The Judgment of Sgt. J. Chapter 10 Sailing into Hell

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The Judgment of Sgt. J. Chapter 10 Sailing into Hell

Sorry for the delay in getting more of this story out to everyone as there were some events in my life that kept me from writing. I hope that those events are now behind me once more as they were just another obstacle I have faced in my life. Kay and Cathy will be telling this chapter together. I hope that they make it through it without tearing into each other, as I know some secrets will come out along the way. I had made plans to send Kay and Cathy on a two-week cruise to the Caribbean. I was sending them as a thank you for being there when I had my malaria attack.

However it was also to give Cathy a chance to talk to her about sitting down and telling her daughter the truth about why she did the things she had when married to Joe. Ever since Sherri was 14 or 15, her mood toward her mom had changed. I saw how they looked at each other Sherri with hate and disgust at her mom. While Kay looked sad and heart broken in the fact she was losing her daughter and she blamed herself.

“John, I knew someday that would happen and could you blame her for what I had allowed Joe to put us both through,” Kay said to me as I typed.

“She tried to talk to Sherri John but Sherri would not listen to her,” Cathy added as Kay placed her hand on top of Cathy‘s hand.

I stopped my typing as I looked to Cathy and I replied, “You stick up for her now and she gives you comfort back.” I looked to Kay then to Cathy as I added, “Let’s see if that holds true when this chapter is finished.” “So who is going to start the chapter off you or Kay?” I asked as well.

“I will John,” Cathy replied.

Kay was excited when you told her about sending us together on a two-week cruise. However, I was not thrilled with the idea. One reason was that I did not want to leave you John, as you were dealing with some problems thought long buried. Another reason was I knew his adoptive daughter saw him as a love interest.

Sherri was 17 years old at the time and she had developed into a very lovely young woman. I was not truly for sure but I believed she was falling in love with John or was already in love with him at this time. Sherri had shown me a photo of Carrie recently and while I looked a lot like Carrie in the face. Sherri had her young sexy body, and she started to do her hair as Carrie once had it as a teenager herself. I was not for sure whether John was seeing her as Carrie or as Sherri as well.

The biggest and hardest reason I did not want to go was my addiction to cocaine. I could no longer make it through the day without getting high at least three to four times. I had plenty of coke to last me and that was not the problem. The problem was how to get it first onto the plane then onto the ship.

Kay used coke but not as much as I did, her poison was liquor. I have seen this woman knock back a half of a bottle of Jack Daniels and barely slur her words. Her favorite drink was screwdrivers probably because after she drank them all night she wanted to screw all night.

“That was not true Cathy, I enjoyed it well into the next day as well,” Kay added with a little laugh.

The answer to my problem of getting my coke to the Caribbean lied in front of me on the bed as Kay and I packed our bags. I had been suffering from paranoia from my drug use and I knew it would hit me hard once I got to the airport and was standing in the check in line.

I cleaned out a small baby powder bottle. I dried the inside then simple dumped my coke into it. I made sure I had enough to get me through this trip then placed the lid back onto the bottle. I slipped it into Kay’s bag without her knowing of it.

John and Sherri took us to the airport to see us off on our little vacation. I was nervous as hell and John saw it. When he asked me, I told him I was afraid to fly which truly I was not afraid to fly.

“You will be OK Cathy I am right here with you,” Kay said to me wrapping me in her arms as they walked us to the check in point.

I was getting more panicky with each step toward the check in line. I was sweating by the time John and Sherri dropped us at the check in zone. John hugged Kay then me and told us both to have lots of fun.

I was a little surprised to see Sherri hugging her mom and telling her the same, as they had not hugged for months. Sherri came over to me and she wrapped her arms around me. She gave me a tight long hug as her head went to my ear.

“Don’t worry about John I will take very good care of him while you two are gone,” Sherri whispered and as she broke our hug her eyes looking into mine.

I saw that gleam as well as that satisfied look of knowing we would not be around to stop her. I wanted to scream out you fucking bitch. You used me to get to John. I might have been high on coke most of the time however; I knew she had used me to get to John. I wanted to smack that fucking smile from her pretty face as I stared into her eyes.

Kay and I got in line to get our bags scanned or checked. I turned back to see Sherri cuddling up to John as they walked down the airport concourse heading for the parking lot. Sherri turned and gave me a big smile then that little bitch stuck her tongue out at me.

“Miss your next,” the man about to check my bag said to me.

I had not even noticed that Kay had cleared the check in already. I looked to her and I saw she was standing between two-airport securities. I must have had a panic look on my face because they not only searched all of my bags but also took me to another room and searched me as well. I was somewhat scared but my mind only saw that smile of deceit on Sherri’s face. That bitch had used me to get closer to John by pretending to have become my lover.

“What was that all about?” Kay asked.

I replied, “I think they thought I had looked suspicious,” as we walked away.

“CATHY, how could you have done that to me?” Kay asked as John stopped his typing. “You were my best friend, my lover and I shared my husband with you,” Kay added shaking her head.

I hung my head in shame as we sat in the study. Kay was waiting for me to answer and I replied, “Because of my addiction I had no friends, no lovers and I did not even know for sure who I was all because of that Bolivian marching powder.”

I looked up to Kay as hatred fill her eyes as she stared back at me. Kay’s lips started to tremble and I knew I was about to get an earful from her. I looked to John in hopes he understood.

Kay was about to let me have it when John said, “The claws of addiction tend to go around the person without the knowledge of the person and slowly takes full control of him or her.” “They will do anything to get their fix even betrayal.”

“Stand up for her John you always have and always will,” Kay yelled at John turning her hatred on him instead of where it belonged.

“You forget Kay I was like her once,” John said looking to Cathy with a caring look. John’s eyes changed to anger as he turned to Kay, as he added, “Let’s not forget your own addictions.” John glared at her until her head sunk down upon her chest then he said, “I am not your victim because you are not a predator any more than a bottle of scotch stalks an alcoholic.”

Kay slowly lifted her head as she looked to me then said, “Sorry Cathy I know what it is like to be addicted to something.” “You have no friends, you no longer care if you are loved and you will do anything to make the pain stop.” “You will even hurt the ones you love.”

“You have every right to be angry with me,” Cathy replied as she took Kay’s hand.

Kay smiled at her as Cathy returned the smile. I was thinking how or what had turned them against each other for I could see the compassion that they did have for each other. I told them to continue with their story. Cathy left go of Kay‘s hand as she continued her story. We did not know you had hired a limo to take us to our cruise ship. We felt like movie stars or something as we walked to get our luggage. We saw a man dressed in a chauffeur outfit holding up a sign with our names on it.

He asked us which bags were our and he got them for us then loaded us into a big fancy limo. In the back seat, there was a bottle of Champagne with a note around it. Cathy pulled the note from the bottle as I opened the bottle pouring us each a glass.

“It is from John,” Cathy said handing me the note.

“Here’s to loving, to romance, to the three of us,
May we travel together through time.
We alone count as none, but together we’re one,
For our partnership puts love to rhyme,” Kay said reading from his note.

Kay and I did not have to say anything to each other as we both thought what a loving and caring man he was. We wiped our tears then we toasted John in the backseat of the limo as we rode to the ship. When we arrived, people were staring at the limo as we pulled up to the dock.

They all looked to see who would be emerging from the limo. When they saw, it was no one important they still talked amongst themselves pointing to us. Kay loved all the attention we were getting as we boarded the ship as she stuck out those lovely big tits of hers.

A steward checked us in and onto the ship then showed us to our cabin. He told us it was their grandest cabin on the ship. It was just like a fancy hotel room inside of our cabin. It even had a big balcony that looked out into the ocean. The steward told us our bags had been stored as he pointed to the dressers in our cabin.

He then turned to both of us as he said, “You two will be the hit of the swingers ball,” as he smiled at Kay and I.

“Swingers Ball,” Kay said looking to Cathy.

I ushered the steward from our cabin tipping him as I did. I turned to Kay as I told her to sit down onto the bed and I would explain everything to her. I joined her on the bed taking her hand into mine.

“You know that John and Carrie used to live in that big house up on the big lake, the one you always loved,” I said to Kay

“Yes John told me about that,” Kay replied.

“Well he did not tell you the whole story,” Cathy said smiling then explained about it.

John left this part out of his story because he was not sure how you would take it. Cathy went on to explain about how each summer their place on the lake became “Carrie’s Place.” A place where swingers went to have a fun filled weekend.

I knew what swinging was and what swingers did at those parties. I asked Cathy how she knew all of this and she explained her and her first husband had read about it in a magazine. However, they had broken up before they were able to go check it out up there on the lake.

“Carrie’s and Terri’s family was into the lifestyle and she introduced John into it as well as a young boy,” Cathy said.

“So that is why he is comfortable around both of us he is used to having more than one woman,” I replied.

“Yes and John sent us here to check the scene out as he thought you might be interested in trying it when we got back,” Cathy said.

“That would mean we would have to share him with other women,” I replied to Cathy.

“Yes, and to be truthful Kay I do not want too,” Cathy replied.

“But you share him with me?” I replied with wonder on my face.

‘That is different Kay I love you and him,” Cathy said to me.

“You love him,” Kay replied with a surprise look on her face.

“Yes Kay I do.” “I think I fell in love with him that night he told me his story, however you are married to him and I am just an third party to you both,” Cathy said as she removed her hand from mine. “If you are not comfortable with me loving him I will leave you two alone when we return back home.” “For it is wrong of me to remove your happiness and replace it with my own,” Cathy added.

Cathy looked to Kay as I typed then Kay took over for Cathy. I explained to her that was not what I wanted and that I saw no reason why we both could not love the same man. After all, I loved her maybe even more than you Kay said looking to me as I typed. She turned back to Cathy as she added I trusted her at least back then.

Cathy and I talked about you mostly and just what being with you meant to us both. As we talked in our cabin, my own doubt of ever being able to love you entered my mind. However, we made a pact that day in which we both would be your wife. I even told her someday we would have a wedding just for her and John.

I pushed Cathy back down onto the bed. I unsnapped the Capri pants she had on slowly pulling them from her legs. I crawled up between her legs parting them as I did. I ran my nose then my face against her silky underwear she had worn. I pulled her panties from her and buried my face back into her pussy.

“AHHhhh KAY,” Cathy screamed out as my tongue licked at her pussy.

My tongue parted her pussy lips as I dug it deeper into her pussy. When I had it deep within her, I started to work it in and out of her pussy. I rubbed my nose against her clit as my tongue played in her pussy. Cathy was soon squirming on the bed as her hands went to the back of my head. She started to buck her pussy against my face as I twirled my tongue up inside her pussy.

Her hands pulled at my hair as I removed my tongue from her pussy. I clamped my mouth over her clit and I suck at it. Her clit grew in my mouth as I flicked my tongue all around it.

I slipped two fingers deeply into her pussy searching for her rough spot. My fingers soon found it and I dug my fingers at it roughly. Cathy bucked on the bed once or twice.

“AHHhhh Kay I am going to cum,” Cathy screamed loudly.

Those words no sooner left her mouth than her pussy juices splashed against my chin. I pulled my mouth from her clit and covered it over her pussy. I sucked and I flicked my tongue wildly as her juiced poured from her pussy.

“AHHhhhhhh FUCK,” Cathy yelled.

I just rubbed my face wildly against her pussy. Cathy suddenly started to pee. It was just a tickle to begin with then turned into a full torrent of golden juice from her pussy. I moved my face in her stream of piss letting it coat my face they opened my mouth to drink of her golden nectar. Her pee slowed to just a trickle then to a stop. I removed my face from between her legs as her golden piss dripped from it.

Cathy looked to me as she said, “You are such a naughty girl.” “I am going to have to punish you later for making me pee the bed,” she added smiling to me.

Cathy and I took a shower than we walked around the ship checking all the things to do on it. They gave us each a program that listed daily events as well as night events aboard the cruise ship. I was surprised when I saw they had different types of workshops listed where you could attend and learn different things about the swinging lifestyle and about sex.

One was getting to know the female body; another was on the male body. There was one of how to use sex toys as well. There was one during the morning called swinging 101, all you need to know about swinging. Cathy and I decided we would check that out first.

Therefore, the next day we went to where they were holding this workshop. They handed us paper name tags to write our names on then showed us to our seats. The person in charge was a lovely woman named Patty and she explained to us just what swinging was all about.

I had always thought it was just fucking another people. I did not know how it could blossom your love, your understanding and your trust as well as your want for your partner. The woman explained that some married couples believe that swinging could save their marriage.

However, Patty told us that it would not save your marriage for if it has come to that then it is already too late to save it. The woman told us how you could never really tell a swinger from a normal person as they mostly kept it between themselves.

The woman told us a little story about a couple who she knew. She told us this couple was your normal average couple. You would never have known they were swingers. She explained she had first met them at a swing club and that she had never seen a more in love down to earth couple.

Patty told everyone that this couple was special because of the bond they shared between themselves. She explained to us that this couple decided to share their bond with others. Therefore, they turned their charming house on the lake into a retreat for swingers on the weekend. They only allowed a small number to join them each weekend.

“Is she is talking about John and Carrie?” I leaned over asking Cathy as we sat there listening to her.

Cathy and I sat there listening to her telling of her time with this couple. She explained she had become friends with this couple and helped at their parties from time to time. Patty had a big smile on her face as she told of the fun times she had with them.

Patty explained to us that during her time with them she not only learned about swinging. But that she had gain, a little insight into what life is about as well as learning a little about herself.

“I wish I could tell you their story ended happily but I can not for the woman was killed in a tragic accident and the man that loved her, well him I never saw again,” Patty said as she lowered her head. “Someone once told me he just could not live without her,” Patty added as she wiped a tear from her eye.

I looked to Cathy as she looked to me. We wiped our tears as others around us did the same. Patty explained to us what we could find to do on our little cruise. She only reminded us that NO meant NO if we did not want to take part in something to just say No thanks. Kay and I sat there waiting for everyone to leave, as we wanted to talk to Patty.

“Just what can I do for the two of you, Kay and Cathy?” Patty asked after reading our name tags.

“That story you told of that couple did they run a resort called, “Carrie’s Place”?” Cathy asked her.

“Why yes how did you know, only a handful of people have ever heard of that lovely place?” Patty asked with the look of wonder on her face.

“That man you spoke of John, he is my husband,” Kay replied.

Patty looked around then asked, “Is he here with the two of you?”

“No, he sent us here while he stayed at home,” Kay replied.

Patty smiled at us both as she said, “I do not have to say anything about John for I can see the look in your eyes when you say his name.” She took our hands into hers as she added, “The three of us will have dinner together tonight as I always wondered what ever became of that loving xnxx and very caring man.”

I stopped typing as I said, “Neither of you ever told me about running into Patty on that cruise.” I paused for a second then added, “Then again there is a lot you girls do not tell me,” as I gave them both the eye telling them to go on with their story.

Cathy continued, in the afternoon on the ship, Kay and I went to a seminar about being submissive to a Master or Mistress. Kay has always been the submissive one while I was the dominant one. They even had a little store set up and we brought some goodies to take back to our room. We did not have time to play, as it was time for dinner so we dressed then went to dinner. We both were interested in just what Patty had to say about you.

Kay wore a black cat suit, which was crotch less with a long black tail, and a pair of black high heels. She even had cat ears sticking from her hair. Her big tits showed nicely when her nipples became hard in the cool air. Her hairy pussy was sticking from between her legs just begging to let you pet her kitty.

I was dressed in a black tight fitting leather one-piece mini skirt. I wore thigh high hose buried in a pair of black boots that came up to my thighs. I fitted a collar around Kay and I hooked a leash to it.

“You have better be good or else,” I warned Kay as I led her from our cabin.

We turned a few heads as we walked to the dining area of the ship. A lovely girl asked us our names as she escorted us to our table. We saw there were to be four of us at this table as we sat down. Well I sat down as I made Kay kneel at the side of my chair. I gave her a bit of leash so she could crawl around, as a cat would do at the feet of its owner.

Men and women would walk by telling me what a lovely kitty I had. Some would stop to pet her head. Kay would rub her head up against the legs of the women and a few told me they would love to lick my pussy. One nice looking man walked up to Kay and she buried her face into his crotch. She rubbed her face against his crotch making his cock balloon out from the tight little thin shorts he had worn. I left her have a little fun as she patted and pawed at his hard cock before her.

“Bad Kitty,” I yelled as I yanked at her leash with my hand pulling her back next to me.

The man came over and he said, “You two must be Cathy and Kay.” “My name is Doug and I am Patty’s love partner,” as he held out his hand to me.

I shook his hand as I replied, “I am Cathy and you already met Kay,” as I tugged on her leash again. “You may join us in human form,” I said to Kay.

Kay got up from the floor and joined us at the table as she replied, “Thank you Mistress Cathy.”

Kay leaned over and she whispered in my ear, “I have already had my first orgasm; I think I am going to like this.”

Before Doug could sit down Patty walked over and joined us. Doug took Patty into his arms and he kissed her deeply and with passion. Kay rather purred next to me as we watched them. Doug pulled a chair out, Patty sat down, and then Doug sat down as well.

Doug looked to Patty and he said, “You did not tell me these girls were this good looking,” as he smiled to Kay and me.

“Down lover boy these girls are out of your league for they belong to another far superior at love making than you ever will be,” Patty said to him then smiled to us. “Oh excuse me I should have not said belonged as knowing that man he gives you both free will whether you want it or not.”

“How long did you know John?” Kay asked her.

“I was with Carrie and him for almost three years,” Patty replied. “I would join his little family each summer and helped them to run “Carrie’s Place.”

“Was Carrie truly as lovely as her photos?” I asked her.

“I will answer all of your questions but may I ask one of my own first?” Patty asked taking both of our hands with hers.

Kay and I both replied, “Yes at the same time,” as we stared at her.

Patty looked to Kay as she asked, “Your husband John, did happiness ever return to his heart?”

“I think so,” Kay replied hanging her head.

Patty looked to me as she said, “Carrie was a beautiful loving caring woman just as the two of you must be to share a piece of his heart.”

Dinner came and as we ate, we talked about you, Carrie and “Carrie’s Place.” Patty explained that she had her husband walk away from her one night with another woman while at a swing club. She told us that you and Carrie found her crying in a corner. You both gave her comfort and took her home to your house on the lake.

She told us she spent the whole week with you both and that you two helped her back up on her feet. She explained that you had even gotten her a job working with a travel agency. Patty went on to tell us that was how she started to help repay your kindness by telling others swingers of your resort and lending a hand there on the weekends.

Patty told us how Carrie would introduce herself to everyone that first night by telling the story of how your love for each other came about. She told us how you would just stand behind the bar staring at Carrie by the fireplace. Patty explained that everyone cried during one part of your story or another.

She also explained how you would join her at the fireplace at the end of her story as she introduced everyone to Sgt. J. She added that everyone in the room could feel the love and the bond that you both shared. That love that projected from you both could not help but rub off onto your guests.

She spoke of how “Carrie’s Place” was a swingers resort but that Carrie and you were more like people therapists. She explained often when couples came there their marriage was in trouble and they thought swinging would improve it. However, you two showed them how to love each other again and while they would swap partners maybe while there. By the time, they left, they were more in love with each other than when they had arrived.

Kay hung her head down as she asked, “Did Carrie truly love John?”

“Carrie loved him more than anything in this world and she used her love for him to heal him after Vietnam,” Patty replied.

Patty told us that Carrie adored John and that she could love no other than him. She explained to us that when Brenda did not sleep with you two she did on weekends. Patty told us that once she woke up to find Carrie sitting up in bed just staring down at you. Patty asked her what was wrong.

Carrie turned to her and she said, “This brave man has not faced his worst struggle in life yet for one day he will have to face himself.”

“I never understood what she meant until she was killed,” Patty added hanging her own head. She raised her head as a tear ran down her cheek as she added, “That man was never the same and he ran from his problems for he could not face the world without Carrie at his side or maybe he wanted to join her.”

She told us shortly after he had left she moved to Florida and now runs the swingers cruises from there. After dinner, we all went to the lounge where we sat and talked more. Patty wanted to know if you had healed. Kay and I told her the story of how we all met. How Sherri her daughter had tugged at your heart and how you saved Kay.

“Carrie once told me that Sgt. J was and always would be a part of John,” Patty said to us.

Doug asked Kay to dance with him. However, she had to ask me first and I told her it was OK. As Doug led her out onto the dance floor Patty grabbed my hand.

“That girl seems troubled in her heart over John, is everything alright between them?” Patty asked me.

I explained how Kay’s trouble started and how she felt she could never love anyone ever again. Patty told me that she has better get over it or it will led to problems for John must have love to survive. I asked her how she sensed Kay’s troubles. Patty explained you and Carrie had taught her how to spot one with trouble in their heart especially in matters of love by reading ones eyes.

I stared into Patty’s eyes as I asked, “What do you see in my eyes?”

“I see the same understanding and compassion in your eyes that Carrie had in hers,” Patty said. Patty grabbed my hand and she added, “I also see mistrust and resentment but not for Kay or John but toward yourself.”

I grabbed my hand from hers as I asked, “How did you know that?”

“Never mind how I know just know that John can help you both and all you have to do is ask him,” Patty replied smiling.

We talked some more and I looked around the dance floor to see what ever happened to Kay and Doug. They were nowhere on the dance floor. They finally returned and I saw that Kay’s face was flush so I knew they had done something. Kay sat down as Patty excused herself telling us she had to entertain her guest but would see us again. She grabbed Doug and walked away from our table.

I turned to Kay and I asked, “Well was he any good?”

Kay smiled as she replied, “He tastes as good as he looks,” smiling at me.

I told Kay I had a headache and was going to go lie down in the cabin for a while. I was OK I just needed some coke in me that was all. I told her I would return in an hour or so and for her to stay out of trouble or John would have my ass.

I left her in the lounge and returned to our cabin. I broke out the baby powder and tooted up a few lines. As the high settled into my brain my thoughts went to what Patty had told me she had seen in my eyes. She was right I was getting to where I no longer knew whom or what I was becoming and it was getting to me.

I could no longer trust Sherri or myself for I resented the fact that John saw me as Carrie and not as myself. I was to blame for I was the one who went along with it and now wished I never had. I tooted up some more coke trying to wash away the guilt, the pain I was feeling. It only caused me to hurt more for the drug had washed away what was left of my soul.

Then in my mind I heard, “Don’t worry about John I will take very good care of him while you two are gone.”

That fucking little bitch I thought as I grabbed for my straw and tooted up more coke. I must have tooted a little too much for it was morning when I awoke still dressed from the night before. I looked to see Kay naked next to me lying on her stomach.

I cuddled up next to her and ran my hand down over her butt. I toyed with her butt cheeks then slipped my hand between her legs. My fingers ran into wetness as they slipped between her legs then up into her very wet pussy. I sat up and pulled my hand from between her legs.

White chunky wet cum dripped from my fingers as I pulled it back. I wiped my hand all over her ass before I slipped out of my clothes and into the shower. I was in mid shower when I heard Kay throwing up last nights drinking fun. I finished my shower and found Kay crying into her hands as she sat upon the toilet.

“What is wrong Kay?” I asked her stepping from the shower.

There was silence in the study as my typing stopped and I looked to Cathy. I saw her look to Kay and I saw that Kay had her head buried into her chest. Kay lifted her head and she looked to Cathy.

“I will continue from there Cathy,” “ You will not like what I am about to tell you John for it will make Cathy and I both look bad,“ Kay said to her then looked at me as she went on with the story.

“It’s John,” I replied in between crying from the toilet. “I love him but I do not deserve him because I am nothing but a fucking whore,” I added running from the bathroom and climbing back into the bed.

Cathy came running in and she sat down beside me asking me just what all of this was about. I told her after she left to go lie down a man and a woman came over and asked if they may join me. The man told me he and his wife had never seen a lovelier pussy than I was.

The three of us had some drinks and we danced. They were dressed as Master and slave with the wife being the submissive one. The man danced with me and he asked if he might use me as part of their fun.

I asked him just what did he have in mind. He explained he enjoyed making his wife do things to other men and women. I told him I too enjoyed being submissive. He asked me to follow his lead when we got back to our table. I told him I would.

As we sat down at the table the man looked to his wife as he said, “Get under this table and make her pussy purr.”

His wife never questioned him or anything as she slipped under our table. The long tablecloth hid her from everyone around us. I felt her hands parting my legs then her tongue gently licking at my exposed pussy lips. The woman knew just how to tease my pussy with her tongue. I was soon rocking and pumping my pussy into her face.

The man scooted his chair next to mine and he kissed me as he played with my tits. He pinched and pulled on my nipples making them stick out of the nylon cat suit I had worn. I was moaning softly when he did not have his tongue shoved down my throat. He started to manhandle my tits squeezing them with his hands.

“AHhhhh slap my tits,” I moaned out lost in pleasure as his wife ate my pussy.

The man slapped my tits around as his wife slipped two fingers deeply in my pussy. She curled them upward bringing them against my g-spot. She dug them wildly as her tongue flicked against my clit.

“AHHhhh I am going to cum,” I moaned out as my pussy twitched.

My juices shot from my pussy hitting his wife in her face. She just buried her face into my pussy rubbing it wildly into it as I orgasm repeatedly. I finally had to push her face from between my legs. His wife emerged from under the table with her face dripping with my juices. She took a napkin and wiped it from her face.

She looked to her husband as she said, “She is a wet tasty one with a very hairy pussy just how you like them.”

The three of us talked for a while mostly about being submissive. I had explained that I enjoy playing that way but my husband back at home would not play that way. I was drunk as well and I left it slip that I loved it when a man took charge and made me do things.

The man said, “Come back to our cabin and I will make you do everything,” as he smiled at me.

I went back to their cabin to find that they were not alone. Inside their cabin were mostly men I noticed as I looked around. I only saw two other women there. I also saw that the men there were using the two other women as their playthings.

The man walked me into the room and he said to the others, “I found this stray pussy and she wants to play.” He looked to me as he added, “On your knees bitch.”

I dropped to the floor on my knees as three men came over to me. One shoved his cock into my face as he said, “Lick my balls, kitty.”

I took his cock into my hand as I lifted it from his balls. I ran my tongue back and forth on his balls as I pumped at his cock. His cock started to grow in my hand as I licked at his hanging balls. The man’s hand went to my hair and he pulled me back from his balls.

“Suck it,” he said as he pushed his now hard cock into my mouth.

The man slipped his cock into my mouth and was soon fucking my face. Two other men came over and they took my hands wrapping them around their cocks. They had me jack their cocks as the other fucked my mouth with his cock. The cock in my mouth twitched as he shoved it all the way into my mouth as cum splashed down my throat. He pulled his still shooting cock from my mouth and pumped the rest from his cock splashing it all over my face.

“We have a true cocksucker here boys,” the man yelled out loudly.

The man walked away and one of the men that I was jacking off placed his cock into my mouth. I rubbed at his balls as I sucked on his cock. The man whose cock I was still jacking off moaned and blew cum into my hair and to the side of my face as I sucked at the other cock. Two more men joined us and placed their cocks into my hands. I lost count of how many cocks went into my mouth after about the sixth one. I soon had cum dripping from my face and all through my hair.

A man came over to me and he lifted me up and tossed me onto the bed as he said, “Let see if this little pussy likes dick in her as well as she does in her mouth.”

The man climbed between my legs shoving two fingers into my pussy. He moved them in and out as he said, “Damn this pussy is soaking wet.”

The man grabbed his cock with his hand. He placed it at my pussy then rammed it deeply up inside of me. My pussy was soaking wet and his cock was not that big so it did not hurt. However, it did feel good as he started to fuck me hard and deep. I started to buck my hips under him fucking him back.

“Fuck me, fuck me like the slut I am,” I screamed out as cheers filled the room.

The man fucked me for a few minutes then he tensed up shooting cum deeply into my pussy. As he pulled out, I noticed a line had formed behind him. I was about to be gang banged by about ten men. The next few men only lasted a few pumps before they were filling my pussy with cum which was leaking freely from my pussy and running down to my asshole.

I have always enjoyed having my pussy filled with cum and to feel it flowing freely down my thighs only turned me on more. It always makes me even hornier for more cock. That is just what it was doing for me however; most did not last long enough to get me off and I wanted someone to make me orgasm once more. After the fourth or fifth person coated the walls of my pussy, I rose up a little in the bed and looked to the men in the room.

“Fuck, give me some real fucking men,” I screamed out as I lie on my back pulling my legs up high into the air.

A big man climbed up on top of me as he said, “I got a real cock for you,” as he beat it against my wet pussy.”

I looked down to see that in his hand was a large fat fucking cock. It was about 7 or 8 inches long but also as fucking round as a beer bottle. The man grabbed my legs and placed them upon his shoulder. The man slammed his fat cock deep into my pussy stretching my walls as he buried it as deep as he could get it.

“AHHhhhhh,” I moaned loudly as it entered my pussy stretching my inner walls.

The man started to pound my pussy with his cock. His stokes were deep and hard as his cock filled my hairy hole. I was bucking wildly under him as he pounded the shit out of me with his fat cock bringing me too many orgasms as I just moaned under him. He fucked me for maybe fifteen minutes never stopping. He just kept pounding away at my pussy with his bakire porno cock.

I felt his cock swell then jerk as he dropped my legs from his shoulders. He pulled his fat cock from my pussy as he straddled my chest with that fat cock in his hand. He smacked it against my mouth telling me to suck it. I was not for sure his fat cock would even fit in my mouth as I stared at it doing nothing.

The man took his hand and he slapped my face hard as he said, “I said sucking it you fucking bitch.”

That slap to my face and his verbal abuse made my pussy twitch and my juices flow. I opened my mouth and he shoved his fat cock into it. The man held onto my head as he started to work his cock in and out of my mouth. In a few seconds, his cock blasted a huge amount of cum into my mouth. I choked and gagged as cum spewed down the back of my throat. However, the man just kept feeding me his fat cock until it had emptied its load into my mouth.

My pussy twitched then convulsed as a huge wet orgasm came over me. I felt my juices squirting from my pussy onto the bed. It was but a small orgasm however, I also thought how sick it was of me to have been enjoying all of this. The man removed his fat limp cock from my mouth and as he got off me, I started to get up from the bed.

A man pushed me roughly back down onto the bed as he said, “You aren’t going any where yet bitch.” “We ain’t through with you yet.”

I looked up from the bed to see a big black man at the foot of the bed. My eyes went to the cock he was stroking as he stood there. It was the biggest damn cock I had ever seen. It had to be 11 or twelve inches luckily it was not as fat as the last man’s cock.

The black man smiled at me as he said, “Someone said a white bitch needed some real dick so me and my boys came up to play.”

I looked behind him and saw two other black men with their hands pulling on their large black cocks. They all smiled at me as the first one climbed up onto the bed with me. The man took his hand and he brushed it against my hairy cum filled pussy.

He shoved two then three fingers up inside and twirled them around for a few second. He pulled his fingers out and they were slimy with white chunky cum dripping from them. He wiped cum from his fingers into my hairy pussy.

“Damn whore just how many loads you take up there already?” The black man asked.

I did not say anything as I just stared at his big hard black cock. I have had a few black men before but none even came close to the amount of cock in his hand. I was worried that he would rip my pussy apart with that huge cock. However, my pussy was twitching wanting to try it. The black man moved up on me between my legs. He rested his hard big black cock against my pussy as his big black hands went to my tits. He grouped at my tits through my nylon cat suit for a few seconds then used both of his hands to rip it open exposing my big 40 c tits.

The man straddled my midsection as he took his huge cock into his hand. He beat his large black cock against my tits then spit between my tits. He placed his cock between my tits and squeezed my tits around his cock with his hands. He started to slip his big cock in and out between my tits. His huge cock would poke out from between my tits bumping into my lips as he did. I stuck my tongue out licking at the head of his cock as he started to pinch at my nipples.

“Let’s see how your pretty little mouth feels on my cock,” he said as he straddled my chest and rubbed his big black cock into my face.

I opened my mouth and took just the head of his cock into my mouth. I started to suck and lick on just the head of his cock. I wrapped both my hands around it and started to pump on it as I did. It seemed to grow even larger as I sucked on it. His cock was huge and I was sure my pussy could not take such a long cock as his. I twisted my hands around his cock as I pumped at it while I sucked at just the head of his dick. My sucks were long and hard as I was hoping to get him to cum so he would not fuck me with that long cock.

“Damn girl you can suck some cock,” the black man said as he pulled his cock from my mouth. “However bitch I want to bust that pussy,” he added as he backed down off my chest.

The black man flipped me over then pulled me up onto my hands and knees. He told his two black friends to get some of my mouth while he packed my pussy. The other two black men got in front of me and shoved their cocks into my face.

Their cocks were only about 7 or 8 inches nowhere near as big as the one getting ready to fuck me. The black man took his cock and he rubbed it between my pussy lips then I felt the head entering up inside of me. The black man gave a big hard push and buried his long black cock fully and deeply up inside of me.

“Ahhhhhhhh Fuck that hurts,” I screamed out trying to pull away from his cock on my hands and knees.

The man grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto his cock as he said, “Someone shut the bitch up with some dick.”

A black cock slipped into my mouth as a set of hands went around my head. The black man behind me pulled his cock almost all the way out then slammed it deep and hard back up inside me. His cock bottomed out against the back wall of my pussy when he did. He started to fuck the living shit out of me with his big black cock.

God it hurt each time his cock slammed into the back of my pussy. However, the cock in my mouth muffled my screams. The black man was not gentle as he slam fucked me from behind. He pulled his cock all the way out then slammed it deep. My wet hairy pussy started to let out loud-wet pussy farts as he took me roughly from behind.

“Oh yea bitch make that pussy talk to me,” The black man said as he slammed his cock back up inside of me knocking the air from my pussy as the room filled with wet sounds.

“Fuck that bitch brother,” “Pound her with that black snake,” “Make her your slut,” I heard people cheering him on as he fucked me deeper and harder.

The two black men in front of me were taking turns fucking my mouth as the one with the huge cock fucked me from behind. After about 5 minutes of him fucking me, I started to enjoy his big cock as he slammed it into me. I wanted him to fuck me even harder and deeper so I started to pump my ass back toward him as he fucked me.

“OH yeah this bitch is a real fucking slut,” The black man said as he fucked me even harder.

“AHHhhhhh shit woman,” One of the black men who was fucking my mouth yelled out as he blew a nut into my mouth.

His cock slipped from my mouth his cum trailed to his cock from my mouth. I licked at it trying to get it back into my mouth. As I did, I moved forward and the big black cock slipped from my pussy just as a wet orgasm came over me.

I squirted my juices onto him and onto the bed. The black man took his cock and he slapped it roughly against my pussy from underneath making my pussy squirt again. He rubbed his big black cock at my pussy and up through my butt crack. I felt him poking at my asshole with his finger or his thumb.

“NO YOUR COCK IS TO BIG,” I screamed out turning back to him and pulling away from him.

The black man in front of me slapped me across my face with his hand. “Shut the FUCK UP BITCH you are ours to use,” he said as he shoved his cock into my mouth and he started to face fuck me.

The black man behind me shoved three or four fingers into my wet pussy. He coated his fingers with my juices and cum then wiped it on my asshole. He pressed the head of his cock against my asshole. I felt the head of that big black cock as it slipped into my asshole. I moaned on the cock in my mouth as the head of his cock worked its way up my ass. My ass hole felt stretched as he wormed his black snake up my asshole. It hurt every inch that he added into my burning asshole.

I tried to relax hoping it did not hurt as he slowly worked his cock more into my asshole. However, the black man had other ideas. His hands grabbed my hips, he buried his cock firmly, and deeply into my asshole as the other buried his cock into my mouth, I had a cock at both ends

I could not scream or cry out from the pain I felt with his long cock buried all the way into my asshole because of the cock in my mouth. The black man started to fuck my asshole deep and hard. It hurt and tears ran down my face as he fucked me deep and hard up my ass. The black man whose cock was in my mouth tensed up as he filled my mouth with his load. He pulled it from my mouth as my head fell down onto the bed.

I moaned deeply into the bed while the other black man held my ass up by my hips. He was feeding my ass all of his cock as it went in and out of my asshole. His balls were slapping hard against my clit as I started to realize he was going to make me orgasm.

“AHHHhhhh SHIT Bitch,” The black man fucking my asshole screamed.

He shoved his big long black cock deeply into my ass holding it there. It swelled then throbbed in my asshole as it blew his seed in my ass. I am ashamed to say but as he did, I had one of my best orgasms of my life. The black man left his cock slip from my asshole. Loud wet sounds filled the room as my asshole farted chunks of cum from it. I felt his cum flowing out as it ran down dripping over my wet hairy pussy.

“One not so tight white asshole open for business,” The black man yelled out as he slapped my ass before he got off the bed.

Some one took his place and slipped their cock up my wet slimy asshole. I just buried my head further into the bed. I even had a couple more orgasm as other men fucked my ass one after the other. I finally fell flat onto the bed after taking four or five more butt fucks.

I lie there with cum flowing from my gaped open asshole. My asshole started to wink as it tried to shrink back down in size. Each time it did it pumped more cum from the depths of my bowels. It ran from my asshole and dripped across my pussy before coming to rest on my thighs.

I did not move as I just lie there. I was thinking just how much I had enjoyed all of this when a vision of John standing over me shaking his head filled my thoughts. I felt disgust and sick as I thought about how much I had really enjoyed that.

I quickly glanced around the room to see men having their way with other women in the room. No they were not having their way with them they were abusing them in one way or another. I glanced toward the door that I had entered and I saw that the door was partially open. No one was looking at me so I made a run for the door and did not stop until I made it back here to our cabin.

Cathy took me into her arms as she said, “I should not have left you alone.”

She added, “Don’t cry your safe now,” as I started to cry.

I explained to her I was crying not because of what happened but because I had enjoyed it. I told her something was wrong with me because I loved men to treat me like that. I wanted men to use me and to abuse me as they just had. I also told her I was afraid I never would be able to love her or John because of my sickness.

Cathy told me that was not true, I had just had too much to drink, and those people had taken advantage of me. She gave me comfort and held me. I told her it did not matter for when John finds out he will leave me.

“I don’t deserve to be with him,” Kay sobbed out in my arms.

“That is not going to happen because we are not going to tell John,” Cathy said looking into my face. “He does not need to know and we will tell him that just you and I played together,” Cathy added.

I stopped my typing as I glared at the girls for a second before I said, “So your lies started way back then,” shaking my head in disgust as I sat there.

“It was just a little lie JOHN, one to protect you and ourselves,” Cathy replied. “Had we told you the truth you would have left Kay,” she added.

“You forget she left a little later on her own free will,” I replied looking from them both. I then added, “As to have done it to protect me, I need no protect from anyone but myself.” “Go with your story,” I then said.

“I will continue the story John,” Cathy replied.

I held and talked to Kay most of the next day. We did not leave our cabin at all. We talked about us and about you John. Kay wanted to be submissive toward you however; there was no way in hell you were going to do that. I told her that she could play those types of game with me if she wanted too that way she would get them out of her system when she was with you.

“You will be my slave for the rest of this cruise,” I said to Kay. “You will do as I tell you to do or else I will tell John of your gang bang and how you enjoyed it,” I added as I walked into the bathroom.

I closed the door and got out the baby powder bottle. I snorted up a few lines of coke before I sat down onto the toilet seat. The coke clouded my thoughts and I began to think how I could use this to make John love me, as I wanted him too.

Cathy hung her head in the study as she said, “I was going to see that Kay loved being so submissive that she would leave you John.” “I also was going to use her daughter against you as well.”

I stopped my typing as I started to say something, however Kay beat me to it as she yelled, “You fucking bitch,” “You used me to get rid of me so you could have John all to yourself.”

“I was not thinking straight Kay,” Cathy replied taking her hand into hers.

Kay pulled her hand from Cathy as she said, “Yeah right, you didn’t care about me all you wanted was John.” Kay’s eyes filled with rage as she added, “You caused me to walk away from him back then,” “I fucking hate you.”

“SETTLE DOWN girls,” I yelled looking to them. “You both were someone else back then as you are today,” I added glaring at them both.

“As to hate, people hate you for one of three reasons. They hate themselves, they want to be you, or they see you as a threat,” I said before telling Cathy to continue her story.

The next day I went and I found Patty and I informed her about what had happened to Kay. When I told her the name of the couple Patty told me they did not belong to her group and that also no black men or black couples were part of her group. I found out later from her that it seemed as if some of the crew on the ship were having their own fun and Kay had fallen prey to them. Patty assured me they would be dealt with and to enjoy the rest of the cruise. The tone she told me in sort of reminded me of you, John.

The following day Kay and I began our little fun of her being my submissive slave with me as her Mistress. We went back to that bondage shop and purchased some other outfits as well as some toys. We dressed with me in another leather outfit this one a jumpsuit with zippers at my tits and one that ran from the small of my back between my legs up to my waist. Kay dressed as a schoolgirl.

She wore no panties under her plaid skirt with thigh high nylons. At dinner, we met up with some other people into bondage games over dinner that night. One couple Barb and Steve were a married couple who loved to play Mistress and slave.

Mistress Barb was a sexy BBW (big beautiful woman). She was close to six foot tall with big fucking tits; they looked like watermelons on her chest. Mistress Barb was dressed in a black leather skirt, which pushed her big tits up, and out of her skirt with knee high boots on her nylon covered legs.

Steve her husband was a small skinny man. He was only about 5’2” and he was dressed in a little schoolboy’s uniform. This consisted of a white shirt with a tie and boy’s school jacket as well as the shorts and shoes to go with it. Steve looked the part as well as he played it as he was or acted like a wimp. His manners toward Mistress Barb and I were timid, unassertive, or ineffectual.

After dinner Mistress Barb, invite us to join them in the lounge for a few drinks. Upon entering the lounge and once at our table Mistress Barb told Steve to sit on the floor at her feet and to be good or else. I sat across from her as I told Kay to do the same.

Mistress Barb and I were talking about role-playing and being in charge of your slave. I explained to her I was rather new at it and she told me she would give me some tips and tricks. We sat there talking and having drinks, which we also allowed Kay and Steve to have as well. She explained that a submissive person would always get himself or herself into trouble, as they wanted to receive punishment from their Master. Mistress Barb told me we could join them in their cabin and she could show me the ropes so to speak.

“AHhhhhh,” Kay moaned from under the table.

Mistress Barb looked at me and then we both looked under the table. Kay was sitting up with Steve’s face buried in her hairy pussy. Mistress Barb reached under the table and grabbed Steve by his jacket. She pulled him from under the table and laid him across her lap. I had Kay get out from under the table and stand next to me.

We both watched as Mistress Barb pulled his shorts down exposing his little white ass. She used her hand to spank his ass turning it bright red. She told him he had been a bad boy. Once his spanking was over Steve slipped from her lap and stood up beside her.

The front of his boy short was sticking straight out from him. Steve might have been dressed like a small boy; acted liked a small boy but he had a man size dick on him. I saw Kay smiling as she looked at his hard cock pressing his shorts away from his body.

“You have better wipe that smile from your face before I do,” I said to Kay.

Kay just stood there staring at his hard cock. I reached up and pulled her across my lap. I raised her skirt to expose her butt to everyone around us. I gave her ass ten hard smacks with my hands. On the tenth, smack I felt her pussy juices squirting into my lap. I pulled her from my lap as her juices ran down her legs.

Kay hugged me as she said, “Thank you Mistress for that,” before she went back to standing beside me.

Mistress Barb looked at me as she said, “At least she is thankful and a good girl unlike some,” as she looked to Steve.

Steve smiled as he replied, “I will be a good little boy if I can have some of that,” as he pointed to Kay.

“Only if you are very good,” Mistress Barb said smiling at me.

We all left the lounge and followed them to their cabin. They had two queen size beds in their cabin. I noticed a vast assortment of toys and gadgets lying on one bed as we entered. Once inside and their door closed, Mistress bedava porno Barb told Steve to go undress and to make sure he folded his clothes neatly in the bathroom. Steve went into the bathroom as Mistress Barb put some music on in their cabin. He returned naked and stood beside the bed his rather large cock hanging limply down in front of him.

Mistress Barb had Steve undress her and I had Kay do the same to me. Kay could barely keep her eyes off those huge breasts of Mistress Barb. We sat upon the edge of the bed as Steve stood beside her and Kay beside me. Kay was the only one still dressed. I told Kay to show us her talent for stripping out of her clothes.

Kay started to sway with the music as she slowly unbuttoned her top. Kay was very seductive to us all as she slowly stripped away her clothing. She teased us by licking and pinching on her tits. Kay bent over in front of us and pulled her ass cheeks apart showing us her dripping wet pussy as she bent over in front of us. Kay placed her lovely leg between us as she started to roll her thing high nylons slowly down.

“Could you have her leave them on?” Mistress Barb asked,

“Leave them,” I replied looking to Kay.

“Your slave is very lovely,” Mistress Barb said to me as her hand went between her legs.

Kay placed her lovely leg between us as she teased us by parting her legs and showing her hairy pussy to us both. Mistress Barb asked me if she may feel how wet my slave was. I told her she could. Mistress Barb placed her hand onto Kay’s thigh and ran it down to her hairy pussy. She rubbed at it then shoved a finger deeply up into Kay’s pussy. Mistress Barb ran her finger in and out of Kay’s pussy bringing forth-wet juicy sounds as Kay’s juices started to flow.

“Ahhhhh Mistress that feels good,” Kay said seductively.

“Let me see if you taste as good,” Mistress Barb replied taking her fingers into her mouth.

Mistress Barb licked Kay’s juices from her finger then she asked me if she could borrow my slave. She told me I could use her while she used mine. I told her she could and then turned to Kay.

“Mistress Barb is in charge of you now and you better do as she tells you,” I said to Kay.

Kay shook her head yes, as she went in front of Mistress Barb. Mistress Barb scooted up in the bed and spread her legs wide apart. Her pussy was bald and huge. She had big hanging meat curtains on each side of her open hole.

“Eat me my slave,” Mistress Barb said to Kay as she pointed to her big pussy.

Kay climbed up onto the bed on her hands and knees. She positioned herself between Mistress Barb’s massive thighs. Kay placed her hands onto her thighs and lowered her head to her pussy. I turned toward them watching as Kay gently tongued at her huge pussy lips, licking slowly up and down each of them. She sucked them into her mouth pulling them away from her pussy. I felt some one tapping me on my shoulder and turned to find it was Steve.

“How may I serve you Mistress?” Steve asked.

I turned to Steve, as I replied, “First off slave do not touch me unless I tell you that you can.”

“Sorry Mistress,” Steve replied half-heartedly.

I saw a ping-pong paddle lying on the bed. I reached for it and took it into my hand. I gave my hand a few swats with it as I looked at Steve. I noticed his cock start to grow as I did.

“To late slave you broke a rule already,” I said. “Now over my knees with you,” I added.

Steve lay over my lap with his cock pressed up against my pussy. I raised the paddle and brought it down hard across his ass cheeks. I spanked his ass and with each swat of the paddle, I felt his cock growing against my pussy.

As I was spanking Steve I heard Mistress Barb as she said, “Don’t worry about those two or you will get a little of that as well,” she said to Kay.

I turned to see Kay looking at me as I was spanking Steve. Mistress Barb grabbed Kay by her hair and pulled her face back down between her thighs. Her hands went to the back of Kay’s head as she started to buck her hips toward Kay’s face.

Steve’s ass was all red from my paddling and I tossed the paddle onto the bed. I rubbed my hands across his red ass while he squirmed in my lap. I ran my finger up the crack of his ass then rubbed it at his asshole.

I shoved my finger deeply into his asshole as I said, “If I had my strap on with me I would fuck your manhole like you never got it fucked before,” as I ran my finger in and out of his asshole.

“There is one in the top dresser draw you may use,” Mistress Barb said to me between the moans coming from her.

I had Steve stand up and saw his cock was hard and throbbing. He did have a nice cock I would have to say about eight inches with big hanging balls. I got up from the bed and walked to the dresser where I pulled a huge strap on dildo from the drawer. I stepped into the harness and adjusted it to my size. I turned toward Steve with my hand wrapped around the ten inches of rubber dick that stuck out from the harness.

“Get over there behind that slave and lick her asshole,” I said to Steve.

“Yes Mistress I am here to obey,” Steve replied as he got behind Kay.

Steve placed his hands onto the bed with his ass sticking out behind him. He ran his tongue up between Kay’s butt cheeks. As he did, she left out a deep moan into Mistress Barb’s pussy. Steve started to lick wildly at her asshole with his tongue.

“Your slave she is a good pussy eater,” Mistress Barb cooed out as she smiled at me.

“Let’s see if your slave is a good bitch as well,” I replied as I got behind Steve and slapped the dildo on his butt.

I pulled Steve’s butt cheeks apart and I spit at his asshole. My spit dribbled down his puckered hole as I place the head of the dildo at his asshole. His asshole opened as the tip touched it. I thought this boy has been butt fucked before.

I must tell everyone that I am not one to bring hurt or pain onto anyone. That is unless you are a male that I am about to fuck in their ass. It comes from when I was married to my first husband. The first time he butt fucked me he promised to be gentle. However, the son of a bitch plowed his cock right up into my asshole. He fucked me deep and hard up my asshole as I screamed in the bed. I got my revenge a few nights later when I took his cherry asshole with my own strap on.

I have only been with a few men before John and each of them promised to be gentle when they fucked my ass. However not one of them ever were until I allowed John to do my asshole. I have always taken it upon myself to give pay back to all the men who have not been gentle with their wives or girlfriends when it came to anal sex.

I gave my strap on a little push then rammed all ten inches of that rubber cock into Steve’s asshole. A little muffled yelp came from him as he buried his face into Kay’s ass. I held it deep in his ass for just a second then started to fuck the living hell out of him with the strap on I wore.

I fucked his ass for a few minutes before I reached under him and took his rock hard cock into my hand. I matched my strokes into his ass with my hand around his cock. I noticed Kay start to sway her butt at Steve’s face as he licked at her asshole. Mistress Barb was moaning as she pumped her hips at Kay’s face between her legs. I pulled the strap on from Steve’s ass and climbed onto the bed beside Mistress Barb.

I moved up to her face as I kissed her deeply while I massaged her big tits with one of my hands. Our tongues danced in each other mouths as we kissed. Mistress Barb broke our kiss.

“You may have my slave fuck you if you like,” She said to me.

“I only allow one man to enter my pussy and he is not here,” I replied. “However if Kay has served you well you may give him to her,” I added.

Mistress Barb pulled Kay’s head from between her legs as she said, “Beg for his cock and I might let you have it.”

“Please Mistress Barb may I have some cock in my pussy?” Kay asked her with heavy breathing. “Please Mistress Barb my pussy is twitching for his cock,” Kay added in a begging tone of voice.

“You may fuck her slave,” Mistress Barb said to Steve.

As Steve climbed up onto the bed and got behind Kay doggie style I said, “You can fuck her but not in her pussy.” “Take her ass the same way I did yours,” I added.

“CATHY,” Kay yelled out from between Mistress Barb’s legs.

Mistress Barb pushed her face back down into her pussy as she said, “Eat slave yours is not to question.”

Steve rubbed his cock at her asshole then pulled back as he parted her butt cheeks. Steve spit onto her asshole then placed his cock at her hole. Steve rammed all of his cock deeply into her asshole. A muffled cry came from Kay as he did.

Steve started to fuck the living hell out of Kay’s asshole as Mistress Barb and I went back to kissing. We kissed and sucked at each others tits as Steve pounded away at Kay’s asshole. Mistress barb broke our kiss.

“Your slave is enjoying it now as she is really lapping at my pussy,” Mistress Barb said just before she had a orgasm into Kay‘s mouth..

Steve butt fucked Kay until he blew a nut all over her butt. Mistress Barb yelled at him to go stand in the corner as she had not told him that he may cum. Steve did as she said and I took this as our cue to leave the two of them for the night.

I walked Kay back to our cabin and she told me she had enjoyed our fun. However, it was not as she had felt the other night when those men truly were abusing her. Kay told me something had to be wrong with her, that she was sick in the head or something.

“I will never be able to love John, I should just leave and let you have him,” Kay said as she started to cry.

I gave her comfort telling her it was OK as I held her in our cabin. I put her to sleep and went into the bathroom to shove coke up my nose. Some times when I would do coke I did too much. When I do too much I think too much. While I was high, I realized I was just as sick as she was if not sicker. I wanted John so much I would betray my best friend, my lover, my partner at one time. I was even willing to become someone else to have John. I looked into the mirror and I saw the image of Carrie fading away and my own face returning. I buried my face into my hands as I began to cry.

I cried because my world around me was falling apart. I was not for sure who I was anymore. One second I was Cathy, the next I was Carrie. I looked back into the mirror and for the first time in a long while, I saw just who I was. A strung out Coke head who once was a loving caring person but had now become not only addicted to Coke but to another woman’s man.

I cried again for I do not even like men. They are all fucking pigs for they do not know how to treat a woman or even how to give them a good orgasm. All men will hurt you sooner or later just give them the chance. I looked into the mirror again and I saw John. He was standing there with his back to me.

John turned and he stood there dressed in his dress greens with his medals proudly displayed upon his chest. It looked as if he was waiting for something or someone. A smile came over his face as a woman in a loving long flowing bridal gown joined at his side. John took her hand into his and with his other hand; he lifted her bridal veil.

They kissed and then John turned back toward me. A peaceful, warm feeling filled me as I looked into that mirror. I thought how handsome John looked in his uniform and just how lovely I looked in that bridal gown. That was until the bride turned toward me and I saw it was Sherri and not I.

“NOOOOOO,” I screamed as I jumped up and beat on the mirror in the bathroom in our cabin.

The next morning Kay found me on the bathroom floor. She asked me what happened and I told her I must have just had too much to drink. She asked how the mirror got broken and I told her I did not remember. We cleaned the bathroom up and then ourselves and went for breakfast. During breakfast, I talked to Kay about her daughter Sherri. That she should talk to her about her early childhood and the mistakes Kay had made. I explained how you felt you had come between the bonding of a mother and her daughter.

“My daughter hates me and she has every right,” Kay replied. Kay looked into my eyes as she added, “I see the look in her eyes and the glow on her face when she is with John, the same glow and look I see in your eyes as well.”

“Kay, Sherri is …” I started to say.

However Kay stopped me with a finger to my lips as she said, “Sherri, is what in love with John?” “I know that and I am willing to share him with her just as I am with you.”

“SHERRI is only seventeen Kay,” I replied loudly.

“How old were we when we told each other we loved each other?” Kay asked smiling.

“Kay I am not talking about us it is John and Sherri,” I replied.

Kay took my hand and she explained. I have not been a good mother to Sherri and I owe her for that. How could I take that glow and her happiness away from her now? All I have to do is talk John into being with her.

“That is not going to happen as Sherri is Melissa to John and he will never do something like that for to him it would be abuse,” I said to Kay.

“I know,” Kay replied smiling.

I hope that John can straighten her out as I think we both have been damaged from our past she explained. I took her other hand as I told her all of us are damaged in some way or the other. I talked to Kay about at least trying to get along with Sherri a little better in front of John. I explained it would place a smile on his face if she did.

Kay assured me she would however I also seen a distant lost look in her eyes. I rather knew she was at odds with herself over her submissive cravings returning. I felt bad about indulging in it as well and decided to stop all that type of fun for the rest of the cruise.

“Lets just see what the swinging lifestyle is really about,” I said to Kay.

Kay and I rather just mingled through out and around the ship. We watched mostly couples and they seemed to enjoy their fun. Kay told me she would like to try this with John. However I was not really interested in doing anything with John unless he wanted me too then it would only be if I had his permission.

However after a few more nightly rounds with my coke I had come to another conclusion. I was not going to hang around so much with John or with Kay. I lost them both to the coke I was stuffing up my nose. My nose candy was more important to me than either John or Kay.

“I knew if you ever found out about my coke use John, you would send me away anyways,” Cathy said to me.

I stopped typing as I looked to her then to Kay as I replied, “I would never turn my back on either of you when or if you were in need.” I reached up and turned my desk light off as I added, “But then again that was back when neither of you had broken my trust,” as I turned my back to them both and walked from my study.”

Kay turned to Cathy and she said, “He is upset because we lied to him that is what this is all about.”

Cathy shook her head no as she hung her head and replied, “The beginning of love is the will to let those we love be perfectly themselves, the resolution not to twist them to fit our own image. If in loving them we do not love what they are, but only their potential likeness to ourselves, then we do not love them: we only love the reflection of ourselves we find in them.”

I closed the door knowing that was a quote from “No Man is an Island” as the girls started to blame each other for their troubles. I shook my head from side to side as I walked down the hallway as a woman’s voice filled my head. It was not just any woman’s voice but that of Angel Carrie as she whispered in my head.

“Only the man who has had to face despair is really convinced that he needs mercy. Those who do not want mercy never seek it. It is better to find God on the threshold of despair than to risk our lives in a complacency that has never felt the need of forgiveness. A life that is without problems may literally be more hopeless than one that always verges on despair.”

I walked out into the living room and to the fireplace. I looked to the sign which still hung over it. “Hush, Hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.”

I stood there staring at it and my ring from Carrie which hung on the branch style frame. I built a fire which is something I normally do even in the heat of summer when my mind is troubled. Music does not sooth the savage beast only flames bring peace to the other within me.

I stared into the flames as I wondered just what Carrie meant by those words she spoke to me. I have never sought mercy for anything I have ever done, not my time in Vietnam or anytime in my life. Did she mean that because I have faced so much despair in my life that I should seek mercy from god above?

I stirred the flames higher and hotter with my poker as these words I spoke.

“That man called god is one who I will never seek mercy from. It will be him who will ask for mercy when I do invade his kingdom. My mission that day will be to make him pay for taking Carrie and Melissa away from me.”

“Judgment day will be upon god the day Sgt. J walks through those gates. Hell will come to the heavens and I will stalk the clouds until justice is served to the one I hold responsible for my misery brought upon me here on this earth.”

“DADDY, STOP IT,” Sherri yelled. “You should not talk against god like that,” She added staring at me.

I turned to her and with glaring flames in my eyes I replied, ““Now the valley cried with anger, “Mount your horses draw your sword.” And they killed the mountain people, so they won their just reward. Now they stood beside the treasure, on the mountain dark and red. Turned the stone and looked beneath it. “Peace on earth” was all it said.

“Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend, tell lies to the ones you love. Do it in the name of heaven, you can justify it in the end. There won’t be any trumpets blowing come judgment day. On the bloody morning after Sgt. J rides away.”

Sherri ran crying from the living room. Was she running from the one she calls daddy or was she running from the monster within? What is going on with my family? What is happening to me?
Sgt. J

This should have been turned into two chapters due to the length. However I wrote it as one to keep the flow going. Another chapter will be added soon and please let me know your comments. My long absent from writing will be explained in future chapters as I continue “The Judgment of Sgt. J.”

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