The Lion’s Den

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*This story is loosely based on a variety of real places and real people.*

This is my story. It involves all those things you don’t want your kids reading. Sex, passion, orgasms, love, power, control, pain, and strength. My story begins in my first year as a cub at the Lion’s Den. I know you’re wondering. The Lion’s Den is a legalized brothel house. We are the highest of the high. If you want the best sex you’ve ever had for as long as you can stand it, then the Lion’s Den is for you. We are a hotel/brothel house and we offer our customers a place to stay at a high cost. A basic night at the Lion’s Den with one of the cubs costs a four-figure amount, which varies.

The girls who enjoy this type of work are a little cheaper however, for girls like me who are saving up for a college education, cost more. Plus, some of us girls are a little pickier in our resumes. Julianne, my close friend here, will fuck absolutely any guy who flashes his wad of cash at her. I on the other hand, will only sleep with regulars, guys who are clean, and some of the famous people. Dennis knows this and he’s fine with it.

Dennis Hof is our boss, and our Lion, as we are his cubs. He’s the owner and operator of the Lion’s Den and he’s our personal bodyguard. Some of the rooms have recently been wired for surveillance so he can keep an eye out for the troublemakers. Just last year, a cub was attacked, choked, and thrown against a wall. For Dennis, our protection is number one otherwise we couldn’t bring in the men.

Sometimes we get women too. Couples come in, hoping for a new experience with the privacy. Here at the Lion’s Den, we value our client’s privacy and try to uphold that in our everyday actions. We don’t let a lot of outside media in, and we keep high profile people on the down low. Otherwise the rich married doctors and lawyers wouldn’t continue to visit and we’d lose a lot of our famous crowd.

Our location helps us to attract many famous people. We are located a little ways north of Las Vegas, Nevada, and roughly about 6 hours from any large city in California. The stars love it here. We are within driving distance for a nice weekend getaway and we are not in a populated area with lots of media and news. Most of the media concentrates their work on the city of Vegas.

So back to my story. I had been working at the Lion’s Den for about five months, since I had moved here from New Hampshire, looking for an easy way to pay for college. I had seen on the internet, that the Lion’s Den was looking for cubs. Young cubs that could appeal to a younger crowd as well as an older crowd. They were looking for fresh meat. Well since being a cub didn’t involve stripping up on stage with stripper poles, I was interested. I could pleasure a guy easily. I couldn’t get up on a stage and dance. How hard was it to give a guy a blowjob or a handjob. It took no emotion. It was just a physical motion, repeated until orgasm occurred. I figured I could do it. It was only after I had started when I realized what I had gotten myself into.

Fucking was involved. Most clients demanded it. I had been a virgin when I had started. But in order to stay here I had to agree to sex. I couldn’t turn down the money and I assumed I wouldn’t be here long. In my mind, I was going to remain a virgin until I had made love to someone that I had wanted to and not because I was paid to. I was stuck here and only time would tell before I would find my way out.

He came in one evening with a group of four other guys. They were well dressed and accompanying them was one very tall large guy, who almost appeared to be a bodyguard of sorts. I wondered if they were famous but they looked too young. They seemed shy and uneasy as what to do. Julianne recognized the big guy and wrapped her arms around him.

“You looking for yourself tonight Mark?” She purred into his ear while standing on tiptoe. She was lucky we all wore platform heels. She never would have reached him any other way.

“Hey baby. Maybe a little.” He growled in her mouth as his lips met hers. “I am actually here for my friends. Andrew’s birthday brought us. We gotta make a man outta him.” Mark laughed, pulling Julianne down on his lap. My eyes gazed the four young guys, landing on who must’ve been Andrew since his face was reddening from a blush. He seemed very uncomfortable and probably didn’t want to be here. We saw it a lot. Guys dragged in by their friends, looking to get laid. Chances were he wasn’t even 21 yet. Maybe he’d just turned 18. He was tall and very slim. He wore tight black dress pants with a white belt and black boots. His shirt was blue and made of silk. His brown hair was spiked up a little into a punk hairdo and he wore black eyeliner around his brown eyes. His creamy brown eyes. They stood out like headlights to me. Our gazes met and my stomach jumped into my throat. God he was gorgeous. I had seen some good-looking clients before but never anyone like this.

I trailed my eyes over his other three friends. They were dressed a little more casual. Anadolu Yakası Escort One was wearing blue skinny jeans and a green hoodie. He too had spunky hair and wore eyeliner. Dark hair and dark eyes like Andrew. Another dark haired guy wore blue jeans with sneakers, and a t-shirt with Philadelphia written across it. He was not wearing any eyeliner and neither was the only blonde guy of the group. He wore black jeans with a green t-shirt and a black hoodie over that. Andrew was by far, the best looking of the group of four and almost looked like the youngest since he seemed so innocent and shy.

“What are you doing Megan?” I head Dennis’ voice in my ear. I looked up at him and stood from the bar stool I had been on.

“Um-” I stammered.

“That’s The Clovers. They are a very popular band from San Diego. Get over there and take care of them.” Dennis put his hand on the small of my back and led me over to them. My black heels clicked on the floor and I found myself glancing down at them. With them I was wearing black fishnet stockings, a purple silk skirt that flowed loosely around my upper thighs, a long sleeve light purple silk shirt that bunched up around my breasts since it was v-neck and threatened to spill my breasts out of it.

“Mark. So glad you could make it.” Dennis shook hands with Mark and Mark proceeded to introduce everyone.

“This is Andrew, the birthday boy.” The same one I had already assumed. He introduced Brian as the other brunette wearing makeup. Peter was the blonde and the last brunette sans makeup was Adam.

“Excellent. Nice to meet you boys. Julianne and Megan,” He pushed me forward, “will be taking care of you tonight. Anything you need just let them know.” Dennis walked away greeting two more clients who had come in.

“I haven’t seen you here before.” Mark’s eyes checked me out.

“I’m new.” I cleared my throat and swallowed. I couldn’t be shy now. I had a job to do. “So how old are you Andrew?” I wrapped an arm around his small waist and tried to avoid his eyes.

“Just turned 21.” I saw his eyes linger on my breasts before glancing over at Brian and sighing.

“Your friends want you to have a good time tonight huh?” My fingers found the skin between the rim of his pants and his shirt and I gently rubbed his skin.

“He needs to lose his virginity.” Peter mumbled loudly while checking out every girl within a ten-foot radius.

“Shut up Peter!” Andrew yelled and glanced back at me. “This wasn’t my idea. Let’s just put it that way.”

“I understand. Why don’t you come with me? We’ll get you a drink.” I veered Andrew away from the others.

“Hang on.” Mark maneuvered Julianne off his lap and came over to me. “We need to discuss payment.”

“Oh my god.” Andrew rolled his eyes and looked down at the floor. I had noticed though that he had put his arm around me. He hadn’t tried to squiggle away.

“What do you want for the birthday boy?” I asked as we walked back over to the bar.

“The works.” Mark beamed.

“How long are you staying?” I asked and ordered myself a Shirley Temple with Ginger Ale. It always settled my stomach. Andrew watched the bartender make the drink and I heard him ask,

“Is there alcohol in that?”

“Nope. Ginger Ale and Cherry Juice.”

“I’ll have that too.” Andrew nodded and the continued glaring at Mark.

“Just overnight.” We’ve got a show tomorrow in Reno.”

“A show?” Oh right. Dennis said you guys were a band?” I asked.

“We are.” Andrew suddenly perked up.

“It’ll be about 8. For the whole night…and everything.” I went high knowing I wouldn’t be making any other money. Plus if they were a band, they could afford it.

“You make it worth his while, I’ll give you 10.” Brian came up from behind Mark and piped in. “We’re all going in on it. Why not. Plus it’ll be like all of us getting something.”

“Bri-” Andrew protested.

“You guys aren’t getting girls of your own?” I asked.

“Well I am.” Mark laughed. “Peter might too. Horny bastard. Adam’s got a serious girlfriend.”

“And I have a girlfriend too. Her name is Erin. I get everything I need from her.” Brian beamed with excitement. “Can I get a vodka and red bull?” He asked the bartender.

“Well enjoy your evening boys. Andrew will be in my room with me. If you need to reach him it’s room 14. You ready?”

Andrew grabbed his drink off the bar and followed me down the hall. He was angry, nervous, embarrassed and scared. I could read them off his body language.

“So how much are they paying? 10? 10 what?” Andrew stopped when we arrived at room 14.

“Ten grand.” I answered and I heard him choke on his drink. “You ok?”

“Ten grand? To be with you for the night?” Andrew’s eyes widened.

“Don’t think I’m worth it?” I chuckled, “well when everything is involved and the entire night is involved it costs a lot more because most guys only take an hour or two. So I could be with numerous guys tonight and make probably about that much.”

I saw Andrew grimace and Kartal Escort I led him in my room. Each girl has her own specified room. She gets to decorate it to her own liking so that she feels most comfortable. These rooms were used for long-time clients or all nighters. Most quick clients received a normal plain suite.

“So you’ve been with a ton of guys I bet.” Andrew looked around at my room. I followed his gaze. It was decorated in purples and greens. My two favorite colors. The bed was a large king size four-poster bed with sheer panels that enveloped the bed into a cocoon. A large white marble fireplace centered the eye and there was a sitting area with a television and large oversize sofa for cuddling or relaxing. In the corner of the room was a two person Jacuzzi with candles, scented oils and soaps. The Jacuzzi had a small waterfall that fell from above, filling the tub. There were no windows but I had the walls decorated to give the room an open and outside feel. There was a mural of the ocean on the wall behind the bed and the ceiling was decorated dark blue with small white stars. They glowed when the lights were off, much like the kits that you had when you were a kid, only much more sophisticated.

I walked around the room, lighting candles that were scattered on shelves. Andrew dropped a small bag onto the sofa that I hadn’t noticed he was carrying and stared into the roaring fire. I smiled, pleased that someone had come in and gotten the fire going. It was toasty warm and it smelled nice. If I could’ve spent my entire waking moments in this room I would’ve.

“Well, since I’m new I haven’t been with a lot of guys. I’m only here temporarily until I get enough money to support myself through college. Dennis knows I am picky so I don’t get a lot of sex clients, and if I do they have to be clean. And I prefer repeat customers because then I don’t feel like the sex is so meaningless. So anyways I mostly do lap dances, blowjobs, hand jobs and let the guy pleasure me. I have had sex though.” I sighed and sat down across from Andrew on the couch facing the one he was sitting on.

“You don’t seem too happy.” Andrew’s eyes met mine again and he looked away quickly back at the fire.

“I’m not. I thought I would be happy here but I’m not. I like some of the people but I don’t enjoy what I do to my morals, my values, and my body.”

“Mmhmm.” Andrew nodded.

“So you are in a band?” I asked trying to change the subject.

“Yeah. I play guitar and I write the lyrics.” Andrew smiled for the first time since I had met him. He leaned back against the sofa and entwined his fingers across one knee.

“That’s awesome. You guys are famous?” I watched his fingers and became entranced. He had long strong fingers and I couldn’t stop thinking about how good they would feel inside me. I actually wanted to have a sexual experience with him. It made me giddy and excited inside.

“Yeah. We just came out with our second album. We’re doing a few shows around here and then we are going to take a little more time off before our next headlining tour.” Andrew gazed at the fire entranced.

“That’s something to be very proud of Andrew.” I moved over to the couch he was sitting on and touched his leg. I saw his large Adams apple move as he swallowed.

“Yeah. So how’s this work?” Andrew looked at me and I could see the panic in his eyes.

“However you want it to work. There are no cameras or wires in here. If all you want to do is sit here and talk all night, then that’s what we’ll do.”

“We don’t have to…you know?” Andrew’s eyes searched mine.

“No. If you don’t want to. Your friends said to make it worth your while. So whatever you think is worth your while is what I’ll do.” I smiled at him, knowing that some guys did come to the Lion’s Den for companionship.

“That’s true.” He smiled sarcastically and relaxed. “I like your way of thinking. Don’t you ever get sick of doing what the guy wants? Don’t you ever want to tell the guy what to do to you?” Andrew asked.

I thought for a moment and answered. “Yes sometimes. Sometimes I get a guy that is more interested in pleasing me than getting pleasure, but most guys are more interested in their own orgasm than anything else.”

“Hmmm. I’m sorry. I would want you to have just as much pleasure as I got.” Andrew nodded still gazing at the fire.

“Then you would be a good lover.” I stood up and walked over to the stereo.

“Thanks Megan.” Andrew watched me move as I walked and I felt empowered more than ever before.

“You want to listen to some music? I like to listen to Enya when I’m trying to relax.”

“Yeah. I like Enya. I listen to her when I’m trying to write sometimes.” Andrew stood up and brushed his hands on his pants. I pressed play on the CD player and returned to Andrew.

“Let me know if you get hungry or anything. We can order room service if you’d like.” I watched Andrew’s tight little butt as he walked over to the Jacuzzi.

“Ok thanks. Where’s the water come from?” Andrew Maltepe Escort leaned over the Jacuzzi.

“It comes from above. See the spout at the top? It comes down like a waterfall. That’s why there’s the glass enclosure so the water doesn’t splash everywhere.”

“Oh my god that’s amazing. I’m a little obsessed with water. It’s so tranquil to me. Fire too…in case you hadn’t noticed.” Andrew laughed and touched the spout.

“You want to get in?” It’s very relaxing. I can set up some oil or bubbles?”

“Um…ok I guess. I don’t have anything to wear.” Andrew looked down at his clothes.

“Well, usually you go in naked. But if you aren’t comfortable, just wear your boxers…if you wear them.” I slid out of my heels and began peeling off my stockings.

“Are you going in…naked?” Andrew watched me begin undressing.

“Sure if that’s ok with you.” I touched his chest as I walked by and I poured some bubbles into the bottom of the tub and turned on the water. When it was just warm enough I turned back to face Andrew who was ever so slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

“Yeah that’s fine.” He nodded and I saw the blush rising again from his neck and ears. I slipped off my skirt and then pulled my shirt off over my head. I faced him in my white bra and matching lacy panties and he coughed with embarrassment and looked away.

“Your friends are paying for it. You might as well enjoy something.” I giggled and unhooked my bra letting it land with the rest of my clothes. My D-cup breasts sagged from their own weight and I glanced down noticing my nipples were rock hard. Andrew’s attention was focused back on me intently and I saw his eyes watching my fingers as I began sliding down my underwear. I heard a small moan escape his lips when my underwear exposed my shaved pussy. I always left a little strip however. I kicked off the underwear and put my hands on my hips. Andrew had completely stopped undoing his buttons.

“Do you need some help Andrew?” I laughed gently.

“Um…maybe. You-” He stopped talking altogether, his lips parted.

“Here, let me help you.” I walked over to him and his eyes watched my breasts bounce as I walked. Without my heels I was only a few inches shorter than him. I placed my hands over his and began unbuttoning his buttons.

“You have a beautiful body.” Andrew blushed and looked over at the water pouring down into the tub.

“Thanks Andrew. I’d like to see yours.” I whispered and placed his hands on my waist. I felt his guitar rough fingers gently move over my skin very softly.

“Your skin is so soft.” He whispered quietly and I could barely hear him speak over the gentle Celtic sounds of Enya.

“And you have a very low sexy voice, Andrew.” When the buttons were all unbuttoned, I slipped his shirt from his chest and let it fall down off his shoulders. He shrugged out of it and then replaced his hands on my waist.

“You can touch me wherever you want.” My eyes met his and I could see the desire building.

“Ok.” He nodded and looked down at my hands as they went to his belt. He quickly moved away from me and sat on the bed. I watched his upper body as he moved. He was too skinny to have a typical jock’s six-pack, but you could tell he played guitar. The muscles in his shoulders were well defined and the muscles down his back were toned and refined. He had just the slightest bit of hair on his chest and around his nipples. His stomach was taut and lean and dipped inwards showing off his hipbone. The dip led towards his pants and was inviting. I wanted to see what it looked like without his pants.

He bent over and unzipped his boots, sliding them off and setting them next to the bed. He pulled his socks off and then stood back up. He smirked at me and said; “I think I can do it from here.” I bit my lip and he pouted. “Oh. You want to do it don’t you?” Andrew sauntered over to me and held his arms out. “Be my guest.”

I smiled and grabbed his belt buckle. I heard his breathing increase and I undid the belt clasp, pulling his belt from the loops. I let it drop to the floor and unbuttoned his dress pants. I slid the zipper down and Andrew’s hands reached over my arms and he touched my breasts. His large long fingers were placed perfectly across my large breasts and he gave them a slight squeeze before exhaling heavily and dropping his hands.

“You know I don’t mind if you touch them.” I let out a soft moan and began inching Andrew’s pants down his thighs. He nodded, but linked his arms behind him. I left his boxers in case he was still uncomfortable and wanted to wear them. When his pants were low enough he kicked out of them. “God you are cute.” I giggled playfully and took his hand. I led him over to the Jacuzzi, which was filling slowly since the water was only on a little bit. I turned the knob all the way so that the water pressure was on high and stepped into the tub. The water hit my back and shoulders and began cascading down my body. Andrew’s eyes watched the water as it ran along my body and then his eyes met mine. Sparks flew again and I had to smile, make a joke or look away in order to control my urges. Our eyes seemed to be having an affair all their own without our minds or bodies being invited. I felt like I was somewhere else when our eyes met. My own private getaway. The getaway guy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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