The Long Weekend Ch. 24

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Early Sunday Evening

“I think I’ll take a coke if you don’t mind.” Danny called out to Jr. who was half way to the house. “Can you get me one as well, Jr.” echoed Brice. “As an old married man, I know how long women take to get dressed. I’m going to go in to say good-bye in case we leave before they come down because I’ll be leaving for home right after dinner at Beth’s.” Meanwhile in the bedroom Kathy and Anne are looking at what they might wear. “Danny had me bring this short skirt with the three full-length slits. Two openings on the sides and one on the front or back depending on you put it on. That might fit you. You could also wear the latex stretch top and bottom that I bought at Maggie’s shop on the way up.” suggested Annie.

“Oh, I saw some of them at today’s fashion show. I’d love to try one of her new outfits.”

“Before we do, there is some great sun lotion in the bathroom that I think we should use. We got a lot of sun today. Let’s rub that in before we get dressed.” Annie suggested, unbuttoning her dress and stepping out of it in front of Kathy.

While in the kitchen, Jr., saw Brice come in and go upstairs. Wondering what all that is about, he put down the cokes and followed silently after him. He watched as Brice knocked uber quietly on the Annie’s bedroom door before quietly entering. Jr. waited a few seconds before he did the same. Peeking through crack in the bedroom door frame, not sure what to do, he hesitated before he felt compelled to trail Brice and see what is up.

“Annie. Kathy. I’ve come to say good-bye……………….aah.” Brice started to say but was silenced by the sight of two naked gorgeous women spreading oil over each others slightly sun-burnt bodies.

“Brice, you’re supposed to knock. Those are your rules.” scolded Annie.

“I did knock, just not very loudly, I’m sorry. Don’t let me stop you, this is so sexy. I just wanted to say good-bye and thank you for letting Jr. come and for coming yourself. I’m heading straight back after dinner at Beth’s. Can we catch up in the city? I know that Barbara would love to meet you and Sr.” he gushed as his eyes never left the four hands that were swirling over their bodies, coating them with the glistening milky lotion.

“Oh Brice, that’s true, your off to dinner, then home and we are out to dinner. How thoughtless of me. I had a fabulous time and know that Jr. is having a wonderful time. This outdoor work seems to really agree with him. How can I ever thank you?” Annie offered with a little pout.

Jr. walked stealthily through the bedroom and moved behind the door to bathroom. He found himself right in front of the two-way mirror. He stood transfixed by the sight of his mother and Mrs. Andrews naked, covered in shiny lotion. Even wilder is the fact they are talking to Brice who is just standing there also apparently agog but making no attempt to leave.

“I think I know how I can thank you. You have wanted this all weekend. Drop your pants.” dictated Annie. Holy crap thinks Jr. as he sees his mother fall to her knees, onto the soft white bath mat on the floor in front, of Brice,. No way, he said to himself, as Brice begins to unzip his Docker’s before letting them fall to the floor. He watched stunned as his mother reached up and pulled down Brice’s boxers, only to see the largest cock he had ever seen flop out. In the shower he had seen Randy’s and that vision encouraged him to introduce Randy to his mother. He saw his mother do Randy on the pool deck before driving up to the cottage. But Randy’s cock seemed like a tot’s pubescent member next to Brice’s monster.

He gripped the ledge of the mirror with trembling hands as he watched his mother coat Brice’s weapon with the oil she had on her hands.

“Come on my tits Brice. Be quick. Kathy, can you help by playing with his ass. I know he loves that.”

“How escort sitesi did she know that? When did she find out?” Jr. wondered as he saw Kathy drop behind Brice and pull apart the cheeks of his freshly showered ass. He watched his mother take the huge knob of Brice’s obscene cock between her oiled hands and thumb the frenulum before rolling it over her erect nipples.

Annie looked up at Brice and brought her hand down to hold her tits and wrap them around the cock head. Brice reached down to hold her head and steady himself, but she shook her head, no. He dangled his arms down by his sides as the women, administered to him. He moved his legs apart and squatted slightly so Kathy could better rim his sensitive ass. He leaned forward but could only bury half of his cock in Annie’s cleavage. The rigid arc of his lengthy fat cock, from gaping slit on the end the mushroom head to half way down its length, was enjoying the contact with the slippery furrow. The last six inches to its hairy root was far too long to fit in the oily trough.

Jr. simply cannot believe what he is seeing. Kathy must be influencing his mom to be a slut, he thinks. She came onto him earlier today. His mother, on her own, would never act like this would she? He did however find it wildly exciting and his hard cock was proof. His cock twitched and throbbed as it began to leak fluid out the gaping end. Trapped inside his jeans, the pre-cum stained his pant leg and the ensuing dampness made his pants cling to leg.

Brice’s cock is so long and thick that her breasts cannot contain the whole thing. With the root and scrotum tucked between her slippery tits, the last half extends out so that the head hits Annie on the chin. She begins to bob her head quickly and swirl her tongue over the sides of his flared cock head as it slides through the slick oil. After having been done by Stella, Yoko, Beth and Kathy, there is not a lot of semen left, but what there is wants desperately to get out. Annie felt his thrusts and pulsations before seeing his creamy cum spurt onto her chest and the sperm filled syrup get carried along by his thrusting cock down between her breasts.

“Kathy, do you want some?” Annie says leaning back on her hands and thrusting her chest out to stop the wiggling sperm from sliding off.

With that Kathy walks forward on her hands and knees and comes between Annie’s splayed legs to dangle her hanging oiled breasts and nipples over Annie’s red gaping vulva, before putting her lips to Annie’s chest to lick off Brice’s seed. When, with big slurping sounds, she has licked it all up she raises her face to Annie to offer her a snow ball. They pass Brice’s semen and their saliva back and forth before finally swallowing the nectar.

“OMG.” Jr. and Brice mouth silently as, from different perspectives, they watch the girl on girl action. When they have swallowed all that Brice gave them, the two women simultaneously plant on kiss on either side the withering dangling cock.

Standing up, next to each other they look at a sated Brice, “We’ve got to get ready. Drive safe.”

“Shoot, I’d better get to get out of here.” Jr. says to himself. Finding it hard to run with a stiff erection and quivering legs, he still manages to get out the room and down the stairs without getting caught. With the beer and two cokes in his hand, he is headed to patio when Brice catches up.

“I just said good bye to your mom and SHE thanked me for a great time. She’s a great woman. Let’s hope we can get you up here again. Next time with Sr.” Brice said as she slapped Jr. on the shoulder. “I’m glad you and Jake are friends. That’s nice.”

Jake is already on the patio with Danny when Jr. and Brice arrive.

“I’ll drink mine in the car. We got’ta go Jake. Tomorrow morning at nine a.m. sharp gaziantep escort sitesi for you Danny?” said Brice as he dragged a freshly showered and changed Jake off to the car.

The boys are just half way through their drinks when their moms arrive. Two whistles issue forth to signify they like what they see. The two moms look like sisters. They are each wearing almost identical outfits. Annie, the older sister, has the off the shoulder green jersey stretch top and skirt over a bra with red straps, while Kathy, the younger sister, is wearing a matching top and skirt but in aqua latex. The latex is so tight across her curvaceous body that it reveals she is not wearing a bra. Jr. and Danny look at each other and wonder how they won the lottery without buying a ticket.

Walking towards the boys, they strut like models and shake their booties from side to side. The women’s skin glistens with the thin light coating of oil and lotion creating wonderful undulating shadows and highlights from the lowering rays of sunlight. On Kathy, the thin latex glimmers a reflective sheen, showing the contours of her areola and nipples and when it comes in contact with her crotch, prominently highlights a swollen protruding mons.

“Well, how do we look?” asks Kathy knowing from the looks on their faces, the question is rhetorical.

“I’m speechless.” Jr. replies as he walks up to his mom and gives her a closer look. “Better and better, your skin is so radiant. The country air is working magic or have you been using a lot of your special skin cream? Not that you needed any.” he quickly adds. “I am way dirty and under dressed to keep you company. My turn to shower.”

“Danny, like I said before, why don’t you two take the Miata and go in and make sure we get a table, then, after Jr. finishes getting ready, we’ll drive over and join you.” Kathy urges fairly firmly.

“Yeah, I can do that. Jr. only as a truck anyway and it would be tight fit to get all of us in there and four can not fit in the Mazda.” Danny explains. “Do you want to go now, Mrs. Sullivan?”

“Sure, I’ve finished my wine. Let’s take in the wine, sodas and glasses as we head out.” Annie says as she mothers to the group.

Inside, they recycle what they can, trash the rest as Jr. heads downstairs. Danny and Annie head out to the car, while Kathy stays behind, pretending to clean up the last bit of detritus in the kitchen. She watches as Danny follows behind Annie, before racing ahead to gallantly open the car door for her. Then, hearing the Mazda’s tires on the gravel drive, Kathy heads downstairs to see if she can give Jr. a hand.

Standing in the shower in a contemplative mood, Jr. is puzzled by what he had seen. His mother had always done what he said, and he asked a lot of her. She was always willing but he had never seen her take charge like she had just done. He was surprised but more than that he was horny as hell. The hot water falling on his skin, only incensed the raging hormones that were making his cock swell. He lathered his hands and had just begun to answer his urges with long strokes on his soapy cock, when he felt a draft of cold air in the shower.

Sliding the curtain back Kathy, saw the tall well hung youth stroking a nice long cock. He was much taller than her ersatz son. His swimmer’s shoulders were broad over large pecs and tight abs. His taut young body, narrowed down to a defined waist with clearly defined sinews and muscles shown off by his hairless crotch that at that moment featured a large cock covered in white soapy lather.

“Mmmm…. Can I give you a hand with that? I’ve wanted it ever since you showed it to me earlier.” Kathy stated in very mater-of-fact tone.

Jr. was shocked but recovered quickly as the luscious woman in his mother’s dress had her eyes gaziantep escort bayan sitesi now firmly focused on his hard rod.

“Turn the water off, I don’t want to get wet.” Kathy directed without waiting for an answer. “It’s much bigger close up and in real life.” she continued as she licked her lips and reached for his upright cock. Moving in closely she grasped Jr.’s cock in her small hand and began to work it up and down the length.

Squishy wet sounds echoed through the shower as she vigorously slapped her hand up and down its length. She twisted her hands around as she pumped the hot rod that was getting firmer and longer with every stroke. The slippery cinnamon smelling soap, lathered in bubbles around the root of his cock and dripped down over his swelling balls. Her slick hands flew up and down the tube generating sloppy sounds.

Jr. reached behind and turned off the water, then grabbed the shower rod for balance. He thrust his hips out as Kathy worked his meaty foreskin in a swirling motion around the mighty head. Jr. had been close before and knew he wouldn’t last. He wanted more and reached to push her head to his groin.

“No. Jr., gentlemen don’t do that. You can hurt a woman with as big an instrument you have. You need to let us take our time. Do you push your mother’s head when she sucks you? If you do you shouldn’t” Kathy instructed, thinking it’s never too early to begin training.

“Now, are you ready for a treat?” Kathy asked.

Taken aback by her controlling the situation, he nodded OK. With that Kathy knelt on the bathmat outside the shower enclosure and leaned in to lick the head of his cock. Then slowly opening her mouth she slid her lips over the end of his eager cockhead pulsed short strokes to inflame the rim. With it flaring and twitching, she began to work it into her mouth. She didn’t stop. She kept sliding along the length until her lips hit his scrotum before extending her tongue to lick his soapy balls. She reached around his wet body to grab his ass and pull him tighter to her face. She withdrew, inhaled deeply and remounted his twitching canon. She buried her face into his stomach as she took all of him. Her neck muscles constricted and massaged the veins and nerves of his cock to urge his cum to release into her throat. She flicked her tongue over his swelling testicles to signal it was time to release their cream.

Jr. grunted and let out a banshee like wail as he felt his semen surge from his cock, course down the length of his hyper sensitive cock, tingling all the way, before gushing out in a pent up geyser of hot syrupy cum. Kathy, held him tight, until his final thrust.

She slowly slid her mouth off the fat meaty club. “Can your mother do that?” Kathy asked as she looked at an exhausted boy, gripping tightly onto the shower bar. She reached for the face cloth to clean him up, perhaps it was the same one that Annie had used on Danny earlier in the day.

Where his wet legs had pressed against her chest they had rendered transparent the thin aqua latex top. Her rosy nipples made mountains in the front that were clearly visible. Taking down a towel off the bar, she dries the front of her top, but sees that it is still translucent. ‘This thin light fabric will probably dry out by the time we get to the restaurant.’ she said to herself, as she tosses him the towel.

Leaving the bathroom door open and sitting down on the bench outside, she calls out “Mind if I watch?” Sitting on the low bench outside the bathroom door, she sees him, smile with pride as he runs the rough towel over his dripping body. Like a male stripper, he faces her and thrusts his reawakening cock toward her. Bending over to dry his hair he eventually looks up to see she has pulled her skirt up close to her crotch and is taunting him with her open legs. He catches a deliberate glimpse of a hairy red bush, framed by two toned shapely thighs.

Finally dry, he leaves the bathroom and walks by her to the bedroom where his clothes are. As he passes her, she reaches out and gives his rising engorged penis a high five. “Hurry back, we have to get going.” she calls out as his long legs and his firm ass pass through the bedroom door.

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