The It Girl Ch. 01

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The car bounced up in down with the familiar rhythm of the dirt road’s potholes. Cassie had grown used to clutching the hot leather seats as her father’s beat-up Christler rattled, but this time she was the one driving. Other than that, the road into Camp Lambda looked the same as it ever had – the same ankle-length green grass, the same cabins off in the distance, the faint whiff of manure from the farm next door. Truth be told, it was the same view you would get on your way into countless summer camps around the country, but for Cassie this particular dirt road would always be associated with acceptance.

Normally, there would be a throng of kids in front of the mess hall, the new ones standing nervously on the fringes of the group and the returning campers hugging each other in the glee of reunion. But today there was only one – a plump girl with braided brown hair and shining blue eyes, sitting on the steps of the old mess hall trying to hide her anticipation. This was Leigha, who had called Cassie here today.

At the sight of the dirt-stained Chrystler, Leigha leapt up to her feet. Cassie hadn’t even shut the car door behind her when a bubbly Leigha crashed into her and wrapped her arms around her waist. “Cassie! It’s so good to see you!”

“You too, pumpkin,” said Cassie, rubbing the top of Leigha’s head. “We’ve got a lot to talk about. But first, I half to use the bathroom. It was kind of a long ride.”

Leigha laughed. “The water company cut this place off, so no toilets tonight. The port-a-potties still work.”

Somehow, even this disgusting inconvenience seemed to have a nostalgic charm. After Cassie had emptied her bladder, she came back down the hill to find Leigha setting up camp around the old firepit. She appeared to have brought everything: water bottles, food, bug spray, sun spray, a waterproof tent, a Swiss army knife and compass. All Cassie had brought was a bottle of wine cooler snuck from her parent’s fridge.

“You were really serious about sleeping outdoors, eh?” said Cassie.

Leigha uncapped one of her numerous water bottles and took a sip. “Why not? The ground’s probably softer than the beds in the cabins.”

Cassie shuddered at the memory of those rock-hard pallets that had generously been called mattresses. “You might be right. And we won’t have to listen to Bessie Kavanaugh snoring all night.”

“She wasn’t so bad,” said Leigha. “Good kisser, if nothing else.”

Cassie eyebrows shot up. “You did not!”

“Well, one time behind the crafts tent…”

Cassie slapped Leigha on the back. “You dog! I bet you’re calling up all your old trysts to this place, one weekend after another, for one last magic moment…”

“No, you’re the only one,” said Leigha, taking Cassie’s joke seriously. “You were always the only one, really.”

Cassie guessed that was true. Of course, she knew that when Leigha said it she wasn’t trying to be romantic – the two of them were best friends, who confided their crushes and insecurities in each other. Of course, they had practised kissing on each other, for when they met the girls of their dreams, and then practised other things, and somewhere along the line it had stopped being practice. It was a friendship sustained through e-mails and hours-long IM chats during the school year, and two blissful summer months of togetherness. They had never made demands on each other, and Cassie wasn’t sure if that was out of trust, generosity, or fear.

“You seeing anyone?” said Cassie as she got her bags out of the car. She meant it to sound casual.

“No,” said Leigha. “I spent most of the year pretending to be a gay guy’s girlfriend. His parents were not very open-minded. Yourself?”

Cassie laughed. That sounded like exactly the type of thing Leigha would do, always sacrificing herself for other people’s needs. “I tried going out with this girl, Alyssa. It always felt like I was playing a role, you know? And she was constantly starting drama, accusing me of cheating on her.”

“Well, were you?”

“No, but maybe I should have been,” said Cassie. “I just can’t do the whole relationship thing. Feels too straight.”

Leigha leaned against the trunk of the car and smirked. The way she leaned, Cassie couldn’t help but stare at her breasts. “Sounds like a camp girl to me. We’re not cut out for that life.”

There might have just been something to that. Once they all got over their anxieties about their bodies and sexualities, the camp had become a veritable saturnalia of sexual exploration. The camp counsellors were too busy doing the same thing to stop them – and when Cassie and Leigha had become counsellors themselves, they had entered a whole new level of flings. There were no relationships that lasted longer than a week, and they became used to spending every night in a different bed, endlessly curious as to different bodies and suffering the usual tempestuous teenage emotions and daily changes of affection. What could a steady girlfriend and dates at the mall really have to offer? lezbiyen porno When they had both turned eighteen, they remarked to each other that it felt like they had gained no freedom that they didn’t already have.

“We may just be ruined for life,” said Cassie.

“Worth it,” said Leigha. “You want to go for a swim? The pond’s still open.”

“I thought they banned kids from going in the pond after that one girl broke her foot,” said Cassie.

“They did,” said Leigha. “So what do you say we break a few rules?”

Neither girl had brought swimsuits, an oversight which was perhaps intentional. Cassie sat there for a minute with her shirt lifted halfway over her head, dumbfounded as Leigha undressed. Her body seemed to have grown even more curvy in the past year, her breasts plumper and rounder than ever. And the way Leigha casually cast her clothes aside and walked into the pond, proudly bearing her olive-tinged body to the sun was such a stark contrast to the shy girl concerned about her “fat” body that Cassie had met five years ago that she might as well have been a different person.

Leigha cannonballed into the water, casting a wave that spilled over the rocky barriers of the pond. She looked back over her head and cast Cassie a sultry look. “What are you waiting for, Cass? Water’s fine!”

Cassie shed her clothes quickly, although not without a little trepidation. Her hopes of filling out over her teenage years had been dashed – her body remained skinny and her breasts modest. She almost felt bad next to the voluptuousness of Leigha – although there had been times when Leigha envied her skinniness. Now she just looked hungrily as Cassie stepped out of her panties.

Cassie waded into the water. She always liked to get used to the temperature before she put all her body in. But Leigha wasn’t having it. Grabbing Cassie by the ankles, she yanked her friend off her perch and down into the pond’s cool depths. Cassie screeched and splashed, but Leigha held onto her, kissing and tickling her body.

“You motherfucker,” Cassie sputtered.

“What?” Leigha said. “I was tired of waiting.”

Cassie responded by gathering water in her hands and splashing it at Leigha. Leigha gasped, her pretty face dripping with water and her braid plastered to her skin. The two young women gave into their childish side and engaged in a good old-fashioned water-fight. At the end, both were soaking wet, Cassie was coughing up water, and Leigha had her arms around her.

“You win,” Cassie said, in between hacking coughs.

Leigha didn’t seem perturbed by the fact that Casey was sputtering all over her chest. In fact, she seemed downright smug. “I always win, don’t I?”

The two drifted back into the pond’s edge. Cassie leaned her head against soft dirt. The water all around her, sliding past all her sensitive parts, Leigha’s heavenly body resting against hers, the lust-addled nostalgia that always came upon her here… God, she was really in the mood.

“Leigha,” she said. “Can I ask you a favour?”

“Shoot,” said Leigha.

“Well, ever since I got here, I’ve really wanted to suck your breasts, and…”

Leigha laughed. “Polite as ever. Bon appetit.” She lifted one of her plump mammaries just above the water line, its hard nipple gleaming with wetness. Casey wasted no time taking it into her mouth. There was a familiar comfort to it at the same time as it was intensely erotic. As her tongue worked its way around Leigha’s nipple, she felt a deep, primal satisfaction.

And then Leigha was standing up, and there was her other breast falling down on Cassie’s face. Cassie found herself buried in titflesh, energetically licking and rubbing at each one, occasionally diving into the valley of Leigha’s cleavage and kissing the soft spot between the two. Leigha’s boobs were objects of fascination and envy, bouncing, floating, hanging. They tasted of the pondwater but also of Leigha’s own distinctive sweat.

“Oh god,” said Leigha. “You really know how to treat a girl.”

Cassie didn’t say anything, just kept ministering to her friend’s tits. Leigha clawed her hands into the dirt behind them as her body writhed against Cassie. As Cassie once again sucked Leigha’s left tit into her mouth, the voluptuous girl went red from head to toe and gasped with pleasure. She began to shake in Cassie’s arms.

“Shit,” said Leigha. “Just from the boobs.”

Cassie gave her no quarter, sucking at Leigha’s teats and ripping at them with judicious nibbles. Leigha began to frantically hump against her midsection. And then, improbably, there was that spasm and that scream that Cassie knew so well,and Leigha drifted away in the throws of orgasm.

She floated halfway across the pond on her back, dazed. Cassie giggled and swam after her.

Leigha turned to her. “You’re like some kind of wizard.”

“I prefer to think it’s your boobs that are magic.”

Leigha laughed. “Great pick-up line, Cass.”

“They liseli porno just seem… so sensitive.”

Leigha straightened up and gave her a hot stare. “You’ve got some sensitive parts too.”

Still hungry, Cassie pinned Leigha up against the opposite wall and kissed her on the mouth. Leigha was more than willing to reciprocate, and the two were soon doing what they had spent the majority of the past five summers doing: making out at Camp Lambda. But this time there was no fear of anyone else stumbling across them, and a certainty that things would go further.

Their bodies were familiar to each other, but that didn’t dampen their fervour as their hands ran up and down each other. Leigha broke away from Cassie’s lips just long enough to kiss her nose, forehead, eyes and neck, and then their lips were immediately plastered to each other again.

Cassie felt Leigha’s hand pressing against her crotch, and she instinctively parted her legs. Her old friend slid two crooked fingers inside of Cassie, and sensation instantly ran through her body. The water made everything stranger and more intense. When she floated, weightless, and felt Leigha’s fingers thrusting into her it felt almost like flying.

It was all Cassie could do to hold onto Leigha, buoyed up by the thrusts of her fingers. She felt an unbearable heat coming over, as if the summer sun had been magnified. Cassie felt Leigha’s hot mouths on her breasts, less majestic than her own but still sensitive and capable of producing oh so sweet surges when Leigha rolled her tongue around her left nipple.

Cassie felt her hips jogging, and knew that release was coming. Years ago, in their first experimental trysts, Cassie would have stopped here, worried that she was about to pee. Now, she knew enough to just cling to her lover’s shoulders and let the orgasm over take her.

“Oh fuck,” Cassie moaned. She yelled it a second time, knowing that there was nowhere around for miles. “FUCK!” She shuddered as she came in Leigha’s arms. It felt like she was melting into the water as gooey pleasure ran through her. Leigha held her tight as Cassie clawed her release out on her lover’s broad shoulders.

Afterwards, they giggled and nibbled each other, playing those silly little post-coital games. It felt as though they had all the time in the world, like they would never have to get out of this pond. In truth, Cassie would have to leave tomorrow and go back to Oak Crossing, but the distance between then and now felt so wide as to spend a lifetime in.

After they had dried off, and made out for an hour or two, Leigha lit the campfire and the two girls sat nude in front of its flickering blaze. The sky was purple and the sun making its last goodbyes. Dinner was a sumptuous feast of canned beans and tofu dogs roasted over the fire. Leigha said that she had originally intended to make s’mores, but couldn’t find any vegan marshmallows, at which point Cassie had made fun of her hippie diet choices. The wine made them both forget the blandness of the food, and got them feeling a bit more amorous than they already were.

“We have to be careful,” said Leigha. “Charlotte said there have been coyotes on the edges of the property. I guess since it’s not really inhabited now, the wilderness is moving back in.”

“It’s so cool how you call your moms by their first name,” said Cassie. “I wish my parents were that relaxed.”

“Well, it would get pretty confusing if I called them both Mom,” said Leigha.

Cassie checked the doneness of her tofu dog. “Why are they selling this place, anyways?”

“To be honest? They’re pretty deep in debt. Apparently a camp for queer kids can’t really compete on the market. Hell, most kids today would rather stay home or hang out at the mall, gay or not.”

“Who are you selling it to?” Cassie asked.

“Holy Cross Ranch Incorporated,” said Leigha, with an obviously bitter taste in her mouth. “Come for the horseback riding, stay for the sermons.”

Cassie frowned. She had always looked up to Leigha’s mothers, Charlotte and Mimi, as role models of a sort – examples of how a woman could grow up to be openly gay, successful at business, and have a strong moral authority at the same time. Now, at least one of these things had come into question. But she chose not to dwell on it. This was supposed to be a magical evening.

Leigha nuzzled up to her. “It’s okay. We’ve outgrown this place anyways. You’re gonna go to college and kick so much ass… I mean, what I’m saying is that we don’t need a retreat from the real world any more, because we’re about to make the real world our bitch.”

Cassie had to laugh. “You don’t normally talk like that.”

“What can I say? I’m feeling a little bold.” Leigha snaked her arm around Cassie’s waist and not-so-covertly copped a feel.

Cassie grinned to herself. “What about you?”

“I dunno. I’m thinking I’ll travel a bit, maybe get some work under my belt,” Leigha said. “I’m definitely not ready to sign mature porno up for another four years of school. You know… well, you’re going to make fun of me for this, but I’ve been looking into supernatural stuff lately. Old witchcraft and alchemy… obviously some of it is bunk, but I think there are too many stories for it to all be fairy tales. I was reading this book…”

Cassie had a tendency to zone out when Leigha started talking about this new-agey stuff. The downside to Leigha’s kindness was gullibility – she just couldn’t believe that anyone would want to lie to her. The other girls would have fun convincing her of absurd things, leaving her mothers to later wonder where she had heard that dragon bones had been found in Romania, or that the Russians had once invaded California. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she didn’t travel in hippie circles where conspiracies and witchcraft were the currency of the day.

Leigha nuzzled Cassie’s chest. “So how about it?”

“Sorry, can you repeat that?” said Cassie. She felt bad for tuning her friend out.

“I said I wanted to put a charm on you,” Leigha said.

Well, this might be taking things too far. But what could it hurt? Cassie decided to play along. “What kind of charm?”

“It’s a love spell. Don’t worry, it doesn’t affect you – it affects everyone else. Well, at least every pretty young lady you meet…”

Cassie giggled. “Sounds like it might get me into trouble.”

“Maybe. But I want you to go out and be loved. Have lots of great sex with lots of great girls and come meet me again next summer to tell me all about it. There’s a world out there waiting to be conquered.”

Cassie thought that Leigha was gilding the lily a bit – after all, she considered herself rather plain-looking, and doubted that dykes would be beating down her door in college. But it was nice to think about. “Sounds good. What do I need to do.”

“Just lay on your back.

“I’ve heard this one before.” But Cassie did lay on the grass, if only to make Leigha happy. The dirt was cool against he naked back, and the night sky beautiful. It was only out here, far from civilization, that she could look up at all of the stars and realize just how vast the universe was.

Cassie felt Leigha’s weight descending on her lower half, and a familiar tickle between the legs. There was Leigha, nuzzling here face up against the delta of Cassie’s legs. She groaned and spread those legs. This ritual might be very enjoyable.

Leigha nibbled at Cassie’s pussy, gently kissing her clitoris only once. Just as Cassie was starting to feel her juices flowing, Leigha stopped. A second later, she felt cold liquid on her stomach. Something light and ticklish, a feather perhaps, was dancing on her skin. Cassie craned her neck to look down, and saw Leigha holding a brush and painting a henna-oil pattern across her pale skin. Where had she gotten that?

“Don’t look,” Leigh said. And so Cassie leaned her head back, looked up at the stars, and tried to enjoy the weird sensation of being painted. Leigha’s brush traced a cool trail before doubling back on itself, then going off at an odd angle. This must be a very complex charm. Still, as Leigha painted her thigh was grinding into Cassie’s crotch, and eventually that sensation overcame the strangeness of the ritual.

By the fire’s brilliant red light, Cassie could see Leigha’s dark form slowly sink beneath her legs. She was still painting, but the movements were smaller now as Leigha brought her lips to Cassie’s vulva. A second later, Leigha’s tongue slipped out, and a shiver ran through Cassie.

Leigha was practiced at eating Cassie out, and knew exactly how hard to lick and where Cassie’s most sensitive spots were. She took it slow at first, then gradually increased the pressure as her tongue pressed its way into Cassie’s nether reaches. She made sure to lavish attention on Cassie’s clit too, bathing it in the warmth of her tongue.

Along with the familiar warmth of an approaching orgasm, Cassie felt something strange. Heat and pleasure radiated into her from precisely the spot where Leigha had marked her. It felt as though each brushstroke had opened up some new vein of sensation. Perhaps it was something in the paint, but it was such a sweet burn that Cassie said nothing – and indeed, she could make no sound but moans and hot lusty grunts.

She could feel the orgasm coming, but it seemed to take an eternity. Leigha’s mouth was sweet torture, enveloping her pussy and then withdrawing just when Cassie was at the brink. Finally, Cassie grabbed Leigha by her hair and practically jammed the other girl’s face into her sopping cunt. Leigha curled her tongue up to meet Cassie’s most sensitive spot, and just like that her climax ripped through her.

Sparks danced before Cassie’s eyes as she wrapped her thighs around Leigha’s head. She cried out to the sky as pleasure consumed her senses. But even in the midst of her release, she could still feel that strange sensation on her stomach – the sigil Leigha had drawn burning into her in the most exhilarating way.

Cassie lay on the ground for a long time afterwards, slowly coming down from her cloud. Leigha cuddled up to her, and both basked in the sensation that absolutely everything was going to be all right.

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