The Lessons Ch. 08

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Theresa found the ejaculation experiments during Mr. Peters’ class to be very engaging, as well as instructive, and she had suggested to Alan that they might conduct some follow-up studies on their own time. Alan and Theresa had previously collaborated on a number of laboratory studies, including an exploration for fossils in the mining ravine bordering campus, a study of the effect of heat on the germination of spores, and a mapping of the X-25 constellation during an eclipse. Their joint studies were quite varied but always effectual.

Theresa had not previously considered capitalizing on the fact of their mutually complementary sexes to conduct studies of human sexual functioning. In all honesty, she was not herself an active sexual person. She was well past her own puberty but was entirely naive as to her sexuality or the sexual functioning of males. However, the experience in Mr. Peters’ class, along with the subsequent microscopic study of Alan’s sperm in Miss Harding’s biology class, had awoken within her an appreciation of the potential value of conducting further studies. She knew that many of the other students were probably involved sexually with members of the opposite sex, but she doubted that any of them were approaching the topic in a particularly objective, scientific manner. It was unlikely that their experiments were proving to be efficacious.

She was happy to learn that Alan was receptive to the idea. He did not, however, share her enthusiasm of first reviewing their planned studies with their biology professor, Miss Harding. Alan suggested that they did not want to come across as too naive or lame. He noted that neither of them had any credible background in this area, and their hopes of gaining strong letters of recommendation from Miss Harding might be compromised if they approached her with embarrassingly inept proposals. He suggested that they first engage in some pilot studies, and when they were sufficiently confident of their proposal they could then submit their plans for her review. Theresa couldn’t understand why he would be adverse to obtaining an initial peer review from a respected authority, but she did agree that Miss Harding’s letters of recommendation were quite important to their ultimate career aspirations, and it wouldn’t hurt to become more familiar with the topic prior to obtaining her expert guidance.

Alan did agree to at least conduct the studies at Theresa’s home. Theresa still lived with her parents, as did most of the students attending Templeton Community College. Her parents were delighted to have her living at home. They saved thereby the considerable expense of funding her lodging, they enjoyed her company, and they were able to provide continued supervision of her social life, which was frankly minimal. Theresa would have preferred to obtain her own apartment, but in exchange for keeping her original bedroom they turned an adjoining room into her own private study and agreed to fund it with any laboratory equipment (within reason) that she would need. Alan had visited her “lab” (as she liked to call it) a number of times. He had to admit that it was quite impressive. No other student at Templeton had anything like it.

Alan arrived at the designated time of 7:30PM. Theresa’s parents greeted him at the door. “Hello Mr. & Mrs Bennington. I hope your health is well.”

Mr. an excellent companion for Theresa. He did not seem to have any ulterior motives with respect to their daughter and they trusted him implicitly. In fact, they would have preferred that he actually demonstrate at least some romantic interest. They were a bit concerned that their daughter did not seem to be dating. They felt that this would happen in due course and it seemed better to err in the direction of abstinence than promiscuity, but still they worried that she seemed to lack even a normal interest. “It’s nice to see you again, Alan,” responded Mrs. Bennington. “I assume you are here for some new experiment with Theresa?”

Alan was momentarily flustered at this remark, knowing full well what they had in mind but not knowing what Theresa had actually told them. “Uh, yes, Mrs. Bennington, we have a biology experiment to work on.”

She responded, “Well, that certainly sounds interesting,” she said politely but insincerely, not being particularly interested in the topic of their research.

“You kids going to make some important scientific discoveries?” Mr. Bennington joked.

“Mom, dad, leave Alan alone,” Theresa broke in. She was running down the stairs to meet Alan. “We have lots of work to do tonight.”

“Of course, dear,” her mother responded. “Would you like me to bring up some soda and cookies later?”

“On no, mother,” Theresa exclaimed. “We can’t be disturbed. We will be mixing some delicate chemicals, and any interruption Uzun porno could ruin everything!”

Mrs. Bennington drew back, surprised with the magnitude of her concern. “Well, honey, don’t worry, we will let you do your little experiment in peace. My goodness.”

Theresa realized she had over reacted. “I’m sorry mother, it’s just that these studies are so important and we have worked so hard on them; I just don’t want anything to go wrong.”

“We understand, honey,” her father interjected. “It’s alright. We will stay out of your hair. If you need anything, just give us a call.”

Theresa was relieved, as was Alan. Theresa was ensuring that they would have privacy. He was looking forward to this experiment.

“Thanks mom, thanks dad!” Theresa grabbed Alan’s hand and she led him up to her room. Alan had never noticed before how nice it was for Theresa to hold his hand. They had touched many times during previous experiments, but it had a different meaning for him now. He followed her to her room, admiring the cute wiggle of her bottom as she climbed the stairs. Mr. and Mrs. Bennington retired to the family room to watch TV.

Theresa immediately brought him into her study. “Isn’t this exciting, Alan?” she exclaimed. Alan was definitely excited but he wasn’t entirely sure what she had in mind. “I’ve developed a number of ideas, but where do you think we should start?” She looked at her note pad. Apparently she had sketched out a few proposals.

“Well, what did you have in mind?” he inquired.

“Well, I would like to take a number of additional samples, of, of, you know, your male seed, I mean.” She felt rather awkward talking about that. It had been easier in class, when it was an explicit assignment of Miss Harding. “Golly though, I mean, can you produce more sperm so soon? You produced an awful lot in class.” She suddenly panicked at the thought that she might be putting too much pressure on Alan. “How long does it take you to produce a specimen? Maybe we should wait?” She wouldn’t mind waiting a few days. She was very excited about the whole idea, but once Teddy and she were alone in her room she also became unusually apprehensive.

Teddy noticed her nervousness. She was normally so self-assured, particularly when it came to research. He responded, “I can produce more, Theresa; although, I will again need your help.”

Theresa blushed. “Well, of course, I understand. I will do my part.” She turned away, feeling a bit uncomfortable talking about this face-to-face. “I was thinking, though, that this time I would like to consider the sperm from a variety of perspectives. I want to again get a sample for subsequent analysis; temperature; potential for germination. I have a petri dish here that we can use for that.”

Alan looked glumly at the petri dish she had picked up off the lab table.

“I also wanted to have some released into my hand. I want to consider its texture. And, uh,” she looked down at the floor, her voice lowering somewhat, “if you wouldn’t mind, I would like some in my, uh, you know, in my, mouth.” She looked away. “I want to understand how it, uh, tastes.” She hesitated before she said more. Alan’s heart was beating fast. “Miss Harding said that many women take the sperm orally, and I wanted to understand this experience.” She flushed deeply at this admission, fumbling awkwardly with the petri dish as she spoke, uncertain of Alan’s reaction.

Alan, however, ecstatic. Coming in Theresa’s mouth was an excellent idea. He felt a bit of stirring in his loins with the thought. However, he wasn’t so sure that he could do all three of her proposals. Maybe he could convince her that the oral deposit would be the best of the three. “I can produce more sperm Theresa, but I’m not so sure that I can do it three times in one night.”

“Oh, no, I know that.” She laughed at the silliness of the idea of having him do it three times. “I have worked out a procedure for this,” referring to her notes. “I meant three squirts, not three times. I was thinking that you could aim your first release into my hand, and then the second into the petri dish. The petri dish shouldn’t be the first place. I read that when giving a pee sample you should always pee a bit first before you go in the jar so that the sample is not contaminated by anything that happened to have collected in the urethra. And, so, uh, you can first cum in my hand, the next one in the petri dish, and then the rest can be in my, um, in my mouth.” She looked at him carefully, still feeling quite uncomfortable.

Alan felt that her plan seemed like a lot of coordination to be thinking about as he was cumming, but then he didn’t really care if it didn’t work. He would be happy to try it a number of nights in order to get it right. “That’s an excellent plan, Theresa. Where do you want me?” He was now anxious to get started.

“Well, Alan, I was thinking that you could just stand by my desk, here, just like in class. I have a thermometer ready, Öğrenci porno as well as the petri dish,” she gestured proudly to her desk, which she had indeed carefully arranged.

“That looks good, Theresa, but you know that you said that I would also be able to conduct some experiments of my own. You know, I would like to complete my own reports for Miss Harding.”

Theresa knew that she had promised him that she would also be the subject of his experiment. It was only fair that they both participate as subject and experimenter. The thought in fact excited her, but she was also kind of hoping that he had forgotten about it. She again looked away, not wanting him to see her blush so severely. “Yes, I know, Alan, and that is only fair.” She hesitated. “Alright, you can do an experiment too, if you want. Um, but can I do my first? I mean, if we have time, we can do yours as well, if we have time.” She bit her lip. It was actually exciting to think of Alan inspecting her private parts, as she was about to inspect his, but it was also a little scary. She wasn’t sure she was ready for anything like that, although the best experiments are those that break new ground.

Alan responded, “That will be fine, Theresa. You can go first.”

“Alright then,” she agreed, “Why don’t you remove your penis from your pants and we can get started.” She had difficulty suppressing a smile. She was a bit surprised at how much she wanted to get started. She had been much more dispassionate during class. This time, she was having rather unusual feelings of excitement.

Alan, however, hesitated. “One more thing, Theresa. I’m sure you know that visual as well as tactile stimulation can be very helpful to generate the desired effect. There was no opportunity for visual stimulation during class but we really should use optimal laboratory conditions whenever possible.”

Theresa was not entirely sure what he meant by this. She pondered his proposal. He was certainly correct that their study should not skimp on procedure. It would not be defensible to rely solely on tactile stimulation. “I don’t have any pictures, you know. I could ask my father if he has some girlie magazines but I am hesitant to make him aware of the nature of our experiment.” She looked around the room. “Oh, I know, Teddy, we can find some of those dirty websites,” gesturing toward her computer.

“I wasn’t suggesting pictures, Theresa. Those will not be live women. There is a big difference between a picture of a woman and a real, live woman. I believe the optimal procedure will be for you to provide the visual stimulation.”

Theresa’s flushed at this suggestion. She thought that he might be referring to her when he first made the proposal, but it was still shocking to hear him say it so bluntly.

“You are very attractive, Theresa. You’re as attractive as any woman we will find on the internet.”

Theresa wasn’t so sure about that, but it was nice of him to say it. She cracked a little smile and began fidgeting with her pen.

“Besides, when we conduct my experiment you will need to have removed a good deal of your clothes anyway. If you have removed some of them beforehand, you might find it less uncomfortable when it comes time for my study.”

This was a logical argument for which she had no compelling rejoinder. She tapped the pen on her desk as she contemplated a response. “But is it good to have the experimenter enter the study in this manner?” she inquired. “Won’t I lose my objectivity?”

Alan in turn considered his response, and then suggested, “But you will then be a participant observer. Recall Dr. Harding’s discussion of the benefits of participant observation in field studies, and this is more of a field study than a lab study.”

Theresa sighed. She was not entirely sure of the benefits of participant observation, but he was right that this was an acceptable experimental procedure, and, again, she would eventually have to remove at least some of her clothes when it became his turn for experimentation.

Alan pushed his advantage. “I suggest that we both begin at the same level of undress. This way, nobody will feel at a disadvantage.”

Theresa continued to think. She wanted to come up with something to counter his arguments but she really had to agree, unless they simply abandoned the whole series of studies, and she did so much want to get more information concerning his erection and ejaculation process.

“Alright then,” she agreed. “But, would you mine Alan, if I first took my clothes off in privacy. I feel very uncomfortable getting undressed in front of you. I know that is not really fair. During class you took your pants off in front of me, and you were fully cooperative. I don’t know what it is but I am feeling so anxious about this.” She did not like admitting to such feelings. She was very disappointed in even having them. She should be the objective scientist in this investigation. Modesty was hardly excusable if they were going to be true scientists. ‘Nuts,’ she thought to herself. She was beginning to talk herself out of getting undressed in private. If she was going to do these studies, she should do them correctly and forthrightly.

“I’ve changed my mind, Alan, we should do it in front of each other. Undressing is part of the process and we should not leave anything out.” She recorded in her notes the feelings she was having, observing the specific time, her ruminations, as well as the rationale for their final decision. She then took a deep breath and began unbuttoning her blouse.

Alan watched with bated breath. He was thrilled that she had agreed. He had never really thought of Theresa sexually, at least not seriously, but he was sure thinking about her sexually now.

Theresa was an attractive girl. She made no effort to make herself look attractive, but she was naturally quite appealing and even pretty. Alan at times had the thought that having sex with her would be like having sex with a librarian, but he now realized that there was also something quite enticing about having a pristine girl become sexual before his eyes. Her awkwardness was beguiling. You could see her sexuality blooming with every button she undid. Having sex with a librarian could in fact be very exciting.

Theresa would not look at him as she unbuttoned her blouse, whereas he did not take his eyes off her as he unbuttoned his shirt. He particularly enjoyed the sight of her bra as it emerged into view after the third button. When she was done, the blouse hung slightly open. He even had a glimpse of a bit of a white cup; the curve of a breast becoming evident. He licked his upper lip. Theresa turned her back to him as she removed the blouse. Alan was disappointed but just the sight of the straps of her bra over her shoulders and across her bare back was intoxicating. The thought that Theresa was removing her clothes right in front of him and that he would soon see her naked body was heady. His heart was pounding.

After she removed her blouse, she turned to face him, her arms crossed in front of her to hide the cups of her bra. She looked very uncomfortable and uncertain. Alan, however, stood calmly in front of her, wearing nothing from the waste up. She studied his chest. He did not have much hair on his chest, but she found the sight appealing. She wasn’t entirely sure why, but he did convey a compelling masculine appearance. Alan was in good shape, with a well demarcated chest and flat stomach. He was not by any means muscular, but to her he was quite masculine, and, she had to acknowledge, sexy. She wanted to take some notes of her observations and thoughts, but she didn’t want to remove her arms from her own chest.

Alan spoke first. “Theresa, you should drop your arms. I really can’t see anything and you can see everything. If you want, you can keep your bra on. I don’t think it will be necessary for my arousal for you to remove the bra.”

She was very grateful and relieved to hear that. It was apparent to her that he was more naked than her. She still had clothes on the upper part of her body. It wasn’t fair and she assumed that she would have to remove her bra. “Oh, ok, well, thank you Alan, I think that’s fine.” She then dropped her hands and closed her eyes.

Alan’s eyes, however, widened in wonderment. Theresa’s breasts were not large but they were very appealing. He couldn’t really see them but, to him, he was seeing quite a lot of them. They were tightly wrapped little mounds in her plain but delicious white bra. They looked like soft white apples perched on her chest, sitting there for his plucking. He found her to be a gorgeous sight. He wanted so much to reach out and grab her boobs, to fondle their softness and warmth, but he restrained himself. “Wow, Theresa, they are beautiful. I didn’t realize how big they were. I mean, I could never tell when they were hidden by your blouse.”

Theresa blushed. She very much liked the compliment but it was still awkward to have him talk about them so openly while she stood exposed for his inspection. She quickly reached for her pen and pad, and began taking notes. She was relieved to have a task that allowed her to be distracted.

Alan also didn’t mind that she was now just taking notes, but for a different reason. It allowed him to gaze at her bra, her boobs, for quite a bit of time as she busily took notes. She seemed to have lost all awareness that she was standing in front of him with no blouse. It was like she had showed up for class, having forgotten to put on a blouse, or that maybe he had some sort of X-ray vision, being able to look through her blouse to see her little bra covered titties.

Her rapid writing also made them move in a manner that was alluring. She wasn’t trying to wiggle them for his pleasure, but the awkward stance of writing on a pad of paper while standing did make her shake them around, as if she was displaying them in different poses for his interest. He wasn’t too sure, but he thought he might even be able to see the outline of a nipple through one of the cups. He placed a hand in his pocket to adjust his cock, already getting quite erect, watching as her boobies bobbled in their little white cups.

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