The Lodge Pt. 07

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No sooner had Abbey left than I got a call from security, and Uncle Glenn was at the gate and wanted to talk with me. I did not know all our relatives, Mom was an only child and Dad died young, we had never met his relations, they were spread out over the country he said. I did know he had 5 brothers, but I had no idea who they were.

“Bring him up to my office,” I told them. I let Brian know we apparently had a relative coming up. He joined me in my office as we awaited his arrival.

When they brought him in, it was not just him, it was his wife, two girls and two guys. I introduced myself and Brian and asked them to follow me to the conference room, we did not have enough chairs in my office for everyone.

We sat and Uncle Glenn introduced himself, his wife Margret, daughters Ally and Lynn and sons Matt and Marty.

“I heard about you from Randy’s and Abbey’s Dad, one of my other brothers.” Uncle Glenn said. “Just call me Glenn. Guess Randy was a handful. Not surprised. Abbey is the only one who turned out right.”

“She just left before you arrived” I commented.

“I figured you have lots of questions,” Glenn continued. He had taken out a sheet of paper with what looked like a family tree. “Our parents told us of a prophecy they had been given. They would have 5 sons and the five sons when they married were to have 4 children. One family would have 5 but only through 4 births. We now know that to be your family, 3 girls and twin boys. That family would be the Alpha. It said they would live well past 100 years of age, your family,” he said looking at Brian and me. “Speaking of you two, you would rise to be some of the wealthiest men in the world and would provide for the family with employment opportunities so the rest of us would not be unemployed. They also would bring many into the world by fathering children through their sisters and cousins. We were told our daughters must remain virgins until that time comes when you would bed them.”

“Seems a bit unbelievable,” I said looking around the room as if everyone else seemed to have no doubts.

“I have written it down here,” Glenn replied. “The prophecy as dad explained it to us boys, and a tree which shows the linage from them. I kept track of everyone including your family. Randy’s family is the only one that did not have 4 children. They seemed to have been cursed in life as a result.”

I took the paper, read through it, looking at the family line.

“I contacted the other two families, and they are headed this way. In fact, one of your cousins is already here, Dennis Smith. His dad kicked him out of the house for being gay, which he is not, he is bi-sexual as is every child according to the prophecy. Some may lean one way or the other, but they are all bi. His dad is coming to apologize to him and both of you. If you think I have made this up and we are not related, we will offer to do a blood test which will show our DNA.”

“Not to be skeptical, we have a lot of people who come and make claims, not as far out as this one, so I need a couple of stands of your hair, our lab can check it with our DNA. Hope you’re not offended, but we have a lot at stake with this development.” I said.

Glenn pulled out a few strands, I put them in an envelope and had Brian take them to our lab and wait to get the results. In the meantime, we talked about life in general, the development we were part of and the future. I had ordered lunch for everyone while he was out.

“He is our uncle,” Brian said when he came back in. Lunch was just being delivered and set up by our servers.

“We heard through Randy your sisters might already be pregnant.” Glenn commented as he started in on his salad. “We are hoping you could make love to our daughters tonight; they boys have been wanting to get their cocks in them but cannot until they are pregnant. We want to keep all our children in the family, which I am sure is how you feel. In fact, if you read all through the prophecy, it says they cannot get pregnant except by the family, and the boys in the family cannot get anyone pregnant who is not a family member. In both your cases, the reason for long life is you are the main seed for the family, so you will be busy for a long time, when the girls turn 18, you will continue for generations to be the one who impregnates them first. After the first child, other family members, Uncles and cousins, can seed them.”

“I like your red jock,” Alley said and Lynn nodded in agreement. We explained the rules for the Lodge, naked or clothing and for town, clothing no nudity except in your home.

“So much to take in,” I said as we finished lunch. “You’re welcome to tour the grounds, looks like the girls can just look, but for the rest enjoy. You can change in one of our bedrooms here for now, we will put you up at our house in town.”

“I just called down, and the girls have an appointment at the Spa for the afternoon, nails, toes, massage and wax are available.” Brian said. “I will take you down, sahibe escort it’s all covered so not expense.”

When five came, we got everyone into the elevator and rode down to the entrance.

“If you give me your car key, we will have someone drive your car over to the house.” I said to Glenn.

Terry had the luggage loaded in the trunk and off we went to the house. Nice to have a limo with all the room. Driving through town people waved as we went by. They never saw who was in the limo with the smoked windows, they knew it was our car, so we probably were inside.

Terry drove around the family townhouses, 12 townhouses on each side making a square with swimming pool and lawn on the inside not viewable from the street.

“This is where we have townhomes for family members. We will take care of this tomorrow. One of our staff will come over with the necessary forms and wristbands to unlock your door. “I said as we rounded the corner to our house.

Terry pulled into the underground garage then opened the doors for us. “Tonight, you will stay here, we have plenty of rooms on the second floor, our housekeeper has made sure everything is ready and dinner will be served in about 30 minutes after you have time to freshen up.” I let them know.

Their luggage was delivered to their rooms, and they prepared dinner. Brian and I went upstairs and put on a robe as we did not know how they would feel seeing us nude at the dinner table. At the dinner table we had gifts for everyone, the guys, a blue jock strap, and the gals including their mother, a red teddy.

They thanked us after they opened them. They had come to dinner dressed semi-formal. When they saw us, they felt overdressed. The boys excused themselves and went back to their rooms and came out with the jockstraps on. The girls excused themselves and came back with their teddies on. Our Aunt and Uncle stayed in their attire.

Dinner was New York strips, broccoli and corn along with a salad and ice cream for dessert. We talked about the work they did back home in Florida and thought of ideas as to how we could employ them here. We explained our pay package and compensation which is said was way more than they made currently. We let them know when the girls gave birth, they would have a nanny for the first 5 years to help them.

When dinner was cleared, we invited them to join us in our bedroom on the third floor.

“You want us to watch?” Glenn asked, surprised.

“Yes, we have chairs so you can see the conception of your grandchild. We will also have the boys help us, although they will not be penetrating their sisters, just a fun time while it happens. We have been looking forward to this all day. Clothing is optional.” I informed him.

“Brian. I just got a call from Abbey; she got home, and her parents told her she was welcome, Randy told them she was walking around nude. I put her up at the Holiday Inn Express by the airport, we have the plane for tomorrow so she will be back here in the afternoon.”

“That’s too bad, we will have her stay here a couple of days to get settled.” Brian responded headed into our Master bedroom.

Everyone joined us in the bedroom, we had the girls take off their teddies and the boys their jockstraps. The parents took up two armchairs by the bed.

Brian and going to start with Ally, Matt, you can join him, and I will make love to Lynn and Marty can join me. Guys, we are going to be the once fucking but you are welcome to do anything you want except fuck the girls.” I instructed everyone.

We turned the lights down, and lit candles around the room as the six of us climbed onto the bed.

We started with them on their backs, Brian and I kissed them while their brothers played with their tits. Our tongues slide into their mouths, exchanging our spit as we tangled out tongues. I was already getting hard just from the start of our foreplay. Moving down Lynn’s neck, I sucked and lapped as I found her tits, so round and firm. I suckled one tit, then the other, Marty had worked down his sister’s body to play with her vagina, finger fucking her. The action was similar for Brian and Matt as we worked in sync to please the girls.

Both Matt and Marty had found their clit as the girls wiggles and bounced, attaining their first climax of the night. Brian and I worked our way down to their sweet spot, the boys went up by their heads and pushed their cocks into their mouths and face fucked them.

“Oh, yeah,” Lynn moaned as I took her clit with my tongue, having lapped at her folds until I found it. “That is so hot, I could let you lick me all night.”

“Oh my God,” she said as I started to push my cock into her. I felt her hymen giving me some resistance slowly pushed into her, until I could feel it tear and saw some blood on my cock when I pulled back, a little running down onto the sheets. “Ouch,” she said then moaned with pleasure as I had found myself all the way in. They had sahibe escort bayan waxed all their hair off at the spa, it was an awesome feeling being against her.

The boys were now at the end of the bed, giving each other a blow job as we made love to their sisters. I had pulled Lynn’s legs up on my shoulders accessing her beautiful love tunnel, my balls slapping against her skin as I thrust in and out. I glanced over to Brian, and he was lusting as he fucked Ally. We asked the girls to get on their knees so we could come at their Vagina from behind.

They were eager to comply, Alley asked if we could do this every night. We told both of them, their brothers and dad would be able to after 6 weeks when we knew they were pregnant.

Brian and I got on our knees, leaned forward and thrust our cocks back deep inside. The next thing I knew, the boys were behind us, rimming our asses.

“Wow guys, that is hot, didn’t expect that.” I said while I stroked in and out of Lynn. It seemed like there was a chorus of animalistic noises coming from the bedroom as the six of us fucked away.

The girls had both started to climax again, and the boys had lubed their cocks and rammed them into us as we fucked their sisters.

“We have watched a lot of porn before we came,” Matt said as he took Brian balls to the wall, matching his tempo as Brian fucked Matt’s sister.

Within minutes, all six of us were cumming. The girls climaxed, Brian and I shot our loads down their channel seeding them and the boys unloaded in our asses.

We changed places, I had Ally with Marty, and Brian and Matt started anew with Lynn. We asked the boys to lay faceup on the bed, and the girls to lay atop them, their legs laying over the edge of the bed. Lubing their cocks, we had them slide into the girls’ asses while Brian and I got on top.

Brian and I got to the end of the bed and inserted our penises into their vagina. We got a great tempo going, the girls once again climaxed as we shot our loads into their channel, our balls banging against their ass and the boy’s cock as they pumped away from below. They came quickly as well. Getting up and taking our place at the end of the bed, they lapped away at our cum which was dripping out. We went up to the girls and had them suck off our cocks to clean us up.

“I can’t wait to fuck my daughters,” their dad said as we all got off the bed.

“You and the boys have access to their asses,” I told them. “You liked that didn’t you girls?”

Can you take us in your room and fuck our ass tonight?” Ally asked, wanted more.

“Me too,” Lynn said.

“Boys, I will meet you in your room, and you can fuck your Mommy.” their mom said to them.

They quickly left and headed to their room on the second floor, Brian and I changed the sheets and went to bed. Our plan was to have them over every day and fuck them in the morning until we knew they were pregnant since they had not tracked their cycle like our sisters had.

If what Glenn said was true, and we believed him, we were going to be two busy guys along with the entertainment we did at the Lodge.

Tomorrow Abbey makes it back; we were sorry her parents responded the way they did. Brian had already made love to her with a condom, tomorrow night we both would make love to her with the intent of getting her pregnant as well. Then the rest of the family was enroute and our mom and sisters returning, my oh my. We had to let Dennis know he was related, a cousin we had not known about, and the prophecy which was to bring his parents to apologize for kicking him out and his two sisters and brother to be part of our family unit.

I kissed Brian goodnight; tomorrow was another day.

We woke to a knocking on our bedroom door. The girls came in and climbed into our bed.

“Our brothers could not get enough of fucking our ass last night, we want your cocks in our vagina now.” Alley announced to us as we were still waking up. They pulled the sheets down and they both began to suck our cocks and play with our balls.

They straddled our legs. Ass to our face, sliding back and placing our cock at their love entrance. I watched my cock slide through Lynn’s folds as she came back and forth riding me.

“Oh, this is too much,” I said, “You’re going to make me cum.” I told her. All she did was moan as I continued to watch her cunt slide back and forth on my cock.

“Oh my God, baby,” I moaned, “Oh my god, fuck me baby. Yeah, what a beautiful ass. Oh yeah. You are so fucking good, baby.”

I pulled out and had her get on her knees at the bed’s edge. I ran my finger through her folds until I found her clit, then as she moaned and quivered, slammed my cock back in. As my cock rode inside her, I had my thumb slide up her ass and massage her insides.

“Oh, I am going to fucking cum, here it comes, yeah, you make me feel so fucking good.” I pulled out and my cum dribbled out of her onto the sheets. I looked over escort sahibe at Brian and he was at about the same stage, shooting his load deep inside Ally.

I slapped Lynn’s ass and said, “okay girls, we have to get to work. We re-read the prophecy and it says once we fuck you, you will be pregnant, our seed is that potent. So you are free to fuck your brothers and dad all you want. Of course, we look forward to continuing our fucking with you as well.”

Off they went downstairs to their rooms. Brian and I dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. Met their parents’ downstairs informed them one of our assistants would be over in an hour or so to get them set up with housing and discuss employment. That the girls were free to fuck anyone, we were assured according to the papers they gave us yesterday, the were already pregnant, so dad, you are free to take them as well, and mom, we hope the boys have fun fucking you.”

When the boys came down with their sisters, we could tell they had already fucked. The boys asked, “When do we get our weekly allowance?”

“What?” I asked.

“We need money to live.” Matt told us.

“Everyone works here. We will have our assistant talk to you about some employment opportunities. You all get your separate townhouse to live at since you are adults, it will be right next to each other in the building we drove by yesterday. If you want extra spending money today, come with us to The Lodge, we are doing an orientation for new guests starting today and we need someone to demonstrate for us. Get something to eat, wear your blue jockstrap under your jeans. We leave in 30 minutes. The rest wait here until our assistants arrive. They will also give you $1000 each for the grocery store to stock your pantry, spices and all can be expensive. A gift from Brian and I”.

Terry drove us back to The Lodge. We went up to our bedroom and put on a clean red jockstrap, had the boys leave their clothes except for the jock, and went down to the dining room where a stage had been set up at one end, and the room was packed with guests for our first orientation, something we planned to have daily following Dennis comments to us on how he didn’t know how to get started so didn’t do anything and had a bad day. A bad day we did not want.

We introduced ourselves to the guests. Dennis had also joined us on stage.

“We know you all came here to have a good time; can I say, you all want a sexual encounter?” I asked the guests who were hooting and clapping at my comment. “We know some people just don’t know how to get started, so Dennis, Matt and Marty are going to demonstrate and if you follow what they show you, you will leave a satisfied person.”

“You might have been to a place where you thought you were going to get laid, but all that happened is everyone walked around and, well, nothing happened. First, when you are walking around and you see someone you might have interest in, you need to approach them. If they do this…” The three boys covered their penis with their hands, “then they are not interested, walk away. If they don’t…I need three volunteers from our guests…(two girls and a boy got up in the front row and took the stage. The girls went to Matt and Marty, the guy to Dennis)…you need to walk up and run their shoulders. The boys began to run the shoulders of our guest) … if there is no resistance, began to kiss them.”

The six on stage began to kiss which turned into a deep passionate time of kissing. We had three single beds on the stage, turned sideways so everyone could see. The boys lowered their partners down on the bed and continued to kiss. The four boys were fully erect at this point in the demonstration. Everyone’s hands were feeling each other up as well.

Matt’s partner went down on her knees and began to suck Matt’s cock. Rolling her tongue around his head and squeezing his balls. Marty’s wasted no time, and had his partner on her back, her legs up on his shoulders and after applying lube to her cunt and his cock, was fucking her deep, his balls slapping against her skin as they both moaned away with pleasure.

Dennis and his partner were sixty-nine on the bed.

“As you see, we have found willing partners to experience time with.” I said to the guests while the action continued on the beds. “We have buildings like the longhouse where you can use a bed, perhaps some of you have rooms here in the lodge, cabin or yurts. The sauna and steam rooms are also places to hook up. Or take a hike on the trails, we have places where we have benches where you can lay and play. The possibilities almost seem endless. Talk to your partner about birth control, condoms are for sale in the gift shop along with other pleasure stimuli.

I looked across the beds, Matt and Marty were shooting their loads up the volunteers’ cunts and Dennis and his partner were enjoying shooting down each other’s throats then back to kissing.

“Let’s give our volunteers a hand,” I said as everyone started hooting again and clapping. “If you need further help, the guys will be walking around the grounds throughout the day, feel free to ask them to help you hook-up. We hope this has been beneficial.

Everyone clapped as the staff took the sheets off the bed and people departed hopefully to practice what we had just taught them.

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