The Law of Jungle

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The story goes back to the early year of 2000 A.D. when the usage of mobile and computer was just stepping in India for official purposes and not frequent by the public.


People would glance towards the two buildings always because of their identical structures and appearances like twins. Both the buildings were situated in the farthest corner of the Park Street area of Kolkata, in a sub-lane of the interior area where there was not much public access nor much traffic.

Both the two-story buildings were built in 7,500 square feet of an area each having 4 nos of bedrooms on the ground floor as well as an upper floor with a big hall on the ground floor for family gatherings. The entrance to the main buildings was well protected by 8 feet strong covered iron gates with identical design blocking the views of the public inside. Once a person would enter the main entrance, he would find his path in the middle strewn with green grass on both sides with gardens surrounded by multi colored various flowers and fountains till reaching the entrance to the house. These two buildings belonged to Mukherjee’s and Chatterjee’s. Both were close-knit families. The two buildings were only separated by a common boundary wall with a gap in the middle so that both the families could access each other without any difficulties. Both the houses had swimming pools. Thank God, there were no tallest buildings near to these two houses, although there were some but 200 meters away from these two houses from where nobody could peep through a binocular to the swimming pools which were well protected through the dense foliage of pine trees which surrounded the pools. Both the houses were situated in a healthy background except the backside. The backside of their houses was well protected by boundary wall and the adjunct place in their backside was a vacant land, a Government property full of grass, shrubs, and bushes where wild plants up to 4/5 feet height were growing. The nearby dirty water was flowing there and getting stagnated. To prevent flies and mosquitoes, both the households would engage manual labour to clear the dirt once a month.

The patriarch of the Mukherjee clan was Arnab Mukherjee,60 years old, an Industrialist, a tall figured person with partial grey hairs with a masculine physique. His wife was Kaberi Mukherjee aged 56 years, still looked beautiful like an old cine actress and anyone could assume her to be in her forties with no shrinkage in her skin. They had two off springs. Their son Debashish was 38 years old, a handsome guy with a boyish look of medium height, unlike his father. His wife Ashmita was a 36 years woman with a splendid Bengali beauty with glowing skin always radiating, and with a cylindrical face with a sharp nose and no one would believe that she was the mother of a big girl. Deboshree was 34 years old, sibling of Debashish and daughter of Arnab Mukherjee. She was slim and beautiful as a model but unfortunately, she was a spinster and at present, she was a scientist and researcher at the National Institute of Rice Research. The last of the Mukherjee clan was the bubbly daughter of Debashish, the granddaughter of Arnab Mukherjee, Arpita, an 18 years bright young girl, just admitted into the first year of her graduation in St. Stephen college, the most reputed college of Kolkata. Apart from this, there was another family member in the Mukherjee family, was Bipin Das, a youth of 22 years. Arnab brought this youth from his native village from a poor family when Bipin was only 10 years old. Bipin grew up in the family like a family member, Arnab made him a trained driver, and he was now the domestic help as well as the driver of the family.

Sometimes, God would create wonders either intentionally or it would be co-incidentally. Not only the buildings of the two families were identical in structure, but the family structure of the two families resembled a hundred percent with each other in a striking manner.

The patriarch of the Chatterjee clan was Bhashkar Chatterjee,60 years old and he was also an Industrialist, a bosom friend of Arnab. Unlike his friend, Bhashkar was of medium height and muscular but his head was totally ice white. His wife Archana was also 56 years old like Kaberi, wife of Arnab, a surpassing beauty in her faded age. Both Archana and Kaberi were very much attached as if they were two sisters. Like Mukherjee, they had also one son and a daughter. Their son Dipankar was 38 years old and his wife Madhu was 36 years. Madhu was such a beautiful woman and maintained her physique in such a way that she looked like a college-going girl despite having a big daughter. It was needless to mention that Dipankar was a close friend of Debashish, Anadolu Yakası Escort son of Arnab Mukherjee, just like a brother. His wife, Madhu was as close as a sister with Ashmita, wife of Debashish. Similar to his friend, Bhaskar Chatterjee had also one daughter, Debika, a 34 years old woman who was a professor and Researcher in Anthropology at Kolkata University. Like her dear friend, Deboshree, Debika was also a spinster. Now the last one of the Chatterjee clan was Bipasha,18 years, the beautiful young and high-spirited girl, full of life. She was the only daughter of Dipankar and Madhu and granddaughter of Bhaskar Chatterjee, and she was studying in the same class of her 1st-year graduation with her best friend Arpita, the granddaughter of Arnab Mukherjee. There was another person in the family of Chatterjee family, and he was Mihir Ghosh, a youth of 20 years. Bhaskar found Mihir, an 8 years orphan boy then wandering near Railway station and begging for food. Archana, his wife pitied the wandering orphan, and they brought him to their household, and now he was the cook of the family. He had another special quality as Bhaskar sent him to an Ayurvedic center to becoming as a masseur. After training few months there, Mihir became a good masseur who could fix strained muscles through his massage with oil within some minutes.

As mentioned earlier, the two clans were closely attached deeply like

one family. The granddaughters, Arpita and Bipasha would address Arnab and Bhashkar as Grand Paa and would address Kaberi and Archana as Grand Maa. Both the girls would address the Aunties of the families as Deboshree Aunty and Devika Aunty. They would address each other’s parents as Uncle and Aunty. Similarly, the two sons and two daughters of the families would address the patriarchs as Arnab Uncle and Bhaskar Uncle and Aunty to their wives. But there was a difference in the case of two daughters-in-law of the families. Both the daughters-in-law, Ashmita and Madhu would address the Patriarchs as Papa and would address Kaberi and Archana as Mom.

Both the families would host family gatherings once a month preferably on Sunday alternatively in their residence. It would be always fun, sharing love and affection between two families. The family gathering would start with breakfast, it would continue with lunch till evening.

Both the girls would leave for college and return from college together by their family cars as per the availability otherwise both the girls would go by Metro trains which were convenient for them. On the previous day, Bipasha’s papa had gone outside early with the car, and similarly, Arpita’s grandfather had also gone somewhere on urgent work with the car, ultimately the two girls had to go to college by metro train. Most often, it would happen and the family would always insist to hire a taxi but the girls would prefer to go by metro like an ordinary public.

It was Sunday morning. Madhu entered into the bedroom of Bipasha. She glanced towards her daughter Bipasha; the kid was still sleeping gracefully. It was already 8.00 AM and the sun was rising above the sky gradually. Madhu smiled and pulled the screen of the window aside, and as a result, the daylight fell directly on her face.

“Why are you doing it to me mom? I want to sleep for one more hour,” she said without opening her eyes.

“Are you forgetting that today we have a family gathering at your friend Arpita? We have to take breakfast as well as lunch there. Already, we are getting late. Hurry up! My little kid” cautioned Madhu.

Slowly, Bipasha opened her eyelids and accustomed herself to the daylight. She rubbed her eyes and blinked. She woke up and sat on the bed, and yawned. When she saw her mother leaving, she hurried to the bathroom.

In the household of Mukherjee, Arpita was getting ready with her jeans and t-shirt, then she

heard her mother’s loud voice from the ground floor.

“Arpita, why don’t you come downstairs quickly? It is the time for arriving of our guest,” Ashmita was calling her daughter in a loud voice.

Immediately, she hurried downstairs and moved towards the hall. Arpita found her Grandfather, Grandmother, papa, and mom attired elaborately. She joined with them. Today, they were the host. She could find 15 to 20 nos of cushion chairs were spreading in the hall. She could find a big buffet table in corner of the hall. Steams were coming out from the steel containers of utensils with delicious flavor where various items of breakfast were kept with cutlery neatly displayed on the buffet table. Bipin was standing beside Mihir to serve the breakfast to all. Mihir from the Chatterjee household had gone there to help Pendik Escort Bipin, it was a joint effort and proved that how closely the helping hands of two households were.

It was 8.30 AM, all the members of the Chatterjee clan, Bhaskar Chatterjee and his wife Archana, their son Dipankar and daughter-in-law Madhu, their daughter Debika and granddaughter Bipasha walked towards the gap in the middle of the boundary so that they could enter the household of Mukherjee.

On reaching another side, the Chatterjee clan found the Mukherjee clan waiting eagerly for them in the hall. All the members of the Mukherjee clan were standing in a line. As they walked towards the back of the house, towards the hall, they were greeted by the Mukherjee family. It was traditional and polite that each member of the family would greet every person individually.

Bipasha could see her grandfather Bhaskar Chatterjee hugged Arnab Mukherjee, grandfather of Arpita, she saw her parents and Debika Aunty touched the feet of Arnab grandfather and Kaberi grand maa. Her parents, Arpita’s parents, Debika Aunty and Deboshree Aunty, all hugged and greeted one another.

Bipasha glanced towards Arnab Mukherjee, patriarch of the Mukherjee clan. She admired Arnab grand paa who even at the age of sixty was strong and stout like her own grand paa Bhaskar Chatterjee. Grandpa Arnab was tall with a dominating personality wearing white pajamas and kurta.

Then she noticed Grand maa Kaberi standing beside Grand paa Arnab. Although Grand maa Kaberi was 56 years old, she looked younger as if in her forties and appeared to be the twin sister of her own grand maa, Archana. She was a tall, slightly dark woman with oily smooth, clear, unblemished, and radiant glowing skin. She had a beautiful oval face, high cheekbones, natural arch-shaped curvaceous well-defined eyebrows, large expressive eyes with thick black long natural eyelashes with full wide juicy wide thick pouting lips, long smooth neck and sexy round shoulders, thin long smooth arms, artistic long fingers. She had a pleasant smiling face, perfectly shaped ears, and Her lissomly curvaceous body firm yet full at the bosom, and wide hips and long legs were erotic. She also had another very unique feature, her belly button was very prominent by the way the flesh in her stomach curves and carved lusciously in a vortex to make way for the jewel, deep hole, and wide rim. Grand maa Kaberi’s breasts were large, globular, firm, conical, and outstanding. Her arms were long, large yet highly toned, her hips and butt were enormous and yet tight and well-controlled. Her thighs and calves were breath-taking from another planet altogether! She had a perfect large pear body with measurements of 38-26-38. Incredible hip size, that was! Also, her bra size must be 38D she thought. She was like a faded Beauty Queen. She was wearing rich pure silk gold Zari border silk saris low hip and backless blouse. She was adorned with elaborate heavy gold and diamond jewelry from head to toe, showing off her beautiful curvaceous hourglass sexy sizzling sensuous body. Bipasha thought she must be undoubtedly beautiful and sexy sensuous in her prime days. She was a woman exuding feminine grace, the epitome of sensuality, the height of prime sexuality, and the crescent linger of explicit womanhood. She was wearing diamond-studded gold armlets and hands full of gold and matching-colored bangles, gold and diamond ring on her slender long beautiful fingers.

Then she saw Arpita’s parents standing by the side. Debashish uncle was looking very handsome with his flamboyant appearance. He looked like a film star with his grey pant and ivory-colored shirt.

She looked at Ashmita Aunty. Bipasha wondered why her Ashmita Aunty had not been changed even a little whom she had been observing from her infant stage till now. She was of the same age as her mom,36 years, but looked like a college girl, like any other friend of hers in college. Aunty had an angelic, elegant, and alluring personality with a shapely figure. She appeared to be very much appealing, beauteous, bewitching, captivating, and charming. Bipasha appreciated her gorgeous and amazing figure, she was very fair in complexion and had a height of around 5’5¨. She wore a nosepiece angel-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her carmine-red fingernails. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon shadow-black hair mixed occasionally with coils of leaf-brown hair. She had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin. Her waist was tapered and she had a burnished complexion. Her enticing, constellation-black eyes gazed at them over her puffy, heart-shaped lips. She had a bouncy personality and a sugary voice, which she adored.

No Kurtköy Escort one could say that Deboshree Aunty was a serious Researcher and Scientist rather she was looking like a college student like her although she was 34 years old. She had a thin, slim, and slender body with a genteel personality. How could someone defy her beauty? She was her mom’s age but looked so stunningly magnificent. Those broad and expressive eyes were haunting. Her hair was a rich shade of dark brown color, flowing in waves to adorn her glowing porcelain-like skin. Her eyes framed by long lashes were dazzling and seemed to brighten the whole world. The effect of her beauty was so intense that, if she would ever smile, the world would sigh with contentment. If she ever laughed the world would laugh with her and if she ever wept, the whole world would want to comfort her. She was a spinster, and Bipasha wondered how many lovers must have died in her beauty.

Her soft pink-colored lips were pursed in what appeared to be mid-kiss. The slight hints of moisture on her lips were making them glisten in the light, causing them to look as though they were a reflection on the waters of a pond and not a part of her at all. They appear to cast a spell on me causing me to slight all else She had feminine looks attenuated by flaunting of perfect curvaceous body and expressive eyes & luscious lips. She had authentic femininity portraying externally. Her femininity was expressed in the form of effective communication and lifestyle. She was alluring, had something far better, a radiant loveliness, captivating femininity that reminded her of the love goddess. Bipasha was awed and inspired by what she saw. She watched the moments of her beautiful loose big hair bun, her curvaceous hourglass shaped body draped in a flowing thin transparent chiffon plain sari with plain border, pleats tucked neatly much below the deep navel, taut belly, and the narrow waist widened as it went down to wide huge bouncing hips. The sari pallu opened along her shoulder as well as arm highlighting her top-heavy breasts and hourglass figure. The shape and contours of her top-heavy big extra-large huge firm swinging bouncing breasts, proportionately long nipples were visible through her thin matching color blouse and bra. Her breasts looked from the side view like mountains with firm erect large nipples.

Then she glanced towards her best friend Arpita who was like her twin sister, a bubbly personality. She was not at all jealous of her ravishing beauty with large, kohl-lined eyes on her radiant face. Her hair was midnight-black and it flowed over her shoulders. She had strawberry sweet lips She was the most beautiful girl she ever met in her life in person (Till date). Arpita was neither too tall nor too short, probably 5′ 2″ and had fair skin. (A bit fairer than others of her family). Bipasha loved her nebulous, emerald green eyes which were a-sparkle with the ‘joie de vivre’. They were like two beryl- jewels melted onto the snow. She had wide eyeballs with longer eyelashes. Her eyebrows were slim and curvy which matched her beautiful shiny forehead. Her nose was long and slim and very cute, which went along in between those big eyeballs. Her hair was dark and pretty natural, no stupid experiments like straightening or curls or highlights. (It was the same to date) She had a very small chin dimple which would disappear when she smiled. But she had very big dimple holes on her cheek which looked damn cute. Her lips were thick and puffy and had the natural color of a rose. They seemed to call out to her, beckoning her to lean in, pressing her lips against hers.

Bipasha acknowledged she was very mature for her dressing sense. She never wore anything slutty in class or even any parties they had been together. Bipasha could already see her in jeans and a t-shirt. Her cream shirt had a tailored look that was bold against her white skin and her wide buttocks with fleshy thighs were prominent in her tight blue jeans. Her bottoms and legs were a bit chubby than her upper body structure, which was making her even more tempting. Her ass was big and her legs and thighs were a bit broad (This could have been noticed by anyone because she always wore skin-tight jeans) She has seen this kind of body shapes in Victoria’s Secret models but whatever she wore, it looked pretty clear that she had a bit large breasts than her body structure. They were not even round, they looked sharped from outside. But her shape was unique. All the boys in their class would eventually look at her breasts but also admire her sober look. Bipasha remembered she would always praise her for her dressing sense. There was a shyness to her, hesitation in her body movements, and a softness in her voice. But in her understated glamour, she might as well be on the television or a girl in a pop video. She had a flat stomach though and a very fascinating belly button (As Bipasha had seen her also in saree so she knew it).

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