The Ledge

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She had blindsided me, completely surprising me when she asked me to get out, when she said she had met someone else and when she told me she had plans to meet his parents and work out the wedding plans. Fuck, we had been living together for two years, I take a two week business trip and return to a stack of my stuff at the door. She wouldn’t even let me in, instead she left the chain bolted and talked to me through the small gap in the door. So after five trips up and down the building, I had finally moved my stuff into my car and went looking for a cheap hotel.

It took me just over a week to find an apartment and get my stuff put away. Of course, everything wasn’t there, so I leaped at the opportunity to see her again, perhaps talk some sense into her, convince her that we should be together.

Yeah, my first reaction was to say, “To hell with her, I’ll find someone better.” But then again, thinking of all that we had been through over the past two years, I didn’t want to throw all that away. Surely she didn’t either, surely she would listen to me and realize we should stay together.

I called her and made arrangements to get the rest of my stuff. The phone conversation went well, so I was encouraged about our meeting that afternoon. I had signed a short term lease at the apartment so moving out wouldn’t be a problem. If things went right, I might even be spending the night tonight.

Taking a quick shower, I shaved and put on a nice shirt and pants, then headed out to my car. I arrived at the building about ten minutes later, spotting an open parking space directly in front of her building. I put on the blinker, eased over next to the other cars and the put the car in reverse to back into the space.

I had just started moving when a small black car pulled in to the spot and the driver hopped out and walked quickly into the building before I could get my car into park and think about saying something. I headed around the block and found a spot not too far away, this time parking without incident.

Walking around the block to the entrance to şişli escort my girlfriend’s building I got a better look at the car that stole my spot. A black convertible Porsche – completely loaded. Thinking that was some pretty expensive hardware to be parking around here, I headed into the building.

After a short ride up to the sixth floor, I stepped off the elevator and walked up to her door. Knocking gently, I waited and the door opened in just a moment. The chain wasn’t bolted and she seemed very cordial, “Mark hi, you’re looking nice today.”

“You look stunning,” I said, just gazing at her. She wore a mid-length black skirt with a matching black jacket, covering a frilly lace white blouse, which showed her cleavage off beautifully. “You didn’t have to dress up for me.”

She smiled, opening the door further as she said too sweetly, “I didn’t, I’ve got something else to go to.” I looked over and saw the clown who stole my parking spot, grinning at me. “Mark, I want to introduce you do Harris, Harris Conley. We’re going to meet his parents in the country.”

I didn’t gasp and ask, “The Harris Conley?” instead I kept my composure and asked, “You driving a black Porsche?”

“Yeah, I got that just last week, it was a steal at a hundred twenty thousand. I just couldn’t pass that up.”

“Did you see the blue Chevrolet backing into that parking spot?”

“Was that you? Sorry about that, you just got to be a bit quicker.”

“A bit quicker? I was there first.”

Nodding over at my girlfriend… no, his girlfriend, he said, “Wow, that makes me two for two in that department.”

I gritted my teeth when she came out of her bedroom and tossed a few things on the coffee table. Looking at the items I looked back at her in confusion. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “Some of the items you mentioned to me were things you gave me. I rounded those up and gave them to goodwill, they just left a few minutes ago.”

There was a sweatshirt, a pair of tennis shoes, a few tennis balls and a watch. I asked, beşiktaş escort “What about the i-pod and my tennis racket, hell it was a ninety dollar racket.”

“You gave me those didn’t you?. Goodwill has them now, I guess if you hurry you could catch them before they get back to their warehouse.”

“Dammit Jenny, you knew they weren’t yours!” I shouted.

Harris lurched toward me, grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back. He then leaned his head to my ear and hissed, “You DON’T speak to my fiancé like that.”

I turned to twist away, but he then turned my wrist back and I went to my knees in excruciating pain. He held me there for several moments, as sweat ran down my forehead and I suffered in agony. Finally he released my hand and said, “Now get the fuck out of Jenny’s and my life.”

She was already at the door with the last of my stuff in her arms, which she handed to me as I walked through the door. I heard him laughing as the door closed behind me.

Dejected, I walked slowly to the elevator letting the tennis balls bounce down the hallway as I went. Once on the elevator I pushed the button to the top floor instead of heading back down. At the top floor, I headed up the narrow stairway to the rooftop, the rooftop where Jenny and I had spent countless hours planning our life together, where we had watched sunsets together, hell, we had even made love there under the stars.

It was all gone now, after today I knew there was no us, if there was she would have stopped Harris, or at least chided him for grabbing me so, but she just stood there and watched. It was over, there was nothing left for me with her. These thoughts throbbed in my brain as I walked to the edge of the building.

Stepping up on the parapet, I let the front of my tennis shoes hang past the edge. The cool breeze felt refreshing and I spread my arms as if I could fly. I paused there a moment taking in the sights and sounds, then I reached down to my pants and unbuttoned them. Unzipping the fly, I eased my cock out and looped my jockey shorts under taksim escort my balls.

I pictured what it was like when Jenny and I made love on the rooftop, the way her naked body looked in the dim light, how she was so wet when my cock slid inside her. She was so turned on by being there, so turned on by me that she almost came immediately.

Letting the image of her coming so quickly wash over me, I reached down and grabbed my hard cock. I began to slide my hand up and down the length of my shaft as I tried to recall the exact sensations I experienced as we made love. The feel of her pussy, squeezing on my cock as she came once, and then just a bit later, again ran through my mind as I continued stroking.

I looked down and saw a droplet of pre-cum forming in the tiny hole of my cock. Squeezing it, I milked the clear liquid into a pool which, when I leaned my erection downward it dripped. Continuing to stroke I watched the droplet fall and eventually disappear.

Speeding up the movement of my hand, I could feel it building in me, just like I felt it with Jenny, the warm wet of her wrapping around me, making me feel so good. I arched my back and came, the white cum arching out from my cock and falling down and down. My cock spurted a few more times, but I focused my gaze on the first shot, the large glob of jism as it, so gracefully, descended, twisting and turning, flowing in the wind.

It was mesmerizing, the sticky white fluid in almost a ballet, tumbled and rolled as it fell, floor by floor, foot by foot, inch by inch until it splattered in a beautiful starburst on the black leather seats of the black Porsche convertible ten floors below. Only then did I step back from the parapet safely onto the roof.

I did remain to watch the two engaged lovers rush out to the car. Harris started the car and then pushed another button and the top emerged from the back of the car and closed over top of them. They then pulled out into traffic and drove off. I headed back down from the roof, rode the elevator down and headed to my car.

The entire drive home I played the possibilities in my head, wondering if either would feel the sticky wetness through their clothes or would they go visit Mommy and Daddy covered in my cum? By the time I got home I realized either outcome made a wonderful ending to my story with Jenny.

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