.

“Slowly,” she breathed, heart in her mouth, hair in disarray. “Let me lead…”

And he didn’t have to let her take the lead but he did anyway, trusting her instruction as she showed him what she liked, even if it was not quite all that detailed in how to kiss, well, anyone else. She allowed her tongue into his mouth that time, demonstrating how to lick and stroke gently without ramming it all the way back, her moans and soft murmurs against his lips slowly but surely encouraging him to try something of the same for himself. His hands did not have to stay on her waist all the time either and he wobbled out waveringly away from her, only for Asha to gently place it on her shoulder, the other finding her cheek with a little more suave finesse.

But it was hard for Asha not to lose control, not to grip his hair and moan against him. The only thing that held her back was the fact that, really, she was very much aware that Steve was still her brother. That should have held more weight in her mind than it did, considering she escort gaziantep pornoları was making out with him quite passionately, her breathing heavier and his quickening in turn with hers. All of a sudden, everything came easily and his fingers teased lightly along the line of her jaw, sending her heart pounding into such a frenzy that any manner of self-control that she may well have had left went well and truly out the window.

Deeper and deeper, she drew him against her, turning herself back around so that her back was against the counters, moaning into his mouth and Steve responding in kind. He kissed her fiercely as if it was the last time he would ever again be close to her, hands slipping down and down, although she caught his cheeky fingers before they dropped low enough to reach her buttocks, as much as her soul screamed at her to let him do that. And Steve knew all of this turmoil for himself too, mind struggling to keep up as he played out his control only enough so that she would go along with what he suggested for her, the woman that he loved so dearly leading the way with her bond and inclinations for him, all of which must have been simmering just beneath the surface for so many long and cold and lonely years apart.

The door opened at the front of the house and Asha leapt away from him as if she’d been stung, the moment lost as her chest heaved, lips soft and glistening with shared saliva from the warmth of the moment that linked them together. It could only be Rachel and, although she was under Steve’s control, Rachel did not know that, gasping as her hands flew to cover her mouth.

“Oh! Mom’s home!”

She didn’t know that it would have all have been okay and that wasn’t something that Steve, as yet, wanted to push her into as he shook his head and looked at the kettle, which was now no longer at the boil that he wanted it to be. But his cock was hard and ready, tenting out the front of his jeans as he exhaled a rush of breath, for once more confident and sated in his own skin than he ever had been before. Was this what it felt like to be normal? Maybe Asha was the key to that, if so… There was only one way to find out.

Yet she surprised him by dropping a final kiss on his cheek, a smile brightening her face even as she darted back.

“We’ll have another lesson whenever you like!”

Maybe then he’d exerted a little too much control over her then, he thought as she walked away, a little bob in her step that made her buttocks tightening and shiver delightfully. It was a shame that she’d moved his hands from them but he could ease that bit in too as she came more and more into his arms, into his seduction, however he needed the magic of the hypnosis ring to implement it.

Asha murmured a greeting to her mother as they passed in the hallway, pressing her fingers wonderingly to her lips as if she too did not quite understand what had taken place, the sheer gravity of it all. Was she falling for him? Her chest was tight in a good way, fingers tingling, that tingling spreading through her entire body as if something was happening to her, changing her. She wanted to be near him, giggling like a schoolgirl all over again, even though she had never, not even once, acted that way around her brother before. It was strange and, still, she wanted it, heart leaping at the mere thought of him and her lips picking up in the ghost of a loving smile.

Leaning against the wall at the base of the stairs, she groaned softly, quietly so that no one else would hear her. She could not go back to the kitchen, back to Steve… She didn’t know what she’d do if she faced him again so soon.

I… This is wrong.

And yet beautiful Asha would never find the will to stop it as he led her into a brighter time of life and love altogether.


“Come one!”

Frowning, Steve focused on the TV screen, the smaller one that had been designated to his home bedroom (he’d really have to see about getting something better now that he was the one calling all of the shots). His old Playstation still worked too and he growled at the screen as he hammered away at fantasy characters on the screen, mind already wandering to the next old game that he’d pick up, a first-person shooter that had been all the rage back then and still had a huge franchise going for it.

Yet not even he could have expected Asha to burst in entirely unannounced and, at that point, unwelcomed, her lips twisted in an ugly fashion that entirely detracted from her beauty. Despite himself, he could not help his eyes from dropping to her breasts and a low groan from rising up from the back of his throat, quivering lightly as he took in her roughly unkempt beauty, a few too many buttons on the casual blouse she’d picked out for relaxing at home that day undone. But maybe she was trying to draw his attention too already… A man could only hope.

Her expression, however, was far from welcoming as she growled and made other noises of frustration that, truly, had no name that he was familiar with. He shrank back automatically, slipping into old habits without thinking. Just what had gotten into her?

“So, what are you doing?” She huffed, acting as if he had personally affronted her by merely being in his room gaming, if not all that quietly. “It sounds like someone’s being murdered in here! Just

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