The Long Weekend Ch. 36

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The author and Annie are just back from Cape d’Agde with some wonderful experiences that will be included in some future chapters. In the meantime we left off with…


Jr., at the rear of the group, looked back to see his mother, lying in the sun and smearing their amalgam of cum over her body. She does take good care of her skin he thought as she gathered their sperm and spread a thin coating over her breasts, stomach, vulva and thighs.

She found that as she lay there that the sun and the light breeze were coming from the same direction and if she opened her legs they both feel directly on her sex. She felt the sun warm and help protein of the sperm soak into her skin and as the breeze began to dry it out she felt the residual crust that was forming draw any unwanted toxins out of her body. It was a novel holistic approach, but it was one that both Jr. and Sr. convinced her to firmly believe in.

She basked in the glow of the intense orgasm, but at the same time began to wonder what kind of a slut she was turning into. Here she was, a forty something mother, who was lying naked, covered in cum from three different boys on someone else’s patio. She knew Jr. had wanted all of this and she loved him and was supposed to do what Jr. said. She knew that Sr. wanted her to expose herself to other men including her son’s friends but she wasn’t sure about how far she had gone today. She didn’t know what to say to Sr. or how to even begin to discuss with him the wild thoughts and emotions she was having. She had been seduced into these taboo acts with her son, then his swim team mates, then other young boys had begun enjoying her shapely body and, each time, she said it would be the last…….but it never was!!

Annie felt embarrassed and in a corner, but she knew that her son and his buddies had an extraordinary hold over her and it was because of this, she was filled with a mixture of shame and raw excitement.

Underneath all of it she had to admit that she enjoyed tempting the boys and showing off her body. She actually wanted them to grope her in their eager clumsy way and when she thought of her son pulling down the bottom of her yellow micro-kini she told herself that it should be okay. What really surprised her were her total erotic sensations of the obscene act of the three of them jerking off on her simultaneously. She remembered the intensity of their stroking, the total focus of their being on the sex act and how close she had been to cuming. She realized it was the hot splashes of their boy cream that had pushed her over the edge and that she wanted that feeling again.

Feeling a wave of arousal being to form inside her abdomen, she lolled her head to the side and saw Darryl’s card being carried away by the wind and made her mind up not to lose it. If he wanted two women, I wonder whom else would be interested she thought.

So as not to lose Darryl’s contact information, she swung her legs over the side of the chaise and stood up. She chased down the errant card. Looking around to confirm there was privacy, she attempted to pick it up without bending her legs. The stiletto heels and the extra two inch platforms made it impossible. She relaxed, took a deep breath then let it out as she tried again. She kept her back straight and her knees stiff and found she really had to stick her bum out to keep her balance but with a little bounce she was able to reach it.

“I’m going to have to work on that, if I work for Darryl.” She thought to herself. Being naked she realized she now had no place to put it. Walking back to the chaise she saw her yellow suit bottoms on the patio and holding onto the chaise, found it easier to bend over and pick it. “I guess it just takes practice.” she said absent mindedly as she put the card with her bottoms on the robe on the chair.

Now, that she was up she felt she might as well get organized and out loud listed to herself the tasks; clean up the tea break leftovers, put Barbara’ s shoes back, choose and lay out her clothes for the luncheon, finish packing, police hers and Jr.’s bedrooms.

Gathering the detritus of the break, she carried the loaded tray into the kitchen. Maybe a part-time job at Hooters for some spare change ran through her mind. She washed up the cups, cleaned the coffee pot and set out three sets of knives, forks, napkins for the lunch that her new friend, Danny’s ersatz mother, was going to bring over.

Back out to bursa eskort the patio to pick up her clothes, she began to enjoy being naked and agreed with Jake’s earlier comment, it was very private there. She made her way upstairs and laid the suit and card on the bed. She picked up the aqua stilettos that Claire had worn and took them to Barbara’s special closet. There she replaced them and put the yellow ones she had been wearing next to them, just like they had been. She glanced around at the room one last time and felt the memories flood back. She walked over to her favorite dildo harness and touched the soft leather.

“One more time.” she thought, “just one more time.” and succumbed to the primal urge. She took it off it its pegs and stepped into it. She pressed it tight to her skin and adjusted the buckles. It felt so good, just like it used to. She looked at the shelves and found the dildo that reminded her of Jr. She lifted it up and ran her hands over its length and girth before snapping it into place. She turned to the full-length mirror and looked at herself. She imagined she was Jr. spying on her and began to gently rub her hands over the artificial cock. She thought of the times she had done that for him and her hands moved faster. She remembered him standing over her just a few minutes ago with his rampant cock in his hand, aiming it at her and her mind seized on the moment that the first blast of his cum shot out of him.

Annie, feeling both aroused and worried, decided to try and kill two birds with one stone. She thought she might multitask. She felt the boys would be edgy, awkward and thought that she needed to reassure them that she was okay and what they had done was bad but not unforgiveable. She also wanted to walk and flaunt the dildo harness like she used to do as a school girl. She left Barbara’s closet and walked through the master bedroom to the deck door. Opening the door, wearing only the red leather and silver stud harness with its large white ersatz cock sticking out horizontally, she stepped hesitantly outside. Realizing it was indeed private, she strode confidently along the deck. Walking around the perimeter to the other side of the house, she saw she could see the boys working not far away.

With her lower half hidden by the obscuring guardrail she waited for a lull in the construction noise.

“Yoohoo. Boys! Boys!” she called out and waved trying to get their attention. They looked up to see her, still topless and, waving with her left hand. As she waved, her tits swung back and forth, getting their full attention. What they did not see was that with her right hand she was furiously masturbating the long ivory rod. She felt the ridges slide through her hand as the fingers traced the contoured veins. She felt the bottom ridge in the furrow of her palm. It felt so wicked to beat off while watching the boys that she had to stop waving and hold the handrail with her left hand.

“I’m going to come down in about ten minutes to talk you. Do you want be to bring you anything?

The boys grew alarmed at what might be coming and looked at each other with trepidation. The general consensus was that they didn’t need anything, including a lecture, and all shook their heads. Annie spread her knees and bent her knees and pretended she was her son and that he was fucking her. She pounded her fist wickedly over the false cock as she watched the boys intently and she fantasized what it would feel like.

“Okay, be down soon then.” she confirmed and turned away for a final walk around the deck.

When she returned to the door, she closed and locked it. Pulling the room’s curtains together to keep the sun out, she entered Barbara’s lair and with a final look in the mirror, disengaged the apparatus and took off the belt. She needed to cool off before going down and she decided the best way to do that was to get herself off. She reached up and took down a pair of nipple clamps connected with a heavy chain. Searching the shelves she found a ten inch cyberskin cock with internal vibrator. She took it to the bathroom and watched herself in the mirror as she connected the clamps and felt the weight of chain pull almost painfully on her pinched extended nipples. She found the soothing balm she had used earlier on her sun burnt skin and applied it generously to the full length of the powerful toy. She retreated to her bedroom and lay on the bed next to her suit bursa merkez escort case.

She closed her eyes and thought of how she and her son had slept last night so innocently yet intimately in the same bed. She ran the tool over her nipples and slid it down her abdomen. She ran it over her thighs before turning it on and bringing the vibrations close to her vulva. With the start of increased tingling she conjured an image in her mind of her son penetrating her this morning, penetrating her without a condom so she could feel his skin in direct contact with hers. She worked the extraordinarily long toy along the furrow of her vagina and with each movement pressed her labia further apart and eventually had her swollen slips surrounding half the length of the toy. She pressed the base of against her clit as she pulled tightly on the chain connecting her breasts. She contorted her face as she remembered feeling her son’s cum launch into her vagina, trying to gain entrance to her cervix. She continued to rub the toy hard against her cunt, as if trying to start a fire the Indian way. The ember that had been smoldering, ignited and pulling hard on the nipple clamp chain she came gasping for air and thinking of her son.

Her nether lips were red and raw but she had the final release she needed and catching her breath she walked slowly on weak legs to the bathroom to wash off the toy and then to the closet to put it back. She released the nipple clamps and massaged her sore nipples. Putting the clamps back she took two nipple decorations, thinking that she might wear to Nancy’s to show support for her applique’s she had worn on Ladies Day.

Annie carefully closed the door and laid out a fresh off the shoulder button down the front sundress to wear to the luncheon. She selected a pair of casual flat shoes and opted for a matching bra and panty set. She knew all she had left to do was pack and tidy up the two bedrooms, so it was time to talk to the boys.

Slipping on her flip flops she headed down stairs, out the back door on a path to the construction site. She knew she was naked. They had all see her earlier and was it really any different that the club. She convinced herself that if handled correctly all would be well in the universe. Jake was the first to notice her coming down the hill toward them. He slowed down his work and his hesitations caused the others to look up. Soon they all had stopped as she came closer and closer.

Her short five foot nothing body was to die for and all parts were working together. The short steps, the swaying hips and the bouncing breasts were stunning. Finally getting to the boys, the air of confidence she had assumed waned but was not lost. She felt them looking her up and down and she made no move to cover herself up or apologize.

“Jake. I am taking you at your word that what happens at the lake stays at the lake. Ok?” Annie stated and turned to each boy individually as they nodded their consent.

“I am also taking your suggestion, that because it’s private here it is okay to use it like the club and be naked. Ok? Again, all three boys nodded their encouragement.

“I am going to pretend I am at the club and when at the club everybody treats everybody else with respect and it’s normally not a sexual scene. They also ask before they do anything and if the answer is no the answer is no. OK?” Three smiles indicated agreement.

“Jr. told me you had wanted to see me naked and frankly I wanted you to see me naked. I like my body, I am not afraid to show it. It got me hot to know that you were interested in me and frankly, you guys are hot stuff yourselves. When I let you convince me to show you my tits, you didn’t have to try very hard. I wanted to. I wanted everything that happened. Frankly, I do not know what has come over me this weekend, but I have been extremely horny, likely past the point of being a slut.

As Annie was speaking the anxiety they each had been feeling began to ease, but they were still braced for bad news. While trying to maintain eye contact with her they could not completely stop their eyes from roaming over her body to see the one of the best sets of tits they would ever see. If they looked hard, and they did, they could see some bruising on her areola and her red swollen labia trapped between toned thighs. Occasionally a pair of down cast eyes saw gazed at her shapely legs and dainty feet.

‘Jake, bursa sınırsız escort you and Danny are friends with Jr. I want that to remain. I don’t want you getting jealous or needy. Jr. knows everything about what I do and most of what I do, I do because of him. Make no mistake, I am his mother, but I am a mother that shares. There are no secrets and there can not be any secrets, if we are all going to have a relationship. Understood?”

“What we did might happen again, it might not. It was the result of a special set of circumstance. It was one of the hottest, sexiest times in my life and I will always treasure it.”

“Can we agree on everything I said?” Annie asked looking squarely into each boy’s eyes.

“Yes, Mrs. Sullivan. Jr. is my best friend and I don’t want anything to affect that.” avowed Jake.

“Of course, Mrs. Sullivan, I told you before, my mother has taught me well. I don’t kiss and tell and I make a point not to be pushy.” echoed Danny.

“Mom, I am so proud of the way you are dealing with what happened. I know I started it and you went along with it. But even so, thanks.” Jr. confessed.

“Good.” Annie said as she stepped up to each boy and gave them a quick hug and a peck on the cheek to seal the deal.

“Careful Mrs. Sullivan, you might start something you can’t finish.” Jake said mischievously but with a big grin.

“In your dreams Jake.” Annie retorted with a smile.

“Jr., I have packed and will leave my bag upstairs for you to bring down later.” I am going to shower and change then head off to Nancy’s for lunch. I expect I’ll be back about three o’clock or so.”

“Danny, I left some place settings and napkins out for the picnic lunch your mom is going to bring over.”

“Jake, what time to you think you will be done and we will be setting off. Should I get some pizza or something to either have here or on the drive back?” Annie asked trying to plan the rest of the day.

“The way things are going, we might be done by five-thirty or six. The pizza would just get cold. Would it be okay to plan on stopping on the way back? My dad gave me some money for food.”

“Good. I’m off then. See you all later.” Annie said warmly as she turned to leave.

“Jr., one more thing. I think I’ll wear a sundress today since it will just be me my new friend Nancy her sister and her dad. Do you think that will be alright?”

“Mom, I love that new print sundress with the spaghetti straps and low cut top. It is sexy but classy and make sure you wear your push-up half bra so that your tits can been seen. You will knock them out.”

The boys were not about to start anything until she was out of sight. They watched every step she took to make sure.

“Boy that was a relief I thought we were going to get reamed.” Jr. offered to the two other boys, who were also greatly relieved.

“Alright, since we are not going to get laid, back to work.” Jake sighed.

By the time the boys were ready to quit for lunch, Annie had already left. Jake borrowed the keys to Danny’s truck while Danny and Jr. grabbed a soda and sat on the front steps. They watched Jake, pull his T-shirt over his head as he ambled to the truck.

Jake settled into the small Toyota truck and has to adjust the seat to get his long legs in. The windows had been rolled down but the cab still smelled like pussy. He looked around and saw three thongs of different color hanging from the rear view mirror.

“That’s what it is. Way better than the usual pine scent that his mother uses in her car.” he said rhetorically.

“I wonder whose they are?” he said, thinking Danny was hard one to read. A year younger than himself, Jake hated to admit it, but he felt that Danny had more experience than he had. These thongs seem to suggest that although slight and immature, he was getting more than his share of pussy. Stopped at the intersection, before making the turn onto the main highway he saw Kathy go by in her car while giving him a wave. She seemed in a hurry and swept by him before he had a chance to wave back.

So here we are, Monday lunch of the long weekend. Danny and Jr. are expecting a picnic lunch with Kathy at Jake’s parent’s house. Jake has gone to retrieve his mobile phone from Beth’s house, while Annie has left to have lunch with Nancy, her sister and their father.

The way things have gone so far, in writing this piece of fiction/fact, it would seem that each would get their own chapter and then be reconciled after that. While I have the chapters written, I will release them in the order that you want them to be released.


Please leave a comment or email. I will wait for one week after the posting of this story for direction and then post. Thanks

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