The Lottery

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Winning the lottery was the best thing that had ever happened to Jack Raines.

As he sat in the warm leather chair looking at the startling view before him, Jack though back over the past few years with a smile on his thin lips. He sat upright and poured another brandy from the crystal decanter on the desk beside him. Pausing to inhale the smooth liquor, he brought the glass to his lips and cast his mind back.

When his wife of 14 years had dropped the bombshell that she had been seeing another man Jack thought his life was going to crash around him. Indeed, that is exactly what happened. He remembered the blur of emotions, accusations, the bitter arguments, his demands, her refusals. He clearly recalled being summonsed into his boss’s office after being late for the third day in a row, ready to explain that lack of sleep due to late night discussions with his wife were to blame. The rage when he walked in to see his wife in his boss’s arms and the two burly security men “escorting” him from the premises throwing first Jack out the gate, then his last pay check stapled to two trespass orders; one for the place he had worked for 8 years, one for his home of 14 years.

Time had been a friend to Jack though. Sure, it hadn’t been easy. The divorce courts had eventually allowed him a few thousand dollars while his wife was the beneficiary of everything else he had worked so hard for, for so long. Recovery took time and there had been plenty of dark moments. Then, slowly, moments of inspiration started to creep in. First there was the speculative investment in the transport company with his last thousand dollars. True to their word, $25,000 was deposited in his bank account 10 days later. He didn’t ask too many questions. Then, while celebrating with his old friend Tony, another investment, this time $5000. Again, Jack’s bank balance soared. Wisely he had not invested again with Tony, who was now serving a long prison sentence. To make sure he could never be associated with Tony, Jack had withdrawn the money in cash and closed the account. On leaving the bank Jack had made his best investment ever, one he was sure he would never beat. He stopped at a bookstore a few doors down from the bank and bought $100 of lottery tickets. One of the tickets had been the ticket of his dreams and Jack was an overnight multi-millionaire. The jackpot was one escort bayan of the highest ever and the next few weeks were spent making investments to secure his future.

Money, however, hadn’t been the only thing Jack had been occupied with after his divorce. 43 years old, single, rich and with education and street smarts in good measure, it was time for him to explore his deepest fantasies. Dark thoughts from his youth and earlier. Thoughts he had never even shared with his ex-wife or closest friends.

Jack had purchased the run-down factory on the quiet side of town which had made electrical connectors for years. The men wore blue bib overalls and the smells from the brick workshop were laced with metal and sweat. Generations of the town’s blue-collar workers had been employed there, yet now it was run-down. Under-investment and poor management were slowly sending the business to its inevitable demise. Jack bought it for a song. Within two months, he had secured the first of three major contracts in the flourishing EV car industry. He employed good people and his now well-payed staff became innovative, loyal and passionate. Jack, however, cordoned off the old R&D lab behind the workshop. In this old building, Jack’s new enterprise stayed quiet and hidden. This was his real passion. Jack employed the best craftsman he could find and the best equipment. All staff were sworn to absolute secrecy as part of their employment contracts. Holding companies and trusts were used to maintain the low profile Jack demanded. Manufacturing intimate jewellery, especially custom made, demanded privacy. Sure, it was a small enterprise compared to some of Jack’s companies. But it was his vehicle to personal fulfilment.

The low grunting howl from the bound woman on the floor in front of him snapped Jack out of his thoughts. Rendered totally unable to move, the combination of the large dildo sliding rhythmically in and out of her tight ass, a ring of foaming juices where the motorised toy met her most intimate flesh and the prototype vibrating clitoris gripper (we must come up with a name for this, thought Jack), was far removed from that of the demure woman who had entered his office two hours earlier, eyes downcast and hands behind her back. The brilliant platinum “permanent” collar she wore left no doubt of her relationship status.

As Jack slid altıparmak escort the motorised fucking machine back on its tracks and the dildo attachment fell from the woman’s gaping ass with an audible “plop”, to his delight, another orgasm seared through her body, the flesh on her buttocks, thighs and back quivering and contorting uncontrollably. This was the culmination of months of work in The Lab. Never again would this slave be able to hide her arousal or disguise her orgasms. Her sexuality would, from now on, be heightened to a level she could never have dreamed of thanks to the nipple rings and now, the clitoris clamp.

A smile came over his face as the intercom on his desk made a soft beep. “Mr. Anderson is here to pick up his appointment, Mr Raines” came the Receptionist’s voice. “Send him though now please”, Jack replied. A few moments later a 30-something man in an immaculate blue suit knocked once and entered Jack’s office. Jack was unfastening the last of the woman’s shackles as he entered the room. The woman slumped forward, aware of the pool of slobber that was beneath her, but her exhaustion meant she could no longer stay upright.

The man in the suit barely showed any reaction to the woman. Instead, he stepped forward and warmly shook Jack’s outstretched hand.

“I hope things went well, Mr Raines?” He asked confidently.

“Very well, Mr. Anderson.” Replied Jack. “I hope you’ll be pleased with the final product. She will be an entirely different slave now, I’m sure.”

“Please, take a seat.” Said Jack, offering Mr. Anderson the identical, but slightly lower chair opposite his desk. This was not lost on Mr. Anderson. He smiled gently and accepted Jack’s superiority, despite his usual dominant personality.

“Let me run through the product and today’s appointment results for you.” Said Jack.

“Your Slave has been fitted with the latest “Easy-care” nipple rings. As you’re aware, our technology developments have allowed us to produce 8-gauge rings with long life battery technology that produce a frequency vibration which varies and is totally unnoticeable, except to the wearer. The frequency changes gradually and constantly, so the wearer never really notices. She will, however, find herself in a state of arousal the likes of which she has never before experienced. Reports mudanya escort say that it is not acute enough to cause real pain but instead seems to stimulate the libido to the point of constant hunger and a corresponding constant wetness. For most women, this is the feeling several times per day that they are on the cusp of orgasm. We have set hers to 15 times per day.” Mr. Anderson smiled and nodded for Jack to continue.

Reaching into his desk, Jack produced a box and handed it to Mr. Anderson. “This is the charging pad. You’ll need to place this under her nipples once a week or so to recharge the batteries. I’m sure you will know when it is required.” Jack laughed softly. “There is also a prototype of the clitoris clamp stimulator for you to try for a couple of weeks. We look forward to your feedback.” Jack motioned to the woman, who was starting to stand. “The results look promising. This one had 17 orgasms in nearly 2 hours. I’m sure you will find her most compliant when you get home.”

“She responded quite well to the dermal punch and medication. Her nipples should be healed in only a few days. If the clitoris clamp goes well, we expect to be able to secure it semi-permanently with four dermal punches to the outer labia, although each will need to be fitted here, for obvious reasons.”

“Yes”, said Anderson “Every cunt is different.”

Both men laughed. The woman behind them now stood, a slightly dazed expression on her face. “Please Master, may I cum?” she managed to ask. Her new platinum nipple rings matched her collar nicely. A string of juice trickled from her shaved cunt.

“No, slut. You may not.” Anderson said firmly. “Get dressed. We will be leaving shortly.”

“Thank you, Mr. Raines. Payment has been made for your services. I shall add a bonus when I get this slut home”.

The two men watched impatiently as the woman struggled to put on her modest dress, hands shaking and her body twitching all the while.

“Oh, an incidental bonus, Mr. Anderson.” Said Jack. “This one responds very eagerly to pain now too. In fact, she would have to be in the top few percent.” Anderson’s eyes lit up briefly and he menaced to the woman: “Then it will be the riding crop for you this evening, slut”. A noticeable shiver ran through her tingling body “Yes, Master. As you wish” she replied.

As the men shook hands and the woman followed Anderson respectfully out of his office Jack thought “Yes. Winning the lottery was indeed the best thing that had ever happened to me”.

But there was work still to be done. Jack Raines turned back to his desk and quietly poured another brandy.

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