The Lecherous Daughter Ch. 01

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The Deal

With my heart fluttering, I stepped into the alley, checking my phone again to make sure I got the right one. Dark and derelict buildings formed the alleyway, closing in on me. I made my way in counting my steps to keep my courage, barely 15 steps in I couldn’t see the lights of the road behind me but I kept going, With each step, my doubt grew, But I preserved and on my 47th step, I found the door.

It was so dark that I could barely see my next step but the door and the carving saying ‘The Witch’s Cafe’ in simple italics were visible as if It was noon not nearing midnight. Every inch of the door it’s brass handle except for a little area around the sign was engraved, It was so detailed I couldn’t make out the pattern. But I wasn’t here for the door, I came here for what’s inside it.

I grabbed the handle and pushed open the door, And looked at what may be the largest cafe I ever saw. The warm air hit me and as I stepped inside and took it all in, The festive mood, the noise of several groups of people having several conversations did nothing to ease my uneasy.

A server approached me, “Welcome, Madam. Can I help you?” I take a deep breath. “I wish to see the Witch.” He’s looking at me, Slowly so I can see what he’s doing he runs his eyes on me, from toes to my head, Taking me in, judging me. He leans closer and whispers so just I can hear “Is Madam a virgin?” I think about lying but remember what I was told and I answer truthfully “No.” “Excellent.” He replied smiling at me “If you will come this way, Madam.”

With my head down, I follow him to the back of the cafe past the reveler, so close that when he stopped I almost ran into him, He turned towards me, and gesturing towards the billowing curtains “If Madam will wait inside here, She will join you soon.”

I stepped into the curtains not sure what I would see and here I saw what I expected the Witches Cafe to look like. To describe it in a word it was Dark. Dark velvet covered everything, The chairs, the drapes, I couldn’t see the carpet through the sinuous mist moving on the floor but I didn’t doubt what I would see if it wasn’t there. I sat on a chair waited for her, As time passed and she didn’t show I thought about what I was doing. I was in a witch’s lounge waiting to ask her a favor. And not just a normal favor, I’m not here to ask her to make me more beautiful, more popular, make me a queen, I’m here to ask her to make my fantasy come true. My depraved, sick fantasy which no good daughter should think of much less playing and planning it out.

“Hello, Little one.”

I nearly jumped out of my skin hearing that voice, I look around and see her sitting next to me. I didn’t see her come in or I was so busy in my thoughts that I was oblivious to her presence. I take a deep breath to calm myself and look at her, She’s beautiful. Sitting next to her I feel like a mangy, unclean dog, I want to abase myself and beg for forgiveness for sitting next to her, I want her to touch me, Just a little touch so I can remember the feeling for all my life.

“What is your wish?”

She spoke to me, the goddess spoke to me, I’m so happy I could die, She asked me a question I need to answer it before she get’s angry with me. As I open my mouth to tell the story I prepared and rehearsed, She smiled at me. And I forgot the lies and told the truth.

“I wish to make love to my parents.”

“And what will you do for your wish?”


“Anything?” she asked with a smile.

I whimper as she smiles, “Yes.” I can’t lie, I can’t get myself to lie to her. I start to panic I have an epiphany. I don’t care. If she can will me to speak the truth she can give me what I need. And I will do anything to get what I need.

“I don’t need anything, I just need 3 things. 3 Little favors which I will call when I need them.”

“What are the rules of the favors?”

“None.” I felt the power in her words.

“If I accept, How will it happen.”

She smirks. “If, you accept. It will happen as you dreamt of. You can shape the story as it happens and mold them as you desire.” My disbelief must have shown on my face, She continues “Do you accept?” She knows I don’t have a choice.

“Yes, I accept,” I reply.

“Excellent,” She lays her hand on mine and our skin touches I feel as an electric shock passes through me. “Let us seal the deal.” She pulls me to her. I fall on my knees, she lifts my head with silken fingers and she kisses me lightly on my lips. I breathe in her scent. My head is spinning, “Remember, You shape the story” she whispers and kisses me again, Harder.

Her tongue traces my lips, I open my lips to let her in. As my tongue greets its paramour, She drinks me in, My eyes close as I fight to pay attention, but all I hear are murmurs and I’m falling into the mist at our feet.

The last thing I remember is her eyes suspended in mist as the body turns to mist and I am lost.


The Homecoming

It escort reklamları has been 4 days since I visited the Witch’s Cafe, After I fainted there, I woke up back in my bed, in my room. My roommate didn’t remember me going out or coming back in that night and if wasn’t for the box I was hugging as I woke up I would have thought the whole thing was just a vivid dream.

Right now I’m driving back home, with the box safely buckled in next to me. The box contained white perfumed candles, which smelled like many things sometimes like an early morning wind, like the grass freshly cut and sometimes they smelled like the witch. The box had a small note along with the candles which just said 3 things.

1 Wish for 3 Favours.

Light one in your room daily.

You shape the story.

So for past 3 days, I lighted one is my room as I went to bed, and went to sleep with her intoxicating aroma and woke up satisfied but not remembering my dreams. Today I woke up knowing it was time for me to go home. I packed a few bags and the got in my car, I timed it so would reach home just before dinner.

As I pulled into my driveway, My mom came out to greet me. Watching her just standing there I felt a pang of desire and then my dad joined her placing his hand on her shoulder. And as they looked at me happy that there is back home after such a long time, I felt some distress at what was going to happen but the desire I felt as I watched them together smothered it.

See the thing is My mom is gorgeous, She’s the perfect woman, Just a bit above 5″ with raven black hair, black eyes and curvaceous body, her hips, her breasts, her lips, she’s perfect, she’s sex on legs and my dad’s drop-dead gorgeous 6″ with blond hair, blue eyes and a body that screamed power no matter what he was doing. And then, There I was, The daughter of 2 perfect physical specimens of humanity,I was disheartening, a little below 5″ with mud brown hair and eyes, a body that looked like a scarecrow, I had to grow my hair out to my waist because boys thought I was a guy with hippy hair. So I ran away to college as soon as I could, and there as I bumbled through college I discovered the wonderful world of Fetishes and the Incest. And my anger at their perfection turned to fascination and quickly into lust.

A thousand stories of seductions, a thousand hours of porn and a drunken confession of my embarrassing secret to my best friend, I found myself outside The Witch’s Cafe and now I’m home, Ready to start a new story.

I stepped out of the car and I hugged them both pulling myself into them. As I squealed “I am so happy to be home. Did you miss me?” That surprised them I was never one for physical affection. “Of course we missed you Kensie.” That was mom, “Com on let’s go inside, Did you eat anything in the way, You must to hungry, Get the bags honey” she ordered my dad as she dragged me inside.

My dad just grinned “You just don’t want to do any of the work, Do you?”

My mom replied haughtily tossing her hair over one shoulder exposing her shoulder to the cold open air “That’s why I married you, dear.” I laughed linking arms with mom. “I’m sooooo hungry Mom” I exaggerated with a sad droopy face.

My dad just laughed “Fine, Leave me to do all the work, You 2 scamps start on dinner.”

I went In and as the table was already ready, Mom and I grabbed some plates and settled on the couch and traded banter with dad as he acted as our pack mule. He finished carrying the bags and joined us on the couch and brought along the wine. As we sat and ate and drank and just chatted about all the things I missed at home, about my friends and their college days mom and I got pretty drunk, And soon it late enough that even college students should go to bed.

As I stood I pretend to fall, and fell on to my mom and shamelessly grabbed her breasts in front of my father “So soft, like clouds” I stage whispered. As mom and I burst into giggles.

“That’s enough for you two.” My dad said as he stood up and pulled me off, my mom.

“Noooo, Boobies” I mock struggled as my mom burst into an another giggling fit. My dad was grinning as he pulled me up and lifted me princess style, And carried me to my room.

He opened the door and as he put me in my bed, I hugged him and before he could react I kissed him on the lips. I pressed myself into him and locked my lips were on his and he froze. I slipped down his body as he was leaning over me and I bit and sucked him on his neck, Hard, hard enough that I know he will have a nice hickey even if couldn’t see it in the dark room. He turns away and as he’s closing the door, I say “Goodnight, Daddy” in putting every drop of pent up lust in me into those 2 words and by the way he paused in the door I know he heard what I was saying.

I got up and searching in the dark I lit a candle and keeping it at my bedside I fell asleep.


The Watcher

I woke up late gaziantep escort reklamları to find the house empty, with a note from mom saying she’d be back for lunch. I freshened up and started working. First, I lit a candle in all the rooms in the house opening all the internal doors and locking the external doors and windows to lock in the scent. Once that is done I started searching my parent’s bedroom, for their stash. And I found it, in the bottom second drawer of the closet, I pulled out the shelf and carried it to the bed.

Till now I only used the candle’s at night and now in the morning awake, I could feel the full effect, as I took in the aroma, In just a few minutes since I lit it already filled the room, With each breath I take I could feel it move into me, with each breath I felt lighter and aroused, It was as if someone reached into me and was touching me from underneath my skin, caressing my skin, tweaking my nipples, stroking my lips. I laid out the toys orderly on the bed vibrators, suction cup dildo, double ended dildo, handcuffs, blindfolds.

I closed my eyes, and think my mom blindfolded, handcuffed, spread eagle on the bed I lean over, trailing over her body with my hair, she knows something’s wrong it’s not dad in the room. I touch myself through my pajamas and the wetness on my finger snaps me out of my daydream, I look down at myself, I’m wet with arousal, I can see the stain on my pajamas running down my legs. I’m never been this wet before, I look over at the candle and I know what to do next.

It’s almost time, I go into my mother’s shower turn it on, then I quickly run through the house removing all the candles the house is filled with their aroma. But I leave the one in parents bedroom alight and I wait.

I hear the front door opening and I take a quick peek making sure she’s alone. I turn on a vibrator and leaving it on the bed, I grab the suction cup dildo and I duck into her shower closing the shower door leaving the bathroom door open.

I lather myself up, and I realise that my non-existent breasts have some excellent attributes as I pinch my now hard nipples, A jolt of pleasure ran from my nipple straight to my pussy and my brain, I didn’t even try to suppress the scream of pleasure that tore through me, I fall to my knees barely holding on to consciousness. After 4 days of abstinence, I didn’t realize just how sensitive the candles made me. On my knees, I push open the door and I grab the shower head as I crawl out.

Head down I pull myself forward until I can see my mother in the mirror, in the corner of my eye, She’s holding the still on the vibrator in her hand. I move and fix the dildo to the wall at knee height and facing the mirror with my eyes closed I slowly impale myself on it, my pussy was so sensitive I could only take in the first 4 inches before I felt my first orgasm of the day start deep inside me and I forced myself down taking in all 8 inches of my mother’s dildo, I screamed her name as I fell down limp exhausted after what I knew was my first true orgasm in my life.

But I didn’t stop My face on the floor, My wet hair pasted to my face, My ass lifted up and plugged in the dildo, I turned on the shower head and aiming it at my turgid cilt. And I moved my hips, Forward for a few inches and back down, as my cilt got pounded by a steady shower of warm water. “Mommy” I moaned as I fucked myself a few feet from her, I glanced at the mirror and I saw her leaning against the dresser, skirt pulled up with the dildo inside her and rubbing her cilt with one hand.

I didn’t look away, waiting until I caught her eyes in the mirror, I lifted myself up from the floor so she could see all of me, and pinching my nipple, Looking her in the eyes, I lift myself up until the dildo head is resting in my lips just a bit more and It will fall out. “Take me Mommy.” and I impale myself on it in one thrust, I hold myself upright withering on her dildo, back arched presenting my hard nipples begging to be kissed, I’m cumming again, and as I whimper at my third consecutive orgasm, I see her cumming, cumming as she looks at me, cumming for me.

She pulls out the vibrator from her pussy and throws it on the bed. The room filled with its buzz. She stumbles out of the bedroom and closes the door behind her.

I pull myself to my legs on trembling legs and walk towards the bed. I pick up her vibrator turning it off. I taste my mother on it as I lick it clean, I pack the other toys back into the box and put them in their place in the closet. And walk back to my room nude with my mother’s vibrator in my hand.

I got dressed in a short pink robe, and go down for lunch.

Unlike last night’s dinner, Lunch was a quiet affair. Mom wouldn’t look at me and I wouldn’t stop trying to catch her eye. But she never stopped squirming as the candles did their work.

I finished my lunch and as I went up the stairs I stopped, And leaning down gaziantep escort bayan reklamları so my robe would split I say “I packed away the other toys, But I took your vibrator and the Dildo in the shower needs to be cleaned before it’s put back.”

That snaps her out of it as she glares at me with rage, but before she utters a word she sees me standing just a bit above her, My robe almost falling open, giving her a perfect view of my clean shaved pussy glistening with need, the top so sheer that she can see my hard nipples poking through the edge of the robe and I see the rage turn into lust. She licks her lips as she stares at and but I only smile and go up to my room.

A few minutes later I hear her moans through 3 doors as she cums on the dildo coated with my juice.

I slip into sweet dreams to the music of my mother’s orgasm as I think of what my next step is.


I woke up in a few hours deliciously rested, My mother was in the study and dad hasn’t come home yet, I took a quick shower and went into their bedroom and I saw that just a nub was left of the candle and the toys were packed away. I replaced and relit the candle and getting some clear tape I taped over the mortice in the closet, bathroom and bedroom doors so they wouldn’t catch. I placed the blindfold on their bedside table and took out the dildo and I settled down in their closet and I waited.

As I waited I played with the rubber cock, running my fingers over it, it pulsed in my hands as if it’s alive, I had my own toys and they were never like this one, warm, almost pulsing I felt like it would come alive in my hands, I nestled it against my cheek and I could feel it throbbing along with my heartbeat.

The door was thrown open, And I could see my dad carrying my mom inside princess style just like he carried me last night, but unlike last night they were kissing, devouring each other and he walked up to the bed and threw her down. She laughed and moaned, sprawled out on the bed, her luscious breasts spilling out of her short lace dress, she pulled her dress up languidly pulled her dress up revealing she had nothing underneath, showing her glistening pussy, He growled I shivered at the need in his voice. He tore off his clothes and he got on the bed his cock thrusting out dripping seed, My mom turned over and kneeling into him on all fours nuzzled his hard cock with her face spreading his seed over her face, face down, ass up I could see her pussy moist and I knew she still had my juices on her.

My father was facing me but his eyes were cast down as my mother pulled back and one supple motion took him all in until he is buried in her throat. His hard abs tighten in pleasure and watching his hard body tighten and relax as my mother sinuously moves her body lifting her head till the just the tip of his cock is in her ruby red lips and she takes him in again and again not letting his out of her mouth bringing him to the edge , I too take in the dildo into my mouth copying my mother and I push open the door and as our eyes meet I match my mother’s movements until it could be me sucking on his delicious cock.

Eyes on me he grabs hold of my mother’s head and holding her head still he pulls out completely and with one hard thrust he fucks her face. My drool is dripping down the dildo. With hard thrusts he’s fucking her face and looking at me he says “Mine.” and I realize it’s his dildo, it’s a cast of his cock, I’m fucking my face with my father’s cock. And I driving it deep into my throat, I cum, with my robe open my body slick with my drool and sweat I cum hard and silently. And watching my nakedness my father cum in my mother’s throat. He’s cumming so much even with my mom held down on his cock his sperm overflows from her mouth as she’s choking, trying to swallow every last drop it spills out of her mouth and drips down her face.

Finally spent he lets her up and her throat free of his cock she coughs, eyes closed, her breasts heaving for breath as his cum drools from her slutty mouth.

I point towards the blindfold at his side and he picks it up and slips it on her tear streaked face, covering her face “Hush, Honey.” he whispers in her ear. As he trails his fingers down her trembling body and enters her pussy with two fingers.

I walk out of the closet leaving my robe behind. I stand beside their bed, My mother with her dress pulled up and my father’s semen running down her face and breasts, My nude father straddling my mother with his fingers in my mother. And me, Nude, my drool dripping down my body and a cock molded from my father’s cock dripping with my saliva in my hand.

Looking at me, never taking his eyes off me, He slides down, Sucking on my mother’s tits as she moans I touch myself just on the cilt and the shock that I feel nearly brings me down on top of them, but I catch myself on the bed and my father now straddling her hips enters her, I see his cock head enter her pussy and as he slowly pushed himself in inch by inch he lifts his hand, fingers wet with her up to my face and I take it in, I clean it just as I cleaned my mother’s vibrator earlier but now in my mouth it was my dad’s warm fingers, not hard metal and I sucked on them as I want to suck on his cock. With every thrust, he increased his speed and my mother responded moaning, quivering as his cock invaded her. And I was trapped.

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