The Joshua Diaries: Montreal Baths

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Author’s Note:

This is a true story that I want to share with you. All of the normal disclaimers apply. Please be 18+ in order to read. Graphic gay sex is discussed. You should always apply your idea of safe sex practices to your own experiences.

I get off on your comments. You can reach me via the CONTACT form on my profile.

Copyright 2018 The Joshua Diaries, all rights reserved.


I went to Montreal for gay pride with a few friends. I was constantly horny with all those hot fucking men around, but was unable to act because I was sharing a hotel room with two of my friends. One morning I woke up at 6 a.m. feeling so horny. I decided to go out and cruise. I got dressed and packed poppers, cock ring and lube then took off. I passed a Sauna, which I understood to be a gay bathhouse. So I decided to try it out. Of course it was early morning so I didn’t expect much. At least I could watch a porno tape and jack off.

I got a room and walked around. There were a few people around and the staff was cleaning the place up from the night before so it was pretty much what I expected. I went to my room and lay on my stomach to show off my well muscled ass and to send the clear message that I was looking for cock, especially to get fucked. I was so horny.

Almost immediately, I looked up and saw a couple of guys looking into my room as they passed. They looked pretty hot. I hadn’t seen them earlier. As they passed my room I was wondering if they were together or just cruising close together. Anyway they passed. A few minutes later they were back. One was tall around 6’2″ with light hair and looked around 35. He had a smooth slender body and classic handsome face. The other was Puerto Rican, slender with tats and a belly button ring. I heard the tall guy whisper to the other, “Pretty hot ass.” I watched as they both came into the room mersin escort and closed the door. The PR guy immediately got between my legs and shoved his tongue into my ass. Then he began to eat. I fucking held my breath.

The taller guy leaned over and whispered into my ear. “This is my boy, he’s going to clean your hole out for me.” Then he told the PR,” That’s it eat that hole out, get it slick, yeah that’s it open him up.” He looked at me and said that his “pig” would get me wet and get me ready to get fucked. At this point he got on the bed and my head was between his legs. He had a beautiful cock. Then the PR started to really open me up and eat my fuck hole out like a mad man. He was moaning. He loved eating man butt. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. The tall guy then told the PR to eat my balls and get them wet. As the PR swallowed my second ball into his mouth, the tall guy shoved his big cock into my mouth. I started blowing him really good. I was so turned on at this point that I took his cock all the way down and held my breath. I was frozen in ecstasy. I had a huge uncut cock in the back of my throat and my balls were being washed down a hot Puerto Rican’s throat.

“Come on stud, get back on that hole and fill him up with your slimy spit. I wanna see that hole drip clean with your fucking saliva.” The PR got back on my hole and started pushing spit into my hole. It felt so fucking cool. The tall guy started telling me what was going to happen. He told me that my hole was going to be filled with drool and that he would fuck me deep and hard while his “pig” licked the juices that dripped from my hole while it was being fucked. This turned me on so much. At that point the tall guy put his finger into my hole along with the PR’s tongue. The tall guy started fucking my throat relentlessly while he fingered mersin escort bayan me. Then he added another finger and pulled my hole open. He told me to relax so he could see inside my hole. “There you are stud,” he said to the PR, “Now dribble spit into him. As another lunge from his cock hit the back of my throat, I could feel both of them dribbling saliva into me. The Puerto Rican was moaning and licking all around my pucker.

The tall guy pulled his cock out of my mouth and I realized that I was covered in my own saliva from being face fucked so well. I didn’t care. He had me get up on my knees with my ass off the edge of the bed. The Puerto Rican changed places and I started to suck his cock as he pushed it towards my face. I felt the tall guy’s breath on my fuck-hole and then shove his tongue in. Hot fucking tongue. Both these boys had their tongue in my ass and I didn’t know they existed 20 minutes earlier. Then the tall guy pulled my head back and asked me if I wanted some cock in my ass. I begged for it. He then gave me a hit of poppers and told the PR to guide his 8.5″ uncut cock into my hole. I felt the big head sliding around my hole and felt my fuck hole dripping. Then he got the head in. I went back down on the cock in front of me and swallowed. More poppers and I was moaning.

Slowly the tall guy shoved his cock into me until I felt his balls nudge my asshole. He took a hit of poppers and I knew it was coming, the fuck of my life. The Puerto Rican held my legs back while the tall guy fucked me with fervor, strength and a masculine pump that only comes when guys fuck. I was delirious.

The tall guy told the Puerto Rican bud to come around and suck his balls while he fucked. So he did. It was so fucking hot feeling him position himself between our legs. I could feel him lap the tall escort mersin guy’s balls and eventually he ran his tongue from his balls to my asshole. He licked like he was trying to slide his tongue in next to the tall guys cock. He was licking all around to get the ass juice as it dripped from the tall guys cock.

The tall guy pulled his cock out and shoved it into the Puerto Ricans mouth without missing a beat. He continued talking nasty to him, “Lick that ass juice off my cock, dude, Tell me you like the way it tastes.” All the Puerto Rican guy could do was slurp and lick. I realized I had several fingers in my ass then felt the tall guy’s cock slam back into me. I was so glad we were fucking again. But he pulled out almost as fast and flipped me onto my back. The Puerto Rican immediately dove onto my cock as my legs were lifted and bam! More cock in my ass. “Fuck me!, Yeah fuck me stud. Shove that cock into me and fuck me hard.” I got the ass pounding of my life. He just kept fucking me, pulling out and shoving it back in.

I lost it and blew my load. The Puerto Rican took my load in his mouth and started making out with the tall guy. I could see my cum dripping in between their lips- they were clearly getting off on sharing. The tall guy kept fucking me, hard. They were moaning together then I felt him pump and shoot 3 large spurts and 2 smaller ones into me. I clinched my ass tight to milk him as much as possible. The warmth sliding around inside me was amazing. He just held his cock in me as it pulsed.

The Puerto Rican got down between our legs again and licked around the tall guys cock as he slowly came down from his orgasm. When his cock plopped out noisily the Puerto Rican was all over it licking it clean; eating it and savoring every drop of it. Then he was all over my ass and licking and eating my hole out while the tall guy encouraged him. I could feel and hear him moaning into my hole to encourage me to push it out to him.

When he was done he and his boyfriend smiled and told me it was hot. I was spent. They wrapped their towels, grabbed their poppers, each kissed me again and they left. I realized I had just had one of the hottest fuck sessions of my life.

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