The Lessons Ch. 13

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This is chapter 13 of a series. If you like this story, I encourage you to read earlier chapters as they can help understand characters and context. In any case, please do provide feedback. There are obvious sequels to this series, and I would be happy to hear your suggestions for how to improve it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Andy had been looking forward to this date. It was well known at the college that Andrew had a crush on Alice but he had always been too meek to ask her out. The experience in Mr. Peters’ class had broken the ice and taught him an important lesson (see Chapter 5): Alice was in fact attracted to him and that the way to her heart was to be more forceful and assertive. She wanted him to take charge, to be the man. If he did assert himself, she willingly complied.

He told her that he would pick her up at 7:00PM to take her to dinner. He had not known at the time where, but he decided that he would like it to be a fairly upscale restaurant, one that would impress her. He arrived at her house at precisely 6:55PM. He knocked on her door.

Her father opened the door, not particularly pleased to see a young man who had come for his daughter. “Yes?” he inquired, but knowing full well why Andrew was there.

“Hello Mr. Campbell.” He held out his hand to shake the hand of Mr. Campbell. “I’m Andrew Storr; I’m here for Alice?”

Mr. Campbell liked the fact that he said it as a question. He liked it when Alice’s dates were apprehensive in his presence. It made it clear to him that they would not dare try anything with Alice. He replied, “Yes, I know,” expressing no enthusiasm. He shook the boy’s hand, being sure to provide an excessively hard grip, almost smiling when he saw the boy grimace as he pinched his fingers.

Andy was intimidated by Mr. Campbell. He had been determined to be assertive with Alice, as he knew that this was what she liked but he was not off to a good start with her father, who was clearly putting him in his place. “Yes sir,” he said for no apparent reason, other than to let Mr. Campbell know that he recognized his authority.

“Yes, well, why don’t you come in son. I will let her know that you are here.” He waved Andrew into the foyer. Andy stepped in, being sure not to go much farther than the entrance. He noticed how her father referred to him as “son,” again letting him know of his authority over him. Andy was a psychology major, and he often speculated on the underlying motives of persons, how they appeared to take complementary roles with one another. He also knew that daughters often liked their men to be like their fathers. If this was true, it was immediately evident to him what kind of man Alice wanted.

Mr. Campbell strolled down the hall, not in any particular hurry, and then called for his daughter. “Alice, a young man is here for you. Do you wish to see him?”

It seemed to Andrew that her father wouldn’t miss a single opportunity to slight him. Of course she wanted to see him, they had a date. Her father though liked the idea of suggesting that Andrew might have to be told to leave. Andrew waited patiently.

“Daddy, yes, it’s Andy. Is he here already?”

Mr. Campbell looked back at Andrew, and said, “Yes, I believe he is. Are you here early young man?”

“Just a bit, sir,” Andy respectfully replied. He was not really early. He wondered if he should say that he will wait outside a few more minutes and then knock again, but he kept his sarcasm to himself. He could feel the temptation to meet her father’s authoritarianism with defiance but that would only give Mr. Campbell the excuse to escalate his behavior. Andy waited patiently.

“Yes, apparently so,” Mr. Campbell replied.

Mrs. Campbell then appeared from the kitchen, drying her hands on an apron. “My goodness father, a young man is here? Well, you ninny, invite him in.” She smiled sweetly at Andrew. “Please, come in, my goodness,” she gestured invitingly to Andy to come further into the house. “You must be Andrew Storr. Obviously, I am ‘mom.'” She laughed at referring to herself as “mom.”

Andy was instantly taken by her beauty. Mrs. Campbell was a striking woman. Andy could tell from whom Alice got her physical attractiveness. Andy didn’t move in response to her gesture to enter, in part because he did not want to incur any further criticism from Mr. Campbell but also because he was simply frozen by her appearance. She had medium length blonde hair. Unlike Alice, however, her hair was straight. Her eyes were narrow, as were Alice’s, but they were even more so. Mrs. Campbell’s eyes reminded Andy of Renee Zellweger. They were more squinty than narrow, providing a sense of modesty or passivity. Her smile also reminded Andy of Bridget Jones, although Mrs. Campbell was not at all pudgy or overweight, as was Ms. Zellweger in Bridget Jones’ Diary. Her figure was actually fantastic. Andy had the image of the Zellweger character Dorothy Boyd in Jerry Maquire, but with larger breasts. They were not well displayed though behind her apron and matronly dress.

In any case, Alanya Escort escort she was also very friendly and engaging. Mrs. Campbell was not the least bit passive with respect to welcoming her guests. She simply would not have Andy standing uncomfortably at the door. She walked up to him and took his arm to draw him into their house. Andy instantly felt her warmth, perhaps even affection. Mr. Campbell furrowed his brow in disapproval, but didn’t say anything.

“Andrew, really, please do come in. I have been dying to meet you.” She brought Andy into the kitchen that was adjoining the hallway. “Here, I have been making some brownies for my daughter’s, my other daughter’s, Terrie, her school’s bake sale. Please, you must try one and let me know what you think.” She set him down at the kitchen table and brought him a fresh brownie. The contrast in the behavior of Alice’s parents was striking. Mr. Campbell followed them into the kitchen, helping himself to a brownie, but standing apart from the two of them. Mrs. Campbell poured Andy a glass of milk and sat down next to him at the table.

“Well, Andy, tell me all about yourself. Where are you taking Alice tonight? Oh, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked that, it really isn’t my business you know. Do your parents live nearby or are you from out of town?” She stopped her flurry of questions and allowed Andy to respond.

Andy and Mrs. Campbell had a nice, pleasant conversation. He found it much easier to talk to her. She appeared to be sincerely interested in him and wanted him to enjoy being within their home. He relaxed. The ease of their conversation was helpful, as Alice did not make her appearance for at least another fifteen minutes. Andy went through three of Mrs. Campbell’s brownies. She was pleased that he liked them so much.

Alice entered the room with the flourish of her mother. “Andy, hello, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting,” she said with a big smile. She had kept him waiting but he didn’t at all mind. He had been enjoying his conversation with her mother, as well as the brownies, and Alice’s arrival was worth the wait. Andy found Mrs. Campbell to be attractive but Alice was stunning. She was incredibly pretty, with sparkling green eyes and long lashes that seemed to flutter as she laughed. She was no longer dressed in her school uniform. She was now wearing a short sleeve summer dress that reached beyond her knees. It was dark blue with little pink flowers scattered throughout. The dress was not tight but the cotton fabric was thin, draping well across her breasts, which were swinging with every bit of movement. Alice’s breasts were moderate in size, but in this dress they were well displayed. The fabric seemed to wrap around each one, clinging to their roundness. He wasn’t even sure whether she was wearing a bra beneath the thin cloth, as he could clearly detect them wigging with each step and turn.

“Do you like my new dress, Andy?” Alice asked, twirling around for him, causing the skirt to rise up and her breasts to bounce. Andy gulped with discomfort, not wanting to appear that he noticed how sexy she looked yet also wanting to acknowledge her attractiveness. Mr. Campbell’s eyes widened in concern.

Andy replied, “Yes, Alice, yes, you look very pretty in it,” and that was no lie. Alice reminded everyone at school of Teri Garr in Young Frankenstein. She had wavy blonde hair and pursed lips, as if she was always getting ready for a kiss, although not really appearing to actually be aware of it. She even spoke in the high tones and naive innocence of the Inga character.

“Now, Alice, you quit that showing off, you’re making Andy uncomfortable.” Mrs. Campbell apparently noticed that Alice was being a bit of a tease yet didn’t seem to mind, or at least she also found it to be innocent fun rather than inappropriate.

Mrs. Campbell stood up, and walked them both to the front door. Mr. Campbell reminded Alice that she was to be home by 10PM as tomorrow she had classes. Alice raised her eyebrows but knew that she was not to disobey.

By the time they got to the car, Andy noticed that Alice was wearing perfume. The girls at the college were not allowed to wear perfume, and it was evident that Alice did not consider the rules to apply away from campus. Andy opened the door for her.

“Well, thank you, Andrew, it’s so nice to see that you are indeed the gentleman.” Andy even used a hand to help her get into the passenger seat. She smiled at him as she was sitting down. Her dress rode up her legs. When Andy got to the driver’s seat, he noticed right away that she had not bothered to pull down her skirt, which was now well past her knees. Her legs looked very nice in her nylons. The girls at college were required to wear white socks and Mary Janes. Here was another rule being broken away from campus.

On the way to the restaurant Alice asked Andy how he felt about her parents. “I hope daddy was friendly.”

Andy did not find him to be the least bit friendly, but he didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot. “Yes, he Alanya Escort bayan was courteous.”

Alice giggled at the carefully worded response. “Courteous? Really? He didn’t frisk you or anything did he?”

Andy laughed at that. “No, no, but I wasn’t entirely sure that he wouldn’t.”

“He can be so dictatorial.”

“Well, you are his daughter and he is worried about you,” he responded diplomatically.

“Yes, I suppose that’s true. He makes me so angry at times, but I do love him. Hey, where are we going for dinner? You said that it would be a surprise.”

Andy had indeed said so, in part because he actually had no idea of where to take her when he first asked her out. He didn’t want to suggest a place that she wouldn’t like, particularly on their first date, but he had no idea of what places she did like. However, by now he had discovered that Alice did like ethnic restaurants, and he decided to take her to an upscale Thai restaurant. “I thought perhaps we could try the Bangkok Inn”

“Andy, that’s fantastic! I have wanted to go there. That’s so cool.”

Andy was happy that he had chosen correctly.

When they arrived, however, their booth wasn’t ready. This was surprising to Andy as he had made reservations. They were not in fact even appreciably late, as he had allowed for the possibility of being delayed at Alice’s house. The maitre de told them that they could have a table by the entrance or wait another half hour for a booth to open. Alice was clearly disappointed, and Andy could feel his heart beginning to pound. He did not want to appear so impotent on their first date. The maitre de directed them to the bar to wait, although neither was in fact old enough to drink. Andy told Alice to wait by the bar while he spoke to the maitre de. When she was gone, he indicated to the maitre de that, first, there was in fact an open booth in the far corner of the restaurant (a location that was in fact highly desirable), second, that he had indeed made a reservation for a booth, and third, he admitted, or more accurately pleaded, that this was his first date and the restaurant was making him look bad.

The maitre de studied Andy for a bit, and then smiled. “Not a problem, son, we will get you a booth right away.” He waived for a busboy to come over. “What’s your name son?”

Andy didn’t know why he needed to know his name, but he was relieved that they had gotten a booth. “Andy, Andy Storr.”

“Very good, Andy, I will take care of it.” He instructed the busboy to clear the table.

Andy wasn’t sure which of his arguments worked, but at this point that hardly mattered. Andy waved for Alice to come over. She was impressed that he had gotten a table, as was he with her breasts as she pranced across the restaurant to take his arm. It was now quite evident when she moved that she was not wearing a bra. The maitre de himself stopped to appreciate that fact.

“How did you do that?” Alice exclaimed when she reached Andy. “I am so impressed. Did you slip him some money?”

“No, not at all, I just explained to him that I had made the reservation and that I was not to be treated in this manner.”

Alice leaned into his shoulder, pressing her soft breast against his arm, and smiled. “My goodness, Andy, you really are quite the man.” Her remark reminded Andy of their private moments during class when she seemed to become increasingly excited as he became increasingly assertive. She had in fact used those same precise words, although at that time with a more sexual meaning.

As they pondered the menu, Alice asked for his advice. “Andrew, what do you think we should have?”

“Well, Alice, I don’t know, perhaps we could each select an entree, and then share, unless you don’t want to, or maybe you just want to have a couple of appetizers instead of an entree, I don’t mind.” He was trying to be accommodating and open to whatever she preferred.

“Oh, well, alright then, if you don’t know.”

He recognized that she was disappointed in his tentativeness. Andy corrected himself. “No, actually, I believe that it would best if we each select an entree, and then share. I would also like to order pork satay and geow grob as appetizers. Will that be to your liking?” He couldn’t go so far as to require that she eat something she didn’t like, but his decisive approach was more appealing to her.

“Yes, I like this very much. What should be the entrees?”

“I suggest moo dang and pad thai. Both are excellent here,” pretending to be a regular customer. “Mildly spicy.”

Alice smiled. She enjoyed his assertiveness. It was again apparent to Andy that she liked men to be in charge, to be commanding.

When the food arrived it was evident that the Pad Thai was not just mildly spicy. It was very spicy. Andy did not mind himself. He actually preferred it moderately to very spicy, as long as he had a lot of water to cool off, but he knew that Alice preferred it mild. Alice however did not register a complaint. She did not feel comfortable expressing her Escort alanya objection. It would be up to Andy.

“Alice, is the Pad Thai to your liking?” Andy asked.

“Yes, it’s, uh, fine,” she exclaimed in between gulps of water.

“No,” Andy replied, “they did not provide us with our order. I’m going to have them take this back.” Andy called the waiter over. “Sir, the Pad Thai is not how we ordered it. This is very spicy and we had said mildly spicy.”

The waiter, however, disagreed. “No, I have it right here. I wrote on your order very spicy, that is what you ordered.”

“Well, then,” Andy didn’t know what to say. He was pretty sure that he had said mildly spicy. Why would he have said very spicy? He liked it very spicy but he there was no way he would have ordered it very spicy when he knew that Alice wanted it mild.

The maitre de arrived. “What is the problem, sir?” he asked, speaking to Andrew. Andy was flattered that the maitre de was referring to him as ‘sir,’ as he was clearly barely out of high school whereas the maitre de was a grown man. Andy explained the situation to him.

“Our mistake, Mr. Storr, please let us provide you with another serving that is more to your liking.” Alice was quite impressed with that. The maitre de was referring to Andy as “Mr. Storr.”

“Billy,” the maitre de said, speaking to the waiter, “Bring Mr. Storr another serving, in fact an extra serving, and be sure that it is mildly spicy this time.” He turned to Andy, “I am most sorry, Mr. Storr, we have twice disappointed you. I personally guarantee that it will not happen again. If there is anything that you need or wish, please do not hesitate to inform me.” He made sure his back was toward Alice and winked at Andy. “I will come back later to check personally that we are serving you to your satisfaction.” He then departed.

Alice was beaming. “My goodness, my man is such a ‘take charge’ guy.” She smiled at him. She took a sip of her soda and said quietly, looking down at her plate, “Are you going to take charge with me?”

Andy blinked. The reference seemed clear enough but he wasn’t so sure that he was hearing it correctly. He didn’t respond.

The maitre de was true to his word. He returned later in the meal, when they were ordering deserts, asking Andy, or actually, “Mr. Storr,” whether everything was to his satisfaction. It was clear to Andy that he was doing his best to help him impress Alice, and it appeared to be effective.

Alice was enjoying her date immensely. She liked men to be strong in their behavior, to be masculine, assertive, aggressive. She wanted to feel that she would be taken care of, protected, and, to her, a man that took charge of situations, that commanded respect and submission from those around him, would protect her

As they were departing the restaurant, the maitre de met them at the door. Speaking to Andy, “I hope you enjoyed your meal, Mr. Storr, and I hope we can count on you to remain one of our most valued guests. If I can serve you again, please let me know.”

During their ride home Alice let Andy know how impressed she had been. “Well, Mr. Storr, is there any way I can serve you?”

The implication was again clear. Andy cleared his throat. He knew that if he was to win Alice’s heart he would have to be forceful and decisive. “Alice, don’t begin something you can’t finish.”

Alice turned toward Andy as he was driving the car. “What makes you think I can’t finish?” She smiled flirtatiously, although ineffectively, as his eyes were on the traffic. Andy pushed his luck. “I am not a man to be trifled with, Alice, ” speaking in his best authoritative voice.

“I don’t imagine you are, Mr. Storr.” Alice unbuckled her shoulder harness and seat belt, and slid over next to him. She placed her left hand on his thigh.

Andy jumped at the touch, causing him to accelerate the car a bit too close to the cab in front. “Alice, we are in a moving automobile, and it’s against the law for you not to be wearing your seat belt.” However, he admitted to himself that he enjoyed the closeness of her body, the scent of her perfume, as well as the touch of her fingers.

Alice giggled. “Are you sure you want me to move away?” She shifted her position so that she was facing toward him, and brought her right hand to the crotch of his pants. She lightly traced her fingers along the cloth, searching for a reaction. It didn’t take long. She could feel a bulge beginning to form.

Andy concentrated on his driving, but it wasn’t easy. Alice was leaning in to him, pressing her left breast into his shoulder. Even more enticing were her fingers, lightly tracking his slowly developing erection.

Alice leaned in closer. She brought her fingers to the zipper of his slacks, and pulled it down.

Andy looked through his rear view mirror, as well as quickly surveying the traffic in the left lane and in front. No signs of any police. He shifted his position to offer her more room.

Alice smiled, and blew softly into his neck. She reached inside his pants. Andy was wearing boxers, and it wasn’t difficult for her to handle his cock through the loose fabric of his shorts. She enjoyed the feel of his thickening rod. It was neat to realize that she was making him get bigger and bigger. She drew her fingers up and down his stiffness.

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